PoS - Proceedings of Science

8th INTEGRAL Workshop “The Restless Gamma-ray Universe”

INTEGRAL 2010 - (other integral conferences)
September 27-30 2010
Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland
published November 16, 2011


The main goal of this workshop is to present and to discuss (via invited and contributed talks and posters) latest results obtained in the field of high energy astrophysics using the International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory INTEGRAL, as well as results from related observations from other ground- and space-based high energy observatories.


  1. X-ray binaries (IGR sources, black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs)
  2. Isolated neutron stars (gamma-ray pulsars, magnetars)
  3. Nucleosynthesis (SNe and SNRs), gamma-ray lines, diffuse line and continuum emission
  4. Massive black holes in AGNs, elliptical galaxies, nucleus of the Galaxy
  5. Surveys, source populations and unidentified sources
  6. Cosmic background radiation
  7. Gamma-ray bursts
  8. Coordinated observations with other ground- and space-based observatories
  9. Science data processing and analysis (posters only)
  10. Future instruments and missions (posters only)

Surveys Session
AGN Session
X-ray binaries Session I
Nucleosynthesis Session
Black holes Session
Pulsars Session
Future missions Session
Magnetars Session
GRB Session
X-ray binaries Session II
Magnetars/SGRs/Pulsars Session
X-ray binaries Session
Data Processing/Analysis Session
Multiwavelength observations Session
Cosmic Background radiation Session
Galaxies Session
Surveys Session
The hard X-ray sky as seen with INTEGRAL/SPI: point sources and diffuse emission
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)001 pdf L. Bouchet
The 4th IBIS/ISGRI survey and multi-wavelength follow-up program
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)002 pdf T. Bird and N. Masetti
Swift-BAT: the hard-X-ray sky after 64 months of survey
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)003 pdf V. La Parola
Soft X-ray and Gamma-ray of unidentified INTEGRAL sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)004 pdf M.T. Fiocchi
The VERITAS Survey of the Cygnus Region of the Galactic Plane
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)005 pdf J.E. Ward
OMC optical monitoring of sources in the 4th IBIS/ISGRI catalogue
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)068 pdf A. Domingo, J. Alfonso-Garzon and J.M. Mas-Hesse
First catalogue of variable sources observed by OMC onboard INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)069 pdf J. Alfonso-Garzon, A. Domingo and J.M. Mas-Hesse
Improved JEM-X imaging
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)070 pdf N. Lund
Detection of new sources in ISGRI survey data
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)071 pdf A. Segreto, G. Cusumano and V. La Parola
AGN Session
Multifrequency studies of the blazars detected by AGILE
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)008 pdf I. Donnarumma
XMM and INTEGRAL monitoring of MRK 509: The origin of X-ray emission in AGN
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)009 pdf S. Paltani, P.O. Petrucci, M. Mehdipour, G. Ponti, R. Detmers, J. Malzac, P. Lubinski, J. Kaastra, S. Bianco, M. Cappi, K. Steenbrugge, G. Kriss, N. Arav, A. Blustin, G. Branduardi-Raymont, E. Costantini, M. Dadina and C. de Vries
A phenomenological view of Fermi-INTEGRAL gamma-ray emitting AGNs, in the framework of leptonic SSC and EC scenario
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)010 pdf A. Tramacere, R. Walter and C. Ricci
High energy Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)012 pdf attachments F. Panessa, A. De Rosa, L. Bassani, A. Bazzano, T. Bird, R. Landi, A. Malizia, M. Molina, G. Miniutti and P. Ubertini
Spectral variability in the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 4388
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)075 pdf E. Fedorova
Classification of unidentified sources detected with SWIFT/BAT
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)076 pdf P. Parisi
Compton processes in the bright AGN MCG +8-11-11
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)077 pdf S. Soldi, V. Beckmann, N. Gehrels, P. Lubinski, C. Ricci and R. Walter
