PoS - Proceedings of Science

XXIIIrd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

LAT2005 - (other lattice conferences)
25-30 July 2005
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
published December 14, 2005
Lattice 2005, the XXIIIrd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, was held from 25th-30th July, 2005 at the School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

It was organised by Trinity College Dublin and the Universities of Coventry, Liverpool and Swansea.

More than 410 participants from many countries attended the symposium. The scientific programme contained 22 plenary talks and 343 parallel contributions (including posters). Most of these are recorded in this proceedings. There was also a plenary talk about the life of Hamilton by Dr Luke Drury and a session about the International Lattice Data Grid.

On behalf of the organising committee, the editors (Alan Irving, Craig McNeile and Chris Michael) would like to acknowledge the following:
We would like to thank the members of the International Advisory Committee for their help and guidance in planning the scientific programme of the conference. Many thanks also to all the speakers for the time and effort they put into preparing their talks.
We are grateful to our sponsors Hewlett Packard, IBM, SGI, Aer Lingus, Failte Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, the Hamilton Mathematics Institute TCD and the Institute of Physics for their financial support.
Nicola Boutall and Audrey Crosbie provided invaluable administrative help and support from their free time. Paulene McKeever and Niav Miller staffed the registration desk and processed the conference registration and accommodation. We are indebted to the system adminstrators in the School of Mathematics who worked hard (and late) to provide network support for the conference.

Finally, thanks to all the conference delegates who travelled to Dublin and helped to make the week a resounding success.

Organizing committee
Allton Chris, Hands Simon, Irving Alan, Kenna Ralph, McNeile Craig, Michael Chris (chairman), Peardon Mike, Ryan Sinead, Sexton Jim

conference main image
Plenary Session
Hadron spectrum and quark masses
Algorithms and machines
Chiral fermions
Finite temperature and density
Heavy quark physics
Improvement and renormalisation
Spin and Higgs models
Theoretical developments
Topology and confinement
Weak matrix elements
Plenary Session
Lattice QCD and string theory
PoS(LAT2005)001 pdf J. Kuti
Lattice QCD with light Wilson quarks
PoS(LAT2005)002 pdf M. Luescher
Recent results from unquenched light sea quark simulations
PoS(LAT2005)003 file missing T. Izubuchi
CLEO-c confronts high precision lattice
PoS(LAT2005)004 pdf J. Napolitano
Phases of planar QCD on the torus
PoS(LAT2005)005 pdf R. Narayanan and H. Neuberger
Dirac-Kahler fermions and exact lattice supersymmetry
PoS(LAT2005)006 pdf S. Catterall
Progress in Kaon Phenomenology from Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)007 pdf C. Dawson
Hadronic decays
PoS(LAT2005)008 pdf C. Michael
Quark mass dependence of baryon properties
PoS(LAT2005)009 pdf U.G. Meißner
Neutron electric dipole moment with two flavors of domain wall fermions
PoS(LAT2005)010 pdf F. Berruto, T. Blum, K. Orginos and A. Soni
High Precision Fundamental Constants using Lattice Perturbation Theory
PoS(LAT2005)011 pdf Q. Mason, H. Trottier and R. Horgan
CKM matrix and CP violation in the continuum
PoS(LAT2005)012 file missing Z. Ligeti
CKM matrix with lattice QCD - the full determination using recent results
PoS(LAT2005)013 pdf M. Okamoto
Twisted mass lattice QCD: Recent developments and results
PoS(LAT2005)014 pdf A. Shindler
A nearly perfect ink? Theoretical challenges arising from the RHIC data
PoS(LAT2005)015 file missing B. Muller
The QCD phase diagram at zero and small baryon density
PoS(LAT2005)016 pdf O. Philipsen
Confinement and the center of the gauge group
PoS(LAT2005)017 pdf M. Pepe
Quenched Disordered Ferromagnets
PoS(LAT2005)018 pdf W. Janke, B. Berche, C. Chatelain, P.E. Berche and M. Hellmund
Performance of machines for lattice QCD simulations
PoS(LAT2005)019 pdf T. Wettig
Nuclear Physics and Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)020 pdf M. Savage
Theoretical issues with staggered fermion simulations
PoS(LAT2005)021 pdf S. Durr
Simulations in Early-Universe Theory
PoS(LAT2005)022 pdf J. Smit
Hadron spectrum and quark masses
Volume dependence of spectral weights and the pentaquark state
PoS(LAT2005)023 pdf C. Alexandrou and A. Tsapalis
Light baryon spectroscopy and diquark correlations in quenched QCD with overlap quarks on a large lattice.
PoS(LAT2005)024 pdf R. Babich, F. Berruto, N. Garron, C. Hoelbling, J. Howard, L. Lellouch, C. Rebbi and N. Shoresh
Update on pi and K Physics
PoS(LAT2005)025 pdf C. Bernard, C. DeTar, F. Maresca, J. Osborn, S. Gottlieb, L. Levkova, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, D.B. Renner, D. Toussaint and R. Sugar
The Exotic Baryon $\Theta^+ (1540)$ on the Lattice
PoS(LAT2005)026 pdf D. Hierl, C. Hagen and A. Schafer
Scalar glueball and meson spectroscopy in unquenched lattice QCD with improved staggered quarks
PoS(LAT2005)027 pdf E. Gregory, A.C. Irving, C. McNeile, S. Miller and Z. Sroczynski
Study of Flavour singlet meson in two-flavour Domain Wall QCD
PoS(LAT2005)028 file missing T. Izubuchi
Charmonium spectroscopy on dynamical anisotropic lattices
PoS(LAT2005)029 pdf K.J. Juge, A.O. Cais, M.B. Oktay, M.J. Peardon and S. Ryan
Density-density correlators using all to all propagators
PoS(LAT2005)030 pdf C. Alexandrou, P. Dimopoulos, G. Koutsou and H. Neff
Magnetic polarizability of hadrons in the background field method
PoS(LAT2005)031 pdf F. Lee, L. Zhou, W. Wilcox and J. Christensen
The hadron spectrum from twisted mass QCD with a strange quark
PoS(LAT2005)032 pdf A.M. Abdel-Rehim, R. Lewis and R.M. Woloshyn
Twisted mass fermions: neutral pion masses from disconnected contributions.
PoS(LAT2005)033 pdf F. Farchioni, K. Jansen, C. McNeile, C. Michael, I. Montvay, K.i. Nagai, M. Papinutto, J. Pickavance, E.E. Scholz, L. Scorzato, A. Shindler, N. Ukita, C. Urbach, U. Wenger and I. Wetzorke
I=1/2 Scalar and Axial Vector Mesons
PoS(LAT2005)034 pdf T. Kunihiro, S. Muroya, A. Nakamura, C. Nonaka, M. Sekiguchi and H. Wada
OPE Analysis of QCD Potential and Determination of Lambda_MSbar
PoS(LAT2005)035 pdf Y. Sumino
Asymptotic Scaling and Monte Carlo Data
PoS(LAT2005)036 pdf A. Trivini
Scaling test of dynamical Wilson twisted mass fermions with DBW2 gauge action
PoS(LAT2005)037 file missing N. Ukita
Automated Methods in Chiral Perturbation Theory on the Lattice
PoS(LAT2005)038 pdf G. von Hippel, B. Borasoy, H. Krebs and R. Lewis
Disconnected Loops with Twisted Mass Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)039 pdf W. Wilcox, D. Darnell, R. Morgan and R. Lewis
Light-Quark FLIC Fermion Simulations of the 1-+ Exotic Meson
PoS(LAT2005)040 pdf J.N. Hedditch, B.G. Lasscock, D. Leinweber, A. Williams, W. Kamleh and J.M. Zanotti
Pseudoscalar mass and decay constant in Lattice QCD with Exact Chiral Symmetry
PoS(LAT2005)041 pdf T.W. Chiu, T.H. Hsieh, J.Y. Lee, P.H. Liu and H.J. Chang
Matrix elements and baryon spectroscopy from unquenched lattice QCD with improved staggered quarks.
