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VIII International Workshop on the Dark Side of the Universe

DSU 2012 - (other dsu conferences)
June 10-15, 2012
Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
published June 19, 2013
Recent observations suggest that about 95% of the Universe's energy lies in a dark sector. This sector is comprised of dark matter, a form of non-luminous matter, and dark energy whose origin and composition is unknown. Dark matter seems to make up 23% of the Universe and it possibly consists of new exotic particles that interact very weakly with ordinary matter. Dark energy, about 73% of the Universe, is responsible for a mysterious force that is speeding up its expansion. The origin and microscopic composition of dark matter and dark energy are outstanding fundamental problems in physics, and may possibly find a resolution in new theories pointing beyond the standard models of particle physics and cosmology. This prompts a strong connection between particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts from all around the world to discuss the latest advances in the theoretical, phenomenological and experimental aspects of the field.
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1 day
Precision Cosmology from large-scale structure observations
PoS(DSU 2012)061 pdf A. Sánchez
A Competitive Crossing Checking for the Hubble Constant
PoS(DSU 2012)001 file missing J.A. Sales Lima
Numerical simulations of galaxy formation
PoS(DSU 2012)002 file missing M. Steinmetz
When particle physics meets the dark Universe: current status of dark matter candidates
PoS(DSU 2012)003 pdf N. Fornengo
Should we still believe in constrained supersymmetry?
PoS(DSU 2012)004 pdf C. Balazs, A. Buckley, D. Carter, B. Farmer and M. White
Supersymmetric Dark Matter in Light of Recent LHC results
PoS(DSU 2012)005 pdf K. Olive
Observational Properties of Galaxies
PoS(DSU 2012)006 pdf C.J. Conselice
Last results of the MASS ASSEMBLY SURVEY with SINFONI in VVDS
PoS(DSU 2012)007 pdf V. Perret
Probing the Dark Side of the Universe with Gravitational Arcs: The Contribution from Wide-field Imaging Surveys
PoS(DSU 2012)008 file missing M. Makler
Axino mass
PoS(DSU 2012)009 pdf J.E. Kim
Hidden sector dark matter and Higgs physics
PoS(DSU 2012)010 pdf P. Ko
Dark matter and Higgs searches at LHC
PoS(DSU 2012)011 pdf Y. Mambrini
2 day
Dark Matter in galaxies: leads to its nature
PoS(DSU 2012)012 pdf P. Salucci
Dwarf spheroidal galaxies and dark matter
PoS(DSU 2012)013 pdf M. Blaña Díaz, M. Fellhauer and R. Smith
Constraints for dark matter local substructure properties from dynamic System-DM substructure interactions
PoS(DSU 2012)014 pdf A.X.G. Morales
MOND and universality of average surface densities in galaxies
PoS(DSU 2012)015 pdf G. Gentile
Observational Probes of Dark Energy
PoS(DSU 2012)016 pdf Y. Wang
SNIa analysis independent of dark energy models
PoS(DSU 2012)017 file missing A.C. Guimarães
Observational aspects of an inhomogeneous cosmology
PoS(DSU 2012)018 pdf C. Saulder, S. Mieske and W.W. Zeilinger
The limits of general relativity and how to test them
PoS(DSU 2012)019 file missing T. Sotiriou
Delta-gravity and Dark Energy
PoS(DSU 2012)020 pdf J. Alfaro
Elliptical galaxies kinematics within general relativity with renormalization group effects
PoS(DSU 2012)021 pdf D.C. Rodrigues, O.F. Piattella, J. Fabris and I.L. Shapiro
Determining the properties of Dark Matter halos from gravitational lensing measurements in galaxies clusters
PoS(DSU 2012)022 pdf L.J. Beraldo E Silva, M. Lima and L. Sodré Jr.
