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The XXth International Workshop High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory

QFTHEP2011 - (other qfthep conferences)
September 24 - October 1, 2011
Sochi, Russia
published May 14, 2012
The Workshop continues a series of workshops started by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (SINP MSU) in 1985 and conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics and physical programs for future colliders. Traditionally the list of workshop attendees includes a great number of active young scientists and students from Russia and other countries. This year Workshop is organized jointly by the SINP MSU and the Southern Federal University (SFedU) and will take place in the holiday hotel "Luchezarniy" (Effulgent) situated on the Black Sea shore in a picturesque natural park in the suburb of the largest Russian resort city Sochi - the host city of the XXII Olympic Winter Games to be held in 2014. The main topics to be covered are: Experimental results from the LHC. Tevatron summary: the status of the Standard Model and the boundaries on BSM physics. Future physics at Linear Colliders and super B-factories. Extensions of the Standard Model and their phenomenological consequences at the LHC and Linear Colliders: SUSY extensions of the Standard Model; particle interactions in space-time with extra dimensions; strings, quantum groups and new ideas from modern algebra and geometry. Higher order corrections and resummations for collider phenomenology. Automatic calculations of Feynman diagrams and Monte Carlo simulations. LHC/LC and astroparticle/cosmology connections. Modern nuclear physics and relativistic nucleous-nucleous collisions.
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Collider physics
Top quark at colliders
Top quark in the SM and beyond
Higgs sector in the SM and beyond
Physics beyond the SM and Cosmology
Gravity Theory
Neutrino physics
Bound states and hadron resonances
Analytical and Numerical methods in QFT
ATLAS Higgs search
PoS(QFTHEP2011)001 pdf H. Abreu
LHCb: physics, performance, perspectives
PoS(QFTHEP2011)002 pdf Y. Guz
LHCb: inclusive bb-quarkonium production
PoS(QFTHEP2011)003 file missing K. Belous
pQCD predictions for hadron collider physics: getting beyond the leading order
PoS(QFTHEP2011)004 file missing K. Melnikov
ATLAS overview and recent results
PoS(QFTHEP2011)005 file missing A. Zaitsev
ATLAS Standard Model results
PoS(QFTHEP2011)006 pdf P. Jez
Rare Decays at LHCb
PoS(QFTHEP2011)007 file missing Y. Shcheglov
Top Physics at the Tevatron
PoS(QFTHEP2011)008 file missing M. Perfilov
Effective actions for high energy scattering in QCD and in gravity
PoS(QFTHEP2011)009 file missing L. Lipatov
Small-x physics and hard QCD processes at the LHC
PoS(QFTHEP2011)010 pdf N.P. Zotov
Non-perturbative effects in the electro-weak theory versus TEVATRON and LHC data
PoS(QFTHEP2011)011 pdf B.A. Arbuzov
Pion-photon transition form factor in light-cone sum rules: Theoretical results and expectations
PoS(QFTHEP2011)012 file missing S. Mikhailov
Search for heavy neutrino in K\rightarrow \mu \nu \gamma decay at ISTRA+ setup
PoS(QFTHEP2011)013 pdf V. Duk
Heavy flavours and QCD studies at HERA
PoS(QFTHEP2011)014 pdf V. Aushev
SVD experiment: status and physics results
PoS(QFTHEP2011)015 file missing V. Popov
Recent results in QCD sum rule calculations of heavy meson properties
PoS(QFTHEP2011)016 pdf D. Melikhov
First CMS results from PbPb collisions at the LHC
PoS(QFTHEP2011)017 pdf I. Lokhtin
Status and results of the OPERA experiment
PoS(QFTHEP2011)018 pdf V. Tioukov
SUSY/Exotics searches in ATLAS
PoS(QFTHEP2011)019 file missing A. Miagkov
Recent Results from Belle
PoS(QFTHEP2011)021 file missing A. Bozek
Results from BaBar
PoS(QFTHEP2011)022 file missing L.A. Perez
The COMPASS experiment at CERN
PoS(QFTHEP2011)023 pdf O. Kouznetsov
Collider physics
CMS ridge effect at the LHC as a manifestation of Bremsstrahlung of gluons off quarks accelerated in a strong color field
PoS(QFTHEP2011)024 pdf B.A. Arbuzov
Dilepton excess from local parity breaking in baryon matter
PoS(QFTHEP2011)025 pdf X. Planells Noguera, A. Andrianov, V. Andrianov and D. Espriu
Study of the process of scalar top pairs production at ILC
PoS(QFTHEP2011)027 pdf A. Bartl, W. Majerotto, K. Moenig, A. Skachkova and N. Skachkov
Prompt photon production in the kt-factorization approach at modern colliders
PoS(QFTHEP2011)028 pdf M.A. Malyshev, A. Lipatov and N.P. Zotov
The double Dalitz decays of Bs-meson and new physics
