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Identification of Dark Matter 2010

IDM2010 - (other idm conferences)
July 26 - 30 2010
University of Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France
published October 05, 2011

The quest for a complete understanding of the Dark Matter constituent of the Universe is one of the fundamental challenges of Modern Physics.

Motivated by several independent experimental observations and theoretical insights, this Dark Matter is still eluding us. Nevertheless, many major experiments, aimed at cosmological observations or direct, indirect, and collider searches of a Dark Matter signal, are already taking data or will do so in the near future, with the goal of constraining the nature of this mysterious constituent of the Universe, if not of actually detecting it. The 8th installment of the conference cycle "Identification of Dark Matter" will bring together experts in the field to discuss upcoming or running experiments and new theoretical advances.

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Plenary session : Dark Matter Direct Searches 1
Plenary session : Indirect Searches 1
Poster Session
Parallel session : Direct Searches 1
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 1
Plenary session : Dark Matter Direct Searches 3
Plenary session : Structure Formation & N-body Simulation
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 2
Parallel session : Direct Searches 2
Parallel Session : Structure Formation & N-body simulations 1
Plenary session : Indirect Searches 2
Parallel session : Direct Searches 3
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 3
Plenary session : Indirect Searches and Neutrinos
Plenary session : Dark Matter Candidates 1
Parallel session : Direct Searches 5
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 5
Parallel Session : Structure Formation & N-body simulations 2
Parallel session : Dark Matter Candidates 1
Parallel Session : Structure Formation & N-body simulations 3
Parallel session : Dark Matter Candidates 2
Plenary session : Dark Matter Candidates 2
Parallel session : DM at colliders and neutrinos
Plenary session : Dark Matter Direct Searches 2
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 4
Parallel session : Direct Searches 4
Parallel session : Dark Matter Candidates 3
Plenary session : Dark Matter Searches at the LHC
Keynote conclusion
Plenary session : Dark Matter Direct Searches 1
The CDMS II Experiment: Dark Matter results from the complete data set
PoS(IDM2010)010 pdf T. Saab
DAMA/LIBRA results
PoS(IDM2010)011 pdf P. Belli
Results of the Edelweiss-II dark matter search experiment.
PoS(IDM2010)012 pdf E. Armengaud
Plenary session : Indirect Searches 1
Electron and antiproton measurements and Dark Matter Searches
PoS(IDM2010)013 pdf P. Picozza and R. Sparvoli
The Galactic electron and positron "excesses": astrophysical versus dark matter interpretations
PoS(IDM2010)014 pdf J. Lavalle
Cosmic Ray propagation uncertainties and Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)015 pdf R. Taillet
Poster Session
The Assembly of the Milky Way halo
PoS(IDM2010)001 pdf A. Curir, G. Murante, E. Poglio and A. Villalobos
Cosmic-ray mapping and the search for dark matter annihilation signal from the Sun
PoS(IDM2010)002 file missing W. Gillard
Comment on Calculation of Positron Flux from Galactic Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)003 pdf B. Shakya and M. Perelstien
Shield design for the XENON1T experiment at LSM
PoS(IDM2010)004 pdf C. Levy
From Galaxyzoo to dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)005 pdf C. Artemi
Instrumentation Acquisition and Analysis of the SIMPLE Dark Matter Search Signals
PoS(IDM2010)006 pdf M. Felizardo
Diffusion and mobility measurements in CS2 and CS2 mixtures.
PoS(IDM2010)007 file missing J.L. Gauvreau
Galaxy evolution as it appears at z < 1
PoS(IDM2010)008 pdf E. Giraud, G. Qiusheng, J. Melnick, F. Selman and H. Quintana
The Dark-Matter Density Profiles and Binary Black Holes
PoS(IDM2010)009 pdf L.C. Yeh
Parallel session : Direct Searches 1
Ion-Channeling in Direct Dark Matter Crystalline Detectors
PoS(IDM2010)016 pdf G. Gelmini
Lowering the low-energy threshold of xenon-based detectors
PoS(IDM2010)017 pdf P. Sorensen
LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) - 3 tonne and 20 tonne LXe dark matter direct detection experiments
PoS(IDM2010)018 file missing P. Sorensen
Feasibility Study of Dark Matter Searches with the CUORE experiment
PoS(IDM2010)019 pdf M. Vignati
Low energy events in NaI scintillators. ANAIS status and prospects.