Gamma-ray observations of Blazars with the Whipple 10M Telescope
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)078 pdf E. Collins-Hughes
Search for Compton-thick sources in the deep INTEGRAL 3C273/Coma survey
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)079 pdf L. Gibaud, S. Paltani, T.J.L. Courvoisier, T. Dwelly, N. Masetti, I. McHardy, P. Parisi and R. Walter
Observations of 3C 279 During Low State
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)080 pdf H.R. Miller
The elusive radio loud Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 2110
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)081 pdf V. Beckmann and O. Do Cao
INTEGRAL monitoring of NGC 4151: Evidence for a truncated accretion disk
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)082 pdf S. Paltani, P. Lubinski, A. Zdziarski, R. Walter, V. Beckmann, S. Soldi, C. Ferrigno and T.J.L. Courvoisier
Extended emission and spectral break in Cen A
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)083 pdf V. Beckmann, P. Jean, P. Lubinski, S. Soldi and R. Terrier
Gamma-ray Observations of Blazars with VERITAS and Fermi
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)084 pdf A. Cannon
INTEGRAL and the unified model of AGN
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)085 pdf C. Ricci, R. Walter and T.J.L. Courvoisier
Statistical properties of local AGN based on the INTEGRAL/IBIS 7-year all-sky hard X-ray survey
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)006 pdf S. Sazonov, E.M. Churazov, R. Krivonos, M. Revnivtsev and R. Sunyaev
X-ray binaries Session I
Wind accretion in symbiotic X-ray binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)015 pdf K. Postnov
Spin period evolution of GX 1+4
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)016 pdf A. Gonzalez-Galan, E. Kuulkers, P. Kretschmar, S. Larsson, K. Postnov, A.Y. Kochetkova and M.H. Finger
Spinning-up: the case of the symbiotic X-ray binary 3A 1954+319
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)017 pdf F. Fuerst, D.M. Marcu, K. Pottschmidt, V. Grinberg, J. Wilms and M. Cadolle Bel
Nucleosynthesis Session
Nucleosynthesis and gamma-ray lines
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)018 pdf N. Prantzos
The Galactic positron annihilation radiation: an update based on recent SPI observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)020 pdf G. Skinner
Massive-Star Nucleosynthesis and INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)022 pdf R. Diehl
Modelling the spatial and spectral distributions of the annihilation emission of positrons produced by 26Al
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)088 pdf A. Alexis, P. Jean, P. Martin, K. Ferrière, N. Guessoum and P. von Ballmoos
IBIS search for 511 keV point sources in the Galaxy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)089 pdf G. De Cesare
Black holes Session
Understanding Cygnus X-3 Through Multi-Wavelength Studies
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)025 pdf M. McCollough, K. Koljonen, D. Hannikainen, G.G. Pooley, S.A. Trushkin, D. Steeghs, M. Tavani and R. Droulans
On the nature of the X-ray corona of black hole binaries in the hard state
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)027 pdf J. Malzac
Pulsars Session
Gamma-Ray Polarimetry: Past, Present and Future
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)028 pdf A.J. Dean
Extended hard X-ray emission from Vela X
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)030 pdf F. Mattana, R. Terrier, D. Gotz, L. Bouchet, G. Ponti, T. Enoto, M. Falanga, M. Renaud, I. Caballero, S. Soldi and S. Schanne
When a Standard Candle Flickers
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)031 pdf
C. Wilson-Hodge, M.L. Cherry, G.L. Case, W. Baumgartner, E. Beklen, P.N. Bhat, M.S. Briggs, A. Camero-Arranz, V. Chaplin, V. Connaughton, M.H. Finger, N. Gehrels, J. Greiner, K. Jahoda, P. Jenke, R.M. Kippen, C. Kouveliotou, H.A. Krimm, E. Kuulkers, N. Lund, C.A. Meegan, L. Natalucci, W.S. Paciesas, R. Preece, J.C. Rodi, N. Shaposhnikov, G.K. Skinner, D. Swartz, A. von Kienlin, R. Diehl and X.L. Zhang
Future missions Session
High resolution X-ray Timing from a LOFT
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)032 pdf F. Muleri
NHXM: a New Hard X-ray Imaging and Polarimetric Mission