PoS(LAT2005)042 pdf E.B. Gregory, A. Irving, C. McNeile, S. Muller and Z. Sroczynski
Light hadron spectroscopy in quenched QCD with overlap quarks on a large lattice.
PoS(LAT2005)043 pdf R. Babich, F. Berruto, N. Garron, C. Hoelbling, J. Howard, L. Lellouch, C. Rebbi and N. Shoresh
Lattice QCD with Nf=2 light Wilson fermions: the phase structure and scaling
PoS(LAT2005)044 pdf U. Wenger, K. Jansen, M. Papinutto, A. Shindler, I. Wetzorke, I. Montvay, E.E. Scholz, N. Ukita, F. Farchioni, L. Scorzato and C. Urbach
Scaling test of the P4-improved staggered fermion action.
PoS(LAT2005)045 pdf M. Cheng
Determining the low energy parameters of Wilson Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(LAT2005)046 pdf S. Aoki and O. Bar
Staggered Lattice Artifacts in 3-Flavor Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(LAT2005)047 pdf J. Bailey and C. Bernard
Power Counting Regime of Chiral Extrapolation and Beyond
PoS(LAT2005)048 pdf D. Leinweber, A.W. Thomas and R. Young
Chiral and Continuum Extrapolation of Partially-Quenched Hadron Masses
PoS(LAT2005)049 pdf C. Allton, W. Armour, D. Leinweber, A.W. Thomas and R.D. Young
Wilson chiral perturbation theory for 2+1 flavors
PoS(LAT2005)050 pdf S. Aoki, O. Bar, T. Ishikawa and S. Takeda
Maximal twist and the spectrum of quenched twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)051 pdf A.M. Abdel-Rehim, R. Lewis and R.M. Woloshyn
Studying diquark correlations in the nucleon by means of lattice QCD simulations
PoS(LAT2005)052 pdf P. Faccioli, M. Cristoforetti, M. Traini and G. Ripka
Searching for diquarks in hadrons
PoS(LAT2005)053 pdf C. Alexandrou, P. de Forcrand and B. Lucini
Diquark properties from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)054 pdf K. Orginos
Moments of Generalized Tensor Parton Distributions
PoS(LAT2005)055 pdf M. Gockeler, P. Haegler, R. Horsley, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz and J. Zanotti
Hadron structure with light dynamical quarks: generalized parton distributions
PoS(LAT2005)056 pdf R. Edwards, G. Fleming, P. Haegler, J. Negele, K. Orginos, A. Pochinsky, D.B. Renner, D.G. Richards and W. Schroers
Light hadron spectrum and quark masses in 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(LAT2005)057 pdf T. Ishikawa, S. Aoki, O. Bar, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, K.I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, M. Okawa, Y. Taniguchi, N. Tsutsui, A. Ukawa and T. Yoshie
Two Loop Partially Quenched and Finite Volume Chiral Perturbation Theory Results
PoS(LAT2005)058 pdf J. Bijnens, N. Danielsson, K. Ghorbani and T. Lahde
The pion mass in finite volume to two loops
PoS(LAT2005)059 pdf C. Haefeli
Finite Size Effects in Excited Baryon Spectroscopy
PoS(LAT2005)060 pdf K. Sasaki and S. Sasaki
Bound state spectrum in the finite volume
PoS(LAT2005)061 pdf S. Sasaki and T. Yamazaki
Hybrid Exotic Meson Decay Width
PoS(LAT2005)062 pdf M. Cook and H.R. Fiebig
Meson decay constants from Nf=2 clover fermions
PoS(LAT2005)063 pdf M. Gockeler, R. Horsley, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, W. Schroers, H. Stuben and J. Zanotti
Anisotropic lattice QCD study of pentaquark baryons in spin 3/2 channel
PoS(LAT2005)064 pdf T. Doi, N. Ishii, Y. Nemoto, M. Oka and H. Suganuma
Mass Spectra of Pentaquarks -- Overlap Fermion versus Wilson Fermion
PoS(LAT2005)065 pdf T.W. Chiu and T.H. Hsieh
Pentaquark search with spatially non-trivial operators
PoS(LAT2005)066 pdf F. Csikor, Z. Fodor, S.D. Katz, T. Kovacs and B.C. Toth
Spin-3/2 Pentaquark Resonance Signature
PoS(LAT2005)067 pdf B.G. Lasscock, J. Hedditch, D. Leinweber, A.G. Williams, W. Kamleh, W. Melnitchouk, A.W. Thomas, R.D. Young and J.M. Zanotti
A study of tetraquark mesonium on the lattice with overlap fermion
PoS(LAT2005)068 file missing N. Mathur
The Quark Structure of Pentaquarks
PoS(LAT2005)069 pdf J. Negele, O. Jahn and D. Sigaev
Lattice QCD Evidence for Exotic Tetraquark Resonance
PoS(LAT2005)070 pdf H. Suganuma, K. Tsumura, N. Ishii and F. Okiharu
Search for the S=+1 pentaquarks in quenched lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)071 pdf T. Takahashi, T. Umeda, T. Onogi and T. Kunihiro
Dynamical twisted mass fermions
PoS(LAT2005)072 pdf F. Farchioni, P. Hofmann, G. Münster, K. Jansen, M. Papinutto, A. Shindler, U. Wenger, I. Wetzorke, I. Montvay, E.E. Scholz, N. Ukita, L. Scorzato and C. Urbach
Role of the Clover operator in lattice QCD at maximal twist close to the chiral limit
PoS(LAT2005)073 file missing V. Lubicz
Dynamical Wilson twisted mass fermions: a scaling analysis
PoS(LAT2005)074 pdf I. Wetzorke, K. Jansen, A. Shindler, U. Wenger, I. Montvay, E.E. Scholz, N. Ukita, F. Farchioni, L. Scorzato and C. Urbach
Baryon spectroscopy with spatially improved quark sources
PoS(LAT2005)075 pdf T. Burch, C. Hagen, D. Hierl, A. Schafer, C. Gattringer, L.Y. Glozman and C.B. Lang
Combining quark and link smearing to improve extended baryon operators
PoS(LAT2005)076 pdf S. Basak, I. Sato, S. Wallace, R. Edwards, D.G. Richards, G. Fleming, U.M. Heller, A. Lichtl and C. Morningstar
Quark masses from quenched overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)077 pdf M. Guertler, T. Streuer, G. Schierholz, D. Galletly, R. Horsley and P.E.L. Rakow
A determination of the strange quark mass for unquenched clover fermions using the AWI
PoS(LAT2005)078 pdf M. Gockeler, R. Horsley, A.C. Irving, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben and J. Zanotti
Non-perturbatively Renormalized Light Quark Masses with Two Dynamical Fermions
PoS(LAT2005)079 pdf D. Becirevic, B. Blossier, P. Boucaud, V. Gimenez, V. Lubicz, F. Mescia, S. Simula and C. Tarantino
Light meson masses and decay constants in a 2+1 flavour domain wall QCD
PoS(LAT2005)080 pdf D.J. Antonio, K.C. Bowler, P.A. Boyle, M.A. Clark, B. Joo, A.D. Kennedy, R.D. Kenway, C.M. Maynard, R.J. Tweedie and A. Yamaguchi
Operator product expansion and quark condensate from LQCD in coordinate space
PoS(LAT2005)081 pdf V. Gimenez, V. Lubicz, F. Mescia, V. Porretti and J. Reyes
Double poles in Lattice QCD with mixed actions
PoS(LAT2005)082 pdf M. Golterman, T. Izubuchi and Y. Shamir
Pseudoscalar Singlet Physics with Staggered Fermions
PoS(LAT2005)083 pdf E. Gregory, A.C. Irving, C. McNeile, S. Miller and Z. Sroczynski
Isovector and Isoscalar Scalar Mesons with All-to-all Propagators
PoS(LAT2005)084 file missing A. O Cais
Effects of partial quenching and staggered fermions on the scalar correlator
PoS(LAT2005)085 pdf S. Prelovsek
Charmonium Spectrum with all-to-all propagators
PoS(LAT2005)086 pdf K.J. Juge, A.P.O. Cais, M.B. Oktay, M.J. Peardon and S.M. Ryan
Interaction studies of a heavy-light meson-baryon system
PoS(LAT2005)087 pdf M.S. Cook and H.R. Fiebig
Pentaquark search with spatially non-trivial operators (II)
PoS(LAT2005)088 pdf F. Csikor, Z. Fodor, S.D. Katz, T. Kovacs and B.C. Toth
Lowest Order Hadronic Contribution to the Muon g-2
PoS(LAT2005)089 pdf C. Aubin and T. Blum
Electromagnetic mass difference on the lattice
PoS(LAT2005)090 pdf Y. Namekawa and Y. Kikukawa
A study of the N to Delta transition form factors in full QCD.
