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11th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle

22-26 November 2021
The University of Melbourne, Australia
published June 16, 2023
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CKM2021 is the 11th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, to be held November 22 to 26, 2021 in an online format hosted by the University of Melbourne, Australia. The CKM series is a well-established international meeting in the field of quark-flavour physics that brings together experimentalists and theorists to a common platform. The program covers neutron, kaon, charm and beauty hadron, top quark physics and lepton flavour violating Higgs.

Monika Blanke   Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  monika.blanke@kit.edu
Alex Cerri   University of Sussex   alessandro.cerri@cern.ch
Mat Charles   Sorbonne University   matthew.john.charles@cern.ch
Kai-Feng Chen   National Taiwan University  kfjack@phys.ntu.edu.tw
Aida El-Khadra   University of Illinois   axk@illinois.edu
Tim Gershon   University of Warwick   T.J.Gershon@warwick.ac.uk
Stephanie Hansmann-Menzemer Heidelberg University   menzemer@physi.uni-heidelberg.de
Shoji Hashimoto   KEK     shoji.hashimoto@kek.jp
Emi Kou    IJCLab     kou@lal.in2p3.fr
Xiao-Rui Lu   Graduate University of Chinese Academy of. Sciences xiaorui@ucas.ac.cn
Cai Dian Lu   IHEP Beijing    lvcaidian@icloud.com
Kenkichi Miyabayashi  Nara Women's University   miyabaya@cc.nara-wu.ac.jp
Alexey Petrov   Wayne State University   apetrov@wayne.edu
Karim Trabelsi   IJCLab     karim.trabelsi@in2p3.fr
Christoph Schwanda  HEPHY Vienna    Christoph.Schwanda@oeaw.ac.at
Taku Yamanaka   Osaka University    taku@hep.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp
Albert Young   NC State University   aryoung@ncsu.edu

