PoS - Proceedings of Science

XVIII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

DIS 2010 - (other dis conferences)
April 19 -23, 2010
Convitto della Calza, Firenze, Italy
published October 04, 2010
DIS 2010 is the 18th in the series of annual workshops on Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS) and Related Subjects. The aim of these workshops is to review the progress in the field of DIS and Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and to lay the groundwork for future experiments. DIS 2010 will cover the most recent results from HERA, JLab, RHIC, Tevatron and fixed-target experiments and from related theoretical topics, as well as the first results from the LHC experiments. Special emphasis will be put this year on the unity of the field from DIS to hadron colliders and notably on the crucial role played by the results from HERA and Tevatron towards understanding the new data coming from the LHC.
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Plenary session
Working Goups Summaries
WG1: Parton Densities from DIS and hadron colliders to LHC
WG2: Small-x, diffraction and vector mesons in DIS and hadron colliders
WG3: QCD final states in DIS and hadron colliders
WG4: Heavy Flavours in DIS and hadron colliders
WG5: Electroweak and searches in DIS and hadron colliders
WG6: Spin physics
WG7: Future of DIS
Plenary session
Recent results from the ZEUS experiment
PoS(DIS 2010)001 pdf M. Turcato
Recent results from the H1 experiment
PoS(DIS 2010)002 pdf K. Krueger
Review of Spin Physics in DIS
PoS(DIS 2010)003 file missing H. Fischer
Status of QCD
PoS(DIS 2010)004 pdf T. Gehrmann
From deep-inelastic scattering to first LHC measurements
PoS(DIS 2010)005 file missing S. Forte
Highlights from CMS
PoS(DIS 2010)006 pdf F. Siklér
Highlights from ATLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)007 pdf T. Wengler
Results from D0
PoS(DIS 2010)008 file missing Q. Li
Recent results in DIS from Jefferson Lab
PoS(DIS 2010)009 pdf D.J. Gaskell
Latest highlights from CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)010 pdf M. Casarsa
RHIC Heavy Ion Physics Summary
PoS(DIS 2010)011 file missing W.B. Christie
LHC status and plans
PoS(DIS 2010)012 pdf M. Lamont
Working Goups Summaries
Parton densities from DIS and hadron colliders to LHC: WG summary
PoS(DIS 2010)013 pdf R. Placakyte, S. Alekhin, D. Colferai and J.W. Huston
Low-x and diffraction: WG summary
PoS(DIS 2010)014 file missing K. Golec-Biernat, R. Ciesielski and K. Piotrzkowski
QCD and final states in DIS and hadron colliders: WG summary
PoS(DIS 2010)015 pdf C. Glasman, D. De Florian and S. Tapprogge
Heavy flavours in DIS and hadron colliders: WG summary
PoS(DIS 2010)016 pdf K. Lipka and G. Corcella
Electroweak and searches: WG summary
PoS(DIS 2010)017 pdf A. Parenti and S. Moretti
Spin Physics: session summary
PoS(DIS 2010)018 pdf C. Riedl, C.A. Aidala and S. Liuti
Future of DIS: WG summary
PoS(DIS 2010)019 pdf P. Laycock, A. Stasto and C. Marquet
Workshop summary and outlook
PoS(DIS 2010)020 pdf H. Abramowicz
WG1: Parton Densities from DIS and hadron colliders to LHC
Update of the NNLO PDFs in the 3- and 5-flavour scheme
PoS(DIS 2010)021 pdf S. Alekhin
Deviations from NLO DGLAP at small-x within the combined HERA-I dataset
PoS(DIS 2010)022 file missing F. Caola, S. Forte and J. Rojo
PDF fits incuding HERA combined F_2(charm) data
PoS(DIS 2010)023 pdf A. Cooper-Sarkar
Studies of the Z\rightarrow ee differential cross section as a function of the Z rapidity in CMS
PoS(DIS 2010)024 pdf B. Dahmes
Investigations of hadronization process in DIS at CLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)025 pdf A. Daniel and K. Hicks
PDF sensitivity studies using electroweak processes at LHCb
PoS(DIS 2010)026 file missing F. De Lorenzi
