PoS - Proceedings of Science

Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2023

ACSC2023 - (other acsc conferences)
19-21 April 2023
Linz, Austria
published November 14, 2023

Under the theme "ver.suchen - ver.einen - ver.antworten" (try - unite - take responsibility), the Austrian Citizen Science Conference (OECSK2023) took place at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz between April 19 - 21, 2023. The OECSK2023 was organised by the Citizen Science Network Austria in close cooperation with Johannes Kepler University Linz, Ars Electronica and the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft.

Editorial Board

Main Session
Editorial: ver.suchen - ver.einen - ver.antworten
PoS(ACSC2023)025 pdf F. Heigl, O. Höhener and D. Dörler
“Die Sprach-Checker”: Young Citizen Scientists Explore their Languages in Mannheim’s Neckarstadt-West
PoS(ACSC2023)001 pdf attachments R. Farag, C. Möhrs and E. Schoppa-Briele
The Mieminger Schneeferner - an extreme Citizen Science project on a small glacier in Tyrol
PoS(ACSC2023)002 pdf F. Westreicher, I. Mantl, S. Mantl and J. Riser
Between economic efficiency and idealism: motivations for beekeepers participating in a honey bee health research project
PoS(ACSC2023)003 pdf L. Morawetz and R. Brodschneider
5 Years Ragweed Finder: From the Idea to the official reporting tool of Ambrosia artemisiifolia
PoS(ACSC2023)004 pdf L. Dirr, J.M. Bouchal, K. Bastl, M. Bastl, U.E. Berger and F. Grímsson
My Tune: Music therapy from OUR perspectives
PoS(ACSC2023)005 pdf I. Stepniczka and J. Fent
Social disparities in students’ access to STEM and Art
PoS(ACSC2023)006 pdf J. Lauss and C. Helm
17 Criteria for Transformative Citizen Science
PoS(ACSC2023)007 pdf N. Hempel, V. Gantcheva-Jenn, H. Wolf, R. Boch and M. Sachtleben
Let IT Dance! Experience computer science with dance and music
PoS(ACSC2023)008 pdf M. Rottenhofer, E. Schmidthaler, B. Sabitzer, I. Groher and C. Hoermann
Citizen Science and Pollination Research: Lessons Learned from a Research Collaboration in Community Gardens in Berlin and Munich
PoS(ACSC2023)009 pdf S. Karlebowski, M. Egerer, A.E. Neumann, J.M. Schmack and U. Sturm
How to explain AI in an understandable way? Citizen scientists, AI experts and artists find answers together
PoS(ACSC2023)010 pdf K. Meyer, T. Meneweger, L. Bauer and M. Mara
Aiming at the bigger picture: Citizen science addressing biocultural diversity
PoS(ACSC2023)011 pdf B. Heinisch
Citizen science as a band-aid for an ailing science system?
PoS(ACSC2023)012 pdf B. Heinisch
Immoral Behavior in Everyday Life: Including Citizen Scientists in Moral Psychological Research
PoS(ACSC2023)013 pdf V. Aignesberger and T. Greitemeyer
The project design influences the quality of contributions in an online Citizen Science project
PoS(ACSC2023)014 pdf J. Rittenschober, S. Kleindorfer and D. Frigerio
"This is (not) Rocket Science – Citizen Science as Mission Control" Space and Citizen Science at the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology (2022– 2025)
PoS(ACSC2023)015 pdf attachments C. Klösch
The Storytelling Café as a Citizen Science Method: generating knowledge, communication and education
PoS(ACSC2023)016 pdf B. Pichler, G. Dressel, E. Hutter, E. Reitinger and K. Heimerl
expedition.nationalpark.2022 – Dialogue as a method for a transdisciplinary format
PoS(ACSC2023)017 pdf attachments M. Auinger, M. Jungmeier and K. Hilgarter
Innovation Data Sprint in Citizen Social Sciences
PoS(ACSC2023)019 pdf S. Segler and J. Gantenberg
Enabling people with diverse abilities to Participate in the Design of Digital Mapping Tools for Inclusive Community Planning in Germany
PoS(ACSC2023)020 pdf J. Brüggemann, H. Köckler, C. Walter-Klose, M. Vittinghoff, J. Flacke and K. Pfeffer
How to assess scientific excellence in Citizen Science? Co-creating a science award
PoS(ACSC2023)021 pdf attachments M. Bessert-Nettelbeck, M. Müller and S. Voigt-Heucke
Knowledge Production with Design Thinking for Citizen Science
PoS(ACSC2023)023 pdf attachments P. Bartar
Urban transformation and citizen science: A systematic approach to open urban sustainability hubs
PoS(ACSC2023)024 pdf attachments C. Peer