PoS - Proceedings of Science

8th European VLBI Network Symposium

8thEVN - (other evn conferences)
September 26-29, 2006
Torun, Poland
published November 22, 2007
This is the eighth in a series of biennial European VLBI Network (EVN) Symposia devoted to reviewing new developments in Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) science and technology. VLBI provides astronomers with their sharpest view of the most energetic phenomena in the universe, including expanding supernovae, pulsars, flare stars, star-forming regions in molecular clouds, the environment surrounding nearby and distant galaxies, gravitational lenses, starburst galaxies and distant active galactic nuclei. The EVN is an interferometric array of radio telescopes spread throughout Europe and beyond, which conducts unique, high resolution, radio astronomical observations of cosmic radio sources; it often observes with other radio telescopes around the world making VLBI a truly global endeavour. The EVN is the most sensitive VLBI array in the world, thanks to the collection of extremely large telescopes that contribute to the network. After the first successes in real-time VLBI (e-VLBI), the EVN continues to make rapid progress in this and other areas of VLBI technological development. Among others, the results obtained using the e-VLBI state-of-the-art technique have been presented.

Editorial Board
Baan Willem, Bachiller Rafael, Booth Roy, Charlot Patrick, Diamond Phil, Garrett Mike, Hong Xiaoyu, Jonas Justin, Kus Andrzej, Mantovani Franco, Marecki Andrzej (chairman), Olofsson Hans, Schlueter Wolfgang, Tornikoski Merja, Wang Na, Zensus Anton

conference main image
VLBI Surveys
VLBI at high frequencies
VLBI polarisation studies
CSS and GPS radio sources
BL Lac objects
Gravitational lensing
Starburst galaxies
Megamasers and young stellar masers
Old stellar masers
Active stars
Recent e-EVN developments
VLBI hard- and software developments
VLBI Surveys
VLBI surveys
PoS(8thEVN)001 pdf S. Frey
VLBI at the highest frequencies - AGN studied with micro-arcsecond resolution
PoS(8thEVN)002 pdf T.P. Krichbaum, I. Agudo, U. Bach, A. Witzel and A. Zensus
Compact radio jets and nuclear regions in active galaxies
PoS(8thEVN)003 pdf A. Lobanov
VLBI at high frequencies
A global 86-GHz VLBI survey of compact radio sources
PoS(8thEVN)004 pdf S.S. Lee, A. Lobanov, T.P. Krichbaum, A. Witzel, A. Zensus, M. Bremer, A. Greve and M. Grewing
Deep, wide-field global VLBI observations of the HDF-N
PoS(8thEVN)005 pdf S. Chi, M.A. Garrett and P.D. Barthel
“Oscillating” components in the BL Lac object 0716+714?
PoS(8thEVN)006 pdf S. Britzen, V. Meyer, A. Witzel, I. Agudo, M.F. Aller, H.D. Aller, A. Eckart and A. Zensus
The kinematics of S5 1803+784
PoS(8thEVN)007 pdf N. Kudryavtseva, S. Britzen, A. Witzel, E. Ros, M.F. Aller, H.D. Aller, R.M. Campbell, A. Zensus, A. Eckart, J. Roland and A. Mehta
Effects of the turbulent ISM on radio observations of quasars
PoS(8thEVN)008 pdf K. Gabányi, S. Britzen, T.P. Krichbaum, U. Bach, L. Fuhrmann, A. Kraus, A. Witzel and A. Zensus
Intraday variability of AGNs in the southern hemisphere: the strange case of PMN J1326-5256
PoS(8thEVN)009 pdf G. Cimò, S.P. Ellingsen, C. Senkbail, P. McCulloch, H.E. Bignall and L. Kedziora-Chudczer
VLBA observations of Intraday Variable Sources
PoS(8thEVN)010 pdf B. Moloney and D. Gabuzda
VLBI polarisation studies
The compact polarised emission of AGN - do many AGN jets have helical magnetic fields?
