PoS - Proceedings of Science

Xth Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum

Confinement X - (other confinement conferences)
8–12 October 2012
TUM Campus Garching, Munich, Germany
published May 21, 2013
This conference is the tenth in a series whose aim it is to bring together people working in QCD and strong-interaction dynamics. It will take place on the Garching campus of the Technische Universität München (Germany), starting with a welcome drink on Sunday 7th, and continuing with the scientific program and other social activities from 8 - 12 October 2012.

Editorial Board: Matthias Berwein, Nora Brambilla, Stephan Paul

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Plenary Sessions
Public Lecture
Section A: Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Section B: Light Quarks
Section C: Heavy Quarks
Section D: Deconfinement
Section E: QCD and New Physics
Section F: Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics
Section G: Strongly Coupled Theories
Poster Session
Plenary Sessions
Parton Distributions and Double Parton Scattering
PoS(Confinement X)001 file missing A. Manohar
Collider physics with Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
PoS(Confinement X)002 file missing T. Becher
Quarkonium production review
PoS(Confinement X)003 pdf K.T. Chao
Review of EFT treatment of quarkonium at finite temperature
PoS(Confinement X)004 pdf J. Ghiglieri
Review of light scalars: from hints to precision
PoS(Confinement X)019 pdf J.R. Peláez Sagredo
Heavy Quarks and Lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)006 file missing P. Lepage
Higgs Discovery: Impact on Composite Dynamics
PoS(Confinement X)007 file missing F. Sannino
Review of applications of ADS/CFT to heavy ion collisions
PoS(Confinement X)008 file missing J. Casalderrey-Solana
The gauge gravity duality
PoS(Confinement X)009 file missing J.M. Maldacena
Holographic QCD: Status and perspectives for the future
PoS(Confinement X)010 pdf S. Sugimoto
Review of LHC results: present highlights and future
PoS(Confinement X)011 pdf G. Dissertori
Round Table: Strongly Coupled Scenarios
PoS(Confinement X)012 file missing A. Pich
Review of low energy experiments in hadron physics: highlights and future
PoS(Confinement X)013 file missing U. Wiedner
Nuclear physics from QCD: state of the art and open challenges
PoS(Confinement X)014 pdf E. Epelbaum
Review of low-energy interaction of strange and charm hadrons with nucleons and nuclei
PoS(Confinement X)015 pdf L. Tolos
Review of nuclear physics results from EFTs and lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)016 pdf W. Detmold
Multi-messenger observations of neutron rich matter
PoS(Confinement X)017 pdf C. Horowitz
Round Table: What can compact stars really tell us about dense QCD matter
PoS(Confinement X)018 file missing A. Schmitt
Review of lattice results
PoS(Confinement X)021 pdf Z. Fodor
Light quarks and lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)020 file missing L. Lellouch
Review of X, Y, Z heavy exotics states from all experiments
PoS(Confinement X)005 file missing R. Mussa
Review of alpha_s determinations
PoS(Confinement X)022 pdf A. Pich
Low energy precision experiments to limit extensions of the SM
PoS(Confinement X)023 pdf T. Chupp
Round Table: Resolving Physics BSM at Low Energies
PoS(Confinement X)024 pdf S. Gardner, V. Cirigliano, P. Fierlinger, C. Fischer, K. Jansen, S. Paul, F.J. Llanes-Estrada, H.W. Lin and W.M. Snow
Hot QCD vs cosmology
PoS(Confinement X)025 pdf M. Laine
Review of Heavy Ion Results at LHC and RHIC – Recreating the Primordial Quark-Gluon Soup
PoS(Confinement X)026 file missing J. Harris
The Exploration of Hot QCD Matter: Theory Challenges and Perspectives
PoS(Confinement X)027 file missing B. Muller
Review of recent highlights in lattice calculations at finite temperature and finite density
PoS(Confinement X)028 pdf P. Petreczky
IPPOG report on Masterclasses - Bringing LHC data into the classroom
PoS(Confinement X)029 pdf P. Foka
Round Table on Quark-gluon plasma: What is it and how do we find out?