High energy resummation of direct photon production and collider data
PoS(DIS 2010)027 file missing G. Diana
Requirements for the initial parton densities following from factorization
PoS(DIS 2010)028 file missing B. Ermolaev
New measurements of the EMC effect in very light nuclei and at large x
PoS(DIS 2010)029 file missing D.J. Gaskell
The GS09 double parton distribution functions
PoS(DIS 2010)030 pdf J.R. Gaunt
Measurement of the Inclusive ep Scattering Cross Section at Low Q2 and x at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)031 pdf A. Glazov
Diffractive and inclusive W boson production asymmetry at the LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)032 pdf K. Golec-Biernat
Combined measurement of the inclusive ep scattering cross sections at HERA for reduced proton beam energy runs and determination of FL
PoS(DIS 2010)033 file missing J. Grebenyuk
CTEQ TEA PDF analysis:new experimental data and constraints on new physics
PoS(DIS 2010)034 file missing M. Guzzi
Combined measurement and QCD analysis of the inclusive ep scattering cross sections at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)035 pdf S. Habib
PDFs for the LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)036 pdf J.W. Huston
NC (e-p) at high x
PoS(DIS 2010)037 pdf R. Ingbir
Dynamical parton distributions and weak-gauge and Higgs boson production at hadron colliders at NNLO of QCD
PoS(DIS 2010)038 pdf P. Jimenez-Delgado and E. Reya
N* transition form factors with CLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)039 file missing K. Joo
Studies of EW boson production in the forward region with LHCb
PoS(DIS 2010)040 file missing J. Keaveney
Precision measurement of F_2 with H1
PoS(DIS 2010)041 file missing M. Klein
Comparison of the hadronic structures in stucture function measurements of the proton, photon and diffractive exchange
PoS(DIS 2010)042 pdf D. van Asseldonk, M. Erdmann, T. Klimkovich and M. Nienhaus
Determination of the unintegrated gluon density using HERA data
PoS(DIS 2010)043 pdf A. Knutsson
PDFs for nuclear targets
PoS(DIS 2010)044 pdf K. Kovarik
Latest developments in the CTEQ-TEA PDF analysis
PoS(DIS 2010)045 file missing P. Nadolsky
Recent results on nuclear structure functions
PoS(DIS 2010)046 file missing R. Petti
Combined H1 and ZEUS fits using low energy data
PoS(DIS 2010)047 file missing V.A.M. Radescu
PDF study at low x using Chebyshev polynomials
PoS(DIS 2010)048 file missing V.A.M. Radescu
W asymmetries at CDF and D0
PoS(DIS 2010)049 pdf H. Sabelli
Charged current interactions in e^{+-}p scattering at H1 with longitudinally polarized lepton beams
PoS(DIS 2010)050 pdf S. Shushkevich
A posteriori inclusion of parton density functions in NLO QCD final-state calculations at hadron colliders: The APPLGRID Project
PoS(DIS 2010)051 pdf M. Sutton
The effect of new data sets on MSTW pdfs
PoS(DIS 2010)052 pdf R. Thorne, A. Martin, W.J. Stirling and G. Watt
Variation in variable flavour number schemes.
PoS(DIS 2010)053 pdf R. Thorne
Inclusive and diffractive DIS at low x from HERA to the EIC
PoS(DIS 2010)054 pdf K. Tywoniuk
Reweighting techniques for fitting W lepton asymmetry with NNPDF 2.0
PoS(DIS 2010)055 file missing M. Ubiali
Combined electroweak and QCD fits including NC and CC data with polarized electron beam at HERA-2
PoS(DIS 2010)056 pdf Z.P. Zhang
WG2: Small-x, diffraction and vector mesons in DIS and hadron colliders
DGLAP versus perturbative Pomeron in hard diffractive processes large momentum transfer at HERA and LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)057 pdf B. Blok
ATLAS Forward Detectors
PoS(DIS 2010)058 pdf A.G. Brandt
Measurement of the elastic ppbar differential cross section in the range 0.25<|t|<1.2 at \sqrt s = 1.96 TeV
PoS(DIS 2010)059 pdf A.G. Brandt
