PoS - Proceedings of Science

ISKAF2010 Science Meeting

June 10 -14 2010
Assen, the Netherlands
published September 08, 2010
Radio astronomy - in its broadest sense from metre to sub-millimetre wavelengths - is making a major leap forward. Triggered by the efforts being made towards realising the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a number of new facilities, or major upgrades of existing facilities, are coming on-line, bringing new excitement among radio astronomers and revitalising the interest of the astronomical community in general. The fantastic capabilities of these new facilities will revolutionise the way we do radio astronomy. The use of innovative technology solutions (including new software approaches and calibration algorithms) is expected to significantly enhance the performance of this new generation of radio telescopes. The associated advances in sensitivity, field-of-view, frequency range and spectral resolution guarantees that new and exciting science will be conducted. We are now truly entering a new golden age for radio astronomy. And this is only the beginning! The meeting takes its inspiration from the opening of the LOw Frequency ARray (LOFAR) but there are many other telescopes or upgrades that are now coming online. These include the E-VLA, e-MERLIN, e-VLBI, MWA, PAPER, ATA, eSMA, EMBRACE, SCUBA-2, APEX, IRAM, Yebes and ATCA (CABB). Some of these facilities are now beginning to produce their first results. This meeting aims to provide an overview of these first successes and indeed struggles(!), and highlight the future perspective and longer term goals of our community. These initial results will give a first taste of the science (and the challenges) that we will enjoy with the SKA. Several major elements of new telescopes like MEERKAT, ALMA, ASKAP, APERTIF, LWA, SRT and FAST are also expected to be producing some initial technical results around this time - these will also be covered in the programme of the meeting. In summary, we encourage presentations on results that use new or recently upgraded telescopes, or results that use new challenging techniques or address science issues that will be fully explored by the new generation of radio telescopes. The meeting is part of a week-long series of events organised around the opening of LOFAR and the International SKA Forum 2010. The LOFAR opening will take place on Saturday 12 June, while the Forum is scheduled on Tuesday 15 June. The (somewhat unusual) schedule of the "A new golden age for radio astronomy" meeting has been made in order to give the participants an opportunity to attend all of these events. On Monday June 14th science funding agencies from around the globe will meet to discuss how they will accommodate the SKA (Agencies SKA Group). On the same day industrial partners will join in a workshop to discuss the opportunities of the SKA, not only for science and industry but also for the society as a whole in the Connect Industry Science and Society Workshop (CISS). The venue for all of the above meetings will be the luxury resort "Hof van Saksen" located south of the city of Assen. The absolute climax of the week will be the International SKA Forum on June 15th at the TT-hal in Assen where high level politicians, top scientists, major industries, policy makers and candidate sites for the SKA will meet on ‘SKA beyond Astronomy'.
conference main image
The wide-field imaging with VISTA and the ESO public surveys
PoS(ISKAF2010)001 pdf M.A. Arnaboldi
Towards a New Era of Observing Cosmic Magnetic Fields
PoS(ISKAF2010)003 pdf R. Beck
Redshift dependence of scintillating AGN
PoS(ISKAF2010)004 pdf H.E. Bignall
An update on MeerKAT developments
PoS(ISKAF2010)005 pdf W.J.G. de Blok, R. Booth, J. Jonas and B. Fanaroff
Galaxy cluster magnetic fields
PoS(ISKAF2010)006 pdf A. Bonafede
Radio Halos and the importance of future observations at low frequency
PoS(ISKAF2010)008 pdf G. Brunetti and R. Cassano
The Heraclitean Universe: New Tools and Exotica from Transient Surveys of the Galaxy and Beyond
PoS(ISKAF2010)012 pdf J.M. Cordes
Wide-Field Imaging and Transient Statistics from the ATA 20 cm Survey
PoS(ISKAF2010)014 pdf S.D. Croft and G.C. Bower
The Golden Age of Radio Astronomy
PoS(ISKAF2010)015 pdf R.D. Ekers
Exploiting HI surveys with stacking.
PoS(ISKAF2010)016 pdf S.F.S. Fabello
The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) - Phase 1 Design Concept
PoS(ISKAF2010)018 pdf M.A. Garrett
Ground-based study of solar system planetary lightning
PoS(ISKAF2010)022 pdf J.M. Griessmeier, P. Zarka, J. Girard, S. ter Veen and H. Falcke
The First Station of the Long Wavelength Array
PoS(ISKAF2010)024 pdf P.A. Henning
Early Pulsar Observations with LOFAR
PoS(ISKAF2010)025 pdf J. Hessels, B. Stappers, A. Alexov, T. Coenen, T. Hassall, A. Karastergiou, V.K. Kondratiev, M. Kramer, J. van Leeuwen, J.D. Mol, A. Noutsos and P. Weltevrede
HI signatures of galaxy evolution
PoS(ISKAF2010)026 pdf T.M. van der Hulst
Cosmological 21cm experiments: Searching for a needle in a haystack
PoS(ISKAF2010)028 pdf V. Jelic
Polarimetric images with the GMRT
PoS(ISKAF2010)030 pdf S. Joshi and J.N. Chengalur
LOFAR, LEAP and beyond: Using next generation telescopes for pulsar astrophysics
PoS(ISKAF2010)034 pdf M. Kramer and B. Stappers
The HI gas content of galaxies around Abell 370
PoS(ISKAF2010)035 pdf P. Lah
The future of VLBI has begun!
