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Cosmic Radiation Fields: Sources in the early Universe

CRF 2010
November 9-12, 2010
Desy, Germany
published May 03, 2011
The workshop "Cosmic Radiation Fields - Sources in the Early Universe" (CRF 2010) focuses on the connection between the extragalactic infrared background and sources in the early universe, in particular stars powered by dark matter burning (Dark Stars; DS). The workshop covers the following topics: the cosmic infrared background, formation of early stars, dark stars, effect of dark matter in the early universe, dark matter halos, primordial star formation rate, and reionization.

Further information can be found on the conference webpage: http://www.desy.de/crf2010/

Organizing committee: Tanja Kneiske, Martin Raue, Dominik Elsaesser, Alexander Gewering-Peine, Peter Hausschildt, Dieter Horns, and Andreas Maurer.

Proceedings editorial board: Martin Raue (chair), Tanja Kneiske, Dieter Horns, Dominik Elsaesser, and Peter Hauschildt

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Cosmic infrared background
Dark matter halos
Dark Stars
Early stars
Cosmic infrared background
Herschel/PEP resolves the far-IR background
PoS(CRF 2010)001 pdf S. Berta, B. Magnelli, R. Nordon and D. Lutz
Measurements of the spectral energy distribution of the cosmic infrared background
PoS(CRF 2010)002 pdf M. Bethermin
Modeling the evolution of infrared galaxies: A Parametric backwards evolution model
PoS(CRF 2010)003 pdf M. Bethermin
Understanding the Cosmic Infrared Background
PoS(CRF 2010)004 pdf E. Fernandez, I. Iliev, E. Komatsu and P.R. Shapiro
The Resolved Near-Infrared Extragalactic Background
PoS(CRF 2010)007 pdf R. Keenan, A. Barger, L. Cowie and W.H. Wang
Constraints on Extragalactic Background Light using very high energy gamma rays
PoS(CRF 2010)010 pdf D. Mazin
On the transparency of the universe
PoS(CRF 2010)011 pdf M. Meyer
TeV blazars and their distance
PoS(CRF 2010)012 pdf E. Prandini
Constraints on the gamma-ray opacity of the Universe with the Fermi-LAT instrument
PoS(CRF 2010)013 pdf A. Reimer
Red halos and extragalactic background light
PoS(CRF 2010)014 pdf E. Zackrisson and G. Micheva
Dark matter halos
Thermal decoupling of WIMPS: The link between particle physics properties and the small-scale structure of (dark) matter
PoS(CRF 2010)015 pdf T. Bringmann
The Redshift Evolution of LCDM Halo Parameters
PoS(CRF 2010)016 pdf J.C. Munoz Cuartas, A. Macciò, S. Gottlober and A. Dutton
Dark Stars
Dark matter and the first stars
PoS(CRF 2010)018 pdf F. Iocco
Constraints on dark matter powered stars from the extragalactic background light
PoS(CRF 2010)019 pdf A. Maurer, M. Raue, T. Kneiske, D. Elsaesser, P. Hauschildt and D. Horns
Dark Matter annihilations effects on the first proto­stars
PoS(CRF 2010)020 pdf E. Ripamonti
Dark stars: structure, evolution and impacts upon the high-redshift Universe
PoS(CRF 2010)021 pdf P. Scott
Pointing the James Webb Space Telescope through lensing clusters - can the first stars and galaxies be detected?
PoS(CRF 2010)022 pdf E. Zackrisson
Early stars
The effect of dust cooling in the fragmentation of star-forming clouds for the transition from Pop. III to Pop. II
PoS(CRF 2010)023 pdf G. Dopcke
Can the James Webb Space Telescope detect isolated population III stars?
PoS(CRF 2010)026 pdf C.E. Rydberg, E. Zackrisson and P. Scott
The role of magnetic fields during primordial star formation
PoS(CRF 2010)027 pdf D. Schleicher, S. Sur, R. Banerjee, R.S. Klessen, C. Federrath, T. Arshakian, R. Beck and M. Spaans
The effects of accretion luminosity from Pop III protostars
PoS(CRF 2010)028 pdf R.J. Smith
The generation of strong magnetic fields during the formation of the first stars
PoS(CRF 2010)029 pdf S. Sur
Formation of the First Galaxies
PoS(CRF 2010)030 pdf J. Wise
Cosmic reionization and the LOFAR project
PoS(CRF 2010)034 pdf B. Ciardi
Observational Signatures of Lyman Alpha Emission from Early Galaxy Formation.
PoS(CRF 2010)035 pdf M. Dijkstra
Dark Matter effects on high-redshift universe
PoS(CRF 2010)036 pdf C. Evoli, M. Valdés and A. Ferrara
How the first generations of luminous baryons established the X-ray and UV backgrounds
PoS(CRF 2010)037 pdf A. Mesinger
Measuring Light from the Epoch of Reionization with CIBER, the Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment
PoS(CRF 2010)038 pdf
M. Zemcov, T. Arai, J. Battle, J. Bock, A. Cooray, V. Hristov, B. Keating, M.G. Kim, D.H. Lee, L. Levenson, P. Mason, T. Matsumoto, S. Matsuura, K. Mitchell-Wynne, U.W. Nam, T. Renbarger, J. Smidt, I. Sullivan, K. Tsumura and T. Wada