Search for the onset of color transparency using rho electroproduction
PoS(DIS 2010)060 file missing W. Brooks
Measurement of the J/psi photoproduction at large momentum transfer at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)061 file missing A. Bruni
Measurement of leading neutron production in DIS at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)062 pdf A. Buniatyan
High-energy amplitudes and impact factors at next-to-leading order
PoS(DIS 2010)063 pdf G.A. Chirilli
Probing the theoretical description of central exclusive production
PoS(DIS 2010)064 pdf T.D. Coughlin and J. Forshaw
Forward energy and jet flows in high energy factorisation
PoS(DIS 2010)065 pdf M. Deak
In-medium hadron modification and meson spectroscopy
PoS(DIS 2010)066 pdf C. Djalali
Deeply virtual compton scattering and its beam charge asymmetry in e^{+-} p collisions at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)067 pdf L. Favart
Measurement of inclusive diffractive deep inelastic scattering using VFPS at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)068 pdf T. Hreus
Evidence for high mass exclusive dijet production in the D0 experiment
PoS(DIS 2010)069 pdf Z. Hubacek
Diffraction results from CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)070 file missing J.W. Huston
Diffractive electroproduction of rho and phi mesons at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)071 pdf X. Janssen
Diffractive DIS with a leading proton at HERA-2
PoS(DIS 2010)072 pdf M. Kapishin
NLO QCD analysis of single-diffractive dijet production at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)073 pdf M. Klasen
From LHC to LheC and back: the issue of forward jets
PoS(DIS 2010)074 pdf K.M. Kutak
The diffractive structure functions from large rapidity gap data at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)075 pdf P. Laycock
Diffractive physics program with tagged forward protons at STAR/RHIC
PoS(DIS 2010)076 pdf J.H. Lee
Quarkonia in dAu and vector mesons at forward rapidity at Phenix
PoS(DIS 2010)077 pdf K. Lee
On the coherent inelastic binary and multiparticle processes in the ultrarelativistic hadron-nucleus, photon-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions
PoS(DIS 2010)078 file missing V.V. Lyuboshitz
Direct extraction of helicity amplitude ratios on exclusive rho^0 electroproduction
PoS(DIS 2010)079 pdf S. Manaenkov
The status and preliminary results of the LHC forward experiment: LHCf
PoS(DIS 2010)080 pdf H. Menjo
Searching for gluon saturation in d+Au collisions at PHENIX
PoS(DIS 2010)081 pdf B.A. Meredith
Luminosity measurements at LHCb
PoS(DIS 2010)082 file missing D. Moran
Correlations in impact-parameter space in saturation models
PoS(DIS 2010)083 pdf S. Munier
Deep exclusive reactions at Jefferson Lab Hall A
PoS(DIS 2010)084 pdf C. Munoz camacho
Soft gluon rescattering in diffractive DIS
PoS(DIS 2010)085 pdf R. Pasechnik
Diffractive jets at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)086 pdf R. Polifka
Exclusive diffractive Higgs and jet production at the LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)087 pdf C. Royon and R. Staszewski
The ATLAS physics program
PoS(DIS 2010)088 pdf C. Royon
Anomalous WW gamma, WW gamma gamma and ZZ gamma gamma couplings in gamma-induced processes
PoS(DIS 2010)089 pdf C. Royon
Generalized geometric scaling
PoS(DIS 2010)090 file missing D. Salek
Associated forward photon-jet production as a probe of the nuclear unintegrated glue
PoS(DIS 2010)091 pdf W. Schaefer
Exclusive production at LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)092 pdf N. Schul
Diffractive photoproduction of lepton pairs at high energy
PoS(DIS 2010)093 pdf G. Slipek
Diffractive exclusive production of heavy quark pairs at high energy proton-proton collisions.