PoS(LAT2005)091 pdf C. Alexandrou, R. Edwards, G. Koutsou, T. Leontiou, H. Neff, J. Negele, W. Schroers and A. Tsapalis
Electromagnetic properties of hadrons with two flavors of dynamical domain wall fermions
PoS(LAT2005)092 pdf N. Yamada, T. Blum, M. Hayakawa and T. Izubuchi
The static quark potential in 2+1 flavour Domain Wall QCD from QCDOC
PoS(LAT2005)093 pdf K. Hashimoto, T. Izubuchi and J. Noaki
Probing the chiral limit of m_pi and f_pi in 2+1 flavor QCD with domain wall fermions from QCDOC
PoS(LAT2005)094 pdf M. Lin
Gauge Action Effects on 3 Flavor QCD with Domain Wall Fermions
PoS(LAT2005)095 file missing R. Mawhinney
Heavy-light mesons with domain wall fermions
PoS(LAT2005)096 pdf S. Ohta, H.W. Lin and N. Yamada
Excited meson spectroscopy with chirally improved fermions
PoS(LAT2005)097 pdf T. Burch, C. Hagen, D. Hierl, A. Schafer, C. Gattringer, L.Y. Glozman and C.B. Lang
Baryons in 2+1 flavour Domain Wall QCD
PoS(LAT2005)098 pdf D.J. Antonio, K.C. Bowler, P.A. Boyle, M.A. Clark, B. Joo, A.D. Kennedy, R.D. Kenway, C.M. Maynard, R.J. Tweedie and A. Yamaguchi
Algorithms and machines
Reducing the beta-shift in domain wall fermion simulations.
PoS(LAT2005)099 pdf A. Allkoci and A. Borici
Status of the APENet project
PoS(LAT2005)100 pdf R. Ammendola, R. Petronzio, D. Rossetti, A. Salamon, N. Tantalo and P. Vicini
Shifted unitary orthogonal methods for the overlap inversion
PoS(LAT2005)101 pdf A. Borici and A. Allkoci
An Investigation of an Alternative Compute Platform for Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)102 file missing O. Callanan
A (P)HMC algorithm for N_F=2+1+1 flavours of twisted mass fermions
PoS(LAT2005)103 pdf T. Chiarappa, R. Frezzotti and C. Urbach
Lattice QFT with FermiQCD
PoS(LAT2005)104 pdf M. Dipierro and J.M. Flynn
U.S. Lattice Clusters and the USQCD Project
PoS(LAT2005)105 pdf D. Holmgren
Polynomial Filtering for HMC in Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)106 pdf W. Kamleh and M.J. Peardon
Improving the dynamical overlap algorithm
PoS(LAT2005)107 pdf N.D. Cundy, S. Krieg and T. Lippert
Fermionic observables in Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory
PoS(LAT2005)108 pdf V. Miccio, F. Di Renzo, A. Mantovi, C. Torrero and L. Scorzato
Transnational Access to Mass Storage Capacity for Computational QCD
PoS(LAT2005)109 pdf H. Stuben and S. Wollny
Biased Metropolis-Heatbath Algorithms for Lattice Gauge Theory
PoS(LAT2005)110 pdf A. Bazavov and B.A. Berg
The PACS-CS Project
PoS(LAT2005)111 pdf S. Aoki, K.I. Ishikawa, T. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, K. Kanaya, Y. Kuramashi, M. Okawa, K. Sasaki, Y. Taniguchi, N. Tsutsui, A. Ukawa and T. Yoshie
A new efficient cluster algorithm for the Ising model
PoS(LAT2005)112 pdf M. Nyfeler, M. Pepe and U.J. Wiese
Efficient Cluster Algorithms for CP(N-1) Models
PoS(LAT2005)113 pdf M. Pepe, S. Riederer, U.J. Wiese and B.B. Beard
The locality of the fourth root of the staggered fermion determinant in the interacting case.
PoS(LAT2005)114 pdf C. Bernard, C. DeTar, F. Maresca, S. Gottlieb, L. Levkova, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, R. Sugar, D.B. Renner and D. Toussaint
Algorithm Shootout: R versus RHMC
PoS(LAT2005)115 pdf M.A. Clark, P. de Forcrand and A.D. Kennedy
Speeding up the HMC algorithm: Some new results
PoS(LAT2005)116 pdf M. Hasenbusch
Full QCD algorithm for 2+1 light flavours with the FP action
PoS(LAT2005)117 file missing P. Hasenfratz
HMC algorithm with multiple time scale integration and mass preconditioning
PoS(LAT2005)118 pdf K. Jansen, A. Shindler, C. Urbach and U. Wenger
Chiral fermions
Isospin breaking and the chiral condensate
PoS(LAT2005)119 pdf M. Creutz
Locality and Scaling of Quenched Overlap Fermions
PoS(LAT2005)120 pdf T. Draper, N. Mathur, J. Zhang, A. Alexandru, Y. Chen, S.J. Dong, I. Horvath, F. Lee and S. Tamhankar
Low energy constants from the Chirally Improved Dirac operator D_CI
PoS(LAT2005)121 pdf C. Gattringer, P. Huber and C.B. Lang
Numerical implementation of U(1) chiral lattice gauge theories in two-dimensions
PoS(LAT2005)122 file missing Y. Kikukawa
Overlap fermion with topology conserving gauge action
PoS(LAT2005)123 pdf H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, T. Hirohashi, H. Matsufuru, K. Ogawa and T. Onogi
Implementing Hybrid Monte Carlo with stout-smeared chirally improved Dirac operators.
