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10th European VLBI Network Symposium and EVN Users Meeting: VLBI and the new generation of radio arrays

10th EVN Symposium - (other evn conferences)
September 20-24, 2010
Manchester, UK
published August 03, 2011
Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and the University of Manchester, on behalf of the European VLBI Consortium, will host the 10th European VLBI Network Symposium and the EVN Users Meeting from September 20th - 24th, 2010, entitled "VLBI and the new generation of radio arrays". The Symposium will be held at the University of Manchester, UK. At this conference the latest scientific results and technical developments from VLBI and e-VLBI results will be reported. The timing of this meeting coincides with the development of, and first results from a number of new and upgraded radio facilities around the globe, such as e-MERLIN, LOFAR, EVLA, ALMA, and the SKA pathfinders ASKAP and MeerKAT. This meeting will incorporate some of the first results from these new instruments, in addition to the unique scientific and technical contribution of VLBI in this new era of radio astronomy.
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Session 0: Welcome and introduction
Session 1: Stars young and old
Session 2: Nearby galaxies and low luminosity AGN
Session 3: Star-formation and accretion at high reshift
Session A: Users meeting
Session 4: Extreme astrophysics
Session 5: Astrophysics of transient sources
Session 6: Astrometry, geodesy and planetary science
Session 7: Future instruments
Poster presentations:
Session 0: Welcome and introduction
Overview of the EVN and its capabilities
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)001 pdf T. Venturi
Session 1: Stars young and old
The magic of disc-worlds: non-rotating methanol masers
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)002 pdf H.J. van Langevelde, K.J.E. Torstensson, A. Bartkiewicz, M. Szymczak, W.H.T. Vlemmings, G. Surcis and A. Brunthaler
Studies of methanol maser rings
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)003 pdf A. Bartkiewicz, M. Szymczak, H.J. van Langevelde, J.M. De Buizer and Y. Pihlstrom
Maser observations - from the kinematics to the physics of evolved star winds.
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)005 pdf A. Richards, K. Assaf, I. Bains, A. Bartkiewicz, P. Diamond, M. Elitzur, S. Etoka, M.D. Gray, E. Humphreys, K. Murakawa, M. Szymczak, H.J. van Langevelde and J.A. Yates
OH eruptive event in Mira Ceti
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)006 pdf S. Etoka
VLBI observations of binary brown dwarf systems
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)007 file missing S. Bourke
MERLIN radio imaging of the gamma-ray nova V407 Cyg
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)008 file missing T. O'Brien
Low mass star-formation and ALMA
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)009 file missing J. Pineda
Early cycle of matter in active region of star formation, AGN objects
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)010 pdf L. Matveenko
A history of the EVN
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)011 pdf R. Porcas
Session 2: Nearby galaxies and low luminosity AGN
EVN observations of the binary black-hole candidate SDSS J1536+0441
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)013 pdf M. Bondi and M. Perez-Torres
Unravelling the nature of Hanny's Voorwerp
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)014 pdf M.A. Garrett
Radio quiet AGN in the time domain - A new observational dimension
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)015 pdf C. Mundell, N. Nagar and P. Ferruit
The sub-parsec structure of the nuclear region of the LIRG NGC7469
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)016 pdf A. Alberdi
How warm is the molecular gas in active environments?
