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XLIX International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics

Bormio 2011 - (other bormio conferences)
24-28 January 2011
published October 07, 2011
Unlike many workshops, the Bormio meeting does not focus on a single topic. Instead, the aim is to bring together researchers and students from related fields in subatomic physics. Addressed topics include hadron physics, heavy ion physics, nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure, particle physics, detectors and future projects as well as applications of these fields. Review talks by more senior speakers as well as talks and posters presented by junior researchers are encouraged. Hadron Physics Heavy Ion Physics Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Structure Particle Physics Detectors and new facilities Applications
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Peter Principle
PoS(Bormio 2011)005 file missing A. Rapisarda
A prototype for the on-line monitoring system for nuclear waste storage
PoS(Bormio 2011)006 pdf A. Pappalardo
The ATLAS High Level Trigger Steering Framework and the Trigger Configuration System
PoS(Bormio 2011)007 pdf T. Perez
Treatment Planning System (TPS) for Carbon Ion Therapy: The INFN TPS project
PoS(Bormio 2011)008 pdf E. Schmitt
Non-equilibrium fluctuations at the QCD phase transition
PoS(Bormio 2011)009 file missing M. Nahrgang
Application of straw detector for particle identification - feasibility studies with PANDA STT prototype
PoS(Bormio 2011)010 pdf P. Kulessa
Experimental results of the dE/dx resolution measurement in PANDA-type Straw Tube Tracker
PoS(Bormio 2011)011 pdf K. Pysz
Spin Physics @ FAIR
PoS(Bormio 2011)012 pdf M. De Stefanis
Study of the 10B(p,)7Be reaction via the Trojan Horse Method: first experimental result at Gamow energy
PoS(Bormio 2011)013 file missing S. Romano
Study of Open Charm Production Psi(3770)\rightarrow D+D- at the PANDA Experiment
PoS(Bormio 2011)014 pdf Y. Liang
Classification of $\Upsilon$(5S) Decays with Self-Organizing Neural Networks
PoS(Bormio 2011)015 pdf M. Ullrich
Search for new bottomonium(-like) states in $e^+e^- \rightarrow B^{(*)} \bar{B}^{(*)} (\pi)(\pi)$ at BELLE
PoS(Bormio 2011)016 pdf M. Werner, W. Kuehn, J.S. Lange and M. Ullrich
Strange-baryon spectroscopy with HADES
PoS(Bormio 2011)017 pdf K. Lapidus
Neutrons from multifragmentation reactions
PoS(Bormio 2011)018 pdf W. Trautmann, A.S. Botvina, J. Brzychczyk, N. Buyukcizmeci, I. Mishustin and P. Pawłowski
The use of double sided silicon strip detector at the focal plane of VASSILISSA separator
PoS(Bormio 2011)019 file missing A. Isaev
A GEM-TPC Detector for FOPI and PANDA
PoS(Bormio 2011)020 pdf M. Berger
Monday Morning
Current topics in nuclear structure
PoS(Bormio 2011)001 file missing M. Huyse
Recent results from ALICE
PoS(Bormio 2011)002 file missing E. Vercellin
Evolution of γ-Vibrations at High Spin
PoS(Bormio 2011)003 pdf J.F. Sharpey-Schafer
Infinite symmetric nuclear matter phase diagram from low energy compound nucleus data.