PoS(Confinement X)030 pdf P. Foka, P. Arnold, W. Florkowski, Z. Fodor, J. Harris, M. Lisa, H. Meyer, A. Milov, A. Mischke, B. Muller and D. Rischke
Beyond Confinement
PoS(Confinement X)031 pdf C. Quigg
Public Lecture
The colourful world of Quarks and Gluons Part I: The shaping of Quantum Chromodynamics
PoS(Confinement X)344 pdf G. Ecker
The colourful world of Quarks and Gluons Part II: The many facets of Quantum Chromodynamics
PoS(Confinement X)345 file missing T. Mannel
Section A: Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Bounds on free energy in QCD
PoS(Confinement X)032 pdf attachments A. Maas and D. Zwanziger
(Lattice) Propagators and Extraction of Spectral Densities
PoS(Confinement X)033 pdf D. Dudal, O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Local and global gauge-fixing
PoS(Confinement X)034 pdf A. Maas
On the foundation of the gluon chain
PoS(Confinement X)035 file missing A. Szczepaniak
Hamiltonian approach to QCD: The Polyakov loop potential
PoS(Confinement X)036 pdf H. Reinhardt
Effective Field Theory for Long Strings
PoS(Confinement X)037 pdf attachments M. Baker
Anomaly Inflow and Membrane Dynamics in QCD Vacuum
PoS(Confinement X)039 pdf C. Xiong and H. Thacker
The boundary action of the confining string and its universal contribution to the interquark potential
PoS(Confinement X)040 pdf F. Gliozzi
Lorentz completion of effective string action
PoS(Confinement X)041 pdf M. Meineri
Polyakov loop analysis with Dirac-mode expansion
PoS(Confinement X)053 pdf T. Iritani, S. Gongyo and H. Suganuma
Direct determination of strange and light quark condensates from full lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)042 pdf C. Davies, C. McNeile, A. Bazavov, R. Dowdall, K. Hornbostel, G.P. Lepage and H. Trottier
Alpha, Lambda and Gluon condensate: Precision sudies with dynamical charm
PoS(Confinement X)043 pdf K. Petrov, B. Blossier, P. Boucaud, M. Brinet, V. Morenas, O. Pene, J. Rodriguez-Quintero and F. De Soto
Tau spectral function moments: large-order behaviour and alpha_s
PoS(Confinement X)044 pdf D. Boito
The lattice gluon propagator in Landau gauge at zero and finite temperature
PoS(Confinement X)045 pdf P.J. Silva and O. Oliveira
Lattice QCD study for stringy excitation and role of IR/UV gluons
PoS(Confinement X)046 pdf H. Ueda, T.M. Doi, S. Fujibayashi, S. Tsutsui, T. Iritani and H. Suganuma
Confinement viewed with dimeron and dyon ensembles
PoS(Confinement X)047 file missing M. Muller-Preussker
Thermal monopoles in lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)048 pdf V. Bornyakov
First SU(3) lattice QCD study of the gluon propagator in maximally Abelian gauge: off-diagonal gluon mass generation and infrared Abelian dominance
PoS(Confinement X)050 pdf S. Gongyo, H. Suganuma and T. Iritani
Application of Ewald's Method for Efficient Summation of Dyon Long-Range Potentials
PoS(Confinement X)051 pdf B. Maier, F. Bruckmann, S. Dinter, E.M. Ilgenfritz, M. Muller-Preussker and M. Wagner
non-Abelian dual superconductivity and Gluon propagators in the deep IR region for SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(Confinement X)052 pdf A. Shibata
Testing the Yang-Mills vacuum wave functional Ansatz in 3+1 dimensions
PoS(Confinement X)054 pdf J. Greensite and S. Olejnik
The vacuum wave functional in three dimensions
PoS(Confinement X)055 pdf S. Krug and A.M. Pineda Ruiz
Physical unitarity of a massive Yang-Mills theory without the Higgs field from a viewpoint of confinement
PoS(Confinement X)056 pdf K.I. Kondo
Instability of Coulomb phase in QCD
PoS(Confinement X)057 pdf M. Asorey and A. Santagata
Confining gauge theories with adjoint scalars on R3 X S1
PoS(Confinement X)058 pdf H. Nishimura
Gauge invariant current and masses in 2D SU(N) Field Theory
PoS(Confinement X)059 pdf A. Koshelkin
On the Analytic Structure of Scalar Glueball Operators
PoS(Confinement X)060 pdf A. Windisch, M. Huber and R. Alkofer
The effect of an infrared divergent quark-antiquark interaction kernel on other Green functions
PoS(Confinement X)061 pdf R. Alkofer and M. Mitter
Going beyond the propagators of Landau gauge Yang-Mills theory
PoS(Confinement X)062 pdf M. Huber and L. von Smekal
Including four-gluon interactions into Landau / maximally-Abelian gauge Dyson-Schwinger studies
PoS(Confinement X)063 pdf V. Mader and R. Alkofer
Glueballs in Landau Gauge Yang-Mills theory from Dyson-Schwinger equations
PoS(Confinement X)064 pdf S. Strauss, C. Fischer, C. Kellermann and L. von Smekal
Meson Spectrum, Glueball Mass and QCD Effective Coupling within Infrared Confinement
PoS(Confinement X)065 pdf G. Ganbold
Effective spin models from the Yang-Mills action
PoS(Confinement X)066 pdf J. Greensite
Effective potential for Polyakov loops in SU(2) and SU(3) lattice gauge theory
PoS(Confinement X)067 file missing C. Gattringer
Lattice BRST without Neuberger 0/0 problem
PoS(Confinement X)068 pdf L. von Smekal
Temporal Wilson loop in the Hamiltonian approach in Coulomb gauge
PoS(Confinement X)069 pdf M. Quandt
Hamiltonian Dyson-Schwinger Equations of QCD
PoS(Confinement X)070 pdf D. Campagnari and H. Reinhardt
QCD in terms of gauge-invariant dynamical variables
PoS(Confinement X)071 pdf H.P. Pavel
