PoS - Proceedings of Science

XXII. International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

DIS2014 - (other dis conferences)
28 April - 2 May, 2014
Warsaw, Poland
published September 25, 2014
DIS 2014 is the 22nd in the series of annual workshops on Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS) and Related Subjects. The conference covers a large spectrum of topics in high energy physics. A significant part of the program is devoted to the most recent results from large experiments at BNL, CERN, DESY, FNAL, JLab, KEK, etc. The theoretical advances are included as well. The programme is organised around seven working groups: Structure Functions and Parton Densitie; Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons; Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model; QCD and Hadronic Final States; Heavy Flavours; Spin Physics; Future Experiments.
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WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities
WG2: Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons
WG2+WG4 Joint Session
WG3: Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model
WG3+WG5 Joint Session
WG4: QCD and Hadronic Final States
WG5: Heavy Flavours
WG6: Spin Physics
WG6+WG7 Joint Session
WG7: Future experiments
PoS(DIS2014)266 pdf B. Badelek
PoS(DIS2014)265 pdf B. Badelek
WG1 Highlights: Structure Functions and Parton Densities
PoS(DIS2014)001 file missing V. Chekelian
WG2 Highlights: Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons
PoS(DIS2014)002 pdf M. Deile, L. Goerlich and S. Munier
WG3 Highlights: Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(DIS2014)003 pdf M. Gouzevitch, A. Kaczmarska, M. Muhlleitner and K. Turzynski
WG4 Highlights: QCD and Hadronic Final States
PoS(DIS2014)004 pdf V. Braun, D. Britzger and K. Kousouris
WG5 Highlights: Heavy Flavours
PoS(DIS2014)005 file missing A. Zupanc
WG6 Highlights: Spin Physics
PoS(DIS2014)006 file missing E. Sichtermann
WG7 Highlights: Future experiments
PoS(DIS2014)007 file missing A. Valkarova
Particle physics from the European perspective
PoS(DIS2014)008 file missing S. Bertolucci
American particle and nuclear physics planning
PoS(DIS2014)009 pdf H. Montgomery
Particle physics from the Asian perspective
PoS(DIS2014)010 file missing M. Nozaki
DIS outlook
PoS(DIS2014)011 pdf A. Mueller
Summary of IAC meeting
PoS(DIS2014)012 file missing A. Levy
Closing remarks
PoS(DIS2014)013 file missing B. Badelek
Exploring the structure of the proton
PoS(DIS2014)014 file missing J. Friedman
Heavy flavours
PoS(DIS2014)015 pdf A. Mischke
Forward and low-x physics
PoS(DIS2014)016 pdf P. Van Mechelen
Precision QCD in the LHC era
PoS(DIS2014)017 file missing D. De Florian
Hot strong matter
PoS(DIS2014)018 pdf K. Grebieszkow
Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(DIS2014)019 file missing T.M.P. Tait
Higgs and EW physics
PoS(DIS2014)020 pdf Y. Sirois
Event generators
PoS(DIS2014)021 pdf L. Lonnblad
Structure functions and parton distributions
PoS(DIS2014)022 file missing K. Wichmann
Strategy for DIS
PoS(DIS2014)024 file missing R. Ent
30 years of spin physics in 30 minutes: past, present and future
PoS(DIS2014)023 file missing J. Qiu
WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities
Measurement of neutral current e±p cross sections at high Bjorken x with the ZEUS detector
PoS(DIS2014)025 pdf A. Levy
Deep inelastic cross section measurements at large y with the ZEUS detector at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)026 file missing J. Grebenyuk
Latest results on inclusive W/Z production at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)027 pdf H. Wollny
Measurement of the muon charge asymmetry in inclusive W production at sqrt(s)=7 TeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)028 file missing A. Khukhunaishvili
Determination of strange quark distribution using recent CMS measurements on W production
PoS(DIS2014)029 file missing R. Placakyte
AlphaS extraction and PDF constraints from jet measurements at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)030 pdf G. Sieber
Measurement of beauty and charm production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA and measurement of the beauty-quark mass
PoS(DIS2014)031 file missing V. Libov
HERAPDF1.5LO PDF Set with Experimental Uncertainties
PoS(DIS2014)032 pdf A. Cooper-Sarkar
Impact parameter space and transverse distortion
PoS(DIS2014)033 pdf H. Dahiya
TMD PDFs in the Laguerre polynomial basis
PoS(DIS2014)034 pdf A. Vladimirov
Measurement of Inclusive ep Cross Sections at High Q2 at sqrt(s) = 225 and 252 GeV and of the Longitudinal Proton Structure Function FL at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)035 pdf S. Shushkevich
HERAPDF2.0 fits including all HERAI+II inclusive data sets
PoS(DIS2014)036 file missing V. Radescu
Are b-PDFs (and b-fragmentation functions) needed at the LHC?
