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International Workshop on QCD Green's Functions, Confinement and Phenomenology

QCD-TNT-II - (other qcd conferences)
5-9 September 2011
Trento, Italy
published February 20, 2012
QCD-TNT-II will address critically the hard problems that remain unsolved in QCD, connecting non-perturbative continuum and lattice ideas in new and original ways. The general themes of the workshop include this time the understanding confinement, chiral symmetry breakdown, and the nature of topological charge, for all of which there is more than one plausible scenario. All these phenomena are non-perturbative and probe the strongly-coupled infrared region of QCD. We look for ways to reconcile apparent discrepancies in various schools of thought, with an emphasis on enforcing gauge invariance, and for lattice simulations in specially-constructed scenarios that can accurately compare and contrast the proposed non-perturbative mechanisms of QCD.
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Table of contents
Gluon mass through ghost synergy
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)001 pdf A.C. Aguilar
Ghost-gluon and ghost-quark bound states and their role in BRST quartets
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)002 pdf N. Alkofer and R. Alkofer
On the infrared behaviour of QCD Green functions in the Maximally Abelian gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)003 pdf R. Alkofer, M. Huber, V. Mader and A. Windisch
Regge-like quark-antiquark excitations in the effective-action formalism
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)004 pdf D. Antonov and E.J. Ribeiro
The dynamical equation of the effective gluon mass
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)006 pdf D. Binosi
AdS/QCD and Light-Front Holography: A Novel Approach to Non-Perturbative QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)008 pdf S.J. Brodsky and G.F. de Téramond
Tetraquark and the flux tube recombination
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)009 pdf M. Cardoso
Renormalization group invariance in the Pinch Technique
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)010 pdf J.M. Cornwall
The role of the running coupling constant in the unveiling of the hadronic structure
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)011 pdf A. Courtoy
Quark masses in two-flavor QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)012 pdf M. Creutz
Ghost dissection
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)015 pdf D. Dudal, N. Vandersickel, A. Cucchieri and T. Mendes
Mass spectra and Regge Trajectories of Heavy Mesons and Baryons
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)016 pdf D. Ebert, R.N. Faustov and V. Galkin
Baryon form factors from Dyson-Schwinger equations
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)017 pdf G. Eichmann
Applications of Dyson-Schwinger equations to heavy flavours
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)018 pdf B. El-Bennich, C. Roberts and M.A. Ivanov
On the zero-mass limit for nonabelian gauge theories
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)054 pdf R. Ferrari
Yang-Mills Theory at Non-Vanishing Temperature
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)021 pdf L. Fister and J.M. Pawlowski
Exploring Gauge-Invariant Vacuum Wave Functionals for Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)022 pdf H. Forkel
Aspects of Gribov-Zwanziger theory and QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)023 pdf J. Gracey
Testing proposals for the Yang-Mills vacuum wavefunctional
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)024 pdf J. Greensite
The pole part of the three gluon vertex
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)025 pdf D. Ibanez
Quark and gluon confinement from an effective model of Yang-Mills theory
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)026 pdf K.I. Kondo
Dense but confined matter as a new state in QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)027 pdf K. Langeld
The structure of the residual gauge orbit
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)028 pdf A. Maas
Gauge invariant parton subamplitudes
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)029 pdf V. Mathieu
Massive gluon propagator at zero and finite temperature
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)030 pdf T. Mendes
Gauge invariant mass terms and wave functions
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)031 pdf P. Nair
Chiral symmetry breaking with a confining propagator and dynamically massive gluons
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)032 pdf A. Doff, F.A. Machado and A. Natale
Soft Gluon resummation and total cross-sections phenomenology
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)033 pdf G. Pancheri
Schwinger mechanism in QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)034 pdf J. Papavassiliou
Effective theory for QCD at finite temperature and density from strong coupling expansion
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)035 pdf O. Philipsen
Nonperturbative study of the four-point heavy quark Green's functions in Coulomb gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)036 pdf C. Popovici, P. Watson and H. Reinhardt
Background field dependence from the Slavnov-Taylor identities in (non-perturbative) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)037 pdf A. Quadri
Hamiltonian Approach to QCD in Coulomb Gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)038 pdf H. Reinhardt, D. Campagnari, J. Heffner and M. Pak
Hadron physics and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)039 pdf L. Chang, C. Roberts and D. Wilson
The dimension-two gluon condensate, the ghost-gluon vertex and the Taylor theorem
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)040 pdf J. Rodriguez-Quintero
Properties of Delta and Omega baryons in a covariant Faddeev approach
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)041 pdf H. Sanchis Alepuz, R. Alkofer, G. Eichmann and R. Williams
Beyond QCD: A Composite Universe
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)042 pdf F. Sannino
Excited charmonium states from Bethe-Salpeter equation
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)043 pdf V. Sauli
Gauge-Invariant Determination of Relevant Gluonic Component for Nonperturbative QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)044 pdf H. Suganuma, S. Gongyo, T. Iritani and A. Yamamoto
Schwinger-Dyson equations in models with disorder
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)045 pdf A. Szczepaniak
Fermion RG blocking transformations and IR structure
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)046 pdf T.E. Tomboulis and X. Cheng
Properties of the electroweak versus the QCD-vacuum in strong magnetic fields
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)047 pdf J. Van Doorsselaere
Heavy meson interquark potential
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)048 pdf V. Vento
Schwinger-Dyson equations for manifestly gauge invariant correlators
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)049 pdf D. Vercauteren
Leading order QCD in Coulomb gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)051 pdf P. Watson and H. Reinhardt
Vertex Sensitivity in the Schwinger-Dyson Equations of QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)052 pdf D. Wilson and M. Pennington
Exact bounds on the free energy in QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT-II)053 pdf D. Zwanziger