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)033 pdf G. Cusumano and G. Tagliaferri
Compton Large Area Silicon Timing Tracker for Cosmic Vision M3
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)034 pdf F. Lebrun
GRIPS and the perspective of next-generation gamma-ray surveys
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)035 pdf R. Diehl
Development of an Anger camera in Lanthanum Bromide for gamma-ray space astronomy in the MeV range
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)107 pdf V. Tatischeff
Unveiling Physical Processes in Type Ia Supernovae With a Laue Lens Telescope
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)108 pdf N. Barriere, J. Tomsick, S. Boggs, P. von Ballmoos and J. Rousselle
Polarimetry with NHXM: a new tool in the extreme universe
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)113 pdf F. Muleri
Magnetars Session
INTEGRAL results on gamma-ray bursts and soft gamma-ray repeaters
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)037 pdf S. Mereghetti
GRB Session
8 Years of Bursts with the SPI-ACS
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)041 pdf K. Hurley
The Fermi Gamma-ray burst monitor: Results from the first two years GRBs
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)042 pdf A. von Kienlin
Spectral and temporal properties of long GRBs detected by INTEGRAL from 3 keV to 8 MeV
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)043 pdf A. Martin-Carrillo
Polarization measurements of Gamma-Ray Bursts with IBIS
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)044 pdf D. Gotz, P. Laurent and F. Lebrun
Optical and near-infrared follow-up observations of four Fermi/LAT GRBs
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)045 pdf S. McBreen
A Bulk Comptonization Model for the Prompt GRB Emission and its Relation to the GRB Spectra
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)046 pdf D. Kazanas
On the duration-luminosity relation of GRB pulses during the prompt emission
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)093 pdf M. Hafizi, S. Boçi and R. Mochkovitch
The BATSE 5B Spectral Catalog and the First Year Results from FermiGBM
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)094 pdf A. Goldstein and R. Preece
A search for long-lived emission from well-localized Fermi GBM GRBs using the Earth Occultation Technique
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)095 pdf G. Fitzpatrick
Discovery of a nearby long, soft gamma-ray burst with an associated supernova
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)097 pdf R. Starling
Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission in Gamma-ray Bursts: GRB090902B as a Case Study
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)098 pdf S. McGlynn, F. Ryde, C. Lundman and A. Pe'er
Classification of gamma-ray bursts observed by INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)102 pdf A. Martin-Carrillo
The Cross-Calibration of Fermi-GBM and INTEGRAL-ISGRI by Spectral Analysis of a Sample of Simultaneously Observed GRBs
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)103 pdf D. Tierney
New outbursts from GRB 071017 and 1E1547.0-5408 discovered in an automated search for SGR-like events in the INTEGRAL archive
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)104 pdf M. Topinka
Temporal properties of Swift GRBs with known redshifts
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)099 pdf R.E. OConnor, B. McBreen and S. McBreen
X-ray binaries Session II
The INTEGRAL legacy on High Mass X-ray Binaries
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)047 pdf S. Chaty, J.A. Zurita Heras and A. Bodaghee
Does the neutron star in Her X-1 really show free precession?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)048 pdf R. Staubert, D. Klochkov, D. Vasco and J. Wilms
INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton study of the SFXT IGR J18483-0311 in quiescence: hint of a cyclotron emission feature?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)049 pdf V. Sguera, L. Sidoli, A. Bazzano, L. Bassani and M. Orlandini
XMM-Newton observations of the supergiant fast X-ray transients XTEJ1739-302, IGRJ08408-4503 and IGRJ18410-0535
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)050 pdf E. Bozzo
INTEGRAL, SWIFT and RXTE observations of the 518 Hz accreting transient pulsar Swift J1749.4-2807