PoS(DIS2014)037 pdf M. Ubiali
Measurements of the production of vector bosons in association with heavy flavour quarks at ATLAS.
PoS(DIS2014)038 pdf G. Aad
Measurement of the Neutral Current DY process with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2014)039 file missing E. Yatsenko
Impact of ATLAS data on parton density functions
PoS(DIS2014)040 file missing P.R. Newman
The NNPDF3.0 parton set for the next LHC run
PoS(DIS2014)041 pdf M. Ubiali
Transverse momentum dependent gluon density from DIS precision data
PoS(DIS2014)042 pdf H. Jung and F. Hautmann
Combination of Inclusive ep Cross-Section Measurements at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)043 pdf O. Turkot
Parton distribution functions at LO, NLO and NNLO with correlated uncertainties
PoS(DIS2014)044 pdf M. Lisovyi
HERAFitter - an open source QCD Fit platform
PoS(DIS2014)045 pdf H. Pirumov
Updates of PDFs in the MSTW framework
PoS(DIS2014)046 pdf R. Thorne
Update on nCTEQ PDFs: nuclear PDF uncertainties and LHC applications
PoS(DIS2014)047 pdf A. Kusina, K. Kovarik, T. Jezo, B.D. Clark, F. Olness, I. Schienbein and J.Y. Yu
Hessian PDF reweighting meets the Bayesian methods
PoS(DIS2014)048 pdf H. Paukkunen and P. Zurita
Variable flavor number scheme for final state jets
PoS(DIS2014)049 pdf P. Pietrulewicz
Disentangling quark distributions with the collider and fixed-target and data in the ABM PDF fit
PoS(DIS2014)050 file missing S. Alekhin
Generalization of the fastNLO approach to NNLO calculations
PoS(DIS2014)051 file missing D. Britzger
Phenomenology of top-quark pair production at the LHC: studies with the DiffTop code
PoS(DIS2014)052 pdf M. Guzzi, K. Lipka and S.O. Moch
The LHC p+Pb run from the nuclear PDF perspective
PoS(DIS2014)053 pdf H. Paukkunen
CT10 NNLO Global Analysis update and QED effects in PDFs
PoS(DIS2014)054 pdf C.R. Schmidt, J. Pumplin, D. Stump and C.P. Yuan
Discussion of the color-dipole picture including final HERA results
PoS(DIS2014)055 file missing B. Surrow
Update on the CJ (CTEQ-Jefferson Lab) PDFs
PoS(DIS2014)056 file missing A. Accardi
WG2: Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons
The next-to-leading order alpha_{s} corrections to JIMWLK
PoS(DIS2014)057 pdf Y. Mulian
Predictions of Diffractive and Total Cross Sections at LHC Confirmed by Measurements
PoS(DIS2014)058 pdf G. Konstantin
Exclusive J/psi and psi(2S) vector meson production
PoS(DIS2014)059 file missing T. Szumlak
Quarkonia production at LHCb
PoS(DIS2014)060 file missing M. Adinolfi
Study of Jpsi production and cold nuclear matter effects in pPb collisions
PoS(DIS2014)061 file missing M. Adinolfi
Forward jets and saturation effects within the high energy factorization
PoS(DIS2014)062 pdf P. Kotko
Diffractive and exclusive measurements at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)063 pdf M. Ruspa
Forward-Central Jet Correlations
PoS(DIS2014)064 pdf P.M. Ribeiro Cipriano
Measurement of Drell-Yan and associated jet cross section at low and high invariant masses
PoS(DIS2014)065 pdf S. Dooling
Leading track and leading jet cross sections at small transverse momenta
PoS(DIS2014)066 pdf A. Knutsson
Nonlinear gluon evolution at atrong coupling
PoS(DIS2014)067 pdf K. Kutak
Dipole amplitude with uncertainty estimate from HERA data and applications in Color Glass Condensate phenomenology
PoS(DIS2014)068 pdf H. Mäntysaari and T. Lappi
Diffractive vector meson production in ultraperipheral heavy ion collisions from the Color Glass Condensate
PoS(DIS2014)069 pdf H. Mäntysaari and T. Lappi
Exclusive dijet production in diffractive deep inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)070 pdf M. Guzik