PoS(LAT2005)124 pdf C.B. Lang, P. Majumdar and W. Ortner
Non-perturbative renormalisation for overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)125 pdf M. Guertler, R. Horsley, P.E.L. Rakow, C.J. Roberts, G. Schierholz and T. Streuer
Pion form factor with chirally improved fermions
PoS(LAT2005)126 pdf S. Capitani, C. Gattringer and C.B. Lang
Low-lying spectrum for lattice Dirac operators with twisted mass
PoS(LAT2005)127 pdf C. Gattringer and S. Solbrig
Neutron electric dipole moment on lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)128 pdf E. Shintani, S. Aoki, N. Ishizuka, Y. Kuramashi, A. Ukawa, T. Yoshie, K. Kanaya, Y. Kikukawa and M. Okawa
Localization of lattice fermions: lessons for overlap
PoS(LAT2005)129 pdf B. Svetitsky, Y. Shamir and M. Golterman
Scaling tests for overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)130 pdf J. Wennekers and H. Wittig
First results from dynamical chirally improved fermions
PoS(LAT2005)131 pdf C.B. Lang, P. Majumdar and W. Ortner
Low-mode averaging for baryon correlation functions
PoS(LAT2005)132 pdf L. Giusti and S. Necco
Meson correlators in a finite volume near the chiral limit
PoS(LAT2005)133 pdf H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto and K. Ogawa
Low Energy Constants from the zero mode contribution to the pseudo-scalar correlator
PoS(LAT2005)134 pdf S. Shcheredin and W. Bietenholz
Chiral condensate and spectral flows on 2+1 flavours Domain Wall QCD from QCDOC
PoS(LAT2005)135 pdf D.J. Antonio, K.C. Bowler, P.A. Boyle, M.A. Clark, B. Joo, A.D. Kennedy, R.D. Kenway, C.M. Maynard, R.J. Tweedie and A. Yamaguchi
Towards a chiral gauge theory by deconstruction in AdS5
PoS(LAT2005)136 pdf T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, M.R. Martin, Y. Shirman, C. Csaki and J. Terning
A practical construction of U(1) chiral lattice gauge theories
PoS(LAT2005)137 pdf D. Kadoh and Y. Kikukawa
Overlap hypercube fermions in QCD with light quarks
PoS(LAT2005)138 pdf W. Bietenholz and S. Shcheredin
Dynamical overlap fermions: place-holding
PoS(LAT2005)139 pdf T. DeGrand and S. Schaefer
Dynamical overlap fermions: simulation and physics results
PoS(LAT2005)140 pdf S. Schaefer and T. DeGrand
Localisation and chiral symmetry in 2+1 flavour domain wall QCD
PoS(LAT2005)141 pdf attachments D.J. Antonio, K.C. Bowler, P.A. Boyle, M.A. Clark, B. Joo, A.D. Kennedy, R.D. Kenway, C.M. Maynard, R.J. Tweedie and A. Yamaguchi
Non-exotic 1-+ Mesons from Overlap Fermion
PoS(LAT2005)142 file missing K.F. Liu
Localization of Low Lying Eigenmodes for Chirally Symmetric Dirac Operator
PoS(LAT2005)143 pdf M.I. Polikarpov, F.V. Gubarev, S.M. Morozov and V.I. Zakharov
UV-filtered overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)144 pdf S. Durr, C. Hoelbling and U. Wenger
Comparison of Chiral Fermion Methods
PoS(LAT2005)146 pdf R. Edwards, B. Joo, A.D. Kennedy, K. Orginos and U. Wenger
Finite temperature and density
The chiral transition of N_f=2 QCD with fundamental and adjoint fermions
PoS(LAT2005)148 pdf J. Engels, S. Holtmann and T. Schulze
Two color QCD beyond the BEC regime.
PoS(LAT2005)149 pdf S. Hands, S. Kim and J.I. Skullerud
Thermodynamics using P4-improved staggered fermion action on QCDOC
PoS(LAT2005)150 pdf C. Jung
Phase Structure of Lattice QCD with Wilson and Neuberger Quarks at Finite Temperature and Density
PoS(LAT2005)151 pdf X.Q. Luo, H.S. Chen and X.L. Yu
Sonification of lattice data: the spectrum of the Dirac operator across the deconfinement transition
PoS(LAT2005)152 pdf A. de-Campo, N. Hoermann, H. Markum, W. Plessas and B. Sengl
Bottomonium correlations and spectral functions at zero and finite temperature.
PoS(LAT2005)153 pdf K. Petrov, A. Jakovac, P. Petreczky and A. Velytsky
Remarks on the Maximum Entropy Method applied to finite temperature lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)154 pdf T. Umeda and H. Matsufuru
2+1 flavor QCD thermodynamics with stout-link improved staggered fermions
PoS(LAT2005)155 file missing Y. Aoki
The Equation of State for QCD with 2+1 Flavors of Quarks
PoS(LAT2005)156 pdf C. Bernard, T. Burch, C. DeTar, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, L. Levkova, F. Maresca, D.B. Renner, R. Sugar and D. Toussaint
Critical temperature in QCD with two flavors of dynamical quarks
PoS(LAT2005)157 pdf V.G. Bornyakov, M.N. Chernodub, Y. Mori, S.M. Morozov, Y. Nakamura, M.I. Polikarpov, G. Schierholz, A.A. Slavnov, H. Stuben and T. Suzuki
The chiral transition in two-flavor QCD
PoS(LAT2005)158 pdf M. D'Elia, A. Di Giacomo and C. Pica
2+1 flavor QCD thermodynamics with stout-link improved staggered fermions (2)
PoS(LAT2005)159 file missing K. Szabo
The critical end point of QCD
PoS(LAT2005)160 pdf R.V. Gavai and S. Gupta
Searching for the critical endpoint in QCD with two quark flavors
PoS(LAT2005)161 pdf V. Laliena
Operator relations and chemical effects on chiral dynamics in QCD
PoS(LAT2005)162 pdf R. Ray and S. Gupta
The QCD phase diagram at finite density
PoS(LAT2005)163 pdf C. Schmidt, Z. Fodor and S.D. Katz
Meson correlation functions at high temperature
PoS(LAT2005)164 pdf S. Wissel, E. Laermann, S. Shcheredin, S. Datta and F. Karsch
Finite density simulations via canonical approach
PoS(LAT2005)165 file missing A. Alexandru
The 3-states Potts model as a heavy quark finite density laboratory
PoS(LAT2005)166 pdf S. Kim, P. de Forcrand, S. Kratochvila and T. Takaishi
The canonical approach to Finite Density QCD
PoS(LAT2005)167 pdf S. Kratochvila and P. de Forcrand
Series representation; Pade' approximants and critical behavior in QCD at nonzero T and mu
PoS(LAT2005)168 pdf M.P. Lombardo
Lattice QCD with chemical potential: the properties of hadrons at the extreme conditions
PoS(LAT2005)169 pdf I. Pushkina
The high density region of QCD in a large mass and chemical potential model
PoS(LAT2005)170 pdf R. De-Pietri, A. Feo, E. Seiler and I.O. Stamatescu
Probing the chiral phase transition of N_f=2 clover fermions with valence overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)171 pdf V. Weinberg, E.M. Ilgenfritz, K. Koller, Y. Koma, G. Schierholz and T. Streuer
Quark number and charge fluctuations in finite temperature QCD
PoS(LAT2005)172 file missing F. Karsch
A new method for computation of QCD thermodynamics: EOS, specific heat and speed of sound
PoS(LAT2005)173 pdf R.V. Gavai, S. Gupta and S. Mukherjee
Non-perturbative plaquette in 3d pure SU(3)
PoS(LAT2005)174 pdf A. Hietanen, K. Kajantie, M. Laine, K. Rummukainen and Y. Schröder
The pressure and a possible hidden Hagedorn transition at large-N
PoS(LAT2005)175 pdf B. Bringoltz and M. Teper
Charmonium spectral functions in Nf=2 QCD
PoS(LAT2005)176 pdf R. Morrin, A.P.O. Cais, M.B. Oktay, M.J. Peardon, J.I. Skullerud, G. Aarts and C.R. Allton
The screening length in hot QCD
PoS(LAT2005)177 pdf O. Kaczmarek and F. Zantow
Grand Canonical Potential for a Static Quark-Anti-quark Pair at finite chemical potential
PoS(LAT2005)178 pdf Z. Fodor, C. Guse, S.D. Katz and K. Szabo
Casimir Scaling of domain wall tensions in the deconfined phase of D=3+1 SU(N) gauge theories.