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)051 pdf C. Ferrigno, E. Bozzo, M. Falanga, L. Stella, S. Campana, T. Belloni, G. Israel, L. Pavan, E. Kuulkers and A. Papitto
XSS J12270-4859 the first low mass X-ray binary gamma ray source system?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)054 pdf M. Falanga, D. de Martino, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud, T. Belloni, M. Mouchet, N. Masetti, K. Mukai and G. Matt
Multiwavelength observations of the microquasar GX 339-4 during its recent 2010 outburst
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)055 pdf M. Cadolle Bel
Characterizing the radio – X-ray connection in GRS 1915+105
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)056 pdf L. Prat, J. Rodriguez and G.G. Pooley
Particle acceleration in Eta Carinae and cosmic-rays
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)058 pdf R. Walter, C. Farnier and J.C. Leyder
Jet/medium interactions at large-scales
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)059 pdf P. Bordas
Dipping and Absorption in the stellar wind in GX 301-2
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)060 pdf I. Kreykenbohm, E. Gogus, T. Belloni, F. Fuerst, J. Wilms, S. Suchy and R.E. Rothschild
Pulse-to-pulse variability of bright accreting pulsars
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)061 pdf D. Klochkov, A. Santangelo, R. Staubert and R.E. Rothschild
Fermi GBM observations of Terrestrial Gamma Flashes
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)062 pdf V. Connaughton
The Be/X-ray binary A0535+26 during its recent 2009/2010 outbursts
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)063 pdf I. Caballero
A Chandra survey of fluorescence Fe lines in X-ray binaries at high resolution
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)065 pdf J.M. Torrejon
The nature of the absorber in the INTEGRAL highly obscured sgHMXB IGR J17252-3616
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)066 pdf A. Manousakis and R. Walter
Magnetars/SGRs/Pulsars Session
Exceptional flaring activity of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1547.0-540
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)090 pdf V. Savchenko, A. Neronov, V. Beckmann, N. Produit and R. Walter
A candidate former companion star to the magnetar CXOU J164710.2-455216 in the massive Galactic cluster Westerlund 1
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)091 pdf P. Kavanagh
X-ray binaries Session
Orbital Parameters and phase resolved Spectroscopy of 4U 0115+634
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)116 pdf S. Mueller, M. Obst, I. Kreykenbohm, F. Fuerst, M. Kühnel, J. Wilms, D. Klochkov, R. Staubert, A. Santangelo, K. Pottschmidt, S. Suchy, R.E. Rothschild, I. Caballero, P. Kretschmar and G. Schoenherr
Temporal Studies of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)117 pdf S. Drave, T. Bird, D.J. Clark, V. McBride, A. Hill, V. Sguera, S. Scaringi, A. Bazzano and L. Townsend
A comparison between the spectral and long term timing properties of GX 3+1, GX 5-1 and GX 13+1
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)118 pdf attachments P. Savolainen, D. Hannikainen, A. Paizis, R. Farinelli, E. Kuulkers and O. Vilhu
BeX systems, an INTEGRAL view
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)119 pdf P. Blay
X-ray follow up observations of new IGRs
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)120 pdf J. Rodriguez, A. Bodaghee and J. Tomsick
A catalogue of X-ray bursts from known X-ray bursters detected by JEMX onboard INTEGRAL
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)121 pdf C. Sanchez-Fernandez
Puzzling thermonuclear burst behaviour from the transient low-mass X-ray binary IGR J17473-2721
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)123 pdf J. Chenevez
Bursts detected in hard X-rays by the IBIS telescope onboard the INTEGRAL observatory in 2003-2009
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)126 pdf I. Chelovekov
Cyclotron line changes in Her X-1
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)127 pdf D. Vasco, D. Klochkov and R. Staubert
Study of the X-ray/gamma source AX J1910.7+0917 and discovery of nearby X-ray dim sources
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)131 pdf L. Pavan, E. Bozzo, C. Ferrigno, C. Ricci, A. Manousakis, R. Walter and L. Stella
