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Wide Field Astronomy & Technology for the Square Kilometre Array

SKADS 2009
4-6 November 2009
Chateau de Limelette, Belgium
published May 23, 2011
After four years of concentrated effort in SKA development, the European Community programme SKADS, funded under the Sixth Framework Programme will have a final conference, board meeting, and controller meeting to summarise the achievements of the past four years. This will also be a forum for discussion of the continuing SKA development activities of the Aperture Array Verification Programme.
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Wide Field Science
Square Kilometre Array Overview
Square Kilometre Array System Considerations
Data Processing and Analysis for the Square Kilometre Array
EMBRACE: The Electronic Multi Beam Radio Astronomy ConcEpt
2-PAD: The Dual Polarisation All Digital array
BEST: Basic Element for SKA Training
Electronic Components for the SKA
SKA Pathfinder Projects
Wide Field Science
The Questions that Drive the Specifications
PoS(SKADS 2009)004 pdf S.A. Torchinsky
Mapping the SKA Simulated Skies with the S3-Tools
PoS(SKADS 2009)005 pdf F. Levrier, R.J. Wilman, D. Obreschkow, H.R. Kloeckner, I.H. Heywood and S. Rawlings
The SKA as a Direct-to-Earth Data Acquisition Facility for Deep Space Science Missions
PoS(SKADS 2009)006 pdf P. Fridman, L. Gurvits and S.V. Pogrebenko
Radio Transients and Aperture Arrays
PoS(SKADS 2009)007 pdf J. Lazio
Pulsars - Enabling the Gravitation KSP of the SKA
PoS(SKADS 2009)008 pdf M. Kramer and R.J.M. Smits
SKA HI end2end simulation
PoS(SKADS 2009)009 pdf H.R. Kloeckner, R. Auld, I.H. Heywood, D. Obreschkow, F. Levrier and S. Rawlings
Probing the Epoch of Reionization with Low Frequency Arrays
PoS(SKADS 2009)010 pdf S. Zaroubi
Fast Large Volume Simulations of the Epoch of Reionization
PoS(SKADS 2009)011 pdf M. Santos, L. Ferramacho and M.B. Silva
Wide Field Polarimetry and Cosmic Magnetism
PoS(SKADS 2009)012 pdf R. Beck
Exploring the magnetic fields in local and distant galaxies
PoS(SKADS 2009)013 pdf T. Arshakian, R. Stepanov, R. Beck, M. Krause, D. Sokoloff and P. Frick
Cosmic magnetic field studies with the SKA and their analysis
PoS(SKADS 2009)014 pdf J. Geisbuesch and P. Alexander
Euclid: an optical-NIR all sky space mission for Cosmology
PoS(SKADS 2009)015 pdf R. Scaramella
Square Kilometre Array Overview
SKADS: Scope and Overview of Activities and Results
PoS(SKADS 2009)001 pdf A. van Ardenne
The Square Kilometre Array - an overview
PoS(SKADS 2009)002 pdf R. Schilizzi, P.E. Dewdney and J. Lazio
SKADS White Paper
PoS(SKADS 2009)003 pdf A.J. Faulkner
Square Kilometre Array System Considerations
SKA Data Flow and Processing
PoS(SKADS 2009)016 pdf P. Alexander, J.A. Bregman and A.J. Faulkner
Polarization Diversity for SKA Wide-field Polarimetry
PoS(SKADS 2009)017 pdf T.D. Carozzi, G. Woan and R. Maaskant
Effect of atmospheric turbulence in wide-field SKA observations
PoS(SKADS 2009)018 pdf I. Marti-Vidal, J.C. Guirado, S. Jimenez- Monferrer and J.M. Marcaide
SKADS Array Configuration Study
PoS(SKADS 2009)019 pdf A. Lobanov, D.V. Lal and S. Jimenez- Monferrer
The SKA AA-lo array; E.M. simulation and design
PoS(SKADS 2009)020 pdf E. de Lera Acedo, N. Razavi-Ghods, D. Gonzalez-Ovejero, L.E. García-Muñoz, C. Craeye, P.J. Duffett-Smith and P. Alexander
Analysis of Phased Aperture Array Geometries for Low Frequency Radio Astronomy
PoS(SKADS 2009)021 pdf N. Razavi-Ghods, E. de Lera Acedo, A. El-makadema, P. Alexander and A.K. Brown
The SKA Cost/Performance Tool: A Hierarchical SKA Modelling Tool
PoS(SKADS 2009)022 pdf D. Ford, R. Bolton, T. Colegate, P. Alexander and P.J. Hall
System Level Design Trade-Offs with the SKA Costing Tool