Lifting the Gribov ambiguity in Yang-Mills theories
PoS(Confinement X)072 pdf J. Serreau
The Quark-Gluon Vertex in Landau gauge QCD
PoS(Confinement X)073 pdf M. Hopfer, A. Windisch and R. Alkofer
Another look at the Landau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators at low momentum
PoS(Confinement X)074 pdf A. Sternbeck and M. Muller-Preussker
Lattice Coulomb propagators, effective energy and confinement
PoS(Confinement X)075 pdf G. Burgio, M. Quandt, H. Reinhardt and M. Schröck
The effective gluon mass and its dynamical equation
PoS(Confinement X)076 pdf J. Papavassiliou and D. Ibanez
Wilson chiral perturbation theory, Wilson-Dirac operator eigenvalues and clover improvement
PoS(Confinement X)077 pdf U.M. Heller, P. Damgaard and K. Splittorff
Center Vortices and Topological Charge
PoS(Confinement X)078 pdf R. Höllwieser, T. Schweigler, M. Faber and U.M. Heller
Local Chirality and Chiral Symmetry Breaking
PoS(Confinement X)079 pdf I. Horvath and A. Alexandru
Chiral restoration of the momentum space quark propagator through Dirac low-mode truncation
PoS(Confinement X)080 pdf M. Schröck
Lattice QCD study of confinement and chiral symmetry breaking with Dirac-mode expansion
PoS(Confinement X)081 pdf H. Suganuma, S. Gongyo and T. Iritani
Quantum measurements and chiral magnetic effect
PoS(Confinement X)082 pdf V. Shevchenko
On electromagnetic superconductivity of QCD vacuum in very strong magnetic field
PoS(Confinement X)083 pdf V.V. Braguta, P. Buividovich, M. Chernodub, A.Y. Kotov and M.I. Polikarpov
Numerical study of the effect of electromagnetic interactions on the phase structure of monolayer graphene
PoS(Confinement X)084 pdf P. Buividovich
Topological and magnetic properties of the QCD vacuum probed by overlap fermions
PoS(Confinement X)085 pdf T. Kalaydzhyan, P. Buividovich, V. Braguta and M.I. Polikarpov
Dilaton vs Higgs: Nearly Conformal theory with confinement-like pattern
PoS(Confinement X)086 pdf G. Kozlov
From stretched horizon to observables of gluon plasma
PoS(Confinement X)087 pdf V.I. Zakharov
Section B: Light Quarks
Hadronic contributions to the muon g-2 in lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)088 file missing A. Juttner
The role of vector meson dominance and running masses in the hadronic contributions to the muon g-2
PoS(Confinement X)089 pdf C. Fischer
Nucleon Compton scattering in the Dyson-Schwinger approach
PoS(Confinement X)090 pdf G. Eichmann and C. Fischer
The sigma meson and its components in a functional approach
PoS(Confinement X)091 file missing R. Williams
Unquenching the infrared sector of QCD
PoS(Confinement X)092 pdf D. Binosi
Baryon Resonances in Photoproduction Experiments
PoS(Confinement X)093 pdf V. Crede
Nucleon Structure Overview
PoS(Confinement X)094 pdf T. Iwata
Nucleon structure from Lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)095 pdf S. Collins
Definition and log resummation of TMDPDF
PoS(Confinement X)096 pdf I. Scimemi
Lattice QCD investigation of nucleon transverse momentum-dependent parton distributions
PoS(Confinement X)097 pdf M. Engelhardt, B. Musch, P. Haegler, J. Negele and A. Schafer
alpha_s from tau decays
PoS(Confinement X)098 pdf M. Jamin
Gap and Bethe-Salpeter equations in Coulomb gauge
PoS(Confinement X)099 pdf P. Watson and H. Reinhardt
New results from the lattice on the theoretical inputs to the hadronic tau decay determination V_us
PoS(Confinement X)100 pdf K. Maltman, P.A. Boyle, L. Del Debbio, N. Garron, E. Kerrane, R. Hudspith and J. Zanotti
Delta and Omega electromagnetic form factors in a covariant three-body approach
PoS(Confinement X)101 pdf H. Sanchis Alepuz, R. Williams and R. Alkofer
Hadron mass effects in power corrections to Event Shapes
PoS(Confinement X)102 pdf V. Mateu, I.W. Stewart and J. Thaler
Nonperturbative results on the quark-gluon vertex
PoS(Confinement X)103 pdf A.C. Aguilar, D. Binosi, J.C. Cardona and J. Papavassiliou
Scalar Mesons at BESIII
PoS(Confinement X)104 pdf G. Xu
Hadron Spectroscopy in COMPASS
PoS(Confinement X)105 pdf B. Grube
The Search for Exotic Mesons in $\eta\pi^-$ from Photoproduction with CLAS
PoS(Confinement X)106 pdf D. Schott
Double Regge exchange phenomenology at Compass and Clas12
PoS(Confinement X)107 file missing V. Mathieu
Scalar mesons and tetraquarks by means of lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)108 pdf M. Wagner, C. Alexandrou, J. Daldrop, M. Dalla Brida, M. Gravina, L. Scorzato, C. Urbach and C. Wiese
Chiral dynamics in the mixed-regime
PoS(Confinement X)109 file missing G. Vulvert
Contribution of the charm quark to the \Delta I=1/2 rule
PoS(Confinement X)110 pdf E. Endress
Determination of SU(2) ChPT LECs from 2+1 flavor staggered lattice simulations
PoS(Confinement X)111 pdf E.E. Scholz, S. Borsanyi, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, S. Krieg, A. Schafer and K. Szabo
The electromagnetic form factor of the pion in two-flavour lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)112 pdf B. Brandt, A. Juttner and H. Wittig
Neutral Pion Decays into Two Photons from Lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)113 pdf H.W. Lin
A puzzle of the pi-gamma transition form factor - resolved?