Plenary Session
Plenary Session
Present and future CKM studies from B physics at $e^+e^-$ colliders
PoS(CKM2021)006 pdf A. Gaz and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Summary of the working group for 𝑽𝒖𝒃, 𝑽𝒄𝒃 and semileptonic/leptonic 𝑩 decays including 𝝉 at CKM 2021
PoS(CKM2021)011 pdf R. Cheaib, M. Smith and A. Vaquero
WG3 Summary -- Rare B, D and K decays
PoS(CKM2021)014 pdf D. Guadagnoli, C. Langenbruch and E. Manoni
Summary of Working Group 4: Mixing and mixing-related CP violation in the 𝑩 system: 𝚫m, 𝚫𝚪, 𝝓s, 𝝓1/𝜷, 𝝓2/𝜶, 𝝓3/𝜸
PoS(CKM2021)017 pdf V. Chobanova, M. Wingate, Y. Yusa, J.P. Dalseno, K.D. Bruyn, U. Egede, F. Ferrari, T. Humair, A. Lupato, E. Malami, W. Qian, R.A.R. Fernandez, V. Shtabovenko, J.T. Tsang and L.V. Silva
Summary of Working Group 5 of the “11th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle (CKM 2021)”
PoS(CKM2021)021 pdf J. Brod, P.K. Resmi and W. Qian
WG6 Summary: Higgs, top, and interplay between flavour and high-$p_\textrm{T}$ physics
PoS(CKM2021)024 pdf U. De Sanctis and M. Komm
New Physics in $d(s)\to u\ell\nu$
PoS(CKM2021)030 pdf D. Díaz-Calderón, V. Cirigliano, A. Falkowski, M. González-Alonso and A. Rodríguez-Sánchez
BSM searches with (semi-)leptonic charm decays
PoS(CKM2021)039 pdf S. Fajfer
Exclusive B-meson semileptonic decays from unitarity and lattice QCD
PoS(CKM2021)045 pdf S. Simula, G. Martinelli, M. Naviglio and L. Vittorio
Exclusive Semi-leptonic Decays at Belle II
PoS(CKM2021)050 pdf N. Toutounji and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
$\mathcal{O}(\alpha_s^3)$ calculations for the inclusive determination of $|V_{cb}|$
PoS(CKM2021)054 pdf K. Schönwald
The semileptonic $B_s$ and $\Lambda_b$ widths
PoS(CKM2021)055 pdf M. Bordone and P. Gambino
New results on inclusive semi-leptonic $B$ decays at the B-factories
PoS(CKM2021)056 pdf R. van Tonder
Indirect bounds on new physics for $R(D^{(*)})$
PoS(CKM2021)057 pdf B. Grinstein and J. Aebischer
${\bar B} \to D^* \ell^- {\bar\nu}_\ell$ Decays: Angular Distributions and New Physics
PoS(CKM2021)058 pdf D. London
Semileptonic and leptonic decays with 𝝉 at the Belle II experiment
PoS(CKM2021)059 pdf R. Cheaib
$|V_{cb}|$ and New Physics
PoS(CKM2021)060 pdf R. Watanabe
Exclusive $|V_{ub}|$ determinations using Padé Approximants
PoS(CKM2021)064 pdf S. Gonzàlez Solís, P. Masjuan and C. Rojas
Lepton universality in semileptonic $b$ decays with $\tau$ leptons at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)067 pdf L.G.S. Smead and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
On the $ R_{K} $ theory error
PoS(CKM2021)071 pdf S. Nabeebaccus and R. Zwicky
Recent CKMfitter updates on global fits of the CKM matrix
PoS(CKM2021)074 pdf W. Qian and  On behalf of the CKMfitter group
Some recent developments in nonleptonic $B$ decays
PoS(CKM2021)075 pdf T. Huber
Puzzles in the $B^0_s \rightarrow D_s^{\pm} K^{\mp}$ System
PoS(CKM2021)077 pdf E. Malami and R. Fleischer
Updates in the Unitarity Triangle fits with UTfit
PoS(CKM2021)078 pdf F. Ferrari and  on behalf of the UTfit Collaboration
$\varepsilon^\prime/\varepsilon$ in the SM & beyond: 2021
PoS(CKM2021)090 pdf A. Buras
Standard Model Predictions for Rare K and B Decays without $|V_{cb}|$ and $|V_{ub}|$ Uncertainties*
PoS(CKM2021)094 pdf E. Venturini and A. Buras
Measurements of $\alpha$, $\beta$, $\phi_s$ and $B$ meson lifetime properties at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)102 pdf R.A.R. Fernandez and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Measurements of CP violation and lifetime properties of $B$ mesons at ATLAS
PoS(CKM2021)104 pdf L. Novotny and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Neutral meson mixing in the $B^0_{(s)}$ sector from Lattice QCD
PoS(CKM2021)107 pdf J.T. Tsang
QCD corrections to $B$-meson mixing at two loops and beyond
PoS(CKM2021)109 pdf V. Shtabovenko
New physics in $B$ meson mixing: future sensitivity and limitations
PoS(CKM2021)110 pdf L. Vale Silva
Penguin Effects in $B_d^0\to J/\psi K^0_{\text{S}}$ and $B_s^0\to J/\psi\phi$
PoS(CKM2021)111 pdf M. Barel, K. De Bruyn, R. Fleischer and E. Malami
CP violation measurements with two-body charmless $B$ decays at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)113 pdf D. Manuzzi and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
CP violation and branching fraction measurements of three-body charmless $B$ decays at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)114 pdf D.T. Machado and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
$\gamma$ measurements in ADS and GLW(-like) decays at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)115 pdf F. Suljik and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
$f_L$ measurements with $B\to VV$ decays at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)117 pdf A.P. Castro and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Strong phase measurements at BESIII
PoS(CKM2021)118 pdf X. Shan and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Latest Measurements of the CKM angle φ3 at Belle
PoS(CKM2021)119 pdf S. Bahinipati and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
Charmless $B$ decay measurements at Belle
PoS(CKM2021)120 pdf Y.T. Lai and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
First results of $B\to DK$ decays at Belle II
PoS(CKM2021)121 pdf N. Rout and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Charmless $B$ decay measurements at Belle II
PoS(CKM2021)122 pdf S. Hazra
New ideas on $\gamma$ / $\phi_3$ measurements
PoS(CKM2021)124 pdf A. Poluektov
New physics contributions to $\bar{B}^0_{(s)}\to D^{(*)}_{(s)}\,K/\pi$
PoS(CKM2021)125 pdf S. Iguro
Search for baryon CP violation at LHCb
PoS(CKM2021)159 pdf M. Bartolini and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
tH and ttH production
PoS(CKM2021)131 pdf A. Carvalho antunes de oliveira
EFT interpretation of low-$p_{\mathrm T}$ results
PoS(CKM2021)143 pdf V.A. Mitsou and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
EFT interpretation of high-$p_T$ results
PoS(CKM2021)144 pdf A. Sharma
Null test BSM searches with rare charm baryon decays
PoS(CKM2021)149 pdf M. Golz, G. Hiller and T. Magorsch
Theoretical aspects of $D^0-\bar{D}^0$ mixing
PoS(CKM2021)150 pdf H. Umeeda
Direct CP violation in charmed meson decays within the standard model
PoS(CKM2021)154 pdf H.Y. Cheng and C.W. Chiang
SMEFT interpretation of $\Delta F = 2$ transitions
PoS(CKM2021)157 pdf J. Aebischer