A review of diffraction at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)071 file missing J. Malka
Diffractive Dijet Production with Leading Proton in ep Collisions at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)072 pdf R. Zlebcik
Exclusive Photoproduction of Rho Meson with Leading Neutron at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)073 pdf S. Levonian
Dijet production with large rapidity gap in deep-inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)074 pdf B. Pokorny
Phi meson production measurement with ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)075 file missing L. De Nooij
Elastic and Diffractive Proton-Proton Scattering Measurements by TOTEM at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)076 pdf M. Deile
b-CGC versus IP-Sat and combined HERA data
PoS(DIS2014)077 pdf A. Rezaeian
Leptoproduction of vector meson from the small x to the valence region
PoS(DIS2014)078 pdf A. Besse
Central $\mu^+ \mu^-$ production via photon-photon fusion in proton-proton collisions with proton dissociation
PoS(DIS2014)079 pdf W. Schaefer
Central Exclusive Production in hadron collisions
PoS(DIS2014)080 file missing V.A. Khoze
Exclusive photoproduction of charmonia in hadronic collisions
PoS(DIS2014)081 pdf A. Cisek
Higgs production within $k_t$-factorization with unintegrated gluon distribution functions
PoS(DIS2014)082 pdf A. Szczurek, M. Luszczak and R. Maciula
The CMS-TOTEM Upgrade Programme
PoS(DIS2014)083 file missing V. Avati
Small-x Scattering and Gauge/Gravity Duality
PoS(DIS2014)084 pdf M. Djuric, M.S. Costa and N. Evans
Heavy quark impact factor
PoS(DIS2014)085 pdf G. Chachamis, M. Deak and G. Rodrigo
On effects of multiple gluons in J/psi hadroproduction
PoS(DIS2014)086 pdf L. Motyka and M. Sadzikowski
AFP - Forward Protons Detectors for ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)087 file missing R. Staszewski
ALICE REsults on Ultra-Peripheral Production
PoS(DIS2014)088 file missing O. Villalobos Baillie
Next-to-Eikonal corrections for gluon production in pA
PoS(DIS2014)089 pdf T. Altinoluk
Improving the kinematics for low-x QCD evolution equations in coordinate space
PoS(DIS2014)090 pdf G. Beuf
Dipole model analysis of high precision HERA data
PoS(DIS2014)091 file missing H.P. Kowalski
WG2+WG4 Joint Session
Measurement of the UE activity in pp collisions with the CMS detector
PoS(DIS2014)092 pdf T.M. Frueboes
Measurement of double-parton interactions in W+2 jets events with the CMS detector
PoS(DIS2014)093 pdf A. Grebenyuk
Beyond-DGLAP searches with Mueller-Navelet jets, and measurements of low-pT and forward jets at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)094 pdf G. Safronov
Studies of the underlying event with ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)095 file missing A. Minaenko
Production of dijets with large rapidity separation: Mueller-Navalet mechanism versus double-parton scattering
PoS(DIS2014)096 pdf R. Maciula
Applications of the tensor pomeron model to exclusive central diffractive meson production
PoS(DIS2014)097 pdf P. Lebiedowicz, O. Nachtmann and A. Szczurek
Measurement of the Central Exclusive Production of pion pairs using tagged forward protons at the STAR detector at RHIC
PoS(DIS2014)098 pdf J. Turnau
Confronting BFKL dynamics with experimental studies of Mueller-Navelet jets at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)099 pdf B. Ducloué, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
UE event tunes and double parton scattering/Measurement of four-jet production in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV;