PoS(8thEVN)011 pdf D. Gabuzda
Searching for helical magnetic fields in BL Lac objects
PoS(8thEVN)012 pdf M. Mahmud and D. Gabuzda
Kinematic studies of the IDV quasar 0917+624
PoS(8thEVN)013 pdf S. Bernhart, T.P. Krichbaum, L. Fuhrmann and A. Kraus
Using Faraday rotation sign-reversals to study magnetic fields in AGN jets
PoS(8thEVN)014 pdf S. O'Sullivan and D. Gabuzda
Imaging of quasars and active galactic nuclei. Fine-scale structure evolution
PoS(8thEVN)015 pdf A. Chuprikov and I. Guirin
Constraining IMBH black hole masses with VLBI
PoS(8thEVN)016 pdf Z. Paragi, M.A. Garrett and A.D. Biggs
e-VLBI observations of a microquasar in outburst
PoS(8thEVN)017 pdf V.M. Tudose, R. Fender, M.A. Garrett, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, Z. Paragi, R.E. Spencer, G.G. Pooley, M. van der Klis and A. Szomoru
CSS and GPS radio sources
Compact Steep Spectrum and GHz-Peaked Spectrum radio sources
PoS(8thEVN)018 pdf C. Stanghellini
Multi-frequency radio observations of BAL quasar 1045+352
PoS(8thEVN)019 pdf M. Kunert-Bajraszewska and A. Marecki
Multi-frequency VSOP and VLBI observations of the quasar 3C309.1
PoS(8thEVN)020 pdf M. Gawronski and A.J. Kus
Low-luminosity radio-loud active galactic nuclei
PoS(8thEVN)021 pdf G. Giovannini and M. Giroletti
Low-power compact radio galaxies at high angular resolution
PoS(8thEVN)022 pdf M. Giroletti, G. Giovannini and G.B. Taylor
BL Lac objects
Towards a kinematic model of the Local Group
PoS(8thEVN)024 pdf A. Brunthaler, M.J. Reid, H. Falcke, C. Henkel and K.M. Menten
BL Lac objects
PoS(8thEVN)025 pdf M. Bondi
EVN & MERLIN studies of a new sample of BL Lac objects
PoS(8thEVN)026 pdf H.E. Bignall, H. Landt, C. Reynolds, P. Padovani and E. Perlman
Multi-wavelength polarization VLBI observations of two BL Lac objects
PoS(8thEVN)027 pdf V. Bezrukovs and D. Gabuzda
Rapid and correlated variability of blazar S5 0716+71 from radio- to sub-mm bands
PoS(8thEVN)028 pdf L. Fuhrmann, T.P. Krichbaum, A. Witzel, I. Agudo, S. Britzen, S. Bernhart, V. Impellizzeri, A. Kraus, E. Angelakis, U. Bach, K. Gabanyi, A. Zensus, S.J. Wagner and L. Ostorero
Gravitational lensing
Gravitational lensing
PoS(8thEVN)029 pdf O. Wucknitz
Multi-frequency VLBI observations of the gravitational lens B2016+112
PoS(8thEVN)030 pdf A. More and R. Porcas
Starburst galaxies
Starburst galaxies
PoS(8thEVN)031 pdf T.W.B. Muxlow, R.J. Beswick, A. Richards and H.J. Thrall
Supernova remnants in the central starburst region of M82
PoS(8thEVN)032 pdf D.M. Fenech, T.W.B. Muxlow, R.J. Beswick, A. Pedlar, M. Argo and W.M. Trotman
Multiwavelength radio observations of the compact starburst in Arp 220
PoS(8thEVN)033 pdf R. Parra, J.E. Conway, P. Diamond, H. Thrall, C. Lonsdale, C.J. Lonsdale and H.E. Smith
Megamasers and young stellar masers
PoS(8thEVN)034 pdf Y. Pihlstrom
Molecular tori in AGN: a search using excited states of OH
PoS(8thEVN)035 pdf V. Impellizzeri, A. Roy and C. Henkel
The role of magneticfieldsin massive star-formation
PoS(8thEVN)037 pdf L. Harvey-Smith, W.H.T. Vlemmings and J. Cohen
EVN imaging of methanol masers towards massive protostars
PoS(8thEVN)039 pdf A. Bartkiewicz, M. Szymczak and H.J. van Langevelde
Water masers in NGC7538 region
PoS(8thEVN)040 pdf O. Kameya
Parallax measurements of water maser sources beyond 5 kpc with VERA
PoS(8thEVN)041 pdf
M. Honma, T. Bushimata, Y.K. Choi, T. Hirota, K. Iwadate, T. Jike, O. Kameya, R. Kamohara, Y. Kan-ya, N. Kawaguchi, M. Kijima, H. Kobayashi, S. Kuji, T. Kurayama, S. Manabe, T. Miyaji, C.S. Oh, T. Oyama, S. Sakai, K.M. Shibata, H. Suda, Y. Tamura, K. Yamashita, H. Imai, T. Nagayama, A. Nakagawa, T. Omodaka, M. Shintani, M. Tsushima and T. Sasao
Old stellar masers
Beaming in on some stimulating issues in stellar evolution
PoS(8thEVN)042 pdf A. Richards
The magnetically collimated jet of the evolved star W43A
PoS(8thEVN)043 pdf W.H.T. Vlemmings, P. Diamond and H. Imai
Spatio-kinematics and distance of water masers in the pre-planetary nebula IRAS 19134+2131
PoS(8thEVN)044 pdf H. Imai, R. Sahai and M. Morris