PoS(SKADS 2009)023 pdf R. Bolton, P. Alexander, D. Ford, T. Colegate and P.J. Hall
Figures of merit for SKA scale configurations
PoS(SKADS 2009)024 pdf R. Bolton, A. Scaife, G. Grigorescu, R. Millenaar and A. Lobanov
Cost-effective infrastructure for the data signal transport
PoS(SKADS 2009)025 pdf G. Grigorescu, P. Alexander, R. Bolton and R. McCool
Active Antenna Design and Characterization
PoS(SKADS 2009)026 pdf J.G. Bij de Vaate, L. Bakker and R. Witvers
Aperture Array Frontend Design for Production
PoS(SKADS 2009)027 pdf M. Drost, R. Van den Brink, H.H. Hanenburg and J.H. Pragt
Demonstration of a fibre-based round trip correction system for the distribution of local oscillator signals to outstations of a radio telescope
PoS(SKADS 2009)028 pdf R. McCool, M. Bentley and S.T. Garrington
Comparison of analogue antenna downlinks via coaxial cable and optical fibre in terms of mechanical and environmental stability
PoS(SKADS 2009)029 pdf T. Berenz, F. Perini and G. Bianchi
Data Processing and Analysis for the Square Kilometre Array
SKADS DS2 and Beyond
PoS(SKADS 2009)030 pdf J.E. Noordam
OSKAR: Simulating Digital Beamforming for the SKA Aperture Array
PoS(SKADS 2009)031 pdf F. Dulwich, B.J. Mort, S. Salvini, K. Zarb Adami and M. Jones
RFI mitigation at Nancay Observatory: Impulsive Signal Processing
PoS(SKADS 2009)032 pdf D. Ait-Allal, C. Dumez-Viou, R. Weber, G. Desvignes, I. Cognard and G. Theureau
RFI mitigation: cyclostationary criterion
PoS(SKADS 2009)033 pdf R. Feliachi, C. Dumez-Viou, R. Weber and A.J. Boonstra
RFI mitigation strategies for phased-array SKA concepts
PoS(SKADS 2009)034 pdf A.J. Boonstra, R. Weber and P. Colom
Applicability of Redundancy Calibration on Dense Phased Arrays
PoS(SKADS 2009)035 pdf P. Noorishad, S.J. Wijnholds, A. van Ardenne and T.M. van der Hulst
Real-time calibration of tied-arrays in the presence of atmospheric de-coherence
PoS(SKADS 2009)036 pdf P. Fridman
EMBRACE: The Electronic Multi Beam Radio Astronomy ConcEpt
EMBRACE System Design and Realisation
PoS(SKADS 2009)037 pdf G.W. Kant, E. van der Wal, M. Ruiter and P. Benthem
An overview of EMBRACE station processing
PoS(SKADS 2009)038 pdf P. Picard, P. Renaud, C. Taffoureau, V. Macaire and W. Paule
Mixed signal transportation for the EMBRACE antenna tiles
PoS(SKADS 2009)039 pdf T. Berenz
EMBRACE receiver design
PoS(SKADS 2009)040 pdf J. Monari, F. Perini, S. Mariotti, G.W. Kant, J. Morawietz and E. van der Wal
EMBRACE Local Oscillator distributor
PoS(SKADS 2009)041 pdf G. Bianchi, J. Morawietz, S. Mariotti, F. Perini, M. Schiaffino and G.W. Kant
Profiling the EMBRACE tile beam using GPS satellite carriers
PoS(SKADS 2009)042 pdf H.A.O. Olofsson, S.A. Torchinsky, L. Chemin, S. Barth, S. Bosse, J. Martin, W. Paule, P. Picard, S. Pomarede, P. Renaud, C. Taffoureau, G.W. Kant, J.E. Noordam, S.J. Wijnholds, R. Keller and S. Montebugnoli
EMBRACE: First experimental Results with the Initial 10% of a 10,000 Element Phased Array Radio Telescope
PoS(SKADS 2009)043 pdf S.J. Wijnholds, G.W. Kant, E. van der Wal, P. Benthem, M. Ruiter, P. Picard, S.A. Torchinsky, S. Montebugnoli and R. Keller
2-PAD: The Dual Polarisation All Digital array
Progress on Analogue Front end for 2PAD
PoS(SKADS 2009)044 pdf T.S. Ikin, P. Wilkinson, A.J. Faulkner, M. Jones, A. Baird, A.K. Brown, D. George, G. Harris, P.L. Kibet, M. Panahi, D. Price, H.C. Reader, S. Schediwy, P.S. van der Merwe, K. Zarb Adami and D. Zhang
A Digital Broadband Beamforming Architecture for 2-PAD
PoS(SKADS 2009)045 pdf R. Armstrong, J. Hickish, K. Zarb Adami and M. Jones
Reviw of Square Kilometre Array LNA Technologies and Topologies
PoS(SKADS 2009)046 pdf S. Bhaumik and D. George
Broadband Space tapered Golden Ratio Spiral Phased Arrays