PoS(Confinement X)114 pdf D. Melikhov, W. Lucha and I. Balakireva
A first prediction of the electromagnetic rare decays eta'\rightarrow pi0gammagamma and eta'\rightarrow etagammagamma
PoS(Confinement X)115 pdf R. Escribano
Dispersion relations for the S, P, D and F pi-pi amplitudes. Precise determination of the f0(600) and f0(980) parameters via dispersive analysis of the pi-pi data
PoS(Confinement X)116 pdf R. Kaminski
Mesons in perturbative and non-perturbative regions of QCD
PoS(Confinement X)117 pdf D. Parganlija, K. Peter, F. Giacosa, G. Wolf and D. Rischke
Decays of the pseudoscalar glueball into scalar and pseudoscalar mesons
PoS(Confinement X)118 pdf W.I. Eshraim and S. Janowski
ChiPT tests at NA62
PoS(Confinement X)119 pdf M. Raggi
Studies on Pion Dynamics at COMPASS
PoS(Confinement X)120 pdf J. Friedrich
Factorization of leading chiral logarithms in the pion form factors
PoS(Confinement X)121 pdf M. Procura
Low energy analysis of $\pi N$ scattering and the sigma term with Covariant Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(Confinement X)122 pdf M. Seidel
1/Nc - Chiral Perturbation Theory in the One-Baryon Sector
PoS(Confinement X)123 file missing A. Calle Cordon
The GlueX Experiment: Search for Gluonic Excitations via Photoproduction at Jefferson Lab
PoS(Confinement X)349 pdf P. Eugenio
Symmetries of hadrons and confinement after restoration of the chiral symmetry
PoS(Confinement X)124 file missing L. Glozman
Static properties of light baryons in different large-N limits
PoS(Confinement X)125 pdf C. Semay, F. Buisseret and N. Matagne
A closer look to the H dibaryon
PoS(Confinement X)126 pdf attachments T. Fernández Caramés and A. Valcarce
Correlation lengths of nonperturbative stochastic Yang-Mills fields
PoS(Confinement X)127 pdf D. Antonov and E.J. Ribeiro
AdS/QCD, Light-Front Holography, and Color Confinement
PoS(Confinement X)128 pdf S.J. Brodsky and G.F. de Téramond
Section C: Heavy Quarks
Production and spectroscopy of heavy flavor and quarkonia with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Confinement X)346 pdf C. Melachrinos
J/psi production in NLO NRQCD: A global analysis of yield and polarization
PoS(Confinement X)129 pdf M. Butenschoen and B. Kniehl
Order-v^4 relativistic corrections to gluon fragmentation into spin triplet S-wave quarkonium
PoS(Confinement X)130 pdf G. Bodwin, U.R. Kim and J. Lee
Recent BESIII results in charmonium physics
PoS(Confinement X)131 pdf Y. Wang
Some recent progresses on understanding double-quarkonium production at B factories
PoS(Confinement X)132 pdf H.R. Dong, F. Feng and Y. Jia
Endpoint Logarithms in e+e-\rightarrow J/psi + eta_c
PoS(Confinement X)133 pdf G. Bodwin, H.S. Chung and J. Lee
Radiative decays of charmonia on the lattice
PoS(Confinement X)134 pdf F. Sanfilippo and D. Becirevic
Electric dipole transitions in pNRQCD
PoS(Confinement X)135 pdf P. Pietrulewicz
Nonrelativistic effective field theory for meson-loop effects in heavy quarkonia
PoS(Confinement X)136 pdf F.K. Guo
Excited heavy-quark states and the heavy quark expansion
PoS(Confinement X)137 file missing N. Uraltsev
Lorentz invariance in heavy particle effective theories
PoS(Confinement X)138 file missing J. Heinonen
Excited D and Ds meson spectroscopy from lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)139 pdf G. Moir
Omega_bbb excited-state spectroscopy from lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)140 pdf S. Meinel
Charmed Baryon Spectroscopy on the lattice
PoS(Confinement X)141 pdf P. Pérez Rubio
Charmed Deuteron and Nuclei
PoS(Confinement X)142 pdf M. Oka, Y.r. Liu and W. Meguro
Lattice calculations of D_s to eta(') decay form factors
PoS(Confinement X)143 pdf I. Kanamori
SU(4)-flavor symmetry breaking in hadron-hadron couplings
PoS(Confinement X)144 pdf G. Krein
Semileptonic B decays
PoS(Confinement X)145 pdf G. Ricciardi
$b\to c$ semileptonic decay of triply heavy baryons and $c\to s,d$ semileptonic decays of ground-state $cb$ baryons
PoS(Confinement X)146 pdf C. Albertus-Torres, J.M. Flynn, E. Hernández Gajate and J. Nieves
SuperB project : physics potential and project status
PoS(Confinement X)147 file missing V. Santoro
Radiative improvement of the lattice NRQCD action with application to hyperfine splittings
PoS(Confinement X)148 pdf T. Hammant, A. Hart, G. von Hippel, R. Horgan and C. Monahan
Studies on X(4260) and X(4660) particles
PoS(Confinement X)149 pdf H. Zheng
Excited meson spectroscopy and scattering from lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)150 pdf C. Thomas
Spectrum of heavy and light mesons from a unified covariant treatment of hyperfine splitting.
PoS(Confinement X)151 pdf R. Giachetti and E. Sorace
Too many $X's$, $Y's$ and $Z's$?