PoS(DIS 2010)094 pdf A. Szczurek
Mueller Navelet jets at LHC - complete NLL BFKL calculation
PoS(DIS 2010)095 pdf D. Colferai, F. Schwennsen, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
QCD factorization of exclusive processes beyond leading twist: gammaT to rhoT impact factor with twist three accuracy
PoS(DIS 2010)096 pdf I. Anikin, D.Y. Ivanov, B. Pire, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
A QCD analysis of ZEUS diffractive data
PoS(DIS 2010)097 pdf M. Wing
Scaling properties in deep inelastic scattering
PoS(DIS 2010)282 pdf C. Royon
Saturation and linear transport equation
PoS(DIS 2010)270 pdf K.M. Kutak
WG3: QCD final states in DIS and hadron colliders
Hadron production from e+e- ISR, two-photons, Upsilon states at Belle and Babar
PoS(DIS 2010)098 file missing F. Anulli
Event shapes at hadron colliders
PoS(DIS 2010)099 pdf A. Banfi
Threshold resummation for Drell-Yan production: theory and phenomenology
PoS(DIS 2010)100 pdf M. Bonvini
Antenna subtraction for two hadronic initial states at NNLO
PoS(DIS 2010)101 pdf R. Boughezal
Parton showers with medium-modified splitting functions
PoS(DIS 2010)102 pdf G. Corcella
Investigations of hadronization process in DIS at CLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)103 file missing A. Daniel
High p_T jet shapes, non-global logarithms and jet algorithms
PoS(DIS 2010)104 pdf M. Dasgupta
W boson production at hadron colliders: the lepton charge asymmetry in NNLO QCD
PoS(DIS 2010)105 pdf G. Ferrera
Cosine modulations of pion unpolarized cross section at HERMES
PoS(DIS 2010)106 pdf F. Giordano
Jet cross sections in NC DIS at ZEUS and determination of alphas
PoS(DIS 2010)107 pdf C. Glasman
QCD results from ATLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)108 pdf H.M. Gray
Transverse momentum of charged particles at low Q2 at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)109 pdf A. Grebenyuk
Threshold resummation beyond leading eikonal level
PoS(DIS 2010)110 pdf G. Grunberg
Fluctuationa and Saturation in Diffractive Excitation
PoS(DIS 2010)111 pdf G. Gustafson
Hadronic final states in DIS with Sherpa
PoS(DIS 2010)112 pdf T. Gehrmann, T. Carli and S. Hoeche
Results from D0: dijet angular distributions, dijet mass cross section and dijet azimuthal decorrelations
PoS(DIS 2010)113 pdf Z. Hubacek
On the dynamical determination of strange parton distributions
PoS(DIS 2010)114 pdf P. Jimenez-Delgado
Two-loop resummation for QCD hard scattering
PoS(DIS 2010)115 pdf N. Kidonakis
Jet Production at low and high Q2 and determination of the strong coupling at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)116 pdf R. Kogler
QCD Physics from CMS
PoS(DIS 2010)117 pdf K. Krajczar
Heavy quarkonium and quarkonium-like states at Belle and BaBar
PoS(DIS 2010)118 pdf A. Kuzmin
Nuclear attenuation - 2 dimensional dependences at HERMES
PoS(DIS 2010)119 pdf I. Lehmann
Jet cross sections in photoproduction at ZEUS
PoS(DIS 2010)120 pdf D. Lontkovskyi
Determining alpha_s at NNLO from event-shape data
PoS(DIS 2010)121 pdf G. Luisoni
NNLO antenna subtraction with one hadronic initial state
PoS(DIS 2010)122 pdf G. Luisoni
Results on charged particle production from the ALICE experiment at LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)123 pdf S. Masciocchi
Thrust distribution at N^3LL with power corrections and precision determination of alpha_s
PoS(DIS 2010)124 pdf V. Mateu
Measurement of W+charm production cross section at CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)125 pdf S. Moed
Minimum bias and underlying event studies at CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)126 pdf N. Moggi
Jet fragmentation in medium and vacuum with the PHENIX detector
PoS(DIS 2010)127 pdf M. Nguyen
Scaled momentum spectra in deep inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)128 pdf K. Olkiewicz
Soft gluon resummation in the infrared region and the Froissart bound
PoS(DIS 2010)129 pdf G. Pancheri, A. Grau, R.M. Godbole and Y. Srivastava
