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Proceedings of the Corfu Summer Institute 2012

Corfu2012 - (other corfu conferences)
September 8-27, 2012
Corfu, Greece
published August 08, 2013
Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
TR33 - Summer Institute: Particles and the Universe
XVIII European Workshop on String Theory
PoS(Corfu2012)132 pdf G. Zoupanos
Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
A Brief Course in Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking II. Modern Times: The BEH Mechanism
PoS(Corfu2012)131 pdf F. Englert
Latest highlights from the ATLAS experiment
PoS(Corfu2012)016 pdf P. Wells
QCD in 2012
PoS(Corfu2012)002 pdf G. Altarelli
Reduction at the integrand level beyond NLO
PoS(Corfu2012)019 pdf C. Papadopoulos
Quantum field theory in four dimensions
PoS(Corfu2012)023 pdf R. Pittau
Minimal Flavour Violation with two Higgs Doublets
PoS(Corfu2012)024 pdf M.N. Rebelo and G.C. Branco
Neutrino Mass and the LHC
PoS(Corfu2012)025 pdf M. Nemevsek
Neutrinoless double b decay with small neutrino masses
PoS(Corfu2012)028 pdf F. del Aguila, A. Aparici, S. Bhattacharya, A. Santamaria and J. Wudka
Constraining the 2HDM and identifying benchmarks
PoS(Corfu2012)029 pdf L. Basso, A. Lipniacka, F. Mahmoudi, S. Moretti, P. Osland, G.M. Pruna and M. Purmohammadi
A new approach to Naturalness in SUSY models
PoS(Corfu2012)034 pdf D. Ghilencea
Methods for evaluating physical processes in strong external fields at e+e? colliders: Furry picture and quasi-classical approach
PoS(Corfu2012)039 pdf S. Porto, A. Hartin and G. Moortgat-Pick
B Physics with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Corfu2012)040 pdf C. Tsarouchas
Search for new physics with same-sign isolated dilepton events in CMS
PoS(Corfu2012)041 pdf A. Spiezia
Lepton Masses and Flavour Violation in Randall Sundrum Model
PoS(Corfu2012)042 pdf A. Iyer
The International Linear Collider ILC
PoS(Corfu2012)013 pdf K. Buesser
TR33 - Summer Institute: Particles and the Universe
A new road to massive gravity?
PoS(Corfu2012)053 pdf E. Bergshoeff, M. Kovacevic, L. Parra and T. Zojer
Probing dark matter with monojets at the LHC
PoS(Corfu2012)058 pdf J. Gramling
Hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters in dark energy cosmologies
PoS(Corfu2012)059 pdf C. de Boni
Higgs portal dark matter and the LHC
PoS(Corfu2012)060 pdf O. Lebedev
Models of non-minimal chaotic inflation in supergravity
PoS(Corfu2012)061 pdf K. Pallis
PoS(Corfu2012)062 pdf E. Erfani
Cosmological models with multiple dark matter species and long-range scalar interactions
PoS(Corfu2012)064 pdf M. Baldi
Effects of warm dark matter on the large-scale structure
PoS(Corfu2012)067 pdf K. Markovic
A natural solution to the gravitino overabundance problem
PoS(Corfu2012)072 pdf I. Dalianis
Impact of SUSY-QCD corrections on neutralino-stop co-annihilation and the neutralino relic density
PoS(Corfu2012)075 pdf J. Harz, B. Herrmann, M. Klasen, K. Kovarik and Q. Le Boulc'h
WIMP dark matter and baryogenesis
PoS(Corfu2012)078 pdf N. Bernal
XVIII European Workshop on String Theory
On duality symmetry in perturbative quantum fi,eld theory / Progress in understanding quantum spectrum of AdS5 S5 superstring
PoS(Corfu2012)081 pdf A. Tseytlin
Multiple M-Branes
PoS(Corfu2012)082 pdf N. Lambert
Aspects of String Cosmology
PoS(Corfu2012)083 pdf N. Toumbas and C. Kounnas
Wall-crossing, Black holes, and Quivers
PoS(Corfu2012)085 pdf B. Pioline
Higher Spin Gravity and Exact Holography
PoS(Corfu2012)086 pdf K. Jin
Entropy of the self-dual string soliton
PoS(Corfu2012)088 pdf V. Niarchos and K. Siampos
Extended supersymmetric sigma-models in 3D AdS
PoS(Corfu2012)090 pdf G. Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli
Heterotic Brane Wrapping Rules
PoS(Corfu2012)093 pdf E. Bergshoeff and F. Riccioni
Discrete gauge symmetries and Open strings
PoS(Corfu2012)094 pdf P. Anastasopoulos, M. Cvetic, R. Richter and P.K.S. Vaudrevange
Generalized fluxes in matrix compactifications
PoS(Corfu2012)095 pdf A. Chatzistavrakidis and L. Jonke
Lessons from model Buiding from the $Z_2\times Z_4$ orbifold
PoS(Corfu2012)096 pdf K.D. Mayorga-Pena and P.K. Oehlmann
N=(2,2) Non-Linear sigma-models: A Synopsis
PoS(Corfu2012)097 pdf A. Sevrin and D. Thompson
Boundary State from Open String Field Theory Invariants
PoS(Corfu2012)100 pdf C. Maccaferri
One-loop Amplitudes as BPS state sums
PoS(Corfu2012)101 pdf I. Florakis
Scattering Amplitudes in Three Dimensions
PoS(Corfu2012)103 pdf A. Lipstein
Towards the Standard Model with Rigid D-branes
PoS(Corfu2012)107 pdf W. Staessens and G. Honecker
Magnetized branes on T6
PoS(Corfu2012)108 pdf L. De Angelis, R. Marotta, F. Pezzella and R. Troise
A geometric bound for F-term inflation
PoS(Corfu2012)110 pdf A. Borghese, D. Roest and I. Zavala
Non-perturbative aspects of gauge/gravity duality
PoS(Corfu2012)112 pdf L. Giacone, M. Billo, M. Frau and A. Lerda
Duality invariance for black holes in N=2 gauged Supergravity
PoS(Corfu2012)116 pdf A. Gnecchi
Scalars with higher derivatives in supergravity and cosmology
PoS(Corfu2012)118 pdf J.L. Lehners
Holographic Duals of 2+1d QFTs with Minimal SUSY with Massive Flavours.
PoS(Corfu2012)119 pdf N.T. Macpherson
Holographic thermalization of mutual and tripartite information in 2d CFTs
PoS(Corfu2012)120 pdf A. Bernamonti, N. Copland, B. Craps and F. Galli
The spectral function in a strongly coupled, thermalising CFT
PoS(Corfu2012)121 pdf A. Bernamonti, B. Craps and J. Vanhoof
Observables in Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Theories
PoS(Corfu2012)122 pdf D. Giataganas
Unbalanced Holographic Superconductors and Spintronics.
PoS(Corfu2012)124 pdf D. Musso
Non-singlet baryons in gauge/ gravity duality
PoS(Corfu2012)126 pdf Y. Lozano, D. Giataganas and K. Siampos
Emergent Potentials in Consistent Higher Derivative N=1 Supergravity
PoS(Corfu2012)127 pdf F. Farakos and A. Kehagias
Notes on the New/Topologically Massive Gravity-like models beyond 3D
PoS(Corfu2012)128 pdf Y. Yin
The Spectrum of (h)QCD in the Veneziano Limit
PoS(Corfu2012)129 pdf D. Arean, I. Iatrakis and M. Jarvinen