PoS(Confinement X)152 pdf attachments T. Fernández Caramés, A. Valcarce and J. Vijande
Exotic and non-exotic ccbar spectroscopy at PANDA
PoS(Confinement X)153 file missing K. Peters
Recent Belle results in quarkonium physics
PoS(Confinement X)154 pdf R. Mizuk
Observation of etab(2S) in Upsilon(2S)\rightarrow gamma etab(2S), etab(2S)\rightarrow hadrons, and Confirmation of etab(1S)
PoS(Confinement X)155 pdf K. Seth
Inclusive tau lepton decay: the effects due to hadronization
PoS(Confinement X)350 pdf A. Nesterenko
Heavy quark spin structure in Z_b resonances
PoS(Confinement X)156 pdf R. Mizuk
Recent results from QCD sum rule analyses based on the maximum entropy method
PoS(Confinement X)157 pdf P. Gubler, K. Ohtani and M. Oka
Determination of alpha_s from the QCD static energy
PoS(Confinement X)158 pdf X. Garcia Tormo
Compelling evidence of renormalons in QCD from high order perturbative expansions
PoS(Confinement X)159 file missing C. Bauer
The Symmetries of the Three Heavy Quark Bound State and the Singlet Static Energy
PoS(Confinement X)160 pdf F. Karbstein
Relativistic corrections to the quark-antiquark potential from the effective string theory
PoS(Confinement X)161 pdf H. Martinez
A new determination of the mass of the c quark from non-analytic reconstruction
PoS(Confinement X)162 pdf D. Greynat and P. Masjuan
Towards a fully controlled lattice computation of m_c/m_s and m_c
PoS(Confinement X)163 file missing S. Durr
Bottom mass from nonrelativistic sum rules at NNLL
PoS(Confinement X)164 pdf M. Stahlhofen
Section D: Deconfinement
Decade of hydrodynamics - what have we learnt?
PoS(Confinement X)165 pdf P. Huovinen
Anisotropic flow measurement with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)166 file missing I. Selyuzhenkov
Dissipative hydrodynamic evolution of hot quark matter at finite baryon density
PoS(Confinement X)168 pdf A. Monnai
Influence of Jets on Anisotropic Flow in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(Confinement X)169 pdf L. Bravina
High-pT processes measured with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)170 pdf J.T. Otwinowski
Quark and Gluon jet identification in pp collisions at LHC energies
PoS(Confinement X)171 pdf S. Pochybova
Jet Tomography as a Probe of Fluctuating Initial Conditions and Jet-Medium Coupling in Heavy-Ion Collisions
PoS(Confinement X)172 pdf B. Betz
Gauge invariant definition of the jet quenching parameter \hat{q}
PoS(Confinement X)173 file missing M. Benzke
The deconfinement phase transition in the Hamiltonian approach to Yang–Mills theory in Coulomb gauge
PoS(Confinement X)178 pdf H. Reinhardt, D. Campagnari and J. Heffner
Effective gluon potential and Yang-Mills thermodynamics
PoS(Confinement X)179 pdf C. Sasaki
Confinement from Correlation Functions
PoS(Confinement X)180 pdf L. Fister and J.M. Pawlowski
Center-symmetric effective theory for two-color QCD at high and moderate temperature
PoS(Confinement X)181 pdf T. Brauner
Thermalization in collisions of large nuclei at high energies
PoS(Confinement X)174 pdf A. Kurkela
Parton's Energy Loss in Unstable Plasmas
PoS(Confinement X)175 pdf attachments K. Deja
Longitudinal thermalization via the chromo-Weibel instability
PoS(Confinement X)176 pdf M. Attems, A. Rebhan and M. Strickland
Gluon saturation and final states
PoS(Confinement X)177 pdf K. Kutak
Photonuclear vector meson production in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions studied by the ALICE experiment at the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)199 pdf J. Nystrand
Hadronic resonances in heavy ion collisions
PoS(Confinement X)182 file missing C. Markert
Measurement of light flavor hadrons and anti-nuclei with ALICE
PoS(Confinement X)183 file missing A.P. Kalweit
Highlights on particle production in Pb-Pb collisions from the ALICE experiment
PoS(Confinement X)184 file missing F. Bellini
Lattice QCD results of the electrical conductivity and thermal dilepton rate in the QGP
PoS(Confinement X)185 pdf M. Mueller, H. Ding, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, S. Mukherjee and W. Soeldner
Two-flavour lattice QCD correlation functions in the deconfinement transition region
PoS(Confinement X)186 pdf A. Francis, B. Brandt, H. Meyer and H. Wittig
QCD bulk thermodynamics and conserved charge fluctuations with HISQ fermions
PoS(Confinement X)187 pdf C. Schmidt
Lattice QCD thermodynamics: from staggered to overlap
PoS(Confinement X)188 file missing S. Borsanyi
Quark number susceptibilities at intermediate coupling
PoS(Confinement X)189 pdf N. Su
Pion masses and chiral scalar susceptibilities at finite temperature in SU(2) ChPT
PoS(Confinement X)190 pdf attachments R. Torres and Á. Gómez Nicola
Bulk and scalar spectral densities in weakly and strongly coupled Yang-Mills theory
PoS(Confinement X)191 pdf A. Vuorinen, M. Krssak and Y. Zhu
The QCD transition in external magnetic fields
PoS(Confinement X)197 pdf G. Bali, F. Bruckmann, M. Constantinou, M. Costa, G. Endrodi, Z. Fodor, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, H. Panagopoulos, A. Schafer and K. Szabo
Magnetic susceptibility of the QCD condensate at zero and at finite temperature from the lattice
PoS(Confinement X)198 pdf G. Endrodi
Electrical conductivity of quark matter at finite T
PoS(Confinement X)200 pdf S.i. Nam
Thermal modifcation of bottomonium spectral functions from QCD sum rules with the maximum entropy method
PoS(Confinement X)192 pdf K. Suzuki
A renewed look at eta' in medium
PoS(Confinement X)193 pdf Y. Kwon
Center Phase Transition from Fundamentally Charged Matter Propagators
PoS(Confinement X)195 pdf M. Mitter, M. Hopfer, B.J. Schaefer and R. Alkofer
Characterization of the pure-glue phase transition in QCD : Inclusion of the 2-body interactions thanks to the T-matrix formalism.