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)017 pdf S. Muehle, C. Henkel, T. de Maio and E.R. Seaquist
Wide-field VLBI techniques: A Beginner's Guide
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)018 pdf J. Morgan
Wide-fiIeld imaging of M31 - rst results
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)019 pdf M. Argo
VLBI progress down under - First VLBI with ASKAP and NZ
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)020 file missing T. Tzioumis
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)021 file missing S.T. Garrington
Goonhilly a new side for e-MERLIN
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)022 pdf H.R. Kloeckner
A VLBI antenna at the island of Madeira
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)023 pdf P. Augusto
Interacting with radio telescopes in real-time during VLBI sessions using e-control
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)024 pdf A. Neidhardt, M. Ettl, C. Plötz, M. Mühlbauer, H. Hase, S. Sobarzo Guzmán, C. Herrera Ruztort, W. Alef, H. Rottmann and E. Himwich
SysMon - a robust and flexible remote monitoring system for VLBI and more
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)025 pdf attachments M. Ettl, A. Neidhardt, C. Plötz, M. Mühlbauer, R. Dassing, H. Hase, A.J. Beaudoin and E. Himwich
Session 3: Star-formation and accretion at high reshift
Finding AGN with wide-eld VLBI observations
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)026 pdf E. Middelberg, A. Deller, J. Morgan, H. Rottmann, W. Alef, S. Tingay, R.P. Norris, U. Bach, W. Brisken and E. Lenc
Future high resolution radio studies of GOODS-N: e-MERGE { an e-MERLIN Legacy project
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)027 file missing T.W.B. Muxlow
Nuclear properties of Brightest Cluster Galaxies: results and new observations for two peculiar cases
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)028 pdf E. Liuzzo
High resolution strong gravitational lensing: MG J0414+0534
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)029 pdf F. Volino
VLBI observations of the gravitationally lensed, z=2.3 starburst/AGN galaxy IRAS F10214
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)030 pdf R. Deane, S. Rawlings, I.H. Heywood, H.R. Kloeckner and K. Grainge
MERLIN and EVN observations of a z=4.515 radio galaxy, RC J0311+0507, and the problem of SMBHs in the early Universe
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)031 pdf O.P. Zhelenkova
The most distant radio quasars at the highest resolution
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)032 pdf S. Frey, Z. Paragi, L. Gurvits, K. Gabányi and D. Cseh
LOFAR: Early imaging results from commissioning for Cygnus A
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)033 pdf
J. McKean, L. Ker, R. Van Weeren, F. Batejat, L. Birzan, A. Bonafede, J. Conway, F. de Gasperin, C. Ferrari, G. Heald, N. Jackson, G. Macario, E. Orru', R. Pizzo, D. Rafferty, H.J.A. Rottgering, A. Shulevski, C. Tasse, S. van der Tol, I. van Bemmel, G. van Diepen and J.E. van Zwieten
Session A: Users meeting
e-VLBI and Other Developments at the EVN MarkIV Data Processor at JIVE
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)034 pdf R.M. Campbell
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)035 pdf A. Szomoru
Session 4: Extreme astrophysics
Morphology and orientation of radio-loud Broad Absorption Line quasars
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)036 pdf G. Bruni
High resolution studies of Broad Absorption Lines radio-loud quasars
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)037 pdf M. Gawronski
Multi-frequency VLBI studies of the optically violent variable quasar NRAO530
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)038 pdf R.S. Lu, T.P. Krichbaum and A. Zensus
The broadband emission properties of AGN jets
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)039 pdf C.S. Chang, E. Ros, M. Kadler, M. Boeck, J. Wilms, M.F. Aller, H.D. Aller, L. Fuhrmann, E. Angelakis and I. Nestoras
Steep spectrum sources and the duty cycle of the radio emission
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)040 pdf M. Orienti
Gleaning secrets from the transverse proles of AGN jets
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)041 pdf E. Murphy, D. Gabuzda and T.V. Cawthorne
A low frequency feed for big reflector antenna
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)042 pdf S. Amiri
Blazar kinematics reloaded: Jet ridge line properties and evolution in the CJF
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)043 pdf M. Karouzos, S. Britzen, A. Witzel, A. Zensus and A. Eckart
Studying magnetic fields in several parsec-scale AGN jets using Faraday rotation
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)044 pdf A. Reichstein and D. Gabuzda
Polarization structure and variability of the BL Lac object S4 0954+658
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)045 pdf N. Kudryavtseva, D. Gabuzda, M. Mahmud and S. O'Sullivan
First results from 18-22cm VLBA polarisation observations of the MOJAVE-I AGNs
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)046 pdf C. Coughlan, R. Murphy, K. Mc Enery, H. Patrick, R. Hallahan and D. Gabuzda
e-EVN monitoring of M87
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)047 pdf M. Giroletti, G. Giovannini, C. Casadio, M. Beilicke, A. Cesarini and H. Krawczynski
Jets & Radio Galaxies - an e-MERLIN Legacy project
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)048 file missing M.J. Hardcastle
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)049 pdf R. Fender
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)050 pdf attachments O. Wucknitz
The RadioAstron mission - Final prelaunch stage
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)051 file missing V.I. Kostenko
Observing event horizons with high-frequency VLBI
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)052 pdf V. Fish
Building an event horizon telescope: (sub)mm VLBI in the ALMA era
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)053 pdf S. Doeleman
Session 5: Astrophysics of transient sources
An unusual new transient radio source in M82: new supernova, AGN or XRB?