PoS(LAT2005)179 pdf F. Bursa and M. Teper
Spatial string tension revisited
PoS(LAT2005)180 pdf Y. Schröder and M. Laine
Gauge invariance in a Z_2 hamiltonian lattice gauge theory
PoS(LAT2005)181 pdf T. Sugihara
On meson spectral functions at high temperature and nonzero momentum
PoS(LAT2005)182 pdf G. Aarts, S. Hands, S. Kim and J.M. Martinez-Resco
QCD level density from maximum entropy method
PoS(LAT2005)183 pdf S. Ejiri and T. Hatsuda
J/Psi at high temperatures in anisotropic lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)184 pdf H. Iida, N. Ishii, T. Doi and H. Suganuma
Heavy quark diffusion and lattice correlators
PoS(LAT2005)185 pdf P. Petreczky, K. Petrov, D. Teaney and A. Velytsky
Transport Coefficient of Gluon Plasma from Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)186 pdf S. Sakai and A. Nakamura
Large-N_f behavior of the Yukawa model: analytic results.
PoS(LAT2005)187 pdf S. Caracciolo, B.M. Mognetti and A. Pelissetto
The deconfining phase transition for SU(N) theories in 2+1 dimension
PoS(LAT2005)188 pdf J. Liddle and M. Teper
Four-loop plaquette in 3d with a mass regulator
PoS(LAT2005)189 pdf C. Torrero, F. Di Renzo, V. Miccio, M. Laine and Y. Schröder
The temperature dependence of the pion form factor
PoS(LAT2005)190 pdf J. Heide van der, J.H. Koch and E. Laermann
Equation of State of Gluon Plasma from Gribov Region
PoS(LAT2005)191 pdf D. Zwanziger
Static quark anti-quark free and internal energy in 2-flavor QCD and bound states in the QGP
PoS(LAT2005)192 pdf O. Kaczmarek and F. Zantow
Heavy quark free energies and Debye screening masses at finite temperature and density
PoS(LAT2005)193 pdf M. Doring, S. Ejiri, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch and E. Laermann
Heavy two- and three-quark free energies at finite T
PoS(LAT2005)194 pdf K. Huebner, O. Kaczmarek and O. Vogt
Non-universality of string tension ratios and gluon confinement at finite temperature
PoS(LAT2005)195 pdf P.N. Meisinger and M. Ogilvie
Screening of sources in higher representations of SU(N) gauge theories at zero and finite temperature
PoS(LAT2005)196 pdf F. Gliozzi
Two-colour Lattice QCD with dynamical fermions at non-zero density versus Matrix Models
PoS(LAT2005)197 pdf G. Akemann and E. Bittner
Chiral Limit of Two-Color QCD at Strong Couplings
PoS(LAT2005)198 pdf S. Chandrasekharan and F.J. Jiang
Finite-temperature chiral transition in QCD with quarks in the fundamental and adjoint representation
PoS(LAT2005)199 pdf F. Basile, A. Pelissetto and E. Vicari
Dirac eigenvalue correlations in quenched QCD at finite density
PoS(LAT2005)200 pdf J.C. Osborn and T. Wettig
Zero density heavy quark SU(2) gauge theory and the Stefan-Boltzmann limit
PoS(LAT2005)201 pdf K. Langfeld, N. Lages and H. Reinhardt
Heavy quark physics
Extracting |V_ub| from Omnes Dispersion Relations and Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)202 pdf J. Flynn and J. Nieves
Onium Masses with Three Flavors of Dynamical Quarks
PoS(LAT2005)203 pdf S. Gottlieb, L. Levkova, M. Di-Pierro, A.X. El-Khadra, D. Menscher, A.S. Kronfeld, P.B. Mackenzie and J.N. Simone
Heavy quark propagators with increased precision using domain decomposition
PoS(LAT2005)204 pdf A. Juttner and M. Della Morte
B_s meson excited states from the lattice
PoS(LAT2005)205 pdf A.M. Green, J. Ignatius, M. Jahma, J. Koponen, C. McNeile and C. Michael
Predictions from Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)206 pdf
A. Kronfeld, I.F. Allison, C. Aubin, C. Bernard, C.T.H. Davies, C. DeTar, M. Di-Pierro, E.D. Freeland, S. Gottlieb, A. Gray, E. Gregory, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, A.X. El-Khadra, L. Levkova, P.B. Mackenzie, F. Maresca, D. Menscher, M. Nobes, M. Okamoto, M.B. Oktay, J. Osborn, D.B. Renner, J.N. Simone, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint and H.D. Trottier
B and D meson semileptonic decays in three-flavor lattice QCD.
PoS(LAT2005)207 pdf
P.B. Mackenzie, C. Aubin, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, M. Di-Pierro, S. Gottlieb, E. Gregory, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, A.X. El-Khadra, A.S. Kronfeld, L. Levkova, F. Maresca, D. Menscher, M. Nobes, M. Okamoto, M.B. Oktay, J. Osborn, D.B. Renner, J.N. Simone, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint and H.D. Trottier
Study of 1/m corrections in HQET
PoS(LAT2005)208 pdf S. Negishi, H. Matsufuru, T. Onogi and T. Umeda
Heavy quark masses from Fermilab Fermions
PoS(LAT2005)209 pdf M. Nobes and H. Trottier
Radiative Transitions in Charmonium
PoS(LAT2005)210 pdf J. Dudek, R. Edwards and D.G. Richards
The determination of decay constants f_D_s and f_D in three-flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)211 pdf
C. Aubin, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, M.D. Pierro, E.D. Freeland, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, A.X. El-Khadra, A.S. Kronfeld, L. Levkova, P.B. Mackenzie, D. Menscher, F. Maresca, M. Nobes, M. Okamoto, D.B. Renner, J.N. Simone, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint and H.D. Trottier
Pionic couplings $\hat g$ and $\tilde g$ in the static limit.