Limitations on the predictions for pT-balance in events with a Z-boson and jets
PoS(DIS 2010)130 pdf A. Paramonov
Nuclear medium dependence of transverse Lambda polarisation in quasi-real photoproduction
PoS(DIS 2010)131 pdf K. Rith
Yield of heavy hyperons and antihyperons in DIS
PoS(DIS 2010)132 pdf N. Rossiyskaya
Strangeness production at high Q2 at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)133 pdf J. Ruiz Tabasco
D0 results on diphoton direct production and photon + 3 jet double parton interactions
PoS(DIS 2010)134 pdf H.L. Sawyer
D0 results on three-jet production, multijet cross-section ratios, and minimum bias angular correlations
PoS(DIS 2010)135 pdf H.L. Sawyer
Prompt photon production at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)136 pdf D.H. Saxon
Results from LHCb: prompt V0 production
PoS(DIS 2010)137 pdf M. Schiller
Measurement of the energy flow in a large &eta; range and forward jets at LHC at \sqrt s = 0.9 TeV, 2.36 TeV and 7 TeV
PoS(DIS 2010)138 pdf S. Sen
Higher-order predictions for large-x splitting functions and coefficient functions
PoS(DIS 2010)139 pdf G. Soar, A. Vogt, S.O. Moch and J.A.M. Vermaseren
Determination of the strong coupling constant from the inclusive jet cross section in ppbar collisions at \sqrt s = 1.96 TeV (D0)
PoS(DIS 2010)140 pdf L. Sonnenschein
Three-subjet distributions in NC DIS
PoS(DIS 2010)141 file missing J. Terron
Observation of the hadronic final state charge asymmetry in high Q2 deep-inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)142 pdf D. Traynor
Deep inelastic prompt photon production at HERA in the k_T-factorization approach
PoS(DIS 2010)143 pdf N.P. Zotov
WG4: Heavy Flavours in DIS and hadron colliders
Top mass measurement at CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)144 pdf J. Adelman
Open heavy flavour production in nuclear collisions
PoS(DIS 2010)145 file missing N. Armesto Perez
Beauty in photoproduction at ZEUS
PoS(DIS 2010)146 pdf V. Aushev
Inelastic J/psi helicity distributions
PoS(DIS 2010)147 pdf A. Bertolin
New Results on the 3-Loop Heavy Flavour Wilson Coefficients for F_2(x,Q^2)
PoS(DIS 2010)148 pdf J. Bluemlein
H1 measurements of D* and F2cc at high Q2
PoS(DIS 2010)149 pdf M. Brinkmann
Measurement of the top quark cross section at D0
PoS(DIS 2010)150 pdf S. Chevalier-Théry
Top cross section measurement at CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)151 pdf G. Compostella
First heavy-flavor measurements at CMS
PoS(DIS 2010)152 pdf R. Covarelli
Combined F2c measurement at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)153 pdf K. Daum
Top rediscovery at the LHC (CMS+ATLAS)
PoS(DIS 2010)154 pdf J. Donini
Modelling non-perturbative corrections to heavy-quark fragmentation
PoS(DIS 2010)155 pdf G. Ferrera
NLO QCD corrections to 4 b-quark production
PoS(DIS 2010)156 pdf N. Greiner
Complete NLO corrections to J/Psi production in NRQCD
PoS(DIS 2010)157 pdf B. Kniehl
Parton shower effects in heavy flavour production at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)158 pdf M. Kraemer
Upsilon polarization measurement at CDF
PoS(DIS 2010)159 pdf T. Kuhr
NLO QCD predictions for gluon polarization from open-charm D0 meson production at COMPASS
PoS(DIS 2010)160 pdf K. Kurek
B decays from Belle and BaBar
PoS(DIS 2010)161 file missing Y. Kwon
Production of D^{+-} and Lambda_c in DIS and F_2^c measurement at ZEUS
PoS(DIS 2010)162 pdf M. Lisovyi
Threshold improved predictions for charm production in DIS
PoS(DIS 2010)163 pdf N.A. Lo Presti, H. Watanabe, S.O. Moch and A. Vogt
Studies of open charm and charmonium production at LHCb
PoS(DIS 2010)164 pdf R.R.P. Macedo
Charm and beauty physics at ATLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)165 pdf T. Matsushita
Charm physics at BaBar and Belle
PoS(DIS 2010)166 pdf D. Milanes
Quarkonia production in STAR
PoS(DIS 2010)167 pdf attachments G. Odyniec
Top quark properties from CDF and D0
PoS(DIS 2010)168 pdf S.K. Park
Measurement of the top quark mass at D0
PoS(DIS 2010)169 pdf G. Petrillo