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)054 file missing R.J. Beswick
The expansion of SN2008iz in M82
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)055 pdf A. Brunthaler, I. Marti-Vidal, K.M. Menten, M.J. Reid, C. Henkel, G.C. Bower, H. Falcke, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow and D.M. Fenech
VLBI Monitoring of the most compact sources in M82
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)056 pdf D. Fenech, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow, A. Pedlar and M. Argo
Radio Imaging of SN1993J: The Story Continues
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)057 pdf M. Bietenholz
Arp 299A: More that "just" a prolific supernova factory
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)058 pdf M. Perez-Torres, A. Alberdi, C. Romero-Canizales, M. Bondi and A. Polatidis
Compact source resolution and rapid variability in Arp220
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)059 pdf F. Batejat, J.E. Conway, P. Diamond, R. Parra, C. Lonsdale and C.J. Lonsdale
An outburst of SS 433 observed on milliarcsecond scale
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)060 pdf V.M. Tudose
VLBI constraints on the "jet line" of Cygnus X-1
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)061 pdf A. Rushton, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, Z. Paragi, T. Maccarone, G.G. Pooley, V.M. Tudose, R. Fender, R.E. Spencer, V. Dhawan and M.A. Garrett
VLBI observations of gamma-ray binaries: LS 5039 and PSR B1259-63
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)062 pdf J. Moldón, M. Ribó, J.M. Paredes, W. Brisken, M. Kramer, A. Lyne, B. Stappers, S. Johnston and A. Deller
Session 6: Astrometry, geodesy and planetary science
Astrometry of H2O maser sources in nearby star-forming regions with VERA
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)063 pdf T. Hirota
Distance and proper motion measurement of the Red Supergiant, S Persei, with VLBI H2O Maser astrometry
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)064 file missing Y. Asaki
Towards an accurate alignment of the VLBI frame with the future Gaia optical frame
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)065 file missing P. Charlot
Spacecraft navigation using the VLBA
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)066 pdf E. Fomalont
Planetary radio interferometry and doppler experiment with EVN radio telescopes
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)067 file missing G. Cimò
Session 7: Future instruments
ALMA status and future prospects
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)068 file missing R. Laing
A report on KAT-7 and MeerKAT: status and plans
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)069 pdf A. Foley
SKA status and future prospects
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)070 file missing R. Schilizzi
Conference summary
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)071 file missing R.E. Spencer
Poster presentations:
Correlation data compatibility for the "Radioastron" mission
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)072 pdf A. Andrianov, V.I. Kostenko, I. Guirin, A. Chibisov and S. Likhachev
The 43 GHz SiO Maser in the Circumstellar Envelope of AGB star R Cassiopeiae
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)073 pdf K. Assaf
Application of ray-tracing through the high resolution numerical weather model HIRLAM for the analysis of European VLBI
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)074 pdf S. Garcia-Espada, R. Haas and F. Colomer
First proof of concept of remote attendance for future observation strategies between Wettzell (Germany) and Concepcion (Chile)
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)075 pdf M. Ettl, A. Neidhardt, R. Dassing, H. Hase, S. Sobarzo Guzmán, C. Herrera Ruztort, C. Plötz, M. Mühlbauer, E. Onate and P. Zaror
4C02.27: what is inside a double-double radio quasar?
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)077 pdf attachments S. Frey and Z. Paragi
Intraday Variability and the Local Interstellar Medium
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)078 pdf attachments K. Gabányi, T.P. Krichbaum, N. Marchili and L. Fuhrmann
Emission line- radio correlation for low luminosity compact radio sources
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)079 pdf M. Gawronski
The first scientific experiment using Global e-VLBI observations: a multiwavelength campaign on the gamma-ray Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 PMN J0948+0022
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)080 pdf M. Giroletti, Z. Paragi, H.E. Bignall, A. Doi, L. Foschini, K. Gabányi, J. Blanchard, F. Colomer, X.Y. Hong, M. Kadler, M. Kino, H.J. van Langevelde, H. Nagai, C. Phillips, M. Sekido, A. Szomoru and T. Tzioumis
More discoveries of compact radio cores in Seyfert galaxies with the EVN
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)081 pdf M. Giroletti and F. Panessa
Gravitational Lens Time Delay Measurements With An Efficient Method
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)082 pdf G. Gurkan
EVN Observations of active galaxy NGC6240
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)083 pdf Y. Hagiwara and W. Baan
Multi-beam capabilities for high precision astrometry at low frequencies using VLBI
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)084 pdf S. Jimenez- Monferrer, M. Rioja, R. Dodson, O. Smirnov and J.C. Guirado
Correlated radio/X-ray Variability in Seyfert galaxy NGC 4051 including VLBI jet structure
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)085 pdf S. Jones and I. McHardy
SFXC: A distributed software correlator for VLBI
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)086 file missing M. Kettenis
High-frequency VLBI Imaging of Sgr A* and VX Sgr
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)087 pdf R.S. Lu, T.P. Krichbaum and A. Zensus
Probing the nature of Ultra-Steep Spectrum radio sources
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)088 pdf M. Mahmud, Z. Paragi, H.J.A. Rottgering, H.R. Kloeckner and G.G.K. Miley
A VLBI study of dying and restarting sources
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)089 pdf F. Mantovani
Detection of the Fermi/GBT pulsar PSR J2032+4127 with the EVN and the DiFX correlator in Bonn
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)090 pdf J. Moldón, M. Ribó, J.M. Paredes, V. Bosh-Ramon, M. Kramer, A. Lyne and B. Stappers
Simulating, planning and analysing multiple-pointing VLBI surveys
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)091 pdf J. Morgan
The TWIN radio telescope project at Wettzell, Germany
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)092 pdf A. Neidhardt, G. Kronschnabl, T. Klügel, H. Hase, K. Pausch and W. Göldi
Radio imaging of the classical nova KT Eri
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)093 file missing T. O'Brien
Flux variability in the FSRQ 1510-089. A radio-gamma perspective
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)094 pdf M. Orienti
SN2007gr: a normal type Ic supernova with a mildly relativistic radio jet
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)095 pdf Z. Paragi, A. van der Horst, M. Tanaka, G.B. Taylor, C. Kouveliotou, J. Granot, E. Ramirez-Ruiz, Y. Pidopryhora, S. Bourke, R.M. Campbell, M.A. Garrett and H.J. van Langevelde
Three epochs of EVN observations towards IRAS 23365+3604
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)096 pdf C. Romero-Canizales, M. Perez-Torres and A. Alberdi
La Luna: Lovell Attempts LUnar Neutrino Acquisition
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)097 pdf R.E. Spencer
The UniBoard
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)098 pdf A. Szomoru
Methanol maser structure and variability
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)099 pdf M. Szymczak
Efficient wide-field VLBI imaging
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)100 pdf attachments O. Wucknitz
A decelerating jet observed by the EVN and VLBA in the x-ray transient XTE J1752-223
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)101 file missing J. Yang
The Radio nucluei of z~2 X-ray bright AGN
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)102 pdf L. Moser, J. Zuther, S. Fischer and A. Eckart
A preliminary distance to W75N in the Cygnus X star-forming region
PoS(10th EVN Symposium)103 pdf K. Rygl, A. Brunthaler, K.M. Menten, M.J. Reid, H.J. van Langevelde, M. Honma, K.J.E. Torstensson, K. Fujisawa and A. Sanna