PoS(DIS2014)100 pdf P. Gunnellini
WG3: Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model
Search for Standard Model $ZH\rightarrow \ell\ell b \bar b$ at $D\O$
PoS(DIS2014)101 pdf P. Jiang
Diboson Higgs and EWK measurements and triple gauge couplings with ATLAS and CMS
PoS(DIS2014)102 pdf E.S. Protopapadaki
Triboson measurements, VV scattering and quartic gauge couplings with ATLAS and CMS
PoS(DIS2014)103 pdf R. Bellan
Measurements of photon and diphoton production processes at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)104 file missing M. Gouzevitch
Search for electroweak SUSY production at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)105 pdf H. Bakhshiansohi
Inclusive SUSY searches at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)106 file missing N. Saoulidou
3rd generation SUSY searches at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)107 pdf A. Kalogeropoulos
Higgs boson couplings and properties with CMS
PoS(DIS2014)108 pdf L. Finco
Searches for BSM Higgs bosons with CMS
PoS(DIS2014)109 pdf T. Du Pree
Inclusive searches for squarks and gluinos with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2014)110 file missing T. Gillam
Third generation SUSY searches with the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DIS2014)111 pdf S. Muanza
Searches for electroweak production of supersymmetric charginos, neutralinos and sleptons with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2014)112 pdf R. Nagai
Searches for supersymmetry in resonance production, R-parity violating signatures and events with long-lived particles at LHC
PoS(DIS2014)113 pdf S. Vallecorsa
Search for heavy resonances at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)114 pdf A. Saha
Search for resonant diboson production at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)115 pdf M.U. Mozer
Searches for mono-X at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)116 pdf A. Cortes Gonzalez
Searches for new Physics in events with multiple leptons at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)117 file missing O. Igonkina
Measurement of the electroweak production cross section of dijets associated with vector bosons.
PoS(DIS2014)118 pdf J. Fischer
Measurements of the 7 and 8 TeV cross sections for $Z\rightarrow 4\ell$ in pp collisions
PoS(DIS2014)119 file missing B. Zhou
A theoretical review of triple Higgs coupling studies at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)120 pdf J. Baglio
Higgs couplings and properties with ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)121 pdf N. Venturi
Search for the Higgs boson in fermionic channels using the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2014)122 file missing C. Lee
Beyond-the-Standard Model Higgs Physics using the ATLAS Experiment
PoS(DIS2014)123 file missing D. Sidorov
Production of $W^+ W^-$ pairs via subleading processes at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)124 pdf M. Luszczak
Squark pair production and decay at NLO matched with parton showers
PoS(DIS2014)125 pdf E. Popenda
Multi-boson Production in Weak Boson Fusion
PoS(DIS2014)126 pdf M. Rauch, F. Campanario, B. Feigl and O. Schlimpert
2HDMs after the LHC's 8 TeV run
PoS(DIS2014)127 pdf R. Santos
Higgs coupling measurements and impact on the MSSM
PoS(DIS2014)128 pdf B. Dumont
Higgs Pair Production via Vector Boson Fusion at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)129 pdf A. Massironi
Constraining supersymmetry using the relic density and the Higgs boson
PoS(DIS2014)130 pdf S. Henrot-Versille, T. Plehn, M. Rauch and D. Zerwas
Electroweak Corrections to Vector Boson Pair Production