Hard X-ray monitoring of HMXB with Swift-BAT: a systematic search to reveal long term periodicities
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)132 pdf G. Cusumano
Cygnus X-1: shedding light on the spectral variability of the hard state of black holes
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)133 pdf V. Grinberg, D.M. Marcu, K. Pottschmidt, M. Boeck, J. Wilms, M. Cadolle Bel, A.M. Lohfink, F. Fuerst, M. Hanke, M.A. Nowak, S. Markoff, A. Markowitz, J. Tomsick, J. Rodriguez, G.G. Pooley and I. Caballero
A two-year monitoring campaign of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients with Swift
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)134 pdf P. Romano, S. Vercellone and P. Esposito
IGR J16318-4848: 7 years of INTEGRAL observations
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)135 pdf L. Barragan, J. Wilms, I. Kreykenbohm, M. Hanke, F. Fuerst, K. Pottschmidt and R.E. Rothschild
Distribution and population size of Black Hole binaries in the Galaxy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)136 pdf E. Meurs, P. Kavanagh, L. Norci and G. O'Halloran
X-ray Spectroscopic Study of the ADC Source X1822-371
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)138 pdf R. Iaria, N. Robba, A. D'ai, T. Di Salvo, L. Burderi, A. Papitto, A. Riggio and T. Mineo
Suzaku captures a possible eclipse in IGR J16207-5129 and identifies a weak-flaring state in IGR J17391-3021
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)139 pdf A. Bodaghee, J. Tomsick, J. Rodriguez, S. Chaty, K. Pottschmidt, R. Walter and P. Romano
4U 0115+634: onset and evolution of a QPO
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)140 pdf P. Blay
Periodic variations of the pulse profiles in Her X-1 – a pulse profile template for the 35 d modulation
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)141 pdf R. Staubert
Thermal flares from collapsed accretion disk?
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)143 pdf J. Tammi
The INTEGRAL Galactic Bulge monitoring program: Spectral study
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)144 pdf L. Barragan, E. Kuulkers, P. Kretschmar, J. Wilms, K. Pottschmidt and A.M. Lohfink
Swift observations of black hole candidate, XTE J1752-223, during outburst
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)146 pdf P. Curran, T. Maccarone and P. Casella
INTEGRAL, SWIFT and RXTE observations of the 518 Hz accreting transient pulsar Swift J1749.4-2807
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)148 pdf C. Ferrigno, E. Bozzo, M. Falanga, L. Stella, S. Campana, T. Belloni, G. Israel, L. Pavan, E. Kuulkers and A. Papitto
On the Apparent Lack of Be X-ray Binaries with Black Holes in the Galaxy and in the Magellanic Clouds
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)151 pdf J. Ziolkowski
The role of ISGRI data on the discovery of pulsations in 4U 2206+54
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)156 pdf P. Blay
Radio and high energy characteristics of the gamma-ray binary LSI +61°303
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)157 pdf L. Zimmermann and M. Massi
Data Processing/Analysis Session
SPI-ACS timing: cross-check of onboard clocks
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)161 pdf X.L. Zhang, A. Rau, A. von Kienlin and K. Hurley
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)162 pdf R. Walter, R. Rohlfs, M.T. Meharga, P. Binko, N. Morisset, M. Beck, N. Produit, L. Pavan, V. Savchenko, C. Ferrigno, A. Frankowski and P. Bordas
Multiwavelength observations Session
V1062 Tau - comparison of the X-Ray (INTEGRAL) and optical (D50) data
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)165 pdf M. Blazek and R. Hudec
Cosmic Background radiation Session
The origin of K-shell Emission of Neutral Iron Line from Sgr B2
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)167 pdf D. Chernyshov, V.A. Dogiel, K. Koyama, M. Nobukawa and K.S. Cheng
Galaxies Session
Formation of non-thermal spectra of particles in galaxy clusters
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)168 pdf V.A. Dogiel, D. Chernyshov, K.S. Cheng and C.M. Ko
High energy emission from the center of our Galaxy
PoS(INTEGRAL 2010)170 pdf attachments M. Chernyakova, D. Malyshev, F. Aharonian, R. Crocker and D. Jones