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Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics

Modave2022 - (other modave conferences)
5-9 September, 2022
Modave, Belgium
published June 16, 2023
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The Modave Summer School on Mathematical Physics is a yearly summer school in topics of theoretical physics ranging from quantum gravity and cosmology to theoretical particle physics and string theory. In this 2022 edition, the school takes again place at its traditional venue in Modave, a charming village in the Belgian countryside. The Modave School is organised by PhD students for PhD students, and this makes it rather unique. The courses are taught by Post-Docs or late PhD students, and they are all made of pedagogical, basic blackboard lectures about recent or fundamental topics in theoretical physics. Lectures of the XVIII edition are centred around the following subjects: symmetries of gravity, non-commutative geometry, De-Sitter space and holography, geometrical quantisation and higher-spin theories.

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Main session
Modave lectures on Noncommutative Geometry and its applications to physics
PoS(Modave2022)001 pdf A. Bochniak
From Asymptotic Symmetries to the Corner Proposal
PoS(Modave2022)002 pdf L. Ciambelli
Modave lectures on de Sitter space & holography
PoS(Modave2022)003 pdf D. Galante
Introduction to higher-spin theories
PoS(Modave2022)004 pdf S. Pekar
Six lectures on geometric quantization
PoS(Modave2022)005 pdf K. Wernli