PoS(DIS2014)131 pdf T. Kasprzik
Higgs spin and CP properties at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)132 file missing V. Sanz
BSM Primary effects
PoS(DIS2014)133 pdf R. Gupta
Limitation of EFT for DM interactions at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)134 pdf G. Busoni, A. De Simone, J. Gramling, E. Morgante and A.W. Riotto
Search for the Higgs boson in fermionic channels using the CMS detector
PoS(DIS2014)135 pdf J. Vizan Garcia
Searches for vector-like quarks, ttbar resonances and W' to tb with ATLAS and CMS
PoS(DIS2014)136 pdf T. Peiffer
Non-neutralino Dark Matter
PoS(DIS2014)137 pdf K.Y. Choi
WG3+WG5 Joint Session
Top quark cross section measurements with CMS
PoS(DIS2014)138 pdf J. Fernandez
Top quark mass measurements with CMS
PoS(DIS2014)139 pdf E. Bouvier
Single top quark production with CMS
PoS(DIS2014)140 pdf A.O.M. Iorio
Associated production of heavy flavour final state and a vector boson and search for H\rightarrow bb
PoS(DIS2014)141 pdf R. Castello
Top quark cross section measurements with ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)142 pdf P. Skubic
Single Top quark production cross section using the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)143 pdf C. Monini
Intrinsic top quark properties - top mass, charge and W helicity using the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)144 pdf R. Di Sipio
Top quark pair properties - spin correlations, top quark pair asymmetry and complex final states using the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)145 pdf R. Schaefer
Uncertainties on Higgs and ttbar predictions at the LHC from CTEQ-TEA Global Analysis
PoS(DIS2014)146 pdf C.R. Schmidt, S. Dulat, J. Gao, M. Guzzi, T.J. Hou, J.W. Huston, P. Nadolsky, J. Pumplin, D. Stump and C.P. Yuan
Top quarks as a probe for heavy new physics
PoS(DIS2014)147 pdf C.C. Degrande
WG4: QCD and Hadronic Final States
LHC data challenges the contemporary parton-to-hadron fragmentation functions
PoS(DIS2014)148 pdf H. Paukkunen, K. Eskola, I. Helenius and D. d’Enterria
Measurement of charged particle multiplicities and densities in pp collisions at 7 TeV in the forward region
PoS(DIS2014)149 pdf M. Meissner and P.M. Szczypka
Associated Z boson production in the forward region
PoS(DIS2014)150 pdf M. Sirendi
Associated-quarkonium production
PoS(DIS2014)151 pdf J.P. Lansberg
Photoproduction of isolated photons, inclusively and with a jet, at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)152 pdf O. Kuprash
Jet production measurements at CMS
PoS(DIS2014)153 pdf P. Kokkas
Associated production of a vector boson and jets.
PoS(DIS2014)154 pdf K. Ocalan
Further studies of prompt photons in photoproduction at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)155 file missing O. Kuprash
Measurement of Feynman-x Spectra of Photons and Neutrons in the Very Forward Direction in Deep-Inelastic Scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)156 pdf J. Olsson
Search for QCD Instantons using the H1 experiment at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)157 pdf P. Sopicki
Measurement of the transverse momentum of the Z boson and NLO MC tuning
PoS(DIS2014)158 pdf H. Martinez
Measurement of the jet production cross section at 7 TeV
PoS(DIS2014)159 pdf G. Vardanyan
Measurement of photon and photon+jet production cross sections at 7 TeV and constraints to PDFs
PoS(DIS2014)160 pdf J. Cantero Garcia
Jet properties of hadronically-decaying massive particles
PoS(DIS2014)161 file missing R.T. Chislett
Production of top pair events with additional radiation using the ATLAS detector at the LHC.
