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Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022

25-26 April 2022
Aarhus University, Denmark
published December 16, 2022

The Engaging Citizen Science Conference promoted knowledge sharing among members of the citizen science community. The aim of the conference was to engage citizen science researchers, practitioners, and citizens in sharing research, ideas, and innovations in order to make the field thrive and expand. The conference was interdisciplinary in scope, including workshops, dialogue roundtables, posters, and demos from all main areas of research (natural and technical sciences, life and health sciences, and social sciences and humanities).

Citizen science as an interdisciplinary field holds promise for boosting scientific research, increasing public participation in scientific research, and empowering citizens in their everyday life. Citizen science covers many different initiatives and activities from crowdsourcing activities where citizens collect and analyze large amounts of data to deliberative processes where citizens are active in science-related policy-making. With roots in amateur science and participatory democracy, citizen science currently develops rapidly to include many different innovative approaches, including digital approaches, to promote and sustain participation and empowerment. This conference invited all citizen science stakeholders to come together to showcase how engaging citizen science can and should be.

We welcomed abstracts on all themes related to citizen science. Themes include but were not limited to:

Editors: Gitte Kragh and Kristian H. Nielsen

Managing Editor: Lori Nash

The publication was supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation [grant number NNF21OC0069539].

Editorial Board

Dialogue Roundtables
Zeit.shift: driving citizens to Tyrolean historical newspapers
PoS(CitSci2022)003 pdf G. Franzini, P. Brasolin, V. Lyding, E. Stemle, A. Abel and J. Andresen
Design of a platform to measure the impact of citizen science
PoS(CitSci2022)006 pdf J. Sprinks, L. Ceccaroni, S. Woods, S. Parkinson and B. Gumiero
CREDO.science ↔ global citizen science
PoS(CitSci2022)013 pdf R. Kaminski
Dialogue Roundtables
Making space for reactive citizen science: reflections from the "Sensing for Justice" project roundtable
PoS(CitSci2022)016 pdf attachments A. Berti Suman
Keeping participants engaged in citizen science projects: the role of science communication strategies
PoS(CitSci2022)017 pdf C. Luís, I. Navalhas, E. Marín-González, J. Magalhães, R. Arias, P. Giardullo and L. Leguina
As open as possible, as closed as necessary: how to find the right balance in sharing citizen science data for health?
PoS(CitSci2022)028 pdf R. Wolkorte, L. Heesink and M. Kip
Citizen science in the making: mapping participatory science projects in Hungary
PoS(CitSci2022)037 pdf A. Czegledi
Stakeholders in environmental citizen science and the benefits of partnership
PoS(CitSci2022)040 pdf C. Wilson
Ketotic hypoglycemia in patients with Down syndrome: an example of extreme citizen science in biomedicine
PoS(CitSci2022)045 pdf D. Drachmann, A. Carrigg, D.A. Weinstein, J. Petersen, A. Janssens and H.T. Christesen
Exploring the potential of citizen science: science transformation through citizen involvement in health, conservation and energy research
PoS(CitSci2022)051 pdf E. Kalpazidou Schmidt, A. Verzola and E. Krogh Graversen
Amai! Co-creating AI-based solutions for societal challenges
PoS(CitSci2022)056 pdf K. Verstraelen, A. Duerinckx, K. Rombouts, J. van Laer, W. Himpe, P. Duysburgh, M. Vaes and C. Veeckman
Citizen science in Denmark at a critical stage: A national survey across research fields, institutions, and projects
PoS(CitSci2022)058 pdf K.H. Nielsen, G. Kragh and T.E. Agergaard
Citizen science in the humanities: implementing the Collaborative History Model (CHM) in the classroom
PoS(CitSci2022)067 pdf C. Bjerre, M. Fentz Haastrup and K. Petersen
Identifying learning dimensions in citizen science projects
PoS(CitSci2022)070 pdf M. Oesterheld, V. Schmid-Loertzer, M. Calvera-Isabal, I. Amarasinghe, P. Santos and Y.N. Golumbic
Denmark explores: engaging citizen scientists nation-wide to monitor phenology
PoS(CitSci2022)071 pdf N. Iwanycki Ahlstrand, J.C. Larsen, M.R. Lillemark and A.P. Tøttrup
Dynamical modelling of player engagement and skill in the Quantum Moves 2 citizen science game
PoS(CitSci2022)074 pdf P. Saurou, A. Hjorth, M. Gajdacz, R. Heck, K. Gal and J. Sherson
Uniting citizen science and natural history in China
PoS(CitSci2022)078 pdf S. Fu
CREDO-Maze Project: after-school activities in contemporary physics for talented high school students
PoS(CitSci2022)080 pdf T. Wibig
The support needs to be part of the system”: designing inclusive eHealth applications for older adults with low eHealth literacy
PoS(CitSci2022)083 pdf Y. Prinzellner, A. Simon, D. Drachmann, K. Werner, L. Münter, V. Bulsink, C. Smits, G. Fitzpatrick and I. Schwaninger
Who’s who: getting to know Flemish citizen scientists and project initiators
PoS(CitSci2022)085 pdf A. Duerinckx, C. Hens, J. van Laer and K. Verstraelen
The Activities & Dimensions Grid of Citizen Science
PoS(CitSci2022)087 pdf attachments M. Strähle and C. Urban
The Cre@tive Expedition for science literacy
PoS(CitSci2022)096 pdf R. Andersen, S. Lekbo, L.B. Thomsen, L.M. Stephensen and L.B. Christiansen
Citizen science in archaeology: an interdisciplinary approach to uncover prehistory
PoS(CitSci2022)103 pdf M.R. Lillemark, A. Dobat and M. Toftdal
Towards a framework for the monitoring and evaluation of citizen science for health
PoS(CitSci2022)104 pdf R. Wolkorte and S. Wildevuur
Institutional changes required to support CS in RPOs
PoS(CitSci2022)114 pdf E. Vilarchao, M. Haklay, A. Herrera, M.R. Mondardini, A.L. Spera and C. Iasillo
Co-creation in citizen science (CS) for the development of climate adaptation measurements—Which success factors promote and which barriers hinder a fruitful collaboration and co-creation process between scientists and volunteers?
PoS(CitSci2022)115 pdf J. Fauser and R. Braun
The role of mental models in citizen science
PoS(CitSci2022)118 pdf E. Egorova, C. van den Driesche and K.E. Bevelander
REINFORCE-ing citizen science
PoS(CitSci2022)119 pdf M. Chaniotakis, F. Di Renzo, C. Kourkoumelis, G. Milne and F. Spagnuolo
Empowering youth in citizen science and citizen social science
PoS(CitSci2022)121 pdf C. Murray, C. Winther, E. Butkevičienė and M.S. Jørgensen
Exploring CrowdBots: a new evolutionary pathway for citizen science projects
PoS(CitSci2022)122 pdf P. Michelucci, L. Onac, J. Couch, J. Sherson, J. Rafner, S.H. Bekins, R. Solovyev and K. Brodt
Co-creation in practice: from bottom up to top down
PoS(CitSci2022)123 pdf R. Mondardini, M. Gold and T. Kaarsted
How to get citizen science data accepted by the scientific community? Insights from the Plastic Pirates project
PoS(CitSci2022)124 pdf S. Dittmann, T. Kiessling, K. Kruse, D. Brennecke, K. Knickmeier, I. Parchmann and M. Thiel