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19th International Workshop on Vertex Detectors

VERTEX 2010 - (other vertex conferences)
June 6 -11 2010
Loch Lomond, Scotland, UK
published February 08, 2011
Vertex 2010, the 19th international workshop on vertex detectors was held on the shore of Loch Lomond from June 6th - June 11th, 2010. The aim of the conference was to review progress on silicon based vertexing and tracking detectors and related technologies. The conference included the first results on the performance of the LHC silicon detectors and details of the tracking, alignment and physics performance of these detectors. Developments in 3D integration and post-processing and in new radiation hard technologies were presented. While the conference focussed on high energy physics applications, dedicated sessions reported progress in related technologies for X-ray and neutron detection for areas such as the medical and security fields. A number of new silicon detectors were reported for nuclear and particle physics, and the designs for the LHC upgrades described. Progress in vertex triggering was reported and primary challenges for the field for producing new large scale silicon detectors and high precision low-mass systems were considered.

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Future Directions
LHC Silicon Detector Performance
LHC Silicon Detector Tracking, Alignment & Physics
Radiation Hardness
Applications outwith Particle Physics
Post-processing & 3D Integration
LHC Upgrades & New Detectors
Future Directions
Future of Low Mass Pixel Systems with MAPS
PoS(VERTEX 2010)001 pdf J. Baudot
Industrialisation of Module Production
PoS(VERTEX 2010)002 pdf A. Honma
New Concepts in Powering and Services
PoS(VERTEX 2010)003 pdf M.F. Newcomer
LHC Silicon Detector Performance
Atlas Pixel Operations and Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)005 pdf A. Andreazza
CMS Pixel Operations and Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)006 pdf K. Ecklund
Alice Pixel Operations and Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)007 pdf R. Turrisi
LHCb Silicon Tracker Operations and Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)008 pdf M. Needham
Alice Silicon Tracker (drift detector and strips) operations and performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)009 pdf M. Sitta and P. Christakoglou
Atlas Silicon Strips Operations and Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)010 pdf U. Bitenc
CMS Silicon Strips Operations and Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)011 pdf E. Butz
First Results of the TOTEM Roman Pots
PoS(VERTEX 2010)012 pdf J. Kaspar
Beam Background Effects in the CMS Pixel Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2010)013 pdf H. Snoek
Timing behaviour of the ATLAS Pixel Detector in calibration, cosmic ray and collision data
PoS(VERTEX 2010)048 pdf I. Ibragimov
LHC Silicon Detector Tracking, Alignment & Physics
LHCb Alignment Tracking and Physics Performance
PoS(VERTEX 2010)014 pdf M. Gersabeck
Atlas Alignment Tracking and Physics Performance Results
PoS(VERTEX 2010)015 pdf G. Piacquadio
CMS Alignment Tracking and Physics Performance Results
PoS(VERTEX 2010)016 pdf A. Venturi
Alice Alignment Tracking and Physics Performance Results
PoS(VERTEX 2010)017 pdf A. Rossi
LHCb VELO Closing Control, Beam Reconstruction, and Luminosity from Vertex Reconstruction
PoS(VERTEX 2010)018 pdf S. Redford
Radiation Hardness
Charge Muliplication in Highly Irradiated Planar Sensors
PoS(VERTEX 2010)020 pdf G. Casse
Edge TCT Measurements
PoS(VERTEX 2010)021 pdf G. Kramberger, V. Cindro, I. Mandić, M. Mikuz, M. Milovanovic and M. Zavrtanik
Fabrication of 3D Silicon Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2010)022 pdf A. Kok, T.E. Hansen, T.A. Hansen, N. Lietaer, S. Anand, C. Kenney, J. Hasi, C.D. Via and S.I. Parker
Laboratory and Testbeam Results on 3D Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2010)023 pdf C.M. Fleta, G. Pellegrini, M. Lozano, R. Bates, A. Mac Raighne, C. Parkes, G.A. Stewart, M. Koehler, U. Parzefal, L.A.M. Wiik-Fuchs, E.N. Gimenez-Navarro, J. Marchal and N. Tartoni
Diamond Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2010)024 pdf M. Mikuz
Charge Multiplication Properties in Highly Irradiated Epitaxial Silicon Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2010)025 pdf J. Lange, J. Becker, E. Fretwurst, R. Klanner, G. Kramberger, G. Lindström and I. Mandić
Applications outwith Particle Physics
Development of High -Z Sensors for Pixel Array Detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2010)027 pdf attachments D. Pennicard, S. Sengelmann, S. Smoljanin, H. Hirsemann and H. Graafsma
Mambo -3 an SOI X-ray Counting Chip
PoS(VERTEX 2010)029 pdf F. Khalid
Medipix 3 and Timepix 2 Chip and Applications
PoS(VERTEX 2010)030 pdf R. Plackett, R. Ballabriga, M. Campbell, X. Llopart, T. Tick, L. Tlustos, D. Turecek, S. Vahanen and W. Wong
Neutron Detection for Security Applications
PoS(VERTEX 2010)031 pdf J. McMillan
Post-processing & 3D Integration
3D Consortium
PoS(VERTEX 2010)032 pdf G. Traversi
SOIPIX Collaboration
PoS(VERTEX 2010)033 pdf K. Hara
The Via Revolution
PoS(VERTEX 2010)035 pdf R. Yarema
R & D on Interconnection Technology for Belle II and SLHC
PoS(VERTEX 2010)036 pdf H.G. Moser
LHC Upgrades & New Detectors
LHCb Vertex Detector Upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2010)037 pdf J. Buytaert
Atlas Upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2010)038 pdf D. Muenstermann
CMS Upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2010)039 pdf attachments H.C. Kaestli
NA62 Giga Tracker
PoS(VERTEX 2010)040 pdf
A. Kluge, G. Aglieri Rinella, V. Carassiti, A. Ceccucci, E. Cortina Gil, J. Daguin, G. Dellacasa, M. Fiorini, S. Garbolino, P. Jarron, J. Kaplon, F. Marchetto, E. Martin Albarran, A. Mapelli, G. Mazza, M. Morel, M. Noy, G. Nuessle, P. Petagna, L. Pertktold, F. Petrucci, A. Cotta Ramusino, P. Riedler, A. Rivetti and R. Wheadon
R & D Challenges of a CLIC Vertex Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2010)041 pdf E. Van der Kraaij
MAPS based Vertex Detector at STAR
PoS(VERTEX 2010)043 pdf M. Szelezniak
Belle Upgrade Silicon Tracker
PoS(VERTEX 2010)044 pdf T. Bergauer
Atlas Upgrade Track Trigger
PoS(VERTEX 2010)046 pdf R. Brenner
Tracking Trigger Upgrade Plans for CMS at SLHC
PoS(VERTEX 2010)047 pdf M. Pesaresi