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The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds and the Open Grid Forum

ISGC 2011 & OGF 31 - (other isgc conferences)
March 19 - 25, 2011
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
published September 30, 2011
The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 20111 was held at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan on 19th to 25th March 2011. A series of workshops and tutorials preceded the symposium.

The aim of ISGC is to promote the use of grid and cloud computing in the Asia Pacific region. Over the 9 years that ISGC has been running, the programme has evolved to become more user community focused with subjects reaching out to a larger population. Research communities are making widespread use of distributed computing facilities. Linking together data centers, production grids, desktop systems or public clouds, many researchers are able to do more research and produce results more quickly. They could do much more if the computing infrastructures they use worked together more effectively. Changes in the way we approach distributed computing, and new services from commercial providers, mean that boundaries are starting to blur. This opens the way for hybrid solutions that make it easier for researchers to get their job done. Consequently the theme for ISGC2011 was the opportunities that better integrated computing infrastructures can bring, and the steps needed to achieve the vision of a seamless global research infrastructure.

2011 is a year of firsts for ISGC. First the title - while the acronym remains the same, its meaning has changed to reflect the evolution of computing: The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds. Secondly the programming - ISGC 2011 has always included topical workshops and tutorials. But 2011 is the first year that ISGC has been held in conjunction with the Open Grid Forum2 which held its 31st meeting with a series of working group sessions. The ISGC plenary session included keynote speakers from OGF that highlighted the relevance of standards for the research community. ISGC with its focus on applications and operational aspects complemented well with OGF’s focus on standards development. ISGC brought to OGF real-life use cases and needs to be addressed while OGF exposed the state of current developments and issues to be resolved if commonalities are to be exploited.

Another first is for the Proceedings – for 2011, an open access online publishing scheme will ensure these Proceedings will appear more quickly and more people will have access to the results, providing a long-term online archive of the event.

The symposium attracted more than 212 participants from 29 countries spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas. Coming so soon after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the participation of our Japanese colleagues was particularly appreciated. Keynotes by invited speakers highlighted the impact of distributed computing infrastructures in the social sciences and humanities, high energy physics, earth and life sciences. Plenary sessions entitled Grid Activities in Asia Pacific surveyed the state of grid deployment across 11 Asian countries.

Through the parallel sessions, the impact of distributed computing infrastructures in a range of research disciplines was highlighted. Operational procedures, middleware and security aspects were addressed in a dedicated sessions.

The symposium was covered online in real-time by the GridCast team from the GridTalk project. A running blog including summarises of specific sessions as well as video interviews with keynote speakers and personalities and photos.

As with all regions of the world, grid and cloud computing has to be prove it is adding value to researchers if it is be accepted by them and demonstrate its impact on society as a while if it to be supported by national governments, funding agencies and the general public. ISGC has helped foster the emergence of a strong regional interest in the earth and life sciences, notably for natural disaster mitigation and bioinformatics studies.

Prof. Simon C. Lin organised an intense social programme with a gastronomic tour of Taipei culminating with a banquet for all the symposium’s participants at the hotel Palais de Chine.

I would like to thank all the members of the programme committee, the participants and above all our hosts, Prof. Simon C. Lin and his excellent support team at Academia Sinica.

