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Gamma-Ray Bursts 2012 Conference

GRB 2012
May 7-11, 2012
Munich, Germany
published September 20, 2012
It is a pleasure to announce the next combined Fermi/Swift GRB conference covering recent advances in all aspects of gamma-ray burst observations and theory. This conference will be held in Munich, Germany, on 7-11 May 2012, and follows similar previous combined Fermi/Swift meetings in Huntsville (Oct. 2008) and Annapolis (Nov. 2010). Gamma-ray bursts are the most energetic explosions in the Universe and are thought to be the birth signatures of black holes. This is an exciting time in the GRB field as various missions provide a wealth of new data on this still puzzling phenomenon. The Fermi misson provides unprecedented spectral coverage over 7 decades in energy, and among others discovered new spectral components which challenge our standard picture of the prompt emission. The Swift mission continuous to swiftly monitor and locate GRBs in multiple wavebands, providing the basis for all ground-based follow-up observations towards redshift measurements and afterglow and host property investigations. AGILE, INTEGRAL, Suzaku and Konus continue to provide crucial information on GRB properties, and the MAXI mission provides an all sky X-ray monitoring of transients. There is also growing capability for follow-up observations by ground-based telescopes at basically all wavelengths. Besides the classical optical/infrared/radio observations, searches are underway for TeV emission, neutrinos and gravitational waves. Moreover, new experiments are expected to have returned first data, among others POGO on the prompt polarization properties, UFFO on very early optical emission, or ALMA on sub-millimeter properties. And last but not least, the unexpected is bringing us child-like astonishments at least once per year with a "GRB-trigger" which turns out to be not related to GRBs. Complementing all these new observational results, a huge theoretical effort is underway to understand the GRB phenomenon and keep up with the constant new puzzles coming from the data. This conference will bring together astrophysicists, neutrino physicists and gravitational wave scientists to discuss the latest data and theories, to build synergistic collaborations between the fields and across wavelengths, and beyond better understanding the GRB phenomenon to develop GRBs as a powerful probe of a variety of fundamental questions in present-day research.
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Session I: Recent results from Swift and Fermi
Session II: Prompt Emission
Session III: Afterglows
Session IV: GRBs as Probes of the Early Universe
Session V: Progenitors and Central Engine
Session VI: History and Future Instrumentation
Session VII: Grav. Waves, Neutrinos, Cosmic Rays and UHE Emission
Session VIII: Host Galaxies
PoS(GRB 2012)001 pdf J. Greiner
Session I: Recent results from Swift and Fermi
Welcome Remarks
PoS(GRB 2012)002 pdf J. Trumper
Swift: Status and Recent Results
PoS(GRB 2012)003 file missing J. Racusin
Fermi-LAT Recent Results on Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)004 pdf F. Piron
Scientific highlights from the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor
PoS(GRB 2012)005 file missing S. McBreen
Session II: Prompt Emission
The Fermi Era: Towards a better understanding of the GRB prompt emission
PoS(GRB 2012)006 file missing S. Guiriec
Rest-frame properties of GRBs observed by Fermi/GBM
PoS(GRB 2012)007 pdf D. Gruber
Bright High-Energy GRBs detected with Fermi GBM
PoS(GRB 2012)008 file missing E. Bissaldi
Prompt spectral properties of a complete sample of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)009 pdf L. Nava
Theory of the Gamma-ray Burst Prompt Emission
PoS(GRB 2012)010 pdf D. Lazzati
The Photosphere in Gamma-Ray Bursts: Lessons Learned from Fermi
PoS(GRB 2012)011 pdf F. Ryde
Photospheric Emission in Fermi Gamma Ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)012 pdf S. McGlynn
The High Energy Behavior of Gamma-ray Burst Spectra as Observed by Fermi GBM and LAT
PoS(GRB 2012)013 pdf P. Veres
The E$_\mathrm{p}$ - E$_{\rm iso}$ relation: intrinsic GRB property or/and selection effects?