PoS(Confinement X)196 pdf G. Lacroix, F. Buisseret, D. Cabrera and C. Semay
Overview on heavy flavour measurements in lead-lead collisions at CERN-LHC
PoS(Confinement X)202 pdf A. Mischke
Heavy Flavor and Quarkonium Production at RHIC and the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)203 pdf R. Vogt
Heavy quarkonium dissociation at finite temperature with effective field theories
PoS(Confinement X)204 pdf M.A. Escobedo
The Beam Energy Scan at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
PoS(Confinement X)205 pdf D. Keane
Directed flow measurement in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)206 file missing G. Eyyubova
Energy dependence of identified hadron spectra and event-by-event fluctuations in p+p interactions from NA61/SHINE at the CERN SPS
PoS(Confinement X)207 pdf M. Rybczynski
Identified hadron multiplicity fluctuations at the CERN SPS
PoS(Confinement X)208 file missing A. Rustamov
Heavy-ion physics at high-intensity frontier: the CBM experiment
PoS(Confinement X)209 file missing V. Friese
Heavy-flavor measurements with the ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC
PoS(Confinement X)210 file missing R. Averbeck
Measurements of inclusive J/ψ production in Pb-Pb collisions at \sqrt s_{NN} = 2.76 TeV with the ALICE experiment
PoS(Confinement X)211 pdf A. Maire
Bottomonium from lattice nonrelativistic QCD as a probe of the QGP
PoS(Confinement X)212 file missing S. Ryan
Ultraviolet divergences in the cyclic Wilson loop and their renormalization
PoS(Confinement X)213 pdf M. Berwein
Thermodynamics and transport coefficients from QCD correlation functions
PoS(Confinement X)214 file missing J.M. Pawlowski
QCD thermodynamics of effective models with an improved Polyakov-loop potential
PoS(Confinement X)215 pdf R. Stiele, L.M. Haas, J. Braun, J.M. Pawlowski and J. Schaffner-Bielich
Polyakov loop and QCD thermodynamics from the Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators
PoS(Confinement X)216 pdf K. Kashiwa
Physics Prospects at FAIR
PoS(Confinement X)217 pdf M. Bleicher and C. Herold
Hot and cold QCD at finite density from an effective lattice theory
PoS(Confinement X)218 pdf O. Philipsen, J. Langelage, M. Neuman and S. Lottini
A Non-AdS/CFT bound on eta/s
PoS(Confinement X)219 file missing P. Romatschke
Upsilon suppression in heavy-ion collisions at LHC energies
PoS(Confinement X)220 pdf G. Wolschin and F. Nendzig
Anisotropic hydrodynamics - basic concepts
PoS(Confinement X)221 pdf W. Florkowski, M. Martinez, R. Ryblewski and M. Strickland
A condensed matter approach at the femtometer scale
PoS(Confinement X)222 file missing M. Lisa
Heavy ion results from the ATLAS experiment
PoS(Confinement X)223 file missing A. Milov
Section E: QCD and New Physics
Review of Recent Theoretical Developments in Higgs Physics
PoS(Confinement X)224 pdf R. Boughezal
Hadronic top quark pair production: precision calculations
PoS(Confinement X)225 pdf M. Beneke, P. Falgari, C. Schwinn, S. Klein, J. Piclum, M. Ubiali and F. Yan
Search for resonances in top anti-top pairs with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Confinement X)226 pdf J. Erdmann
PDF uncertainties at large x and gauge boson production
PoS(Confinement X)227 pdf A. Accardi
Searches for 4th generation and vector-like quarks with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Confinement X)228 pdf L. Gauthier
The Proton Radius Puzzle - A Challenge To All Of Us
PoS(Confinement X)233 pdf G. Miller
Probing non-standard charged current interactions: from beta decays to the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)229 file missing V. Cirigliano
Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering and Muon g-2
PoS(Confinement X)230 file missing M. Ramsey-Musolf
The role of vector meson dominance and running masses in the hadronic contributions to the muon g-2
PoS(Confinement X)231 pdf T. Göcke
Model independent analysis of proton structure for hydrogenic bound states
PoS(Confinement X)234 file missing R. Hill
Dispersion gamma-Z correction to parity-violating electron scattering
PoS(Confinement X)235 pdf M. Gorshteyn, C. Horowitz and M. Ramsey-Musolf
Non-perturbative QCD effects in $\eta_b$ decays into baryons and WIMP scattering off nuclei
PoS(Confinement X)236 pdf M. Sanchis-Lozano
Universal behavior in the scattering of heavy, weakly interacting dark matter on nuclear targets
PoS(Confinement X)237 file missing M. Solon
Measurement of the strong coupling alpha_s from the three-jet rate in e+e- -annihilation using JADE data
PoS(Confinement X)232 pdf J. Schieck
Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron
PoS(Confinement X)348 pdf E. Shintani
Reevaluation of Neutron Electric Dipole Moment with QCD Sum Rules