PoS(DIS2014)162 pdf L. Bellagamba
Higgs boson as a gluon trigger
PoS(DIS2014)163 pdf H. Van Haevermaet
Azimuthal decorelations in forward central dijets production at LHC within high energy actorization
PoS(DIS2014)164 pdf K. Kutak
First measurement of associated vector boson plus prompt charmonium production at the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DIS2014)165 pdf H.R. Arnold
Measurement of the rare decay $K^{\pm} \rightarrow \pi^{\pm} \gamma \gamma$
PoS(DIS2014)166 pdf P. Petrov
Detailed study of the Ke4 decay mode properties
PoS(DIS2014)167 pdf M. Misheva
Light meson production in e+e- annihilation at BABAR
PoS(DIS2014)168 file missing G. Cibinetto
Double charmed meson production at the LHC: Single- versus double-parton scattering mechanism
PoS(DIS2014)169 pdf A. Szczurek and R. Maciula
Hard exclusive $J/\Psi$ photoproduction off a proton
PoS(DIS2014)170 pdf A. Goritschnig, B. Melic, K. Passek-Kumericki and W. Schweiger
Direct photon emission from a chemically non-equilibrated quark-gluon plasma at finite chemical potential
PoS(DIS2014)171 pdf Y. Kumar
High Energy Jets at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)172 pdf J. Medley
WG5: Heavy Flavours
Quarkonia and quarkonia-like spectroscopy at LHCb
PoS(DIS2014)173 file missing T. Skwarnicki
Lifetime of flavoured hadrons at LHCb
PoS(DIS2014)174 file missing P. Sail
Charmed Spectroscopy at LHCb
PoS(DIS2014)175 file missing L. Zhong
Rare Decays at LHCb
PoS(DIS2014)176 pdf J.P. Wiechczynski
Properties and decays of the Bc meson
PoS(DIS2014)177 pdf L. Anderlini
Measurement of D* photoproduction at three different centre-of-mass energies at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)178 pdf N. Zakharchuk
Combination of D* Differential Cross-Section Measurements in Deep Inelastic ep Scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)179 pdf M. Lisovyi
Spectroscopy and decay properties of b-hadrons with ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)180 file missing A. Chisholm
Study of rare and suppressed processes in B meson decays with ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)181 pdf V. Nikolaenko
Study of the Lambda$_b$ decay properties with the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DIS2014)182 pdf T. Agatonovic Jovin
Charmonium Production at ATLAS
PoS(DIS2014)183 pdf S. Cheatham
Radiative B decays and new physics searches at BABAR
PoS(DIS2014)184 pdf L. Sun
Studies of quarkonium production at BABAR
PoS(DIS2014)185 file missing G. Cibinetto
Running of the charm quark mass
PoS(DIS2014)186 file missing A. Gizhko
Charmonium production at HERA
PoS(DIS2014)187 pdf N. Kovalchuk
Diffractive production of open charm and bottom at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)188 pdf M. Luszczak
Heavy-flavour production in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)189 file missing A. Grelli
Spin effects in Bottomonium at Belle
PoS(DIS2014)190 pdf U. Tamponi
Nuclear matter effects on J/$\psi$ production in Cu+Au and $U$+$U$ collisions in PHENIX
PoS(DIS2014)191 pdf A. Iordanova
Quarkonium production in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
PoS(DIS2014)192 file missing L.H.A. Manceau
Space for New Physics in Neutral B mixing observables
PoS(DIS2014)193 file missing G. Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi
Theory overview of $B_{s,d} \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ decays
PoS(DIS2014)194 pdf R. Knegjens
Search for doubly-charmed baryons and study of charmed-strange baryon states at Belle
PoS(DIS2014)195 pdf Y. Kato
Electroweak and radiative penguin processes in B decays at Belle
PoS(DIS2014)196 pdf L. Pesantez