PoS(ISKAF2010)036 pdf H.J. van Langevelde
Going Deeper, Wider and Wideband
PoS(ISKAF2010)037 pdf E. Lenc
The Commensal Real-time ASKAP Fast Transients (CRAFT) survey
PoS(ISKAF2010)039 pdf J.P. Macquart, P. Hall and N. Clarke
LOFAR - Origins and Hopes
PoS(ISKAF2010)040 pdf G.G.K. Miley
Current and Future Instrumentation on the 100m Green Bank Telescope
PoS(ISKAF2010)042 pdf K. O'Neil
The latest on Apertif
PoS(ISKAF2010)043 pdf T. Oosterloo
Type Ib/c supernovae observations with VLBI
PoS(ISKAF2010)044 pdf Z. Paragi, A. van der Horst, C. Kouveliotou, J. Granot, E. Ramirez-Ruiz and G.B. Taylor
The status of the FAST project
PoS(ISKAF2010)046 pdf B. Peng
The AGN component in deep radio fields
PoS(ISKAF2010)047 pdf I. Prandoni
Magnetic Field Observations with the SMA
PoS(ISKAF2010)048 pdf R. Rao, J.M. Girart and D. Marrone
LOFAR and the low frequency Universe
PoS(ISKAF2010)050 pdf H.J.A. Rottgering
Deep images at metre-wavelengths
PoS(ISKAF2010)051 pdf S.K. Sirothia, D.J. Saikia and D. Burgarella
Galaxy evolution begins at home: GALFA and GASKAP
PoS(ISKAF2010)052 pdf S. Stanimirovic
e-EVN observations of galactic transients
PoS(ISKAF2010)053 pdf V.M. Tudose
Ultra-deep WSRT observations of HI at z=0.2
PoS(ISKAF2010)054 pdf M.A.W. Verheijen
Magnetic fields and massive star formation
PoS(ISKAF2010)055 pdf attachments W.H.T. Vlemmings
The Australian SKA Pathfinder
PoS(ISKAF2010)056 pdf T. Westmeier and S. Johnston
Recent LOFAR imaging pipeline results
PoS(ISKAF2010)057 pdf G. Heald, J. McKean, R. Pizzo, G. van Diepen, J.E. van Zwieten, R. Van Weeren, D. Rafferty, S. van der Tol, L. Birzan, A. Shulevski, J.D. Swinbank, E. Orru', F. de Gasperin, L. Ker, A. Bonafede, G. Macario and C. Ferrari
Long baseline experiments with LOFAR
PoS(ISKAF2010)058 pdf O. Wucknitz
The LOFAR Known Pulsar Data Pipeline
PoS(ISKAF2010)060 pdf A. Alexov, J. Hessels, J.D. Mol, B. Stappers and J. van Leeuwen
An introduction to the Auger Engineering Radio Array (AERA)
PoS(ISKAF2010)061 pdf A. Aminaei
LOFAR & HDF5: Toward a New Radio Data Standard
PoS(ISKAF2010)062 pdf K.R. Anderson
The extraordinary FR II microquasar S26 in NGC 7793
PoS(ISKAF2010)063 pdf J.W. Broderick, M. Pakull, R. Soria, S. Corbel and C. Motch
A GPU based Transient Dedisersion Search Engine for CRAFT
PoS(ISKAF2010)064 pdf R. Dodson
Probing Cosmic Rays in AGN and Clusters of Galaxies using radio observations
PoS(ISKAF2010)065 pdf N.A.B. Gizani
Trumpeting the Vuvuzela: The deepest HI observations with MeerKAT
PoS(ISKAF2010)068 pdf B. Holwerda and S. Blyth
Deep GMRT 150 MHz observations of LBDS
PoS(ISKAF2010)069 pdf C.H. Ishwara-Chandra
A Simultaneous GBT/Fermi Study of Crab Giant Pulses
PoS(ISKAF2010)070 pdf V.K. Kondratiev
Statistical inversion of the LOFAR EoR data
PoS(ISKAF2010)071 pdf P. Lampropoulos
Exploring the radio bimodality of QSOs with the Compact Array Broadband Backend (CABB)
PoS(ISKAF2010)072 pdf E. Mahony
Ultra High Energetic Cosmic Ray and Neutrino Observations with LOFAR and SKA
PoS(ISKAF2010)073 pdf M. Mevius, O. Scholten and C. James
Discovery of the Zeeman Effect in the 36 and 44 GHz Class I Methanol Maser Lines with the EVLA
PoS(ISKAF2010)074 pdf E. Momjian and A.P. Sarma
The case of 3C326: VLA 74 MHz observations during a geomagnetic storm
PoS(ISKAF2010)075 pdf E. Orru' and H. Intema
Diffuse neutral hydrogen in the Local Universe
PoS(ISKAF2010)077 pdf A. Popping
Multi-view VLBI with SKA Pathfinders
PoS(ISKAF2010)078 pdf M. Rioja
The European Pulsar Timing Array
PoS(ISKAF2010)080 pdf R.J.M. Smits
The role of the magnetic field in the massive star-forming region W75N.
PoS(ISKAF2010)081 pdf G. Surcis and W.H.T. Vlemmings
The LOFAR Transients Pipeline
PoS(ISKAF2010)082 pdf J.D. Swinbank
Real-time search for FastRadioTransients
PoS(ISKAF2010)083 pdf S. ter Veen
Measuring Nearby Star Forming Regions with the VLBA
PoS(ISKAF2010)084 pdf R.M. Torres
ASKAP and MeerKAT surveys of the Magellanic Clouds
PoS(ISKAF2010)085 pdf J.T. van Loon
Prospects for detecting stellar tidal disruptions with LOFAR
PoS(ISKAF2010)086 pdf S. van Velzen, H. Falcke and G.R. Farrar
What is the origin of a diffuse IGM in compact groups?
PoS(ISKAF2010)087 pdf L.L. Verdes-Montenegro, M.S. Yun, S. Borthakur, A. Del Olmo and J. Perea