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21st Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation

FPCP2023 - (other fpcp conferences)
29 May - 2 June 2023
Lyon, France
published November 14, 2023
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The Flavor Physics and CP Violation (FPCP) conferences are intended for the exchange of new ideas, for presentation of the latest experimental and theoretical results in the areas included in the conference title, and for discussions about future projects in the field. The conference is open to all experimental and theoretical physicists interested in the field.
This conference series results from the merging of the Heavy Flavor Physics Conference and the International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation in 2002.

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Heavy quark decays and CKM metrology
Rare decays of hadrons and leptons
Neutrino physics and PMNS metrology
Exotic quarkonium-like states and pentaquarks
Higgs and flavour
CP violation in hadrons and leptons
Future facilities
Muon g-2
Dark matter and flavour
Interplay between flavor and high-pT physics at the LHC
Parallel session A
Parallel session B
Parallel session C
Heavy quark decays and CKM metrology
Theoretical overview of semi-leptonic $b \to c/u$ decays
PoS(FPCP2023)001 file missing P. Gambino
New semi-leptonic $B \to X_{c/u} l \nu$ results at $e^+ e^-$ experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)002 file missing S. Granderath
Semi-leptonic b-hadron decays atLHCb
PoS(FPCP2023)003 file missing S. Klaver
Non-leptonic hadron decays at the LHC
PoS(FPCP2023)004 pdf R. Novotny and  On behalf of the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Collaborations
New non-leptonic hadron decay results at $e^+ e^-$ experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)005 file missing A. Di Canto
Rare decays of hadrons and leptons
Endpoint divergences in inclusive $\bar B \to X_s \gamma$
PoS(FPCP2023)006 pdf T. Hurth and R. Szafron
Experimental status of $b \to s \{\gamma, e^+e^-, \mu^+\mu^-\}$ at the LHC
PoS(FPCP2023)007 pdf R. Henderson and  On behalf of the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Collaborations
Status and prospects for rare B decays at Belle and Belle II
PoS(FPCP2023)008 pdf G. de Marino and  on behalf of the Belle and Belle II collaborations
QCD effects in rare B decays
PoS(FPCP2023)009 file missing N. Gubernari
Status of the global $b\to s\ell^+\ell^-$ fits
PoS(FPCP2023)010 pdf B. Capdevila
Theory of rare charm decays
PoS(FPCP2023)011 file missing G. Hiller
Experimental status of charm decays
PoS(FPCP2023)012 file missing L. Sun
Review of lattice results
PoS(FPCP2023)013 file missing S. Meinel
BSM Implications of rare B decay measurements
PoS(FPCP2023)014 file missing A. Greljo
A Review of $\mu \to eee$, $\mu \to e \gamma$ and $\mu N \to eN$ Conversion
PoS(FPCP2023)015 pdf A.K. Perrevoort and  on behalf of the the Mu3e Collaboration
Kaon decays: Standard Model tests
PoS(FPCP2023)016 file missing M. Knecht
Kaon decays: New Physics perspectives
PoS(FPCP2023)017 file missing J. Brod
Physics with kaons at NA62
PoS(FPCP2023)018 pdf G. Ruggiero and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
KOTO: Search for Direct $CP$ Violating $K_L \to \pi^0 \nu \overline{\nu}$ Decays
PoS(FPCP2023)019 pdf Y.B. Hsiung and  on behalf of the KOTO Collaboration
Strange physics at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2023)020 pdf R.I. Marchevski and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Neutrino physics and PMNS metrology
Neutrino masses and leptonic mixing
PoS(FPCP2023)021 file missing S. Lavignac
Latest results on the neutrino oscillations
PoS(FPCP2023)022 file missing A. Cabrera
Open questions at neutrino oscillation experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)023 file missing S. Bolognesi
Neutrino less double beta decays
PoS(FPCP2023)024 file missing S. Schönert
Beyond the 3-flavour paradigm
PoS(FPCP2023)025 file missing J. Gehrlein
Results and perspectives from short baseline neutrino experiment
PoS(FPCP2023)026 file missing M. Ross-Lonergan
High-energy astrophysical neutrinos
PoS(FPCP2023)027 file missing J.P. Yanez Garza
Exotic quarkonium-like states and pentaquarks
Theory of the (Heavy-Quark) Exotic Hadrons: A Primer for the Flavor Community
PoS(FPCP2023)028 pdf R. Lebed
Spectroscopy at the LHC
PoS(FPCP2023)029 file missing V. Lisovskyi