PoS(SKADS 2009)047 pdf A. El-makadema and A.K. Brown
A Real-time Software Broadband Beamformer on the IBM Cyclops Multiprocessor System
PoS(SKADS 2009)048 pdf A. AhmedSaid
Wide-band Hybrid Single-Ended and Differential LNA Designs Using GaAs pHEMTs and Comparison with In-house InP pHEMT Based LNA Design
PoS(SKADS 2009)049 pdf N. Ahmad, S. Arshad, B. Boudjelida, S. Boulay and M. Missous
Sub-0.6 dB NF Low Power Differential to Single-Ended MMIC LNA Designs for the SKA using InGaAs/InAlAs/InP pHEMTs
PoS(SKADS 2009)050 pdf S. Arshad, B. Boudjelida, N. Ahmad, S. Boulay and M. Missous
Verification of Differential Low Noise Amplifier Measurement
PoS(SKADS 2009)051 pdf M. Panahi and D. George
Low Frequency Broadband InGaAs/InAlAs Low Noise Amplifiers for SKA
PoS(SKADS 2009)052 pdf S. Boulay, B. Boudjelida, S. Arshad, N. Ahmad and M. Missous
Low-power LVDS driver using InP HBT ECL circuits for SKA
PoS(SKADS 2009)053 pdf M. Mohiuddin, T. Tauqeer, J. Sexton and M. Missous
Low Power, High-Speed ADCs and Digital Circuits for SKA
PoS(SKADS 2009)054 pdf T. Tauqeer, J. Sexton, M. Mohiuddin and M. Missous
Integrated Aperture Array Antenna Design for Radio Astronomy
PoS(SKADS 2009)055 pdf D. Zhang and A.K. Brown
Database Design for Aperture Array Hardware Management
PoS(SKADS 2009)056 pdf D. Price and S. Schediwy
Phase Errors in Phased Arrays: Implications on Forward Gain, Pointing Offset, Calibration, and Beamforming
PoS(SKADS 2009)057 pdf S. Schediwy, D. Price, F. Dulwich, B. Mort and C. Williams
BEST: Basic Element for SKA Training
BEST: Basic Element for SKA Training
PoS(SKADS 2009)058 pdf S. Montebugnoli, G. Bianchi, J. Monari, G. Naldi, F. Perini and M. Schiaffino
Some results from the BEST demonstrator
PoS(SKADS 2009)059 pdf S. Montebugnoli, F. Perini, G. Bianchi, P. Bolli, G. Pupillo, G. Naldi, M. Schiaffino and J. Monari
Low noise design experience for the SKADS/BEST demonstrator
PoS(SKADS 2009)060 pdf F. Perini
Analogue optical links experiences in the framework of the SKA/BEST activities
PoS(SKADS 2009)061 pdf F. Perini
BEST receiver experience: general architecture, design and integration
PoS(SKADS 2009)062 pdf F. Perini, G. Bianchi, M. Schiaffino and J. Monari
BEST back end
PoS(SKADS 2009)063 pdf S. Montebugnoli, M. Bartolini, G. Bianchi, G. Naldi, J. Manley and A. Parsons
Electromagnetic Design of Broadband Antenna Feed Systems for the Northern Cross Radio Telescope
PoS(SKADS 2009)064 pdf G. Virone, G. Addamo, R. Tascone, O.A. Peverini, F. Perini, M. Schiaffino, G. Naldi, J. Monari and S. Montebugnoli
Test and measurements of reliability performance on radioreceiver chains for the Northern Cross Radio Telescope
PoS(SKADS 2009)065 pdf M. Catelani, V.L. Scarano, S. Montebugnoli, G. Bianchi and F. Perini
Electronic Components for the SKA
Integrated receivers for mid-band SKA
PoS(SKADS 2009)066 pdf S. Jackson
Low Noise Amplifier Design with Metamorphic HEMT Technology for Radioastronomy Application
PoS(SKADS 2009)067 pdf C. Enguehard, V. Armengaud, J. Lintignat, B. Barelaud, B. Jarry and L.I. Babak
FIDA3: a novel active array for the mid-SKA
PoS(SKADS 2009)068 pdf O. Garcia-Perez, J.A. Lopez-Fernandez, D. Segovia-Vargas, L.E. García-Muñoz, V. Gonzalez-Posadas, J.L. Vazquez-Roy, J.M. Serna, E. de Lera Acedo, T. Finn, P. Colomer and R. Bachiller
SKA Pathfinder Projects
LOFAR and Wide Field Imaging
PoS(SKADS 2009)069 pdf G. de Bruyn
Apertif - the focal-plane array system for the WSRT
PoS(SKADS 2009)070 pdf T. Oosterloo, M.A.W. Verheijen, W. Van Cappellen, L. Bakker, G. Heald and M. Ivashina
ICRAR Contributions to the Aperture Array Verification Program
PoS(SKADS 2009)071 pdf P.J. Hall
AAVP: The Next Step after SKADS
PoS(SKADS 2009)072 pdf A. van Ardenne