PoS(LAT2005)212 pdf D. Becirevic, B. Blossier, P. Boucaud, J.P. Leroy, A. Le-Yaouanc and O. Pene
Static-light hadrons on a dynamical anisotropic lattice
PoS(LAT2005)213 pdf J. Foley
B0-B0bar mixing in the static approximation from the Schrödinger Functional and tmQCD
PoS(LAT2005)214 pdf F. Palombi, M. Papinutto, C. Pena and H. Wittig
Low-energy J/Psi-Hadron Interactions from Quenched Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)215 pdf K. Yokokawa, S. Sasaki, A. Hayashigaki and T. Hatsuda
Determination of the spin-dependent potentials with the multi-level algorithm
PoS(LAT2005)216 pdf M. Koma, Y. Koma and H. Wittig
NRQCD results on the MILC extra coarse ensemble
PoS(LAT2005)217 pdf I. Allison, C. Davies and A. Gray
Bs-Bsbar mixing with chiral light quark action
PoS(LAT2005)218 pdf B. Blossier, D. Becirevic, P. Boucaud, A. Le-Yaouanc, J.P. Leroy and O. Pene
B meson decays at high velocity from mNRQCD
PoS(LAT2005)219 pdf A. Dougall, K.M. Foley, C.T.H. Davies and G.P. Lepage
B semileptonic decays with 2+1 dynamical quark flavors
PoS(LAT2005)220 pdf E. Gulez, C. Davies, A. Gray, P. Lepage, J. Shigemitsu and M. Wingate
$B\rightarrow D* \ell \nu$ with staggered chiral perturbation theory
PoS(LAT2005)221 pdf J. Laiho
The B Meson Decay Constant in Full QCD
PoS(LAT2005)222 pdf J. Shigemitsu, A. Graya, M. Wingate, C. Davies, E. Gulez, P. Lepage, Q. Mason and M. Nobes
A strategy for the computation of mb including 1/m terms
PoS(LAT2005)223 pdf M.D. Morte, N. Garron, R. Sommer and M. Papinutto
A quenched study of mb in HQET beyond the leading order
PoS(LAT2005)224 pdf M.D. Morte, N. Garron, R. Sommer and M. Papinutto
Non-perturbatively determined relativistic heavy quark action
PoS(LAT2005)225 pdf H.W. Lin and N.H. Christ
Quenched Scaling Study of Charm and Bottom Systems with a Relativistic Heavy Quark Action
PoS(LAT2005)226 pdf Y. Kuramashi, S. Aoki, O. Bar, K.I. Ishikawa, T. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, M. Okawa, Y. Taniguchi, N. Tsutsui, A. Ukawa, N. Yamada and T. Yoshie
Lattice and renormalons in heavy quark physics
PoS(LAT2005)227 pdf A.M. Pineda Ruiz
Improvement and renormalisation
Two-loop evaluation of large Wilson loops with overlap fermions: the b-quark mass shift, and the quark antiquark potential
PoS(LAT2005)228 pdf A. Athenodorou and H. Panagopoulos
Perturbative renormalization in parton distribution functions using improved actions
PoS(LAT2005)229 pdf M. Ioannou and H. Panagopoulos
Topological charge renormalization: A test case for 3-loop vacuum calculations using improved actions and Symanzik improved gluons
PoS(LAT2005)230 pdf A. Skouroupathis and H. Panagopoulos
Scaling test of quenched Wilson twisted mass QCD at maximal twist
PoS(LAT2005)231 pdf K. Jansen, M. Papinutto, A. Shindler, I. Wetzorke and C. Urbach
Restoring chiral symmetry to O(a^2) for dynamical Wilson fermions
PoS(LAT2005)232 pdf R. Hoffmann, M.D. Morte, F. Knechtli, U. Wolff and R. Sommer
Towards a non-perturbative computation of the RGI strange quark mass with two dynamical flavors.
PoS(LAT2005)233 pdf M. Della Morte, R. Hoffmann, F. Knechtli, J. Rolf, U. Wolff, R. Sommer and I. Wetzorke
Dimensional regularization of Schrödinger Functional correlation functions
PoS(LAT2005)234 pdf E. Obeso
The Schrödinger functional with chirally rotated boundary conditions
PoS(LAT2005)235 pdf S. Sint
Tuning anisotropies for dynamical gauge configurations
PoS(LAT2005)236 pdf R. Morrin, M.J. Peardon and S. Ryan
Wilson fermions quark bilinears to three loops
PoS(LAT2005)237 pdf F. Di Renzo, A. Mantovi, V. Miccio, C. Torrero and L. Scorzato
Perturbative renormalisation of quark bilinear operators for overlap fermions with and without stout links and improved gauge action
PoS(LAT2005)238 pdf R. Horsley, H. Perlt, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz and A. Schiller
Testing Fermion Actions: Scaling in the Schwinger Model
PoS(LAT2005)239 pdf N. Christian, K. Jansen, K.i. Nagai and B. Pollakowski
Renormaliation-group blocking the fourth root of the staggered determinant
PoS(LAT2005)240 pdf Y. Shamir
Spin and Higgs models
QMC simulations of Heisenberg ferromagnet
PoS(LAT2005)241 pdf L. Bogacz and W. Janke
Magnetic field production after inflation.
PoS(LAT2005)242 pdf A. Diaz-Gil, J. Garcia-Bellido, M.G. Perez and A. Gonzalez-Arroyo
QED_3 on a space-time lattice: a comparison between compact and noncompact formulation
PoS(LAT2005)243 pdf R. Fiore, P. Giudice, D. Giuliano, D. Marmottini, A. Papa and P. Sodano
Properties of phase transitions of higher-order
PoS(LAT2005)244 pdf W. Janke, D.A. Johnston and R. Kenna
Three Dimensional N=2 Supersymmetry on the Lattice
PoS(LAT2005)245 pdf J.B. Elliott and G. Moore
Simulations of Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis
PoS(LAT2005)246 pdf A. Tranberg and J. Smit
Vortex-Line Percolation in a Three-Dimensional Complex Ginzburg-Landau Model
PoS(LAT2005)247 pdf E. Bittner, A. Krinner and W. Janke
Vortex Proliferation and the Dual Superconductor Scenario for Confinement: The 3D Lattice Higgs Model
PoS(LAT2005)248 pdf S. Wenzel, E. Bittner, W. Janke, A.M.J. Schakel and A. Schiller
Fermion propagators in QED3 with velocity anisotropies
PoS(LAT2005)249 pdf I.O. Thomas and S. Hands
Infrared behaviour of massless QED in three space-time dimensions
PoS(LAT2005)250 file missing R. Ratabole
Simulations of the F model on planar phi-4 Feynman diagrams
PoS(LAT2005)251 pdf W. Janke and M. Weigel
Evaporation/Condensation of Ising Droplets
PoS(LAT2005)252 pdf A. Nussbaumer, E. Bittner and W. Janke
Cutoff effects in the O(N) sigma model at large N.
PoS(LAT2005)253 pdf U. Wolff, F. Knechtli, B. Leder and J. Balog
Classical simulation of quantum lambda phi^4
PoS(LAT2005)254 pdf T. Yavin, T. Hirayama, B. Holdom and R. Koniuk
Theoretical developments
Large-N QCD at strong transverse gauge coupling
PoS(LAT2005)255 pdf A. Patel and R. Ratabole
Large N
PoS(LAT2005)256 pdf M. Teper
Matrix models, quantum gravity and the spectral dimension
PoS(LAT2005)257 pdf F. Viniegra, M.J. Peardon and S. Ryan
Is there a third-order phase transition in quenched QCD?
PoS(LAT2005)258 pdf L. Li and Y. Meurice
Numerical Results for Normal Modes in Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)259 pdf W. Soeldner and T. Wettig
Unitary Evolution on a Discrete Phase Space
PoS(LAT2005)260 pdf E.G. Floratos and S. Nicolis
Lattice simulations of Born-Infeld non-linear QED
PoS(LAT2005)261 pdf D. Sinclair and J.B. Kogut
Simulating the scalar field on the fuzzy sphere
PoS(LAT2005)262 pdf F. Garcia Flores, D. O'Connor and X. Martin
Field Theory Simulations on a Fuzzy Sphere - an Alternative to the Lattice
PoS(LAT2005)263 pdf J. Medina, W. Bietenholz, F. Hofheinz and D. O'Connor
The scaling of QED in a Non-commutative Spacetime
PoS(LAT2005)264 pdf J. Volkholz, W. Bietenholz, J. Nishimura and Y. Susaki
Chiral phase transition as an Anerson transition in the instanton liquid model for QCD
PoS(LAT2005)265 pdf A. Garcia and J.C. Osborn
Perturbative renormalisation of the chiral Gross-Neveu model
PoS(LAT2005)266 pdf B. Leder and T. Korzec
Monte-Carlo simulation of the chiral Gross-Neveu model
PoS(LAT2005)267 pdf T. Korzec, F. Knechtli, U. Wolff and B. Leder
Lattice superspace
PoS(LAT2005)268 file missing A. D'Adda
Dynamical supersymmetry breaking and phase diagram of the lattice Wess-Zumino model
PoS(LAT2005)269 pdf M. Beccaria, G.F. De-Angelis, M. Campostrini and A. Feo
Symmetry and scaling in the Q-exact lattice (2,2) 2d Wess-Zumino model.
