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High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa 2022

HEASA2022 - (other heasa conferences)
28 September - 1 October 2022
Brandfort, South Africa
published December 27, 2023
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HEASA 2022 was the ninth conference in the annual series "High Energy Astrophysics in
Southern Africa". Its goal was to bring together scientists from the southern African region, the
African continent, and around the world with an interest in high-energy astrophysical phenomena.
Topics discussed included theoretical, multi-wavelength, and multi-messenger observational
aspects of astrophysical sources (e.g. active galactic nuclei (AGNs), galaxy systems, gamma-ray
bursts (GRBs), X-ray/gamma-ray binaries, supernovae and supernova remnants, neutron stars,
pulsars and pulsar wind nebulae, cataclysmic variables (CVs)) as well as modern aspects of
astro-particle physics. HEASA 2022 was held during the period of 28 September – 01 October
2022, as a hybrid conference with 42 in person contributions, 9 remote talks and 9 posters. It
was sponsored by the Department of Science and Innovation and the National Research
Foundation of South Africa through the South African Gamma-Ray Astronomy Programme (SA-

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Agn i
Agn ii
Agn iii
Extreme Universe
Black Holes
Agn i
Pair production and jet power in galactic and extragalactic jets
PoS(HEASA2022)001 file missing A. Zdziarski
Flux distribution study of PKS 0208-512 using long-term multi-band observations
PoS(HEASA2022)002 pdf R. Khatoon, M. Boettcher and R. Prince
Constraining magnetic fields and gamma-ray production zones in blazar jets by fitting the broad-band spectral energy distribution.
PoS(HEASA2022)003 file missing M. Ntshatsha
A hadronic synchrotron mirror model for blazars - Application to 3C 279
PoS(HEASA2022)004 file missing L.L. Oberholzer
Neutrino Emission from Bright Blazar Flares
PoS(HEASA2022)005 file missing J. Robinson
Agn ii
Multi-messenger emission from magnetically dominated baryon-loaded blazar jets
PoS(HEASA2022)006 file missing M. Petropoulou
Monte-Carlo Applications for Partially Polarized Inverse External-Compton Scattering (MAPPIES)
PoS(HEASA2022)007 file missing L. Dreyer
Modeling the Multi-wavelength Polarization and Spectral Energy Distributions of Blazars
PoS(HEASA2022)008 file missing H. Schutte
Long-term optical spectropolarimetric behaviour of a BLL and FSRQ during low states
PoS(HEASA2022)009 file missing J. Barnard
Investigating the temporal behaviour of simulated multi-wavelength blazar variability for coloured noise variations.
PoS(HEASA2022)010 file missing H. Thiersen
Multi-wavelength Study of blazars observed at redshift z >~1 by H.E.S.S.
PoS(HEASA2022)011 file missing O. Chibueze
Multi-wavelength Study of Radio Galaxies in MeerKAT fields
PoS(HEASA2022)012 file missing D. Phuravhathu
Estimation of orbital inclination angle for compact binary mergers
PoS(HEASA2022)013 pdf L. Mazwi, S. Razzaque and L. Nyadzani
Non-transient gamma-ray binaries: current status and perspectives
PoS(HEASA2022)014 file missing D. Malyshev
Long term behaviour of the circumstellar disc in the gamma-ray binary system PSR B1259-63/LS 2883
PoS(HEASA2022)015 file missing B. van Soelen
Constraining the orbital solution of the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057
PoS(HEASA2022)016 pdf N. Matchett, B. van Soelen and R.O. Gray
The long-term Be disc structural behaviour of the newly-discovered Be X-ray binary, MAXI J0903-531
PoS(HEASA2022)017 file missing I. Monageng
Circinus X-1, the 34 day daily monitoring campaign with MeerKAT
PoS(HEASA2022)018 file missing K. Gasealahwe
Observations of the Stellar Mass Black Hole Cyg X-1 with the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer IXPE
PoS(HEASA2022)019 file missing N.R. Cavero
Transient Supersoft X-ray Binaries observed with ASTROSAT and SALT
PoS(HEASA2022)020 file missing P. Charles
Broadband Spectral Modelling of the Galactic Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae
PoS(HEASA2022)021 pdf H. Davids, C. Venter, M. Backes, A.K. Harding and A. Kundu
Multi-zone modelling of the rapidly expanding, young pulsar wind nebula Kes 75
PoS(HEASA2022)022 file missing C. Venter
Constraining the multipolar magnetic field of millisecond pulsar PSR J0030+0451 via NICER X-ray light curve fitting
PoS(HEASA2022)023 file missing A. Kundu
Discovery of a Second AR Sco-like White Dwarf Pulsar
PoS(HEASA2022)024 file missing D. Buckley
Modelling the Multi-Wavelength Non-thermal Emission of AR Sco.
