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Winter School of Theoretical Physics, Second and Third Training School of COST Action CA18108 "Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach"

3-10 September 2022 and 12–21 February 2023
Belgrade, Serbia and Pałac Wojanów (Jelenia Góra), Poland

Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach (QG-MM, https://qg-mm.unizar.es/) is an initiative with a goal to investigate possible signatures predicted by quantum gravity models in the observation of different cosmic messengers, such as gamma rays, neutrinos, cosmic rays and gravitational waves. The success of such endeavor requires a close collaboration of scientists from very different backgrounds, ranging from experimentalists specialized in data collection and analyses for specific cosmic messengers, to theorists working on different quantum gravity models.

A fundamental ingredient to make such cooperation effective is to share a common language and be familiar with the tools used by the different communities. This is where the role of the schools comes in as fundamental: their goal is to start training a generation of young scientists in the interdisciplinary expertise on quantum gravity theories and models and on experimental and theoretical approaches to multi-messenger astroparticle physics.

As such, the different editions of the Training School offer lectures from experts on different facets of the scientific gear the students will acquire, including data analysis and interpretation for individual sources, the creation and analysis of joint datasets of different cosmic messengers, the interplay between quantum gravity theory modeling and phenomenological predictions.  

These were the second and third in a series of Training Schools organized by QG-MM. The third school was held jointly with the 59th edition of the Winter School of Theoretical Physics.
The lecture notes from the first Training School have been published in https://pos.sissa.it/406/#session-4469.
The schools are aimed at Master and PhD students, as well as early-career postdocs.

The Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach initiative was funded by the COST Association (https://www.cost.eu/) as COST Action CA18108.

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Second Training School
Third Training School
PoS(QG-MMSchools)014 pdf T. Terzić
Second Training School
Effective field theories and the Standard Model extensions
PoS(QG-MMSchools)001 pdf O. Antipin and J. Bersini
The physics of gravitational waves
PoS(QG-MMSchools)002 file missing E. Barausse
Gamma-ray data collection, calibration and analysis - for Lorentz invariance violation studies -
PoS(QG-MMSchools)003 file missing J. Bolmont, A. Campoy-Ordaz and J. Strišković
Black holes in the classical and quantum world
PoS(QG-MMSchools)004 pdf R. Emparan, E. Barakovic, R. Dekhil and F. Rescic
Detection and phenomenology of cosmic neutrinos
PoS(QG-MMSchools)005 file missing A. Kouchner
Observational cosmology
PoS(QG-MMSchools)006 file missing M. Simonović
Noncommutative field theory
PoS(QG-MMSchools)007 file missing P. Vitale
Third Training School
Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of multi-messenger astronomy
PoS(QG-MMSchools)008 file missing G. Amelino-Camelia
Search for Lorentz Invariance Violation with time-lag on gamma-ray Cherenkov Telescope data : From the data to the time lag constraints
PoS(QG-MMSchools)009 file missing A. Campoy-Ordaz, U. Pensec, C. Plard, A.A. Vigliano and S. Caroff
Cornering quantum gravity
PoS(QG-MMSchools)010 file missing L. Ciambelli, A. D'Alise, V. D'Esposito, D. Đorđevic, D. Fernández-Silvestre and L. Varrin
Astrophysical black holes: theory and observations
PoS(QG-MMSchools)011 file missing A. Maselli
Modified gravity theories
PoS(QG-MMSchools)012 file missing E. Saridakis
Cosmology: observations
PoS(QG-MMSchools)013 file missing B. Wandelt

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