PoS(GRB 2012)014 pdf R. Mochkovitch
GRBs have preferred jet opening angles and bulk Lorentz factors
PoS(GRB 2012)015 pdf G. Ghisellini
On the reliability of spectral-energy correlations in GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)016 file missing L. Amati
On The Lack of Time Dilation Signatures in Gamma-ray Burst Light Curves
PoS(GRB 2012)017 file missing D. Kocevski
Energy-dependent Spectral Lags of Fermi-GBM GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)018 file missing S. Foley
Study of emission mechanism of Gamma-Ray Bursts by the gamma-ray polarization with IKAROS-GAP
PoS(GRB 2012)019 pdf D. Yonetoku
Broadband observations of GRB110731A with Fermi, Swift, GROND and MOA
PoS(GRB 2012)020 pdf J. Bregeon
GRB observations at very high energies with the MAGIC telescopes
PoS(GRB 2012)021 file missing M. Garczarczyk
Multi-GeV lightcurves: possible hints for the emission mechanism
PoS(GRB 2012)022 pdf K. Asano
Searching For Low Energy Deviations In GRB Spectra With GBM
PoS(GRB 2012)023 file missing D. Tierney
Search for extended emission in Fermi/GBM GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)024 pdf G. Fitzpatrick
A Study of Gamma-Ray Bursts with extended emission observed with BATSE
PoS(GRB 2012)025 file missing Z.F. Bostanci
GRB Spectral Lags in The Source Frame: An Investigation of Fermi-GBM Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)026 pdf E. Sonbas
Long and short high energy components presented in GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)027 pdf N. Fraija
Radiation from shock-accelerated particles
PoS(GRB 2012)028 pdf K.I. Nishikawa
The IPN Supplement to the Fermi GBM 2-year Catalog
PoS(GRB 2012)029 file missing K. Hurley
The observation of Gamma Ray Bursts with AGILE
PoS(GRB 2012)030 file missing E. Del Monte
The Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog: Years Three & Four
PoS(GRB 2012)031 file missing A. von Kienlin
Variability Time Scales of GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)033 pdf G. MacLachlan
Average Power Density Spectrum of long GRBs in the Swift Era
PoS(GRB 2012)034 file missing S. Dichiara
GRBs in the comoving frame: interpreting the spectral-energy correlations
PoS(GRB 2012)035 pdf G. Ghirlanda
Untriggered Swift-GRBs in Fermi/GBM data
PoS(GRB 2012)036 pdf D. Gruber
Monte Carlo Simulation of Thermal Radiation from Relativistic Media
PoS(GRB 2012)037 pdf S. Shibata
Searching for galactic sources in the Swift GRB catalog
PoS(GRB 2012)038 pdf J.C. Tello
Boolean Factor Analysis of Swift GRB Data
PoS(GRB 2012)039 pdf Z. Bagoly
GRB 080407: an ultra-long burst discovered by the IPN
PoS(GRB 2012)040 pdf V. Pal'shin
Where is the photospheric emission in GRBs ?
PoS(GRB 2012)041 pdf R. Hascoet
The proto-black hole concept in GRB 101023 and its possible extension to GRB 110709B.
PoS(GRB 2012)042 pdf A.V. Penacchioni
Needs for a new GRB classification following the fireshell model: "genuine short", "disguised short" and "long" GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)043 pdf C.L. Bianco
Canonical GRBs: the long, the disguised short and the short, and their cosmic distances.
PoS(GRB 2012)044 file missing R. Ruffini
The Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Burst Spectral Catalog: The First Two Years
PoS(GRB 2012)045 file missing A. Goldstein
Classification of Fermi and Swift GRBs.
PoS(GRB 2012)046 pdf I. Horvath
Evidence for the observation of the first genuine short GRB and theoretical inference of its cosmological redshift.
PoS(GRB 2012)047 file missing M. Muccino
Curvature Effects in GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)048 pdf attachments E. Sonbas
Fermi-LAT Stacking Analysis of Swift-XRT Localized GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)049 file missing D. Kocevski
Evidence of Deterministic Components in the Apparent Randomness of GRBs: Clues of a Chaotic Dynamic
PoS(GRB 2012)050 file missing G. Greco
Background fitting of Fermi gamma-ray burst 091030613
PoS(GRB 2012)051 pdf D. Szécsi
Short X-ray Transients detected by MAXI/GSC
PoS(GRB 2012)052 file missing N. Kawai
Constraints on the optical precursor to the naked-eye burst GRB080319B from 'Pi of the Sky' observations
PoS(GRB 2012)053 pdf L.W. Piotrowski
Session III: Afterglows
Scaling Properties of Afterglow Radiation
PoS(GRB 2012)054 file missing A. MacFadyen
Multidimensional numerical simulations in the afterglow phase
PoS(GRB 2012)055 file missing A. Vlasis
Relativistic MHD Simulations of Magnetic Fields in Jets of GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)056 file missing G. Rocha da Silva
Simulations of GRB Jets in a Stratified External Medium
PoS(GRB 2012)057 pdf F. De Colle
Observational Aspects of Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows
PoS(GRB 2012)058 pdf T. Kruehler
Probing GRB afterglows with deep linear and circular polarimetry
PoS(GRB 2012)059 pdf K. Wiersema
An intrinsic correlation between GRB optical/UV afterglow brightness and decay rate
PoS(GRB 2012)060 pdf S. Oates
The prompt-afterglow connection in Gamma-Ray Bursts: a comprehensive statistical analysis of Swift X-ray light-curves
PoS(GRB 2012)061 file missing R. Margutti