PoS(Confinement X)238 pdf J. Hisano
EDMs of the nucleon and light nuclei in Chiral Effective Theory
PoS(Confinement X)239 pdf E. Mereghetti
Precision tools in hadron physics for Dalitz plot studies
PoS(Confinement X)240 pdf B. Kubis
Flavour physics from lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)241 pdf E. Gamiz
Heavy flavored probes of new physics with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Confinement X)242 pdf K. Karakostas
High precision measurement of the form factors of the semileptonic decays K+-\rightarrow pi0 l+- nu (Kl3) in NA48
PoS(Confinement X)243 pdf G. Lamanna
Testing the SM in B\rightarrow D tau nu decay with minimal theory input
PoS(Confinement X)244 pdf D. Becirevic, N. Kosnik and A. Tayduganov
Section F: Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics
Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering and Large Nc QCD
PoS(Confinement X)246 pdf B. Gelman
The Nucleon-Nucleon Cross Section At Large Nc
PoS(Confinement X)247 file missing T.D. Cohen
Thermal production rate of non relativistic Majorana neutrinos with an effective field theory framework
PoS(Confinement X)248 pdf S. Biondini
Nonlocal PNJL models and quark matter in compact stars
PoS(Confinement X)249 pdf D. Blaschke, D.E. Alvarez Castillo, S. Benic, G. Contrera and R. Łastowiecki
Inhomogeneous condensates in the parity doublet model
PoS(Confinement X)250 pdf A. Heinz
Two solar-mass compact stars: structure, composition, and cooling
PoS(Confinement X)251 pdf A. Sedrakian
Nuclear physics from first principles: a status report
PoS(Confinement X)252 file missing S. Beane
Neutron rich hypernuclei in chiral soliton model
PoS(Confinement X)253 pdf V. Kopeliovich
High precision mass measurements of hypernuclei - achievements and perspectives
PoS(Confinement X)254 pdf J. Pochodzalla
Constraints on the quark matter equation of state from astrophysical observations
PoS(Confinement X)255 pdf F. Burgio, H. Chen, H.J. Schulze and G. Taranto
Quark Superfluidity in the two-fluid formalism
PoS(Confinement X)256 pdf M. Alford, S.K. Mallavarapu, S. Stetina and A. Schmitt
Polarization in low-density neutron matter
PoS(Confinement X)257 pdf A. Gezerlis and R. Sharma
R-mode spindown of young pulsars
PoS(Confinement X)258 pdf K. Schwenzer and M. Alford
The Hottest Superfluid and Superconductor in the Universe: Discovery and Nuclear Physics Implications
PoS(Confinement X)260 pdf W.C.G. Ho, N. Andersson, C.M. Espinoza, K. Glampedakis, B. Haskell and C.O. Heinke
Trapped phonons
PoS(Confinement X)261 pdf M. Mannarelli
Section G: Strongly Coupled Theories
Chiral magnetic effect and holography
PoS(Confinement X)262 pdf I. Kirsch and T. Kalaydzhyan
Inverse magnetic catalysis in dense matter
PoS(Confinement X)263 file missing F. Preis
Anomalous AVV vertex function in the soft-wall holographic model of QCD
PoS(Confinement X)264 pdf F. De Fazio
Holography, chiral Lagrangian and form factor relations
PoS(Confinement X)265 pdf F. Zuo
Transport in Anisotropic Superfluids: A Holographic Description
PoS(Confinement X)267 pdf H. Zeller, J. Erdmenger, D. Fernández and P. Kerner
Holographic Superfluidity from a Magnetic Field
PoS(Confinement X)268 pdf Y.Y. Bu, J. Erdmenger, J. Shock and M. Strydom
Effects of electron-electron interactions in suspended graphene
PoS(Confinement X)269 pdf C. Popovici, C. Fischer and L. von Smekal
Applications of Holography to Strongly Coupled Plasmas
PoS(Confinement X)270 pdf K. Schade and C. Ewerz
Conformal or confining -- results from lattice gauge theory for higher-representation gauge theories
PoS(Confinement X)271 pdf B. Svetitsky
Carving Out the Space of Conformal Field Theories
PoS(Confinement X)272 file missing D. Poland
Solving Conformal Field Theories with Bootstrap
PoS(Confinement X)273 file missing A. Vichi
Phases of many flavors QCD: lattice results
PoS(Confinement X)274 pdf M.P. Lombardo
Signals for Strong Dynamics at the LHC
PoS(Confinement X)275 file missing E. Eichten
Constraining the Higgs boson mass: a non-perturbative lattice study
PoS(Confinement X)276 pdf K. Jansen
Confinement in large N gauge theories
PoS(Confinement X)277 pdf A. Gonzalez-Arroyo and M. Okawa
Meson spectrum in large N QCD
PoS(Confinement X)278 pdf G. Bali, L. Castagnini, S. Collins, F. Bursa, L. Del Debbio, B. Lucini and M. Panero
Conformality in many-flavor strongly coupled lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)279 file missing P. de Forcrand
Electroweak symmetry breaking by strongly-coupled dynamics: an effective field theory approach
PoS(Confinement X)280 pdf O. Cata
Poster Session
Soft wall model with arbitrary intercept
PoS(Confinement X)281 pdf S. Afonin