Comprehensive Bayesian Analysis of Rare (Semi)leptonic and Radiative B Decays
PoS(DIS2014)197 file missing D. Van Dyk
Perturbative contributions to rare B-meson decays
PoS(DIS2014)198 pdf M. Misiak
Quarkonia: a theoretical framework
PoS(DIS2014)199 file missing A. Vairo
WG6: Spin Physics
Orbital angular momentum in the nucleon
PoS(DIS2014)200 pdf C. Lorcé
Unpolarized TMD extraction from HERMES and COMPASS SIDIS data
PoS(DIS2014)201 pdf M.E. Boglione, M. Anselmino, J. GONZALEZ Hernandez, S. Melis and A. Prokudin
Phenomenology of unpolarized TMDs from Semi-Inclusive DIS data
PoS(DIS2014)202 pdf A. Signori, A. Bacchetta and M. Radici
COMPASS results on the transverse spin asymmetry in identified dihadron production in SIDIS
PoS(DIS2014)203 pdf C. Braun
Unbiased helicity-dependent parton distributions with polarized collider data
PoS(DIS2014)204 pdf E.R. Nocera
PHENIX W to mu measurements in polarized proton-proton collisions
PoS(DIS2014)205 pdf R. Seidl
New COMPASS results on the spin structure function $g_1^p$, and QCD fit
PoS(DIS2014)206 pdf M. Wilfert
Transverse densities in the nucleon's chiral periphery
PoS(DIS2014)207 pdf C. Granados
Single and double polarization asymmetries from deeply virtual exclusive $\pi^0$ electroproduction
PoS(DIS2014)208 pdf A. Kim and H. Avakian
Hadron multiplicities at COMPASS
PoS(DIS2014)209 pdf N. Du Fresne Von Hohenesche
HERMES results on transverse target single-spin asymmetries in inclusive electroproduction of charged pions and kaons
PoS(DIS2014)210 pdf K. Rith
A new LO extraction of gluon polarisation from COMPASS DIS data
PoS(DIS2014)211 pdf M. Stolarski
Precise spin-averaged and spin-dependent fragmentation function measurements at Belle
PoS(DIS2014)212 pdf F. Giordano
New JLab/Hall A Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering results
PoS(DIS2014)213 file missing F. Sabatie
The JAM fit of spin-dependent PDFs
PoS(DIS2014)214 file missing A. Accardi
The $g_2$ Spin Structure Function
PoS(DIS2014)215 pdf M. Cummings
Measurement of the Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries for $\pi^{0}$ and Jet-like Events at Forward Rapidities at STAR in $p+p$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 500 GeV
PoS(DIS2014)216 pdf M.M. Mondal
Probing Sea Quark and Gluon Polarization at STAR
PoS(DIS2014)217 pdf J. Stevens
Hermes reevaluation of the Parton Distribution of Strange Quarks in the Nucleon
PoS(DIS2014)218 file missing F. Giordano
Measurements of parity violating spin asymmetries of the W boson, $W^{\pm} \rightarrow e^{\pm}$, at mid-rapidity with the PHENIX Detector at RHIC
PoS(DIS2014)219 pdf C. Gal
Exclusive meson production at COMPASS
PoS(DIS2014)220 pdf P. Sznajder
First results on A_{1}^{p} and g_{1}^{p} at low x and low Q^{2} from COMPASS
PoS(DIS2014)221 pdf A.S. Nunes
Results on Transverse Spin Asymmetries in Polarized Proton - Proton Elastic Scattering at sqrt(s) = 200 GeV
PoS(DIS2014)222 file missing W. Guryn
Single hadron double longitudinal spin asymmetries at $p_T\lt 1$ GeV/c measured at COMPASS
PoS(DIS2014)223 pdf M. Levillain
Phenomenological aspects of evolution in transverse momentum dependent PDF's and fragmentation
PoS(DIS2014)224 pdf I. Scimemi
Resolving kinematic ambiguities in QCD predictions for Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering
PoS(DIS2014)225 pdf V. Braun, A.N. Manashov, D. Mueller and B. Pirnay
Gluon TMDs and Higgs boson production
PoS(DIS2014)226 file missing M. Schlegel
Toward modelization of quark and gluon transversity generalized parton distributions
PoS(DIS2014)227 pdf K. Semenov-Tian-Shansky
A_N in inclusive lepton-proton collisions
PoS(DIS2014)228 pdf U. D'Alesio