Spectroscopy at $e^+ e^-$ colliders
PoS(FPCP2023)030 pdf Z. Liu and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Higgs and flavour
Higgs and flavour
PoS(FPCP2023)031 file missing Y. Soreq
Lepton flavor in Higgs boson decays
PoS(FPCP2023)032 pdf K.W. Ho and  on behalf of the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations
CP violation in hadrons and leptons
Experimental review of nEDM measurement
PoS(FPCP2023)033 file missing C.Y. Liu
CP violation in the B and D systems
PoS(FPCP2023)034 file missing A. Lenz
Strong CP problem vs flavour experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)035 file missing D. Redigolo
New time-dependent CPV measurements at $e^+ e^-$ experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)036 file missing J. Skorupa
New CP violation measurements at LHC
PoS(FPCP2023)037 pdf V. Lukashenko, R.A. Ruiz Fernández and  On behalf of the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Collaborations
Future facilities
The PIONEER experiment to explore lepton universality using rare pion decays
PoS(FPCP2023)038 pdf T. Iwamoto and  on behalf of the PIONEER collaboration
Future of Belle II
PoS(FPCP2023)039 file missing J. Baudot
Super tau charm factory
PoS(FPCP2023)040 file missing X. Ai
LHCb upgrade and review of LLP experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)041 file missing F.L. Redi
Muon g-2
Puzzles in the hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment
PoS(FPCP2023)042 pdf G. Colangelo, M. Hoferichter and P. Stoffer
Updates and Perspectives on the Muon $g-2$ Experiment
PoS(FPCP2023)043 pdf M. Incagli
Dark matter and flavour
Light dark matter and flavour
PoS(FPCP2023)044 pdf L. Darmé
Dark sectors at flavour experiments
PoS(FPCP2023)045 file missing T. Ferber
Interplay between flavor and high-pT physics at the LHC
LFU / LFV in precision measurement (EW, top)
PoS(FPCP2023)046 file missing R. Goldouzian
B-physics connection with High-pT searches
PoS(FPCP2023)047 file missing N. Desai
BSM searches relevant for flavour physics
PoS(FPCP2023)048 file missing V. Pleskot
Parallel session A
Measurements of $b \to s \mu^+ \mu^-$ transitions at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2023)049 file missing J. Reich
Rare decays at CMS
PoS(FPCP2023)050 pdf L. Guzzi and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Tests of Lepton Flavour Universality and searches for Lepton Flavour Violation at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2023)051 pdf S. Schmitt
Lepton flavour universality tests using $B^0 → D^{∗−}$ $𝝉^+$$𝝂_𝝉$ with muonic and hadronic 𝝉 decays
PoS(FPCP2023)052 pdf G.H.M. Wormser and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Recent Belle II results on lepton universality in semileptonic decays
PoS(FPCP2023)053 file missing P. Lewis
New CMS results on heavy flavour production and flavour anomalies
PoS(FPCP2023)054 pdf M.T. Jones
Recent Belle II results on radiative and electroweak penguin decays
PoS(FPCP2023)055 pdf J. Cerasoli and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
A new puzzle in non-leptonic B decays
PoS(FPCP2023)056 pdf A. Biswas, S. Descotes-genon, J. Matias and G. Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi
Global fits of $b\to d\,\ell^+\ell^-$
PoS(FPCP2023)057 pdf H. Gisbert Mullor
Synergies of Drell-Yan, beauty, top, and Z observables in MFV-SMEFT
PoS(FPCP2023)058 pdf L. Nollen, C. Grunwald, G. Hiller and K. Kröninger
Cabibbo angle anomalies and a global fit to vector-like quarks
PoS(FPCP2023)059 pdf M. Kirk
LCSR predictions for $b \to s$ hadronic form factors
PoS(FPCP2023)060 pdf Y. Monceaux, A. Carvunis and F. Mahmoudi
Refactorization of endpoint divergencies for the ${\cal O}_7$ contribution to $\bar B_s \to \mu^+\mu^-$
PoS(FPCP2023)061 pdf N. Seitz
Meson light-front wavefunctions-applications to B transition form factors
PoS(FPCP2023)062 pdf M. Ahmady
Parallel session B
Implications of $A_4$ modular symmetry on neutrino mass, mixing and leptogenesis with linear seesaw
PoS(FPCP2023)063 pdf R. Mohanta and M.K.B.S.M. S Singirala
Flavour and lepton number violation in Effective interactions of heavy Majorana neutrinos: collider phenomenology
PoS(FPCP2023)064 pdf L. Duarte, G. Zapata, T. Urruzola and O.A. Sampayo
Riding the Seesaw: What Higgsstrahlung May Reveal about Massive Neutrinos
PoS(FPCP2023)065 file missing A. Lackner
Searching for the flavon at current and future colliders
PoS(FPCP2023)066 pdf E. Loisa
Is the Muon A Third Family Lepton?