PoS(LAT2005)270 pdf J. Giedt
Perturbative study of the supersymmetric lattice model from matrix model
PoS(LAT2005)271 pdf T. Onogi and T. Takimi
Phase Diagram of Quark Matter from Finite Temperature and Density Effective Action of Color SU(3) Lattice QCD in the Strong Coupling Limit
PoS(LAT2005)272 file missing N. Kawamoto
Supersymmetric Yang-Mills quantum mechanics in various dimensions
PoS(LAT2005)273 pdf attachments J. Wosiek and M. Campostrini
Leibniz rule and exact supersymmetry on the lattice: the case of supersymmetric quantum mechanics
PoS(LAT2005)274 pdf M. Kato, M. Sakamoto and H. So
The study of SU(3) super Yang-Mills quantum mechanics.
PoS(LAT2005)275 pdf M. Trzetrzelewski
Towards an algebraic approach to the discretisation of fermions.
PoS(LAT2005)276 pdf V. de Beauce
Chiral fermions at low computational cost using finite element methods.
PoS(LAT2005)277 pdf S. Watterson and J. Sexton
Kosterlitz-Thouless transition on the worldsheet of the QCD string
PoS(LAT2005)278 pdf H. Meyer
Evidence for the BFKL Pomeron from String/Gauge Duality
PoS(LAT2005)279 pdf R.C. Brower and C.I. Tan
Gauge theories on a five-dimensional orbifold
PoS(LAT2005)280 pdf F. Knechtli, B. Bunk and N. Irges
The Status of D-Theory
PoS(LAT2005)281 pdf U.J. Wiese
Phase transitions and non-analyticities in large Nc gauge theories
PoS(LAT2005)282 pdf F. Bursa, M. Teper and H. Vairinhos
Testing Topology Conserving Gauge Actions for Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)283 pdf K.i. Nagai, K. Jansen, W. Bietenholz, L. Scorzato, S. Necco and S. Shcheredin
Stochastic Perturbation Theory and the Gluon Condensate
PoS(LAT2005)284 pdf P.E.L. Rakow
Lattice QCD at maximal twist
PoS(LAT2005)285 pdf G. Rossi, R. Frezzotti, G. Martinelli and M. Papinutto
The IR gluon propagator from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)286 pdf P.J. Silva and O. Oliveira
Finite volume effects in gluon propagator
PoS(LAT2005)287 pdf O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Topology and confinement
Ergodic SO(3); monopole condensation and vortex free energy
PoS(LAT2005)288 pdf G. Burgio, M. Fuhrmann, W. Kerler and M. Muller-Preussker
Deconfinement phase transitions in external fields
PoS(LAT2005)289 pdf P. Cea and L. Cosmai
Topology with dynamical overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)290 file missing G. Egri
The running coupling in lattice Landau gauge with unquenched Wilson fermion and KS fermion
PoS(LAT2005)291 pdf S. Furui and H. Nakajima
The glue-ball spectrum of pure percolation
PoS(LAT2005)292 pdf S. Lottini and F. Gliozzi
Gribov horizon under the (lattice) microscope
PoS(LAT2005)293 pdf J. Greensite, S. Olejnik and D. Zwanziger
Studying glueball masses in non-Abelian LGT with the LW algorithm
PoS(LAT2005)294 pdf M. Panero
An Abelian two-Higgs model and high temperature superconductivity
PoS(LAT2005)295 pdf A. Schiller, M.N. Chernodub and E.M. Ilgenfritz
Gauge invariant 'monopoles' and color confinement mechanism.
PoS(LAT2005)296 pdf T. Suzuki, K. Ishiguro, Y. Nakamura and T. Sekido
Low eigenvalue topology with dynamical overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)297 file missing N.D. Cundy
Index Theorem and Random Matrix Theory for Improved Staggered Quarks
PoS(LAT2005)298 pdf E. Follana, A. Hart and C. Davies
More evidence of localization in the low-lying Dirac spectrum
PoS(LAT2005)299 pdf C. Bernard, P. de Forcrand, S. Gottlieb, L. Levkova, U.M. Heller, J. Hetrick, O. Jahn, F. Maresca, D.B. Renner, D. Toussaint and R. Sugar
Localization properties of the topological charge density and the low lying eigenmodes of overlap fermions.
PoS(LAT2005)300 pdf Y. Koma, E.M. Ilgenfritz, K. Koller, G. Schierholz, T. Streuer and V. Weinberg
Topologically non-trivial field configurations - interplay of vortices and Dirac eigenmodes
PoS(LAT2005)301 pdf S. Solbrig, J. Gattnar, C. Gattringer, K. Langfeld, H. Reinhardt, A. Schafer and T. Tok
Color confinement in lattice Landau gauge with unquenched Wilson and KS fermions
PoS(LAT2005)302 pdf H. Nakajima and S. Furui
Lattice study of color confinement mechanism in Coulomb gauge
PoS(LAT2005)303 pdf T. Saito, A. Nakamura, H. Toki and Y. Nakagawa
Instanton Quarks and Confinement
PoS(LAT2005)304 file missing P. van Baal
Laplacian modes for calorons and as a filter
PoS(LAT2005)305 pdf F. Bruckmann and E.M. Ilgenfritz
Toplogical clusters in SU(2) gluodynamics at finite temperature and the evidence for KvB calorons
PoS(LAT2005)306 pdf E.M. Ilgenfritz, P. Gerhold, M. Muller-Preussker, B.V. Martemyanov and A.I. Veselov
Towards SU(2) invariant formulation of the monopole confinement mechanism
PoS(LAT2005)307 pdf K. Ishiguro, Y. Mori, Y. Nakamura, T. Sekido, T. Suzuki, M.N. Chernodub, M.I. Polikarpov and V.I. Zakharov
The Anatomy of String Breaking
PoS(LAT2005)308 pdf attachments Z. Prkacin, G. Bali, T. Dussel, T. Lippert, H. Neff and K. Schilling
QCD string from D0 branes
PoS(LAT2005)309 pdf M. Billo, M. Caselle, M. Hasenbusch and M. Panero
Nonperturbative investigation of the diquark potential
PoS(LAT2005)310 pdf Z. Fodor, C. Hoelbling, M. Mechtel and K. Szabo
RG decimation-based approach to confinement and computation on coarser lattices
PoS(LAT2005)311 pdf T.E. Tomboulis
High accuracy simulations of d=4 SU(3) qcd-string
PoS(LAT2005)312 pdf N. Hari Dass and P. Majumdar
Real-time dynamics of proton decay
PoS(LAT2005)313 pdf D. Grigoriev
A toy model of (grand) unified monopoles
PoS(LAT2005)314 pdf L. von Smekal, T. Tok and P. de Forcrand
The pseudoparticle approach for solving path integrals in gauge theories
PoS(LAT2005)315 pdf M. Wagner and F. Lenz
Study of the systematic errors in the calculation of renormalization constants of the topological susceptibility on the lattice
PoS(LAT2005)316 pdf B. Alles Salom, M. D'Elia, A. Di-Giacomo and C. Pica
The parameter dependence of the topology change and the scaling properties of the topology conserving gauge action
PoS(LAT2005)317 pdf H. Fukaya, T. Onogi, S. Hashimoto, T. Hirohashi and K. Ogawa
Calculation of Overlap-Based Topological Charge Density Correlator in Pure-Glue QCD
PoS(LAT2005)318 file missing I. Horvath
String tensions and deconfinement transition in the SU(4) center vortex model
PoS(LAT2005)319 pdf M. Engelhardt
Center Vortex Model for SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(LAT2005)320 pdf M. Quandt, H. Reinhardt and M. Engelhardt
The Center Vortex Field Propagator
PoS(LAT2005)321 pdf K. Langfeld, H. Reinhardt and G. Schulze
Liquid crystal defects of Yang-Mills theory in Landau gauge
PoS(LAT2005)322 pdf M.N. Chernodub
't Hooft loops and perturbation theory
PoS(LAT2005)323 pdf P. de Forcrand, B. Lucini and D. Noth
D-branes and Topological Charge Fluctuations in QCD
PoS(LAT2005)324 pdf H. Thacker
Localized eigenmodes of the covariant lattice Laplacian
PoS(LAT2005)325 pdf J. Greensite, S. Olejnik, M.I. Polikarpov, S.N. Syritsyn and V.I. Zakharov
Eigenmodes of Covariant Laplacian in SU(2) Yang-Mills vacuum: higher representations
PoS(LAT2005)326 pdf J. Greensite, S. Olejnik, M.I. Polikarpov, S.N. Syritsyn and V.I. Zakharov
Bianchi Identities and Degeneracy of Chromomagnetic Fields in SU(2) Gluodynamics
PoS(LAT2005)327 pdf F.V. Gubarev and S.M. Morozov
Geometry of three dimensional vacuum domains in four dimensional SU(2) gluodynamics.
