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Proceedings of the Corfu Summer Institute 2011

CORFU2011 - (other corfu conferences)
September 4-18, 2011
Corfu, Greece
published August 14, 2012
The Corfu Summer Institute meetings consist of a series of events aiming in the training of young researchers as well as the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration between experienced researchers in the research area of Elementary Particle Physics.
1st Summer School of ITN: Unification in the LHC Era
Workshop on Noncommutative Field Theory and Gravity
Workshop on Fields and Strings: Theory-Cosmology-Phenomenology
PoS(CORFU2011)107 pdf G. Zoupanos
1st Summer School of ITN: Unification in the LHC Era
Status of experimental searches (CMS)
PoS(CORFU2011)002 pdf A. De Roeck
One-loop adjoint masses for non-supersymmetric intersecting branes
PoS(CORFU2011)015 pdf P. Anastasopoulos, I. Antoniadis, K. Benakli, M.D. Goodsell and A. Vichi
Some aspects on the correlation between the K-symmetric and the pure spinor versions of the supermembrane in D=11
PoS(CORFU2011)016 pdf E.M. Babalic
Soft masses in SUSY SO(10) GUTs with low intermediate scales
PoS(CORFU2011)019 pdf V. De Romeri
Flavor corrections in the static potential in holographic QCD
PoS(CORFU2011)020 pdf D. Giataganas
Higgs pair production in the composite Higgs model
PoS(CORFU2011)021 pdf R. Groeber and M. Muehlleitner
The basis of dimension-six operators in the Standard Model
PoS(CORFU2011)022 pdf M. Iskrzynski
CMSSM with Yukawa quasi-unification
PoS(CORFU2011)023 pdf N. Karagiannakis, G. Lazarides and K. Pallis
Direct stau production at the LHC
PoS(CORFU2011)024 pdf J. Lindert, F.D. Steffen and M.K. Trenkel
String cosmology at finite temperature
PoS(CORFU2011)025 pdf L. Lihui
Constraints on minimal Z'models from SO(10) GUTs
PoS(CORFU2011)026 pdf P. Pacholek
Top quark forward-backward asymmetry at the Tevatron: the electroweak contribution
PoS(CORFU2011)027 pdf D. Pagani
Combining F-Term hybrid inflation with a Peccei-Quinn phase transition
PoS(CORFU2011)028 pdf K. Pallis
Light string states and their potential observation at LHC
PoS(CORFU2011)030 pdf R. Richter, P. Anastasopoulos and M. Bianchi
In SUSY with a U(2)3 flavour symmetry
PoS(CORFU2011)032 pdf F. Sala
Strong triple Higgs production at CLIC
PoS(CORFU2011)035 pdf A. Thamm
An isosinglet W'at the early LHC
PoS(CORFU2011)036 pdf R. Torre
The effective action of branes and mirror symmetry
PoS(CORFU2011)037 pdf D. Vieira Lopes
A Holographic Approach to non-relativistic logarithmic CFT's
PoS(CORFU2011)039 pdf W. Merbis
Workshop on Noncommutative Field Theory and Gravity
Renormalization of the Yang-Mills spectral action
PoS(CORFU2011)040 pdf W. van Suijlekom
Minimal length in quantum space and integration of the line element in noncommutative geometry
PoS(CORFU2011)042 pdf P. Martinetti and L. Tomassini
Quantum Nambu bracket in string theory
PoS(CORFU2011)043 pdf C.s. Chu
Classical and Quantum Lagrangian Field Theories with Boundary
PoS(CORFU2011)044 pdf A. Cattaneo, P. Minaev and N. Reshetikhin
Nambu sigma model
PoS(CORFU2011)045 pdf P. Schupp and B. Jurco
Quantization of 2-plectic manifolds
PoS(CORFU2011)046 pdf C. Saemann and R.J. Szabo
Orbifold matrix models and fuzzy extra dimensions
PoS(CORFU2011)047 pdf A. Chatzistavrakidis, G. Zoupanos and H. Steinacker
Gauge fixing in (2+1)-gravity with vanishing cosmological constant
PoS(CORFU2011)051 pdf C. Meusburger and T. Schönfeld
State sum models, induced gravity and the spectral action
PoS(CORFU2011)052 pdf J. Barrett