PoS(IDM2010)020 pdf C. Cuesta Soria
Search for inelastic dark matter with the CDMS experiment
PoS(IDM2010)021 pdf S. Arrenberg
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 1
Reconstructing dark matter properties via gamma-rays indirect detection
PoS(IDM2010)022 pdf N. Bernal
Evaluating the dark matter contribution to galactic synchrotron radiation
PoS(IDM2010)023 pdf T. Linden, P. Stefano and B. Anderson
What can we really learn from positron flux ’anomalies’?
PoS(IDM2010)024 file missing K. Blum
Indirect dark matter search with the PAMELA experiment
PoS(IDM2010)025 file missing W. Gillard
The Electron Injection Spectrum Determined by Anomalous Excesses in Cosmic Ray Gamma Ray and Microwave Signals
PoS(IDM2010)026 file missing T. Lin
Gamma-ray and neutrino signatures of unstable dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)027 pdf D. Tran
Plenary session : Dark Matter Direct Searches 3
PoS(IDM2010)028 pdf W. Seidel
First Results of XENON100
PoS(IDM2010)029 pdf M. Schumann
Microwave Cavity Searches for Axions
PoS(IDM2010)030 file missing L. Rosenberg
Plenary session : Structure Formation & N-body Simulation
Baryons in structure formation simulations
PoS(IDM2010)031 file missing A. Zentner
Dwarf Galaxies Milky Way Satellites and Stellar Streams: A Review
PoS(IDM2010)032 file missing W. Evans
Dark matter in the Galactic Centre and in Stars
PoS(IDM2010)033 file missing J. Silk
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 2
Energetic axion-like particle production in galaxies
PoS(IDM2010)034 pdf A. Manousos, A. Liolios and C. Eleftheriadis
Reionizing the Universe with dark matter: constraints on self- annihilation cross sections
PoS(IDM2010)035 pdf F. Iocco
Dark Matter Identification using Gamma Rays from Dwarf Galaxies
PoS(IDM2010)036 pdf B. Shakya and M. Perelstien
New Approaches in the Search for Solar WIMPs
PoS(IDM2010)037 pdf C. Rott, T. Tanaka, Y. Itow and J.F. Beacom
Effects of WIMP DM transport in the Sun
PoS(IDM2010)038 pdf M. Taoso
Parallel session : Direct Searches 2
Effects of Residue Background Events in Direct Detection Experiments on Determining Properties of Halo Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)039 pdf C.L. Shan
Status of Nuclear Emulsion for Directional Dark Matter Search
PoS(IDM2010)040 pdf T. Naka
Directional direct non-baryonic dark matter detection with MIMAC
PoS(IDM2010)041 pdf D. Santos
DMTPC: a dark matter detector with directional sensitivity
PoS(IDM2010)042 pdf J. Battat
Spin-Dependent Limits from DRIFT
PoS(IDM2010)043 file missing D. Snowden-Ifft
Background Rejection in DRIFT
PoS(IDM2010)044 pdf E. Miller
Towards a Massive Directional WIMP Detector
PoS(IDM2010)045 file missing N. Spooner
Parallel Session : Structure Formation & N-body simulations 1
Universal Mass Accretion Rates and Concentrations of Dark Matter Halos
PoS(IDM2010)046 file missing D. Zhao
Superdense dark matter clumps
PoS(IDM2010)047 pdf V. Dokuchaev
Plenary session : Indirect Searches 2
Indirect detection of Dark matter with gamma-rays
PoS(IDM2010)048 pdf J. Conrad
Multi-channel cosmic ray signatures of dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)049 file missing J. Edsjo
Radio and Microwave Constraints on Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)050 file missing D. Finkbeiner
Parallel session : Direct Searches 3
Background rejection and sensitivity for new generation Ge detectors experiments
PoS(IDM2010)051 pdf H. Gomez Maluenda
Calibration of noble liquid dark matter detectors
PoS(IDM2010)052 file missing D. Mckinsey
Study of the performances of the shield and muon veto of the XENON1T experiment.