The non-perturbative BRST quartet mechanism in Landau gauge QCD: Ghost-gluon and ghost-quark bound states
PoS(Confinement X)282 pdf N. Alkofer and R. Alkofer
Perspectives of the Study of Charmonium and Exotics in Experiments Using Antiproton Beam with Momentum Ranging from 1 to 15 GeV/c
PoS(Confinement X)284 pdf attachments M. Barabanov
On the continuum limit of Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators in SU(2) lattice gauge gluodynamics
PoS(Confinement X)285 pdf I.L.v. Bogolubsky
Precision tests of the $J/\psi$ from full lattice QCD: mass, leptonic width and radiative decay rate to $\eta_c$
PoS(Confinement X)288 pdf C. Davies, G. Donald, R. Dowdall, J. Koponen, E. Follana, K. Hornbostel, G.P. Lepage and C. McNeile
Hadron electromagnetic form factors in time-like region
PoS(Confinement X)289 pdf A. Dbeyssi
A decompostion for SU(2) Yang-Mills fields
PoS(Confinement X)290 pdf S. Deldar and A. Mohamadnejad
Interaction between vortices in CFL phase
PoS(Confinement X)292 pdf S. Deldar and H. Lookzadeh
Two-flavor Color Superconductivity at Finite Temperature, Chemical Potential and in The Presence of Strong Magnetic Fields
PoS(Confinement X)294 pdf S. Fayazbakhsh and N. Sadooghi
$D^*N$ and $B^*N$ molecules: the $\Lambda_c(2940)^+$ and the possible existence of the $\Lambda_b(6248)^+$
PoS(Confinement X)295 pdf P. Garcia Ortega, D. Rodríguez Entem and F. Fernández González
Running of the 3P0 strength in heavy meson strong decays
PoS(Confinement X)296 pdf F. Fernández González
Exotic hadron holography from anomalous dimensions
PoS(Confinement X)297 pdf H. Forkel
The Lambda parameter and strange quark mass in two-flavor QCD
PoS(Confinement X)347 pdf P. Fritzsch
Brief report on the extended Linear Sigma Model
PoS(Confinement X)299 pdf A. Habersetzer
Large order behavior of Wilson loops from NSPT
PoS(Confinement X)301 pdf E.M. Ilgenfritz
Chiral Superfluidity for the Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(Confinement X)302 pdf T. Kalaydzhyan
Strange and charm meson masses from twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(Confinement X)303 pdf M. Kalinowski and M. Wagner
Effective strange quark (antiquark) masses from the chiral soliton model for exotic baryons
PoS(Confinement X)305 pdf V. Kopeliovich
Quantized Multiskyrmions as Possible Nuclear Bound States of Antikaons
PoS(Confinement X)306 pdf V. Kopeliovich and I. Potashnikova
In search of the box anomaly by studying the decay eta\rightarrow pi+pi-gamma
PoS(Confinement X)352 pdf D. Lersch
Pseudoscalar-Meson Form Factors: A Fresh Look by QCD Sum Rules
PoS(Confinement X)310 pdf I. Balakireva, W. Lucha and D. Melikhov
Witten parameter in pure gauge SU(2) theory
PoS(Confinement X)313 pdf A. Molochkov and V.A. Goy
Heavy quarkonium production in the Regge limit of QCD: from Tevatron to LHC
PoS(Confinement X)314 pdf V.A. Saleev, M. Nefedov and A. Shipilova
Upsilon suppression in PbPb collisions at LHC energies
PoS(Confinement X)315 pdf F. Nendzig and G. Wolschin
Mass dependence of the deconfinement and chiral restoration critical temperatures in nonlocal SU(2) PNJL models
PoS(Confinement X)354 pdf V. Pagura, D.D.A. Gomez and N. Scoccola
Excited state systematics in extracting nucleon electromagnetic form factors from the lattice
PoS(Confinement X)321 pdf T. Rae, S. Capitani, M.D. Morte, B. Jaeger, B. Knippschild, H. Meyer, H. Wittig and G. von Hippel
Chiral Vortical Effect in Superfluid
PoS(Confinement X)324 pdf A. Sadofyev and V. Kirilin
Lattice study of the gluon plasma in the center vortex picture
PoS(Confinement X)337 pdf T. Saito
Moving Heavy Quarks and Mesons at Finite Chemical Potential in Gauge/Gravity Duality
PoS(Confinement X)355 pdf A. Samberg, C. Ewerz and K. Schade
Status of $\psi (3686)$, $\psi (4040)$, $\psi (4160)$, $Y (4260)$, $\psi (4415)$ and $X (4630)$ charmonia like states
PoS(Confinement X)329 pdf attachments M. Shah, K. Thakkar, A. Parmar and P.C. Vinodkumar
Lattice caclulation of neutron and proton EDM in full QCD
PoS(Confinement X)330 pdf E. Shintani
b-jet production via Reggeized gluon fusion at Tevatron and LHC
PoS(Confinement X)331 pdf V.A. Saleev and A. Shipilova
Landau gauge fixing on the lattice using GPU's
PoS(Confinement X)336 pdf P.J. Silva, O. Oliveira, P. Bicudo and N. Cardoso
The QCD Phase Transition at finite Isospin
PoS(Confinement X)333 pdf R. Stiele and J. Schaffner-Bielich
Thermal modifications of the heavy axial vector mesons properties
PoS(Confinement X)339 pdf attachments E. Veli Veliev, K. Azizi, H. Sundu and G. Kaya
Definitions of a static SU(2) color triplet potential
PoS(Confinement X)340 pdf M. Wagner and O. Philipsen
Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Confinement X)343 pdf S. Zimmermann