Precise measurement of charm dimuon production from neutrino interactions at NOMAD
PoS(DIS 2010)170 file missing R. Petti
Exclusive J/psi production in photo- and electroproduction in a dual model
PoS(DIS 2010)171 pdf A. Prokudin
Single-top production with the POWHEG method
PoS(DIS 2010)172 pdf E. Re
The FONLL general-mass scheme in DIS
PoS(DIS 2010)173 pdf J. Rojo
F2b measurement at ZEUS
PoS(DIS 2010)174 pdf P. Roloff
Preparation for open heavy flavour measurements with the ALICE detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)175 pdf A. Rossi
Prompt production of loosely bound mesonic molecules at hadron colliders
PoS(DIS 2010)176 pdf B. Grinstein, C. Bignamini, F. Piccinini, A.D. Polosa and C. Sabelli
b, b\bar b and b\gamma production at Tevatron in the Regge limit of QCD
PoS(DIS 2010)177 pdf V.A. Saleev
Correlations of electrons from heavy flavor decay in p+p, d+Au and Au+Au collisions
PoS(DIS 2010)178 pdf A.M. Sickles
Photoproduction of D* and jets at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)179 pdf Z.G. Staykova
Inelastic production of J/psi mesons in photoproduction and deep inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)180 pdf M. Steder
H1 Measurements of charm and beauty jets in DIS and F2cc, F2bb
PoS(DIS 2010)181 pdf P. Thompson
Measurement of open heavy flavor production in STAR experiment at RHIC
PoS(DIS 2010)182 pdf W. Xie
WG5: Electroweak and searches in DIS and hadron colliders
Search for SUSY at ATLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)183 pdf I. Borjanovic
W/Z Production at ATLAS
PoS(DIS 2010)184 pdf S. Borroni
Composite vectors in Higgless models at the LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)185 pdf A.E. Cárcamo Hernández
Direct searches for new physics at the e+e- B-factories
PoS(DIS 2010)186 pdf A. Cervelli
Neutral current interactions in ep scattering with longitudinally polarised leptons at H1
PoS(DIS 2010)187 pdf V. Chekelian
Measurement of W and Z Properties at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)188 pdf G. Chiarelli
Search for the Higgs boson at the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DIS 2010)189 pdf E.F. Coniavitis
Diboson production at CMS
PoS(DIS 2010)190 pdf F. Fabozzi
Charge asymmetry of top quarks
PoS(DIS 2010)191 pdf P. Ferrario and G. Rodrigo
New physics in top sector at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)192 pdf F. Garberson
Beyond-the-standard-model searches for Higgs bosons at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)193 pdf C.P. Hays
Search for squark production in R-parity violating supersymmetry at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)194 pdf M.C. Herbst
Standard model Higgs searches at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)195 pdf K.R. Herner
Single top quark production cross section at hadron colliders
PoS(DIS 2010)196 pdf N. Kidonakis
Measurement of the inclusive W and Z cross sections in pp collisions with the CMS detector
PoS(DIS 2010)197 pdf P. Lenzi
Single top quark observation at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)198 pdf S. Leone
Electroweak higher twist
PoS(DIS 2010)199 file missing S. Mantry
Search for leptoquarks and contact interactions at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)201 file missing I. Panagoulias
Multilepton production at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)202 pdf attachments A. Parenti
Search for anomalous Top quark production at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)203 file missing M. Perfilov
Measurement of BR(K\rightarrow enu)/BR(K\rightarrow munu) with NA62
PoS(DIS 2010)204 pdf M. Raggi
The ZEUS measurement of charged current DIS cross sections with a longitudinally polarised positron beam
PoS(DIS 2010)205 pdf A. Raval and K.R. Oliver
Searches with early data at CMS
PoS(DIS 2010)206 pdf F. Santanastasio
BSM Higgs searches in the gluon fusion process pp\rightarrow h + jet\rightarrow tau^+ tau^- + jet at the LHC
PoS(DIS 2010)207 pdf R. Santos, A. Belyaev, R. Guedes and S. Moretti