Gamma-ray burst afterglows as probes of the ISM
PoS(GRB 2012)062 pdf P. Schady
Origin of the X-ray absorption in GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)063 file missing D. Watson
Short GRB Broad-band Afterglow Observations: Beaming, Densities and Energetics
PoS(GRB 2012)064 file missing W.f. Fong
Statistical Connection between the prompt and X-ray afterglow emission of Swift detected GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)065 pdf D. Grupe
Jet model fits to GRB light curves
PoS(GRB 2012)066 file missing D. Burrows
Afterglow emission in the context of an 'one-zone' radiation-acceleration model
PoS(GRB 2012)067 pdf M. Petropoulou
GRB100814A - a member of the growing set of bursts with sudden optical rebrightening
PoS(GRB 2012)068 pdf M. De Pasquale
Comparing the physical parameters of the intermediate and long GRB optical afterglows
PoS(GRB 2012)069 pdf J. Kóbori
A universal scaling for short and long gamma-ray bursts: $E_{\rm X,iso}$-$E_{\rm \gamma,iso}$-$E_{\rm pk}$
PoS(GRB 2012)070 pdf M.G. Bernardini
A complete sample of bright long GRBs discovered by Swift
PoS(GRB 2012)071 pdf G. Tagliaferri
The strong MgII absorbers mystery: a complete statistical sample
PoS(GRB 2012)072 file missing A. Cucchiara
Identifying the Location in the Host Galaxy from a Short GRB 111117A by the Chandra Sub-arcsecond Position
PoS(GRB 2012)073 pdf T. Sakamoto
The propagation of relativistic jets triggered by tidal disruption of stars in quiescent supermassive black holes
PoS(GRB 2012)074 file missing F. De Colle
Exploring the Nature of Gamma-ray Burst Shallow Decay
PoS(GRB 2012)075 pdf H. Kuiyun
Searching for late-time hard X-ray emission of Swift GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)076 pdf N. Ohmori
Energetic Fermi/LAT GRB100414A: Energetic and Correlations
PoS(GRB 2012)077 pdf H. Kuiyun
Optical Afterglows and IGM Attenuation
PoS(GRB 2012)078 pdf J. Japelj
Late-time observations of the X-ray afterglow of GRB 060729
PoS(GRB 2012)079 pdf D. Grupe
Session IV: GRBs as Probes of the Early Universe
High-redshift Gamma-ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)080 pdf N. Tanvir
Pulse spectral evolution of GRBs: implication as standard candle
PoS(GRB 2012)081 pdf R. Basak
Difficulties in using GRBs as Standard Candles
PoS(GRB 2012)082 pdf A. Goldstein
Galaxy counterparts of high-z sub-DLAs/DLAs towards GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)083 file missing S. Schulze
Gamma-ray Bursts as Probes of the First Stars
PoS(GRB 2012)084 pdf V. Bromm
Pop III GRBs: an estimative of the event rate for future surveys
PoS(GRB 2012)085 pdf R. S. de Souza
The long gamma-ray burst rate and the correlation with host galaxy properties
PoS(GRB 2012)086 pdf J. Elliott
Probing Cosmic Radiation Fields and Magnetic Fields in the Reionization Epoch with Hard X-rays and MeV-GeV Gamma Rays from High-z GRBs
PoS(GRB 2012)087 file missing S. Inoue
Search for properties of Gamma-Ray Bursts at known large redshifts
PoS(GRB 2012)089 file missing G. Pizzichini
The mystery of the missing GRB redshifts
PoS(GRB 2012)090 pdf D. Coward
A Significant Problem With Using the Amati Relation for cosmological Purposes
PoS(GRB 2012)091 file missing A.C. Collazzi
Clustering of galaxies near GRB afterglows
PoS(GRB 2012)092 file missing V. Sudilovsky
Probing the Cosmic Gamma-Ray Burst Rate in the Swift Era
PoS(GRB 2012)093 file missing A. Lien
Session V: Progenitors and Central Engine
The supernovae of gamma-ray bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)095 pdf D. Bersier
Collapsar and Magnetar Models for Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)096 pdf S. Nagataki
Binary Progenitors for Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)097 file missing P. Podsiadlowski
Breaks and flares in long gamma-ray bursts from massive binaries
PoS(GRB 2012)098 pdf R. Church
The multi-messenger picture of compact binary mergers
PoS(GRB 2012)099 file missing S. Rosswog
Energy injection in short GRBs and the role of magnetars
PoS(GRB 2012)100 pdf P. O'Brien
Model of the extended emission of short gamma-ray bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)101 file missing A. Pozanenko
GRB central engine, jet formation and propagation
PoS(GRB 2012)102 file missing E. Nakar
Constraints to the GRB central engine from jet penetrability to massive stars
PoS(GRB 2012)103 pdf H. Nagakura
Unveiling long lasting central engine activity with Optical-NIR afterglows
PoS(GRB 2012)104 pdf M. Nardini
Natal kicks of stellar-mass black holes
PoS(GRB 2012)106 pdf M. Davies
Chemical properties of long gamma-ray bursts progenitors in cosmological simulations
PoS(GRB 2012)107 pdf M.C. Artale
LGRBs beaming features and SNIb/c connection in the light of the Second Swift BAT Catalog
PoS(GRB 2012)108 pdf C. Kanaan
Late-time light curves of GRB associated supernovae
PoS(GRB 2012)109 file missing K. Misra
Late time X-ray emission from SN2010bh
PoS(GRB 2012)110 file missing R. Margutti
Mass transfer in compact binaries
PoS(GRB 2012)111 pdf A. Bobrick
Unusual Central Engine Activity in the Double Burst GRB 110709B
PoS(GRB 2012)112 file missing D. Burrows
Magnetorotational supernovae and gamma-ray bursts.