Transverse-spin gluon distribution function
PoS(DIS2014)229 pdf K. Tanaka
Measuring the gluon spin contribution to the proton spin in polarized p+p collisions with the PHENIX experiment
PoS(DIS2014)230 pdf I. Nakagawa
Di-hadron production at Jefferson Laboratory
PoS(DIS2014)231 pdf S.A. Pereira
On higher twist chiral-odd pion generalized parton distributions
PoS(DIS2014)232 pdf S. Wallon, B. Pire and L. Szymanowski
DVCS measurements at HERMES
PoS(DIS2014)233 pdf K. Rith
WG6+WG7 Joint Session
Polarized light ions and spectator nucleon tagging at EIC
PoS(DIS2014)234 pdf V. Guzey, D.W. Higinbotham, C. Hyde, P. Nadel-Turonski, K. Park, M. Sargsian, M. Strikman and C. Weiss
Charged current DIS on longitudinally polarised nucleons at an EIC
PoS(DIS2014)235 file missing T. Burton
Timelike deeply virtual Compton scattering with a linearly polarized real (or quasi-real) photon beam
PoS(DIS2014)236 pdf A. Goritschnig, B. Pire and J. Wagner
Transverse single-spin asymmetries in $W^{\pm}$ and $Z^{0}$ bosons production in p+p collisions at RHIC
PoS(DIS2014)237 pdf S. Fazio and D. Smirnov
Transverse Spin Physics at PHENIX
PoS(DIS2014)238 pdf K. Barish
Gluonic Excitations and Experimental Hall-D at Jefferson Lab
PoS(DIS2014)239 pdf J. Stevens
Drell-Yan physics at COMPASS
PoS(DIS2014)240 pdf C. Quintans
Future prospects of di-jet production constraining $\Delta g(x)$ at low x at STAR at RHIC
PoS(DIS2014)241 pdf B. Surrow
The GPD program at COMPASS II
PoS(DIS2014)242 pdf E.M. Kabuss
WG7: Future experiments
LHCb Upgrade
PoS(DIS2014)243 file missing T. Szumlak
An ep collider based on proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration
PoS(DIS2014)244 pdf M. Wing
Exclusive vector meson production at high energies and gluon saturation
PoS(DIS2014)245 pdf A. Rezaeian
Prospects for constrained supersymmetry at $\sqrt{s}=33$ TeV and $\sqrt{s}=100$ TeV proton-proton super-colliders
PoS(DIS2014)246 file missing A. Fowlie
LHeC accelerator development
PoS(DIS2014)247 pdf E. Cruz Alaniz and A. Valloni
Higgs in ep and the FCC-he project
PoS(DIS2014)248 file missing M. D'Onofrio
Parton distributions in the proton from the LHeC
PoS(DIS2014)249 file missing V. Radescu
eA collisions at the LHeC and FCC
PoS(DIS2014)250 file missing G. Milhano
Electroweak and top physics at energy frontier DIS
PoS(DIS2014)251 file missing C. Schwanenberger
LHeC detector design and simulation
PoS(DIS2014)252 file missing P.R. Newman
ePHENIX: An Electron Ion Collider (EIC) Detector Built Around the BaBar Magnet
PoS(DIS2014)253 file missing A. Bazilevsky
The NA62 experiment at CERN
PoS(DIS2014)254 pdf K. Massri
Probing Gluon Saturation through Dihadron Correlations at an Electron-Ion Collider
PoS(DIS2014)255 pdf L. Zheng, E.C. Aschenauer, J.H. Lee and B.W. Xiao
Physics opportunities at the MEIC at JLab
PoS(DIS2014)256 file missing P. Nadel-Turonski
Upgrading the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter electronics
PoS(DIS2014)257 pdf J. Vieira De Souza
Baseline design of an eRHIC Detector and Interaction Region
PoS(DIS2014)258 file missing A. Kiselev
fsPHENIX: A Detector for the Study of Nucleon Spin Structure and Cold Nuclear Matter at RHIC
PoS(DIS2014)259 file missing J. Lajoie
Precision proton-proton and proton-nucleus collision studies at A Fixed-Target ExpeRiment at the LHC (AFTER@LHC)
PoS(DIS2014)260 file missing J.P. Lansberg
eSTAR - a detector for eRHIC
PoS(DIS2014)261 file missing E. Sichtermann
ATLAS Upgrades Towards the High Luminosity LHC: extending the discovery potential
PoS(DIS2014)262 pdf D. Cinca
eRHIC: An Electron - Ion Collider at BNL
PoS(DIS2014)263 file missing E.C. Aschenauer
Belle II
PoS(DIS2014)264 file missing M. Rozanska