The CUSP/CORE problem from a 2D view
PoS(DSU 2012)023 pdf J.C.B. Pineda, C. Mendes de Oliveira, C.E. Barbosa, P. Amram and V. Perret
Dark Matter Phase Transition Constrained at O(0.1)eV with LSB Rotation Curves
PoS(DSU 2012)024 pdf J.H. Mastache De Los Santos
3 day
Heavy Majorana Neutrinos and Delta L=2 B and top decays in B factories
PoS(DSU 2012)025 pdf D. Delepine, G. Lopez Castro and N. Quintero
TIme-dependent Lepton asymmetry with Primordial Magnetic Fields
PoS(DSU 2012)026 pdf J. Barranco, R.O.G. Cota, D. Delepine and S. Khalil
Neutrino mass textures and lepton flavor violation with a determined $\theta_{13}
PoS(DSU 2012)027 pdf M.E. Gomez
Direct detection of fourth generation Majorana neutrino dark matter
PoS(DSU 2012)028 pdf Y.F. Zhou
The effects of quark interactions on the dark matter kinetic decoupling
PoS(DSU 2012)029 pdf K. Kadota
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
PoS(DSU 2012)030 file missing C. Bonifazi
The ANDES underground laboratory in South America
PoS(DSU 2012)031 file missing C. Bonifazi
Current status of the ANGRA project: monitoring nuclear reactors with antineutrino detectors
PoS(DSU 2012)032 file missing J. Anjos
The Pierre Auger Observatory latest results
PoS(DSU 2012)033 pdf H. Lyberis
The DOUBLE CHOOZ experiment
PoS(DSU 2012)034 pdf L.F.G. Gonzalez
Results from the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment
PoS(DSU 2012)035 pdf P. Ochoa
Prospects for resolving the neutrino mass hierarchy and theta-23 octant ambiguity, and observing leptonic CP violation in US experiments NOvA and LBNE.
PoS(DSU 2012)036 pdf C. Bromberg
KATRIN, an experiment for determination of the ν-mass: status and outlook
PoS(DSU 2012)037 pdf M. Sturm
4 day
Overview of Direct Detection Dark Matter Experiments
PoS(DSU 2012)038 pdf J. Cooley
Search for Dark Matter in the sky
PoS(DSU 2012)039 pdf A. Morselli
Results and Status of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) collaboration
PoS(DSU 2012)040 file missing P. Brink
The dark matter density at the Sun's location
PoS(DSU 2012)041 pdf F. Nesti and P. Salucci
Indirect dark matter search with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(DSU 2012)042 pdf G. Lambard
Limits on spin-dependent WIMP-proton cross-sections from the neutrino experiment of the Baksan Ungerground Scintillator Telescope
PoS(DSU 2012)043 pdf O. Suvorova, M. Boliev, S. Demidov and S. Mikheyev
Gamma ray signal from gravitationally boosted neutralinos at the galactic center
PoS(DSU 2012)044 pdf M. Cannoni
Searches for gamma-ray lines from \mu \nu SSM gravitino dark matter
PoS(DSU 2012)045 pdf C. Munoz
Direct Dark Matter and Axion Detection with CUORE CUORE Collaboration
PoS(DSU 2012)046 pdf C.G. Maiano
The XENON Dark Matter programme: from XENON100 to XENON1T
PoS(DSU 2012)047 pdf M. Alfonsi
Target complementarity for direct dark matter detection
PoS(DSU 2012)048 pdf D.G. Cerdeno
Black Holes and the Strong CP Problem
PoS(DSU 2012)049 pdf J. Swain
Simple vector WIMP dark matter
PoS(DSU 2012)050 pdf T. Abe, M. Kakizaki, S. Matsumoto and O. Seto
Dark energy cosmological models with observational H (z) data
PoS(DSU 2012)051 pdf A.M. Ribeiro
The mask effect in non-Gaussian analyses in CMB data
PoS(DSU 2012)052 file missing A. Bernui
Distance and internal dynamics of the Shapley Supercluster
PoS(DSU 2012)053 file missing C. Coral Cortés
Exact cosmological solutions of models with an interacting dark sector
PoS(DSU 2012)054 pdf E.G.M. Ferreira, A.B. Pavan, S. Micheletti, E. Abdalla and J.C.C. de Souza
Spiral Galaxies rotation curves with renormalization group effects to gravity
PoS(DSU 2012)055 pdf P.L.C. De Oliveira
5 day
The Planck Mission
PoS(DSU 2012)056 file missing K. Ganga
NumCosmo: Numerical Cosmology Library
PoS(DSU 2012)057 file missing M. Penna Lima
Isocurvature perturbations in dark radiation
PoS(DSU 2012)059 pdf E. Kawakami, M. Kawasaki, K. Miyamoto, K. Nakayama and T. Sekiguchi
Quantization of Cosmological Perturbations in a Quantum Background
PoS(DSU 2012)060 file missing S.D.P. Vitenti