PoS(Bormio 2011)004 pdf L. Moretto
Tuesday Morning
Recent Results from RHIC
PoS(Bormio 2011)023 file missing T. Ullrich
Current Topics in Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(Bormio 2011)024 file missing R. Tribble
PoS(Bormio 2011)026 pdf T. Eberl
Tuesday Afternoon
QED in three dimensions and at finite temperature
PoS(Bormio 2011)027 pdf E. Swanson and P.M. Lo
Open Charm Reconstruction at mid-rapidity in ALICe Experiment at LHC
PoS(Bormio 2011)028 pdf S. Dash
Dilepton production at SPS and RHIC energies
PoS(Bormio 2011)029 pdf O. Linnyk, E. Bratkovskaya and W. Cassing
Heavy Flavour Physics with the ALICE Muon Spectrometer at the LHC
PoS(Bormio 2011)030 pdf X. Zhang
Charmed decay reconstruction using a microvertexing technique with the STAR Silicon Detectors
PoS(Bormio 2011)031 pdf J. Bouchet
Heavy quarks and charmonium at RHIC and LHC within a partonic transport model
PoS(Bormio 2011)032 pdf J. Uphoff, K. Zhou, O. Fochler, Z. Xu and C. Greiner
Wednesday Morning
Hagedorn States and Thermalization
PoS(Bormio 2011)033 pdf C. Greiner, J. Noronha-Hostler and J. Noronha
Lattice QCD
PoS(Bormio 2011)034 file missing H. Wittig
Recent CMS Results
PoS(Bormio 2011)035 file missing N. Pastrone
Fundamental physics with ultracold neutrons
PoS(Bormio 2011)036 file missing P. Fierlinger
Wednesday Afternoon
Heavy Ions at the LHC: First results vs. selected predictions
PoS(Bormio 2011)037 pdf G. Wolschin
Properties of Silicon PhotoMultipliers measured at LNS-INFN.
PoS(Bormio 2011)038 pdf L. Cosentino, P. Finocchiaro and A. Pappalardo
Flubber experiment: analysing the Coulomb breakup of 17F
PoS(Bormio 2011)039 pdf P. Capel and C. Sfienti
The Trojan Horse Method as a tool to investigate low-energy resonances: the 18O(p,a)15N and 17O(p,a)14N cases
PoS(Bormio 2011)040 pdf M. La Cognata
Investigation of Mach Cones in viscous matter
PoS(Bormio 2011)041 file missing I. Bouras
Description of fully differential Drell-Yan pair production
PoS(Bormio 2011)042 file missing F. Eichstädt
Thursday Morning
Current topics in Charmonium physics
PoS(Bormio 2011)043 pdf N. Brambilla
Recent Results from BES3
PoS(Bormio 2011)044 pdf F. Harris
Recent Results fom LHCB
PoS(Bormio 2011)045 pdf A. Satta
Recent results from Compass
PoS(Bormio 2011)046 file missing S. Neubert
The PANDA experiment at FAIR
PoS(Bormio 2011)047 file missing T. Stockmanns
Thursday Afternoon
Studies of meson production and decays in pd\rightarrow 3HeX with WASA-at-COSY
PoS(Bormio 2011)048 pdf A. Jany
Leading Modes of 3pi0 production in proton-proton collisions at incident proton momentum of 3.35GeV/c
PoS(Bormio 2011)049 pdf B.R. Jany
Hypernuclear Spectroscopy with Electron Beams
PoS(Bormio 2011)050 pdf P. Achenbach
Statistical decay of hyperfragments
PoS(Bormio 2011)051 pdf A. Sanchez Lorente
Inclusive e+e- pair production in cold nuclear matter
PoS(Bormio 2011)052 pdf M. Weber
In-Medium Properties of Vector Mesons in a Transport Approach
PoS(Bormio 2011)053 pdf J. Weil, K. Gallmeister and U. Mosel
Friday Morning
Probing properties of nuclear matter with HADES.
PoS(Bormio 2011)054 pdf J. Pietraszko
ATLAS status and latest results
PoS(Bormio 2011)055 pdf C. Sbarra
New developments in detectors
PoS(Bormio 2011)056 file missing B. Ketzer
Kaon pair production in pp, pd, dd and pA collisions at COSY
PoS(Bormio 2011)057 pdf M. Hartmann
First K-He3 and precision K-He4 measurement at DAFNE
PoS(Bormio 2011)058 pdf A. Scordo
Friday Afternoon
Ternary and quaternary reseparation of heavy colliding systems.
PoS(Bormio 2011)059 pdf K. Siwek-Wilczynska
Exclusive omega and eta meson production in p+p reactions at E_kin=3.5 GeV with HADES
PoS(Bormio 2011)060 file missing K. Teilab
Heteroepitaxial Single-Crystal CVD-Diamond Detectors for FAIR
PoS(Bormio 2011)061 file missing E. Berdermann
The chiral crossover, static-light and light-light meson spectra, and the deconfinement crossover
PoS(Bormio 2011)062 pdf P. Bicudo, N. Cardoso and M. Cardoso
Low-energy antikaon nucleon interaction physics revisited
PoS(Bormio 2011)063 pdf J. Marton