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10th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics

QNP2024 - (other qnp conferences)
8-12 July, 2024
Barcelona, Spain

The 10th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics will be hosted by the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona on 8-12 July, 2024. This conference follows the series of meetings previously held in Adelaide, Julich, Bloomington, Madrid, Beijing, Palaiseau, Valparaiso, Tsukuba and Tallahassee.

Experimentalists and theorists discuss recent developments in the field of hadron and nuclear physics, continuing previous discussions and presenting new results on the quark and gluon structure of hadrons, hadron spectroscopy and decays, hadron interactions and nuclear structure, and hot and cold dense matter.

Scientific editorial board

Mario Centelles, mario@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona 

Sergi Gonzalez-Solis, sergig@icc.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Volodymyr Magas, vladimir@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Vincent Mathieu, vmathieu@ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Javier Menéndez, menendez@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Assumpta Parreño, assum@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Robert Perry, perryrobertjames@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Àngels Ramos, ramos@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

Arnau Rios, arnau.rios@fqa.ub.edu,Universitat de Barcelona

Laura Tolos, tolos@ice.csic.es, Institute of Space Sciences & IEEC

Juan Torres-Rincon, torres@fqa.ub.edu, Universitat de Barcelona

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