PoS(IDM2010)053 pdf M. Selvi
2010 update on the ROSEBUD project
PoS(IDM2010)054 pdf R.Y. Ortigoza Paredes, N. Coron, J. Gironnet, P. de Marcillac, M. Martínez, T. Redon, L. Torres, C. Cuesta Soria, E. García, C. Ginestra, A. Ortiz de Solórzano, C. Pobes, J. Puimedón, T.A. Rolón, A. Salinas, M.L. Sarsa and J.Á. Villar
PoS(IDM2010)055 pdf T. Girard, M. Felizardo, T. Morlat, A.C. Fernandes, A.R. Ramos and J.G. Marques
The CAST experiment: status and perspectives
PoS(IDM2010)056 pdf F.J. Iguaz Gutierrez
Status of the XMASS Experiment
PoS(IDM2010)057 pdf S. Moriyama
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 3
Fermi Gamma-ray Haze via Dark Matter and Millisecond Pulsars
PoS(IDM2010)058 file missing D. Malyshev
Electroweak bremsstrahlung and indirect detection of Dark Matter by neutrino telescopes
PoS(IDM2010)059 pdf N. Baro
Indirect searches of dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)060 pdf L. Zhang
DMMW: A tool for multi-wavelength dark matter searches
PoS(IDM2010)061 file missing I. Gebauer
Annihilation vs. Decay: Constraining Dark Matter Properties from a Gamma-Ray Detection in Dwarf Galaxies
PoS(IDM2010)062 pdf S. Palomares-Ruiz and J. Siegal-Gaskins
The General Antiparticle Spectrometer (GAPS) - Hunt for dark matter using low energy antideuterons
PoS(IDM2010)063 pdf P. Von Doetinchem, T. Aramaki, S. Boggs, W. Craig, H. Fuke, F. Gahbauer, C. Hailey, J. Koglin, N. Madden, I. Mognet, K. Mori, R. Ong, T. Yoshida, T. Zhang and J. Zweerink
Plenary session : Indirect Searches and Neutrinos
Dark matter searches with IceCube
PoS(IDM2010)064 pdf C.P. De los Heros
Indirect Search for Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
PoS(IDM2010)065 pdf P. Gay
Constraining neutrinos masses in the PLANCK era
PoS(IDM2010)066 pdf S. Plaszczynski
Plenary session : Dark Matter Candidates 1
Feebly Interacting Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)067 file missing J. March-Russell
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Dark Matter Axions
PoS(IDM2010)068 pdf P. Sikivie
Parallel session : Direct Searches 5
Laboratory Searches for Dark Matter Signatures with Electron Beams at JLAB
PoS(IDM2010)069 file missing A. Afanasev
Direct detection data and possible hints for low-mass WIMPs
PoS(IDM2010)070 pdf T. Schwetz-Mangold
Identification of galactic Dark Matter with directional detection
PoS(IDM2010)071 pdf J. Billard, F. Mayet and D. Santos
Neutron background studies for direct dark matter searches in LSM
PoS(IDM2010)072 pdf V. Kozlov
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 5
VERITAS Indirect Search for Dark Matter Program
PoS(IDM2010)073 file missing R. Wagner
DM searches with H.E.S.S. towards dwarf spheroidal galaxies
PoS(IDM2010)074 pdf A. Viana
Searches for DM signals from the Galactic Center region with HESS
PoS(IDM2010)075 pdf D. Nekrassov
Internal bremsstrahlung in neutralino annhilition: revised impact on indirect detection by gamma rays
PoS(IDM2010)076 pdf M. Cannoni
Parallel Session : Structure Formation & N-body simulations 2
Milky Way Satellites and Lambda Cold Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)077 file missing L. Strigari
PoS(IDM2010)078 pdf L. Acedo
The Impact of Dark Matter Microhalos on Signatures for Direct and Indirect Detection
PoS(IDM2010)079 pdf A. Schneider, L.M. Krauss and B. Moore
The distribution of dark matter around galaxies : Mean surface density profile and outer structure
PoS(IDM2010)080 pdf S. Masaki
Parallel session : Dark Matter Candidates 1
Gravitino dark Matter Candidate and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
PoS(IDM2010)081 pdf S. Bailly
New decay modes of gravitino dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)082 file missing C. Yaguna
Semi-annihilation of Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)083 pdf F. D'eramo
Constraints on decaying-dark-matter models from simulations of isolated halos
PoS(IDM2010)084 pdf A. Peter, C.E. Moody, A.J. Benson and M. Kamionkowski
Parallel Session : Structure Formation & N-body simulations 3
The observational signatures of high-redshift dark stars
PoS(IDM2010)085 pdf E. Zackrisson
Signatures of Dark Star Remnants in the Galactic Halo
PoS(IDM2010)086 pdf P. Sandick
JWST Detecting Dark Stars
PoS(IDM2010)087 file missing D. Spolyar
WIMP capture for dark stars in the early universe
PoS(IDM2010)088 file missing S. Sivertsson