PoS(FPCP2023)067 file missing S. Vatani
Lepton-flavour-violating constraints from triality
PoS(FPCP2023)068 file missing G. Lichtenstein
CP violation in T2HK and DUNE with non-standard interaction
PoS(FPCP2023)069 pdf A. Giri and B. Brahma
Recent Dark Matter related searches with the BABAR detector
PoS(FPCP2023)070 pdf S. Emery-Schrenk and  on behalf of the BABAR collaboration
Recent tau and dark-sector results at Belle II
PoS(FPCP2023)071 pdf G. Räuber and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
A new Scattering and Neutrino Detector at the LHC (SND@LHC)
PoS(FPCP2023)072 pdf D. Centanni and  on behalf of the SND@LHC Collaboration
New results for searches of exotic decays with NA62 in beam-dump mode
PoS(FPCP2023)073 pdf J. Jerhot and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
Searches for baryon number violation in the HIBEAM-NNBAR experiment at the European Spallation Source
PoS(FPCP2023)074 pdf B. Meirose
Results on exotic hadronic resonances with the ATLAS detector
PoS(FPCP2023)075 file missing M. Bona
Parallel session C
$B^0_s \to J/\psi \phi$ in ATLAS
PoS(FPCP2023)076 pdf A. Thaler and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
New CP violation measurements at LHC
PoS(FPCP2023)077 pdf R.A.R. Fernandez, V. Lukashenko and  on behalf of LHCb, ATLAS and CMS collaborations
Charm physics at BES III
PoS(FPCP2023)078 pdf M. Tat
SM prediction for the CP asymmetries in two-body hadronic charm meson decays
PoS(FPCP2023)079 pdf E. Solomonidi, A. Pich and L. Vale Silva
Recent Belle II results on time-dependent CP violation and charm physics
PoS(FPCP2023)080 pdf J. Bennett and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Mixing and CPV in charm decays at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2023)081 pdf S. Maccolini and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Recent Belle II results on hadronic B decays
PoS(FPCP2023)082 pdf S. Raiz and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Rare B meson decays to baryonic final states
PoS(FPCP2023)083 pdf P. Baladron Rodriguez
Model-independent extraction of form-factors and $|V_{cb}|$ in $\overline{B}\to D\ell^m \overline{\nu_\ell}$ with hadronic tagging at BABAR
PoS(FPCP2023)084 file missing M. Rotondo
Recent Belle II results on the CKM parameters $|V_{cb}|$ and $|V_{ub}|$
PoS(FPCP2023)085 pdf P. Horak and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Measurements of charmonia decays from BESIII
PoS(FPCP2023)086 pdf H. Miao and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Recent quarkonium results at Belle II
PoS(FPCP2023)087 pdf A. Boschetti and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Latest results on exotic hadrons from CMS
PoS(FPCP2023)088 pdf J. Zhang
Heavy flavor production in pp collisions at LHCb
PoS(FPCP2023)089 pdf J. Wang and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration