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Corfu Summer Institute on Elementary Particles and Physics - Workshop on Non Commutative Field Theory and Gravity

CNCFG2010 - (other corfu conferences)
September 8 – 12, 2010
Corfu, Greece
published April 01, 2011

It is generally expected that due to the interplay between gravity and quantum mechanics, the classical picture of smooth spacetime manifolds should be replaced by some kind of quantum geometry at very short scales.

Much research has been devoted to this question in the past from various points of view. In particular, the study of quantum field theory on non commutative spacetimes has been developed as an effective approach to study physical models on quantum spaces. The workshop focused mainly

  1. on various aspects of field theories defined on non commutative spaces and
  2. on the relation among quantum , non commutative geometries and gravity in different approaches.


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PoS(CNCFG2010)035 pdf G. Zoupanos, K. Anagnostopoulos, D. Bahns, H. Grosse and N. Irges
Running Immirzi Parameter and Asymptotic Safety
PoS(CNCFG2010)003 pdf M. Reuter and J.E. Daum
Towards Renormalizing Group Field Theory
PoS(CNCFG2010)004 pdf V. Rivasseau
Branes, Quantization and Fuzzy Spheres
PoS(CNCFG2010)005 pdf C. Saemann and R. Szabo
Is covariant star product unique?
PoS(CNCFG2010)006 pdf D. Vassilevich
Anatomy of a deformed symmetry field quantization on curved momentum space
PoS(CNCFG2010)007 pdf M. Arzano
Noncommutative Gerbes
PoS(CNCFG2010)008 pdf P. Aschieri
Aspects of the BMS/CFT correspondence
PoS(CNCFG2010)010 pdf G. Barnich and C. Troessaert
Special geometries emerging from Yang-Mills type matrix models
PoS(CNCFG2010)011 pdf D. Blaschke
Gauge fields on truncated Heisenberg space
PoS(CNCFG2010)012 pdf M. Buric, H. Grosse and J. Madore
Noncommutative supergravity
PoS(CNCFG2010)013 pdf L. Castellani
Fuzzy extra dimensions and particle physics models
PoS(CNCFG2010)014 pdf A. Chatzistavrakidis, H. Steinacker and G. Zoupanos
Noncommutative field theories with harmonic term
PoS(CNCFG2010)015 pdf A. de Goursac
Integrable quantum spin chains and their classical continuous counterparts
PoS(CNCFG2010)016 pdf A. Doikou, J. Avan and K. Sfetsos
Enthalpy and the first law of black hole thermodynamics
PoS(CNCFG2010)017 pdf attachments B. Dolan
On twisted symmetries and QM with a magnetic field on NC tori
PoS(CNCFG2010)018 pdf G. Fiore
Two Aspects of M-(brane) Theory
PoS(CNCFG2010)019 pdf J. Hoppe
Noncommutative Baby Skyrmions
PoS(CNCFG2010)020 pdf T. Ioannidou and O. Lechtenfeld
Torsion and Burgers vector of a tube dislocation
PoS(CNCFG2010)022 pdf M. Katanaev
Spectral Action from Anomalies
PoS(CNCFG2010)024 pdf F. Lizzi, A. Andrianov and M. Kurkov
Nc GUTS: A status Report
PoS(CNCFG2010)026 pdf P.C. Martin
Aspects of Quantum Field Theory on Quantum Spacetime
PoS(CNCFG2010)027 pdf G. Piacitelli
Cosmology within Noncommutative Spectral Geometry
PoS(CNCFG2010)028 pdf M. Sakellariadou
Quantum Field Theory on Curved Noncommutative Spacetimes
PoS(CNCFG2010)029 pdf A. Schenkel
Noncommutative Geometry with Torsion
PoS(CNCFG2010)030 pdf A. Sitarz and F. Mercati
On matrix geometry
PoS(CNCFG2010)031 pdf H. Steinacker
A field-theoretic approach to Spin Foam models in Quantum Gravity
PoS(CNCFG2010)032 pdf P. Vitale
Noncommutative gauge theory and renormalisability
PoS(CNCFG2010)033 pdf M. Wohlgenannt
Divergences in QFT on the Noncommutative Minkowski Space with Grosse-Wulkenhaar potential
PoS(CNCFG2010)034 pdf J. Zahn