Diboson production at the Tevatron
PoS(DIS 2010)208 pdf J. Sekaric
Isolated leptons and single top at HERA
PoS(DIS 2010)209 pdf D. South
Expectations for first single-top studies in CMS in proton-proton collisions
PoS(DIS 2010)210 pdf J. Wagner-Kuhr
Higgs production via vector-boson fusion at NNLO in QCD
PoS(DIS 2010)211 pdf M. Zaro, P. Bolzoni, F. Maltoni and S.O. Moch
Supersymmetric Higgs bosons and beyond
PoS(DIS 2010)212 pdf F.J. Zurita, M. Carena and E. Ponton
WG6: Spin physics
Recent results and future projections of W+/W- production in polarized p-p collisions at RHIC
PoS(DIS 2010)213 file missing M. Pepe
QCD analysis of polarized world data
PoS(DIS 2010)214 pdf J. Bluemlein
Transverse Lambda polarization at high energy colliders
PoS(DIS 2010)215 pdf D. Boer
Transversity and TMD parametrizations
PoS(DIS 2010)216 pdf S. Melis, M. Anselmino, V. Barone, M.E. Boglione, U. D'Alesio, A. Kotzinian, F. Murgia and A. Prokudin
Hard reggeon exchange and novel exclusive QCD phenomena
PoS(DIS 2010)217 file missing S.J. Brodsky
Scale evolution of kt-distributions
PoS(DIS 2010)218 pdf F.A. Ceccopieri
First measurement of W bosons and their spin asymmetry A_L in 500 GeV polarized p+p collisions at PHENIX
PoS(DIS 2010)219 pdf M. Chiu
Neutron single target spin asymmetries in SIDIS (at JLab Hall A)
PoS(DIS 2010)220 pdf E. Cisbani
The electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon
PoS(DIS 2010)221 file missing K. De Jager
Transverse spin results from PHENIX
PoS(DIS 2010)222 pdf V. Dharmawardane
Multiple interactions and generalized parton distributions
PoS(DIS 2010)223 pdf M. Diehl
Deeply virtual compton scattering on helium nucleus
PoS(DIS 2010)224 file missing H. Egiyan
New COMPASS results on the gluon polarisation using D0 production asymmetries
PoS(DIS 2010)225 pdf C.F.C. Franco
Exclusive meson leptoproduction and spin dependent generalized parton distributions
PoS(DIS 2010)226 pdf G.R. Goldstein
Exchange quantum numbers and generalized parton distributions
PoS(DIS 2010)227 file missing G.R. Goldstein
Current status of transverse spin at STAR
PoS(DIS 2010)228 pdf A. Gordon
Quark-nucleon dynamics and DVCS
PoS(DIS 2010)229 pdf M. Gorshteyn
Prospects for a DVCS measurement at COMPASS
PoS(DIS 2010)230 pdf E.M. Kabuss
Spin asymmetries of the nucleon experiment
PoS(DIS 2010)231 pdf N. Kalantarians
Longitudinal and transverse Lambda polarization at COMPASS
PoS(DIS 2010)232 pdf D. Kang
Determining SUSY particle mixing with polarized hadron beams
PoS(DIS 2010)233 pdf M. Klasen
The virtual photon-proton asymmetry A_2 and the spin dependent structure function x g_2 at HERMES
PoS(DIS 2010)234 pdf V. Korotkov
Transversity in hard exclusive electroproduction of pions
PoS(DIS 2010)235 pdf P. Kroll
Single-spin asymmetries in inclusive hadrons on transversely polarized protons
PoS(DIS 2010)236 pdf attachments A. Lopez Ruiz
Possible effect of mixed phase and deconfinement upon spin correlations in the Lambda bar{Lambda} pairs produced in relativistic heavy ion collisions
PoS(DIS 2010)237 file missing V.V. Lyuboshitz
Target single- and double-spin asymmetries in DVCS off a longitudinal polarized hydrogen target at HERMES
PoS(DIS 2010)238 pdf D.F. Mahon
Constraining the gluon polarization, DeltaG with double helicity asymmetry measurements at PHENIX
PoS(DIS 2010)239 file missing A.M. Manion
COMPASS results on transverse spin and transverse momentum effects
PoS(DIS 2010)240 pdf A. Martin
Review of DVCS results at HERMES
PoS(DIS 2010)241 pdf H. Marukyan
Self organizing maps: parametrization of parton distribution functions
PoS(DIS 2010)242 pdf D.Z. Perry
Moving beyond collinear, leading twist perturbative QCD
PoS(DIS 2010)243 file missing J. Qiu
A determination of the spin content of the proton with faithful uncertainty estimation
PoS(DIS 2010)244 pdf J. Rojo
Transverse spin physics at Hall B
PoS(DIS 2010)245 file missing P. Rossi
Azimuthal asymmetries in production of charged hadrons by high energy muons off polarized deuterons at COMPASS.