PoS(QFTHEP2011)081 file missing N. Nikitin
Top quark at colliders
Hadron multiplicity induced by top quark decays at the LHC
PoS(QFTHEP2011)037 pdf attachments R. Ryutin
Technical aspects of the search for anomalous Wtb couplings
PoS(QFTHEP2011)077 file missing L. Dudko
Search for a single top quark production at CMS
PoS(QFTHEP2011)078 pdf A. Popov
Top quark in the SM and beyond
Top-pair production and decay at the NLC
PoS(QFTHEP2011)033 pdf V. Kuksa
Top quark pair production at linear collider in the minimal gauge extension of the SM
PoS(QFTHEP2011)034 pdf D. Vlasenko
Results of numerical simulations for unstable-particles pair production in modified perturbation theory in NNLO
PoS(QFTHEP2011)036 pdf M. Nekrasov
Higgs sector in the SM and beyond
Update on the CP-Violating Inert-Doublet Model
PoS(QFTHEP2011)067 pdf P. Osland, B. Grzadkowski, O.M. Ogreid, A. Pukhov and M. Purmohammadi
Higgs sector in supersymmetric models: masses and couplings
PoS(QFTHEP2011)068 pdf E. Rykova, M. Dolgopolov, M. Dubinin and I.R. Erofeev
Scenarios of Higgs bosons manifestation in the minimal gauge extension of the SM
PoS(QFTHEP2011)070 pdf V. Beylin
Self-energy corrections to the MSSM finite-temperature Higgs potential
PoS(QFTHEP2011)052 pdf M. Dolgopolov and M. Dubinin
Physics beyond the SM and Cosmology
The problem of domain walls and dark matter in MSSM
PoS(QFTHEP2011)061 file missing E. Petrova
Light inflaton in Bottom decays: a close look at the dawn of the Universe
PoS(QFTHEP2011)063 file missing D. Gorbunov
On the pre-inflationary dark sector fields influence on the cosmological perturbations
PoS(QFTHEP2011)062 pdf O. Panina and S.V. Chervon
SUSY Enhancement of Heavy Higgs Production
PoS(QFTHEP2011)066 pdf H. Tanyildizi, A.V. Bednyakov and D.I. Kazakov
A new mechanism of Higgs-radion mixing
PoS(QFTHEP2011)054 pdf I. Volobuev
The Isotopic Foldy-Wouthuysen Representation and Chiral Symmetry. The The Standard Model in the Isotopic Foldy-Wouthuysen Represetation without Higgs Bosons in the Fermion Sector
PoS(QFTHEP2011)053 pdf V. Neznamov
Linear approximation in Möller gravity
PoS(QFTHEP2011)079 pdf E. Rakhmetov and S. Keyzerov
Localization of scalar fields on branes with asymmetric geometries in the bulk
PoS(QFTHEP2011)080 pdf V. Andrianov and A. Andrianov
Gravity Theory
Stability of de Sitter Solutions in Non-local Cosmological Models
PoS(QFTHEP2011)038 pdf E. Elizalde, E. Pozdeeva and S.Y. Vernov
The geodesics analysis for off-central charged domain walls collision
PoS(QFTHEP2011)041 pdf I. Arefeva, A.A. Bagrov and E. Pozdeeva
The mass spectrum of four-dimensional modes in seven-dimensional Kaluza-Klein theory with a spontaneous compactification solution of Freund-Rubin type
PoS(QFTHEP2011)059 pdf S. Keizerov and E. Rakhmetov
Neutrino physics
Flavour puzzle or Why neutrinos are different?
PoS(QFTHEP2011)072 pdf M. Libanov
Quintessence, Neutrino Masses and Unification of the Dark Sector
PoS(QFTHEP2011)074 pdf G. Chitov
Chiral symmetry and form factors of neutrino-nucleon interactions
PoS(QFTHEP2011)075 pdf K. Kanshin and G. Vereshkov
The problem of quantization of lightcone QCD
PoS(QFTHEP2011)055 pdf A. Popov
Local-Duality QCD Sum Rules for Pion Elastic and (\pi^0,eta,eta')\rightarrow gamma gamma^* transition form factors revisited
PoS(QFTHEP2011)056 pdf I. Balakireva
Bjorken sum rule at four loops
PoS(QFTHEP2011)026 pdf O. Solovtsova
Bound states and hadron resonances
Non-perturbative renormalization scheme in application to chiral perturbation theory in the nucleon sector
PoS(QFTHEP2011)048 pdf N. Tsirova and J.F. Mathiot
Nucleon-to-resonance transition form factors in a vector-meson-dominance model
PoS(QFTHEP2011)049 pdf G. Vereshkov and N. Volchanskiy
CP-violation hypothesis and the relativistic electromagnetic structure of nucleons
PoS(QFTHEP2011)050 pdf attachments M.Y.e. Kudinov
Relativistic description of the double P-wave charmonium production in e+ e- annihilation
PoS(QFTHEP2011)051 pdf A. Trunin and A.P. Martynenko
Bc\rightarrow J/Psi (Bs, Bs+) + n pi decays
PoS(QFTHEP2011)076 pdf A. Berezhnoy, A.K. Likhoded and A.V. Luchinsky
Analytical and Numerical methods in QFT
Numerical approach to multi-loop integrals
PoS(QFTHEP2011)029 pdf K. Kato, E. de Doncker, N. Hamaguchi, T. Ishikawa, T. Koike, Y. Kurihara, Y. Shimizu and F. Yuasa
Novel mathematical aspects of Feynman integrals
PoS(QFTHEP2011)030 file missing O. Tarasov
No-go results for non-topological solitons in some types of gauge field theories
PoS(QFTHEP2011)032 pdf M. Smolyakov