PoS(LAT2005)328 pdf A. Kovalenko, M.I. Polikarpov, S.N. Syritsyn and V.I. Zakharov
Gauge invariance of the Abelian dual Meissner effect in pure SU(2) QCD
PoS(LAT2005)329 pdf T. Sekido, K. Ishiguro, Y. Nakamura and T. Suzuki
Infrared exponents of Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LAT2005)330 pdf C. Fischer
Understanding the U(1) problem through dyon configuration in the Abelian projection
PoS(LAT2005)331 pdf S. Kato and K.I. Kondo
Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition of lattice Yang-Mills theory and evidence of a novel magnetic condensation.
PoS(LAT2005)332 pdf A. Shibata, K.I. Kondo, S. Kato, T. Murakami and T. Shinohara
Studying the infrared region in Landau gauge QCD
PoS(LAT2005)333 pdf A. Sternbeck, E.M. Ilgenfritz, M. Muller-Preussker and A. Schiller
The Gluon Propagator in Lattice Landau Gauge with twisted boundary conditions
PoS(LAT2005)334 pdf M.T. Tok, K. Langfeld, H. Reinhardt and L. von Smekal
Weak matrix elements
Non-degenerate quark mass effect on B_K with a mixed action.
PoS(LAT2005)335 pdf T. Bae, J. Kim and W. Lee
Pion form factors in two-flavor QCD
PoS(LAT2005)336 pdf S. Hashimoto, S. Aoki, M. Fukugita, K.I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, M. Okawa, N. Tsutsui, A. Ukawa, N. Yamada and T. Yoshie
K_l3 form factor with two flavors of dynamical domain-wall quarks
PoS(LAT2005)337 pdf C. Dawson, T. Izubuchi, T. Kaneko, S. Sasaki and A. Soni
Calculating B_K using a mixed action
PoS(LAT2005)338 pdf J. Kim, T. Bae and W. Lee
B_7; B_8 and chiral Ward identities
PoS(LAT2005)339 pdf W. Lee and G. Fleming
Ds Meson Decay Constant f_Ds from Quenched Lattice QCD with Overlap Fermions
PoS(LAT2005)340 file missing S.J. Dong
3-point functions from twisted mass lattice QCD at small quark masses
PoS(LAT2005)341 pdf S. Capitani, K. Jansen, M. Papinutto, A. Shindler, I. Wetzorke and C. Urbach
Four quark operators in maximally twisted Wilson LQCD
PoS(LAT2005)342 pdf R. Frezzotti and G. Rossi
Correlation functions for Delta S=1 transitions in the chiral limit
PoS(LAT2005)343 pdf L. Giusti, C. Pena, P. Hernandez, M. Laine, J. Wennekers and H. Wittig
On the determination of low-energy constants for Delta S=1 transitions
PoS(LAT2005)344 pdf L. Giusti, C. Pena, P. Hernandez, M. Laine, J. Wennekers and H. Wittig
Estimating domain wall fermion chiral symmetry breaking
PoS(LAT2005)345 pdf N.H. Christ
Preliminary Study of (B_K) on 2+1 flavor DWF lattices from QCDOC
PoS(LAT2005)346 pdf S. Cohen
Dynamical determination of B_K from improved staggered quarks
PoS(LAT2005)347 pdf E. Gamiz, S. Collins, C. Davies, J. Shigemitsu and M. Wingate
B_K in Staggered Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(LAT2005)348 pdf R. Van de Water and S.R. Sharpe
The axial charge of the nucleon on the lattice and in chiral perturbation theory
PoS(LAT2005)349 pdf A.A. Khan, M. Goeckeler, P. Haegler, T. Hemmert, R. Horsley, A.C. Irving, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben, T. Wollenweber and J. Zanotti
$K\rightarrow \pi \pi$ from electroweak penguins in $N_f=2$ domain-wall QCD
PoS(LAT2005)350 pdf J. Noaki
Delta I = 3/2 kaon weak matrix elements with non-zero total momentum
PoS(LAT2005)351 pdf T. Yamazaki
Partially Twisted Boundary Conditions in Lattice Simulations
PoS(LAT2005)352 pdf J. Flynn, A. Juttner, C. Sachrajda and G. Villadoro
Hadronic light-by-light scattering contribution to the muon g-2 from lattice QCD: Methodology
PoS(LAT2005)353 pdf M. Hayakawa, T. Blum, T. Izubuchi and N. Yamada
Low energy couplings from topological zero mode wave functions
PoS(LAT2005)354 file missing P. Hernandez
Kaon semileptonic decay form factors in two-flavor QCD
PoS(LAT2005)357 pdf N. Tsutsui, S. Aoki, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, K.I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, M. Okawa, A. Ukawa, N. Yamada and T. Yoshie
Chiral extrapolation of hyperon vector form factors
PoS(LAT2005)358 pdf D. Guadagnoli, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, M. Papinutto, S. Simula and G. Villadoro
Finite-Volume Effects in Moving Frames
PoS(LAT2005)359 pdf C. Kim, C. Sachrajda and S.R. Sharpe
Structure of the pion from full lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)360 pdf D. Broemmel, M. Diehl, M. Gockeler, P. Hagler, R. Horsley, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz and J.M. Zanotti
Aspects of twist-two matrix elements
PoS(LAT2005)361 pdf W. Detmold and C.J. David Lin
Generalized parton distributions from full lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2005)362 file missing G. Schierholz
Nucleon structure from quenched overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2005)363 pdf D. Galletly, M. Guertler, R. Horsley, K. Koller, V. Linke, P.E.L. Rakow, C.J. Roberts, G. Schierholz and T. Streuer
Second moment of the pion's distribution amplitude
PoS(LAT2005)364 file missing J. Zanotti
Kaon B-parameter with NF=2 Wilson fermions
PoS(LAT2005)365 pdf F. Mescia, V. Gimenez, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, S. Simula and C. Tarantino