Watching dark matter stars burn - possible signatures of Dark Stars in the EBL
PoS(IDM2010)089 pdf A. Maurer, M. Raue, T. Kneiske, D. Elsaesser, P. Hauschildt and D. Horns
The Inter-Galactic Populations and Unbound Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)090 pdf I.G. Jiang
Parallel session : Dark Matter Candidates 2
New Signatures of WIMPless Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)091 pdf J. Kumar
The Sommerfeld Enhancement for Inelastic Dark Matter
PoS(IDM2010)092 file missing T. Slatyer
Dark Matter that can form Dark Stars
PoS(IDM2010)093 file missing H.D. Kim
Light neutralino DM in light Higgs scenario related with the CoGeNT DAMA/LIBRA and CDMS II results
PoS(IDM2010)094 pdf S. Shin
A new vision of the inert doublet model of dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)095 pdf L. Lopez Honorez
keV sterile neutrino Dark Matter in gauge extensions of the Standard Model
PoS(IDM2010)096 file missing F. Bezrukov
Plenary session : Dark Matter Candidates 2
Theoretical Perspectives on DAMA in Light of Recent Searches
PoS(IDM2010)097 file missing N. Weiner
On the stability of particle dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)098 pdf T. Hambye
Sterile neutrino dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)099 file missing O. Ruchayskiy
SuperWIMP dark matter and astrophysical connections
PoS(IDM2010)100 file missing M. Kaplinghat
Bayesian constraints on supersymmetric neutralino dark matter
PoS(IDM2010)101 file missing R. Ruiz de austri
Parallel session : DM at colliders and neutrinos
Sensitivity Enhancement for the Searches of Neutrino Magnetic Moments through Atomic Ionization
PoS(IDM2010)102 file missing H.B. Dr. LI
Status report and performance of the T2K experiment
PoS(IDM2010)103 pdf E. Frank
The NEXT experiment in the new Canfranc Underground Laboratory
PoS(IDM2010)104 pdf H. Gomez Maluenda
Higgs decays to dark sector
PoS(IDM2010)105 file missing J. Zupan
Plenary session : Dark Matter Direct Searches 2
PoS(IDM2010)106 file missing T. Schutt
PoS(IDM2010)107 pdf T. Sumner
The ArDM Experiment
PoS(IDM2010)108 pdf F. Resnati
PoS(IDM2010)109 pdf H. Kraus
Dark Matter Search at SNOLAB with DEAP-3600
PoS(IDM2010)110 file missing M. Boulay
Parallel session : Indirect Searches 4
Constraints on Dark Matter Annihilation from the Fermi-LAT Diffuse Gamma-Ray Measurement
PoS(IDM2010)111 pdf G. Zaharijas
Dark Matter multi-wavelength constraints from radio observations and from diffuse Fermi-LAT gamma-ray observations
PoS(IDM2010)112 file missing A. Cuoco
Fermi-LAT constraints on diffuse Dark Matter annihilation from the Galactic Halo
PoS(IDM2010)113 pdf B. Anderson
Anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background measured by the Fermi-LAT
PoS(IDM2010)114 pdf J. Siegal-Gaskins
Dark Matter Subhalos In the Fermi First Source Catalog
PoS(IDM2010)115 file missing D. Hooper
Constraining dark matter signal from a combined analysis of Milky Way satellites using the Fermi-LAT
PoS(IDM2010)116 pdf M. Llena Garde
Parallel session : Direct Searches 4
GEANT4 Simulations of Neutron-Argon Interactions
PoS(IDM2010)117 file missing K. Palladino
Leptophilic Dark Matter in Direct Detection Experiments and in the Sun
PoS(IDM2010)118 pdf J. Kopp, V. Niro, T. Schwetz and J. Zupan
The CHASE laboratory search for chameleon dark energy
PoS(IDM2010)119 pdf J.H. Steffen
Background radiation in direct dark matter experiments
PoS(IDM2010)120 pdf V. Kudryavtsev
Dark Matter Searches with Germanium Detectors with sub-keV Sensitivities
PoS(IDM2010)121 pdf S.T. Lin
DARWIN: dark matter WIMP search with noble liquids
PoS(IDM2010)122 pdf L. Baudis
Parallel session : Dark Matter Candidates 3
Recent developments in supersymmetric QCD effects on dark matter annihilation
PoS(IDM2010)123 pdf B. Herrmann
XENON10/100 dark matter constraints: examining the L_eff dependence
PoS(IDM2010)124 pdf C. Savage
An estimate of the mass from quarkonium spectra.
PoS(IDM2010)125 pdf M. Chabab
A light scalar WIMP through the Higgs portal
PoS(IDM2010)126 pdf M. Tytgat
Plenary session : Dark Matter Searches at the LHC
First LHC Results
PoS(IDM2010)127 file missing C. Horn
Metastable Particles at the LHC
PoS(IDM2010)128 file missing C. Hill
Theoretical expectations for dark matter detection at the LHC
PoS(IDM2010)129 pdf H. Baer
Keynote conclusion
Keynote conclusion
PoS(IDM2010)130 file missing J. Edsjo