PoS(DIS 2010)246 pdf I.A. Savin
The Sivers and other semi-inclusive single-spin asymmetries at HERMES
PoS(DIS 2010)247 pdf G. Schnell
Status of nucleon spin structure functions parametrizations
PoS(DIS 2010)248 file missing M. Stratmann
Exploring the gluon polarization with inclusive and correlation measurements in polarized proton-proton collisions at RHIC
PoS(DIS 2010)249 pdf B. Surrow
Analyticity and end-point behaviour of GPDs
PoS(DIS 2010)250 pdf O. Teryaev
Measurement of transverse spin dependent fragmentation functions in e+e- at Belle
PoS(DIS 2010)251 file missing A. Vossen
Photoproduction of a pi rhoT pair with a large invariant mass and transversity generalized parton distribution
PoS(DIS 2010)252 pdf M. El Beiyad, B. Pire, M. Segond, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
The link between TMDs and PDFs in covariant quark-parton model with orbital motion
PoS(DIS 2010)253 pdf P. Zavada
Measurement of the longitudinal spin structure of the proton at COMPASS
PoS(DIS 2010)254 pdf E. Zemlyanichkina
Single-spin azimuthal asymmetry in exclusive electroproduction of phi and omega vector mesons on transversely polarized protons
PoS(DIS 2010)283 pdf W.J. Augustyniak
Moments of GPDs and transerse-momentum dependent PDFs from the lattice
PoS(DIS 2010)284 pdf H. Meyer
Angular momentum sum rule in nuclei
PoS(DIS 2010)285 pdf S. Taneja and S. Liuti
WG7: Future of DIS
Small-x physics at the LHeC
PoS(DIS 2010)255 pdf N. Armesto Perez
Aspects of beyond standard model physics at the LHeC
PoS(DIS 2010)256 pdf G. Azuelos
QCD at the LHeC
PoS(DIS 2010)257 file missing O. Behnke
Physics with nuclei at EIC
PoS(DIS 2010)258 pdf W. Brooks
A High-Luminosity Medium-Energy Electron-Ion Collider at CEBAF
PoS(DIS 2010)259 file missing K. De Jager
Future COMPASS Drell-Yan experiment
PoS(DIS 2010)260 file missing O. Denisov
An overview of the US electron ion collider project
PoS(DIS 2010)261 file missing A. Deshpande
The PHENIX silicon vertex trackers
PoS(DIS 2010)262 file missing A. Enokizono
Final state interactions T-odd TMDs and the transverse structure of hadrons
PoS(DIS 2010)263 file missing L. Gamberg
Polarized Drell-Yan experiments at RHIC and J-PARC
PoS(DIS 2010)264 pdf Y. Goto
Design status of the large hadron-electron collider (LHeC)
PoS(DIS 2010)265 file missing J. Jowett
Challenges and opportunities at large x
PoS(DIS 2010)266 file missing C. Keppel
Searching for a light Higgs in electron-hadron collisions at the TeV scale
PoS(DIS 2010)267 file missing U. Klein
Detector Design for the LHeC - Some Essentials
PoS(DIS 2010)268 file missing P. Kostka
Electroweak physics at a future EIC
PoS(DIS 2010)269 pdf K. Kumar
A study of detector options for (M)eRHIC
PoS(DIS 2010)271 pdf M.A.C. Lamont
The low-x programme at an electron-ion collider
PoS(DIS 2010)272 pdf M.A.C. Lamont
Luminosity measurement at the LHeC
PoS(DIS 2010)273 file missing S. Levonian
Semi-inclusive DIS at small x, TMD parton distributions and saturation
PoS(DIS 2010)274 file missing C. Marquet
The HERMES recoil detector: commissioning status and analyses prospects
PoS(DIS 2010)275 pdf A. Martínez de la Ossa
Transverse spin with high energy polarized beams at an EIC
PoS(DIS 2010)276 pdf A. Prokudin
Measuring the flavor asymmetry in the sea quarks of the proton
PoS(DIS 2010)277 pdf P. Reimer
Parity violation in deep inelastic scattering in the JLab 12 GeV era
PoS(DIS 2010)278 pdf P. Reimer
The impact of LHeC data on PDFs
PoS(DIS 2010)279 file missing J. Rojo
The MINERvA experiment: neutrino cross sections
PoS(DIS 2010)280 file missing H.M. Schellman
Future PHENIX calometry and trigger upgrades
PoS(DIS 2010)281 pdf A. Vossen