PoS(GRB 2012)113 file missing S. Moiseenko
Metallicity effects on the cosmic SNIb/c and GRB rates
PoS(GRB 2012)114 file missing V. Grieco
Session VI: History and Future Instrumentation
The Initial Gamma Ray Transient Studies
PoS(GRB 2012)115 pdf T. Cline
The History and Legacy of BATSE
PoS(GRB 2012)116 pdf G. Fishman
The Interplanetary Network Database
PoS(GRB 2012)117 pdf K. Hurley
Cosmic gamma-ray bursts studies with Ioffe Institute Konus experiments
PoS(GRB 2012)118 pdf R.L. Aptekar
GRB experiments on-board of "Lomonosov" satellite
PoS(GRB 2012)119 file missing A. Iyudin
Observing transients with LOFAR and AARTFAAC
PoS(GRB 2012)120 pdf A. Rowlinson
Hunting for Gamma Ray Bursts with Pi of the Sky telescopes in Chile and Spain
PoS(GRB 2012)121 pdf M. Siudek
The HAWC experiment and its sensitivity to gamma-ray bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)122 pdf D. Zaborov
The UFFO Pathfinder mission on Lomonosov for fast GRB X-ray and optical location
PoS(GRB 2012)123 file missing P. Connell
The Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory Program : Pathfinder and Beyond
PoS(GRB 2012)124 file missing B. Grossan
The investigation of Gamma Ray Bursts with the Large Observatory for x-ray Timing (LOFT)
PoS(GRB 2012)125 file missing E. Del Monte
Study of Saturn's Ring System Observed from National Observatory, Nepal
PoS(GRB 2012)126 file missing U.R. Shrestha
Session VII: Grav. Waves, Neutrinos, Cosmic Rays and UHE Emission
GRBs at Neutrino Telescopes
PoS(GRB 2012)127 pdf M. Ahlers
Neutrinos from GRBs, and the connection to gamma-ray observations
PoS(GRB 2012)128 pdf P. Baerwald
Gravitational Waves from Gamma-ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)129 file missing A. Corsi
The Swift short gamma-ray burst rate density: implications for detecting neutron star mergers by ALIGO
PoS(GRB 2012)130 pdf D. Coward
Hadronic processes as origin of TeV emission in Fanaroff & Riley Class I: Cen A, M87 and NGC1275
PoS(GRB 2012)131 pdf N. Fraija
Neutrinos and Gamma Rays from the First Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in the Universe
PoS(GRB 2012)132 file missing S. Inoue
Gamma Ray Burst Cosmology with Gravitational Waves
PoS(GRB 2012)133 file missing X. Deng
Recent IceCube Results from Searches for Transient Neutrino Sources
PoS(GRB 2012)135 pdf A. Homeier
Session VIII: Host Galaxies
TOUGH: Observational Aspects of Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies
PoS(GRB 2012)136 pdf J. Hjorth
Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies as Probes of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
PoS(GRB 2012)137 pdf E. Levesque
The Host Galaxies of Dust-Obscured Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)138 file missing D. Perley
The Italian-French X-shooter GRB host program: status and updates
PoS(GRB 2012)139 file missing S. Vergani
The host galaxies of short bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)140 file missing S. Klose
GRB 100206A: The first short GRB associated with recent star-formation?
PoS(GRB 2012)141 file missing D. Perley
The Redshift Distribution of the TOUGH sample
PoS(GRB 2012)142 pdf P. Jakobsson
The host galaxies of dark bursts
PoS(GRB 2012)143 pdf S. Klose