Noncommutative spectral geometry: A guided tour for theoretical physicists
PoS(CORFU2011)053 pdf M. Sakellariadou
From the Ehlers-Pirani-Schild analysis on the foundations of gravitational theories to extended theories of gravity and dark matter
PoS(CORFU2011)054 pdf M. Francaviglia and L. Fatibene
Bundles over quantum projective spaces
PoS(CORFU2011)055 pdf T. Brzezinski
Twist deformations of module homomorphisms and connections
PoS(CORFU2011)056 pdf A. Schenkel
The construction of 2-d Grosse-Wulkenhaar model
PoS(CORFU2011)057 pdf Z. Wang
Phase structures in fuzzy geometries
PoS(CORFU2011)058 pdf T. Govindarajan
Fuzzy spaces from tensor models, cyclicity condition, and n-ary algebras
PoS(CORFU2011)059 pdf N. Sasakura
Quantization of the symplectic groupoid
PoS(CORFU2011)060 pdf F. Bonechi, N. Ciccoli and M. Tarlini
Non-geometric fluxes and non-associative geometry
PoS(CORFU2011)061 pdf E. Plauschinn
The noncommutative Ward metric
PoS(CORFU2011)062 pdf M. Goffeng and O. Lechtenfeld
Riemannian Manifolds and Gauge Theory
PoS(CORFU2011)063 pdf H.S. Yang
Nahm transformation and boundary state in T^2
PoS(CORFU2011)065 pdf S. Watamura, T. Asakawa, U. Carow-Watamura and Y. Teshima
Workshop on Fields and Strings: Theory-Cosmology-Phenomenology
BPS saturated string amplitudes K3 elliptic genus and Igusa cusp form chi_{10}
PoS(CORFU2011)069 pdf S. Hohenegger
Sigma models and complex geometry
PoS(CORFU2011)070 pdf U. Lindstrom
New superconformal theories in six dimensions
PoS(CORFU2011)071 pdf H. Samtleben, E. Sezgin, R. Wimmer and L. Wulff
On stability and transport of holographic matter
PoS(CORFU2011)074 pdf S. Lin, M. Ammon, J. Erdmenger, S. Muller, A. O'Bannon and J. Shock
Vorticity in holographic fluids
PoS(CORFU2011)076 pdf M. Caldarelli, R.G. Leigh, A.C. Petkou, M. Petropoulos, V. Pozzoli and K. Siampos
Holographic superconductors at low temperatures
PoS(CORFU2011)078 pdf G. Siopsis
Towards brane-antibrane inflation in type II_A holographic MQCD model
PoS(CORFU2011)079 pdf J. Sonnenschein
Correlation function of null polygonal Wilson loop with local operator
PoS(CORFU2011)080 pdf A. Tseytlin
Anomalies, instantons and chiral symmetry breaking at a Lifshitz point
PoS(CORFU2011)081 pdf I. Bakas
Twisted Poisson structures and non-commutative/non-associative closed string geometry
PoS(CORFU2011)086 pdf D. Lüst
Mass hierarchies in string theory, holography and experimental signatures
PoS(CORFU2011)090 pdf I. Antoniadis
Green-Schwarz mechanism in heterotic 2,0 gauged linear sigma models
PoS(CORFU2011)093 pdf S. Groot Nibbelink
Vacuum selection in the hidden sector and gauge mediation
PoS(CORFU2011)094 pdf Z. Lalak
Aspects of F-theory model building
PoS(CORFU2011)095 pdf G.K. Leontaris
Heterotic Standard Models from smooth Calabi-Yau three-folds
PoS(CORFU2011)096 pdf A. Lukas, L. Anderson, J. Gray and E. Palti
T-duality of massive excited string states
PoS(CORFU2011)097 pdf J. Maharana
A ten-dimensional action for non-geometric fluxes
PoS(CORFU2011)099 pdf P. Patalong
Asymptotic safety and Higgsless scenario
PoS(CORFU2011)100 pdf R. Percacci and L. Rachwal
Top mass and classification of heterotic superstring vacua
PoS(CORFU2011)101 pdf I. Rizos
Thermal duality & non-singular superstring cosmology
PoS(CORFU2011)102 pdf H. Partouche
Dimensional Reduction of N=1, E_8 SYM over SU(3)/U(1) x U(1) x Z_3 and its four-dimensional effective action.
PoS(CORFU2011)105 pdf N. Irges, G. Zoupanos and G. Orfanidis
Higher Spins and Current Exchanges
PoS(CORFU2011)106 pdf A. Sagnotti