PoS(HEASA2022)025 pdf L. Du Plessis, C. Venter, A.K. Harding and Z. Wadiasingh
Very-High-Energy Emission from Pulsars
PoS(HEASA2022)026 file missing A.K. Harding
Gamma-ray emission from nova shocks expanding in the red giant wind: Interpretation of the 2021 outburst of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi
PoS(HEASA2022)027 file missing X. Wang
Teenage Supernova Remnants-can they be PeVatrons?
PoS(HEASA2022)028 file missing I. Sushch
Particle Acceleration at Reflected Shocks in Supernovae Remnants
PoS(HEASA2022)029 file missing J.F. Le Roux
Multi-frequency probes of 2HDM+S dark matter
PoS(HEASA2022)030 pdf G. Beck
Geodesics on approximately analytic spacetimes
PoS(HEASA2022)031 pdf J. Tarrant and G. Beck
Agn iii
Numerical Perspective on Interplay of Shocks, Turbulence and non-thermal emission processes in AGN jets.
PoS(HEASA2022)032 file missing B. Vaidya
Exploring radio morphologies of AGN jets with hybrid fluid-particle simulations
PoS(HEASA2022)033 file missing I. van der Westhuizen
Particle acceleration and inverse Compton emission from shear boundary layers in relativistic jets
PoS(HEASA2022)034 pdf T.B. Chand and M. Böttcher
1E 0502-667: An AGN without narrow lines?
PoS(HEASA2022)035 pdf H. Winkler, T. Kadiaka and F. van Wyk
MeerKAT-discovered AGN radio shock and large-scale relic emission
PoS(HEASA2022)036 file missing I. Magolego
The variety of extreme blazars in the AstroSat view
PoS(HEASA2022)037 file missing P. Goswami
Effect of AGN on the morphological properties of their host galaxies in the local Universe
PoS(HEASA2022)038 file missing T. Getachew
Extreme Universe
Exploring the Extreme Universe in the Fermi Era
PoS(HEASA2022)039 pdf D. Thompson
Extragalactic background light inhomogeneities
PoS(HEASA2022)040 file missing H. Abdalla
Hot Spot and Plasmoid models for Sagittarius A* flares
PoS(HEASA2022)041 file missing A. Dmytriiev
Pulse fitting and spectral analysis of short gamma-ray bursts and the magnetar giant flare, GRB200415A
PoS(HEASA2022)043 pdf D.J. Maheso and S. Razzaque
Shaken, not stirred: Test particles in binary black hole mergers
PoS(HEASA2022)044 pdf P. van der Merwe and M. Boettcher
Black Holes
The Event Horizon Telescope and the future of black hole imaging
PoS(HEASA2022)045 file missing F. Roelofs
High angular resolution radio surveys of active galactic nuclei towards the SKA era
PoS(HEASA2022)046 file missing R. Deane
Goal-Oriented Stacking for Selection of AGN Candidates Below the Radio Detection Threshold
PoS(HEASA2022)048 file missing J. Smulders
Selecting strong gravitational lens candidates in SKA HI surveys
PoS(HEASA2022)049 file missing C. Button
Correction method applied to MC simulated LST images affected by clouds
PoS(HEASA2022)050 pdf N. Zycucka, J. Sitarek, D. Sobczyńska, M. Pecimotika, D. Hrupec, D. Dominis Prester, L. Pavletić and S. Mićanović
Shocks and Particle Acceleration in Gamma-ray Emitting Novae
PoS(HEASA2022)051 file missing B. Metzger
Physical inference from the temporal analysis of PKS 1510-089 during the 2014 – 2015 multi-wavelength flaring events
PoS(HEASA2022)053 pdf T.S.S. Mbonani, B. van Soelen and R. Britto
Characterising the KL4040 sCMOS camera for use on the Boyden 1.5m Telescope
PoS(HEASA2022)054 pdf W. Smit, H. van Heerden and B. van Soelen
A search for gamma-ray emission from a sample of highly magnetised white dwarfs using Fermi-LAT data
PoS(HEASA2022)055 pdf S.T. Madzime and P. Meintjes
SALT Spectropolarimetric Pipeline Comparisons
PoS(HEASA2022)056 pdf J. Cooper and B. van Soelen
Active galactic nuclei with strong helium lines
PoS(HEASA2022)057 file missing T. Sitoe
Phase-resolved Spectral Analysis of Bright Gamma-ray Millisecond Pulsars
PoS(HEASA2022)058 file missing H.M. Yassin
Gravitational Lensing Inthe Standard LambdaCMD Cosmology
PoS(HEASA2022)059 file missing J.R. Jemal
Determining the Uncertainty of UAVs Transmission Propagation on Cross Calibration of Cherenkov Telescope Array.
PoS(HEASA2022)060 file missing S. Shilunga