Dr. Bob Jones
Programme Chair

1 http://event.twgrid.org/isgc2011/
2 http://www.gridforum.org/

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session Keynote
session Operation & Management
session Humanities & Social Sciences Applications
session Middleware & Interoperability
session Security & Networking
session Data Infrastructure
session Grids & Clouds
session Distributed Desktop Grid and Volunteer Computing
session Biomedicine & Life Sciences Applications
session Earth Sciences Applications & Environmental Monitoring & Disaster Mitigation
session HEP Applications
session Grids and Clouds Activities in Asia Pacific
session Keynote
Computing at LHC experiments in the first year of data taking at 7 TeV
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)106 pdf D. Bonacorsi
Grids and Clouds Integration and Interoperability: an overview
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)112 pdf A. Di Meglio, M. Riedel, S.M. Memon, C. Loomis and D. Salomoni
session Operation & Management
A new job migration algorithm to improve data center efficiency
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)008 pdf F. Calzolari
Introduction of GSDC project and activities
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)013 pdf B.K. Kim, S.H. Ahn, T. Khan and H. Jang
The CHAIN Project
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)017 pdf F. Ruggieri
Grid Operational Supports for Middleware Deployment and User Administration
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)018 pdf E. Sakane
session Humanities & Social Sciences Applications
From Internal Validation to Sensitivity Test: How Grid Computing Facilitates the Construction of an Agent-Based Simulation in Social Sciences
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)002 pdf F.C.S. Liu, S.C. Lin, J.Y. You, Y.T. Chen and J.L. Sun
metaDictionary - Towards a Generic e-Infrastructure for Detecting Variation in Language by Exploiting Dictionaries
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)003 pdf D. Seipel and W. Wegstein
session Middleware & Interoperability
Visualisation Element: towards the definition of a new Grid service
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)019 pdf G. Andronico, R. Barbera, A. Fornaia, M. Iacono Manno and G. La Rocca
SAGA-based application to use resources on different Grids
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)021 pdf Y. Kawai, G. Iwai, T. Sasaki and Y. Watase
A Simplified Access to Grid Resources by Science Gateways
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)023 pdf M. Fargetta, R. Barbera and R. Rotondo
Secure Peer to Peer Message Passing using A-JUMP
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)024 pdf S. Asghar, M. Hafeez, U.A. Malik, A.u.R. Zafar and N. Riaz
session Security & Networking
Proxy Dynamic Delegation in Grid Gateway
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)027 pdf F. Calzolari
A new "lightweight" Crypto Library for supporting an Advanced Grid Authentication Process with Smart Cards
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)029 pdf G. La Rocca and S. Monforte
A Race for Security: Identifying Vulnerabilities on 50 000 Hosts Faster than Attackers
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)031 pdf M. Prochazka
A Cloud-Based Anti-Malware Solution
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)034 pdf I. Tahrawee
session Data Infrastructure
Kindura - archiving with iRODS clouds
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)039 pdf J. Jensen, G. Knight, S. Waddington, J. Zhang, M. Hedges and R. Downing
Large-Scale Data Management and Analysis for Astronomical Research
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)044 pdf C.H. Tang
Towards a distributed Earth Science Data Infrastructure
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)114 pdf V.B. Joost, R. Cossu, L.A. Fusco and E. Li Santi
session Grids & Clouds
An attempt to integrate Clouds in Grids
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)045 pdf G. Andronico, R. Barbera, A. Fornaia and S. Monforte
Investigation of storage options for scientific computing on Grid and Cloud facilities
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)047 pdf G. Garzoglio, K. Chadwick, T. Hesselroth, A. Norman, D. Perevalov, D. Strain and S. Timm
Performance improvements in a large scale virtualization system
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)049 pdf A. Chierici, D. Salomoni, A.K. Calabrese Melcarne, A. Italiano and G. Dalla Torre
Repoman: A Simple RESTful X.509 Virtual Machine Image Repository
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)052 pdf I. Gable, R. Impey and R.J. Sobie
A Web-based portal to access and manage WNoDeS Virtualized Cloud resources
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)054 pdf D. Salomoni, D. Andreotti, P. Solagna, L. Cestari and G. Potena
Defining Generic Architecture for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Provisioning Model
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)115 pdf Y. Demchenko and C. de Laat
session Distributed Desktop Grid and Volunteer Computing
Porting applications to a Distributed Computing Infrastucture incorporating Desktop Grids
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)060 pdf T. Kiss, I. Kelley and P. Kacsuk
session Biomedicine & Life Sciences Applications
A cloud framework for high troughput biological data processing
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)069 pdf M. Koehler, Y. Kaniovskyi, S. Benkner, V. Egelhofer and W. Weckwerth
Bioscience in the Cloud - Next Generation Analysis
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)117 pdf J. Jensen, N. Trigg and J. Churchill
A new flexible workflow on the Grid for monitoring H5N1
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)118 pdf H.Q. Nguyen and D.T. Tung
Enabling JChem on the Grid
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)119 pdf M. Kozlovszky, A. Balasko and P. Kacsuk
session Earth Sciences Applications & Environmental Monitoring & Disaster Mitigation
The Cloud-Based Sensor Data Warehouse
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)075 pdf W.Y. Ku
A Lesson Learned of Cloud Computing in Fleet Management System in Taiwan
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)076 pdf W.Y. Lin and W.Y. Ku
Earthquake-tsunami hazard assessment and risk mitigation in Vietnam using GIS
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)077 pdf H.P. Nguyen
Modeling scenarios of earthquake-generated tsunamis for the Vietnam coasts
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)078 pdf A. Peresan and D. Bisignano
The CWB Network Information exChange Environment (NICE)
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)082 pdf M. Cheng
session HEP Applications
Simulation and user analysis of BaBar data in a distributed cloud
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)086 pdf C. Leavett-Brown
session Grids and Clouds Activities in Asia Pacific
Asia Federation Report on International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2011
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)090 pdf S.C. Lin and E. Yen
EU-IndiaGrid2 sustainable e-Infrastructures across Europe and India
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)094 pdf A. Masoni
Grids and Clouds Activities in KISTI/ Korea
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)095 pdf S. Hwang, S. Ahn, T. Huh, S. Lee, G.C. Park, S. Ryu, S.K. Kim and G.M. Ricciardi
Grids and Clouds in ITB
PoS(ISGC 2011 & OGF 31)102 pdf B. Suhardiman