OH26.5+0.6: insight into the circumstellar structure of an extreme OH/IR star
PoS(8thEVN)046 pdf S. Etoka and P. Diamond
EVN observations of OH maser burst in OH17.7-2.0
PoS(8thEVN)047 pdf M. Szymczak, A. Bartkiewicz and E. Gerard
Circumstellar SiO masers in the long-period variable star TXCam
PoS(8thEVN)048 pdf R. Soria-Ruiz, F. Colomer, J. Alcolea, V. Bujarrabal, J.F. Desmurs and K.B. Marvel
Active stars
Winds in collision: high energy particles in massive binary systems
PoS(8thEVN)049 pdf S. Dougherty and J.M. Pittard
Parallax measurements of the Mira-type star UX Cygni with phase-referenced VLBI
PoS(8thEVN)050 pdf attachments T. Kurayama
Radio supernovae
PoS(8thEVN)051 pdf R.J. Beswick
The 2006 explosion of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi
PoS(8thEVN)052 pdf T. O'Brien, M.F. Bode, R. Porcas, T.W.B. Muxlow, R.J. Beswick, S.T. Garrington, S.P.S. Eyres, J.P. Osborne, K.L. Page, A.P. Beardmore, M.R. Goad, S. Starrfield, J.U. Ness, A. Evans, G.K. Skinner and R.J. Davis
Recent e-EVN developments
Recent e-EVN developments
PoS(8thEVN)053 pdf A. Szomoru
Developments at the EVN MkIV data processor at JIVE
PoS(8thEVN)054 pdf R.M. Campbell
Data processing software for radio astronomy
PoS(8thEVN)055 pdf H.J. van Langevelde
On-demand radio imaging: access to calibrated data for all astronomers
PoS(8thEVN)056 pdf R.J. Beswick, S.T. Garrington, E. Gonzalez-Solarez, P. Harrison, M.M. Kettenis, T.W.B. Muxlow, A. Richards, H.J. van-Langevelde, N.A. Walton and N. Winstanley
VLBI hard- and software developments
The Swinburne distributed FX (DiFX) software correlator for astronomical and geodetic VLBI
PoS(8thEVN)057 pdf A. Deller, S. Tingay, M. Bailes and C. West
Phase correction of VLBI with water vapour radiometry
PoS(8thEVN)058 pdf A. Roy, H. Rottmann, U. Teuber and R. Keller
VLBI observations of spacecraft
PoS(8thEVN)059 pdf I. Avruch, S.V. Pogrebenko and L. Gurvits
The Long Wavelength Array
PoS(8thEVN)060 pdf Y. Pihlstrom
Recent progress in Korean VLBI Network (KVN) project
PoS(8thEVN)061 pdf B.W. Sohn, H.R. Kim, H.S. Chung, C.H. Lee, D.K. Roh, H.G. Kim, S.T. Han, D.Y. Byun, K.T. Kim, S.O. Wi, S.J. Oh, K. Wajima, M.H. Jung, J.Y. Yi, M.K. Song, J.H. Yeom, T. Jung and T. Sasao
Prospects for Weak Lensing surveys with next-generation arrays
PoS(8thEVN)063 pdf V. Antonuccio-Delogu, S. Paulin-Henriksson and U. Becciani
Main line OH masers in M82
PoS(8thEVN)064 pdf M. Argo, A. Pedlar, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow and D.M. Fenech
AU-scale collimation of protostellar outflows from water masers
PoS(8thEVN)065 pdf J.F. Desmurs, C. Codella, J. Santiago-Garcia, M. Tafalla and R. Bachiller
Analysing very large datasets with ParselTongue
PoS(8thEVN)066 pdf S. Bourke, H.J. van-Langevelde, L. Harvey-Smith and A. Golden
Maser observation in VY CMa with VERA
PoS(8thEVN)067 pdf Y.K. Choi
VLBI data record/playback systems and correlators for Radioastron project
PoS(8thEVN)068 pdf K.G. Belousov, A. Chuprikov, A. Chibisov, O. Dronova, I. Guirin and S. Likhachev
EXPReS SA2: Network provision for a global e-VLBI array
PoS(8thEVN)069 pdf F. Colomer
The VSOP Survey: Final individual results
PoS(8thEVN)070 pdf R. Dodson, S. Horiuchi, W. Scott, E. Fomalont, Z. Paragi, S. Frey, K. Wiik, H. Hirabayashi, P.G. Edwards, Y. Murata, G. Moellenbrock, L. Gurvits and S. Tingay
Japanese VLBI Network
PoS(8thEVN)071 pdf A. Doi, K. Fujisawa, K. Harada, T. Nagayama, K. Suematsu, K. Sugiyama, A. Habe, M. Honma, N. Kawaguchi, H. Kobayashi, Y. Koyama, Y. Murata, T. Omodaka, K. Sorai, H. Sudo, H. Takaba, K. Takashima and K.i. Wakamatsu
Comparing the SDSS and VLBI quasar and galaxy positions
PoS(8thEVN)072 pdf attachments S. Frey, P. Veres and K. Vida
Millimeter VLBI detection of the TeV blazar Markarian 501
PoS(8thEVN)074 pdf M. Giroletti and G. Giovannini
EVN and MERLIN observations of nearby BL Lac objects and multiwavelength analysis
PoS(8thEVN)075 pdf M. Giroletti and G. Giovannini
Water masers in the star forming region in L1287
PoS(8thEVN)076 pdf H. Imai, H.J. van Langevelde and T. Umemoto
Phase-delay astrometry of the polar-cap sample at 43 GHz
PoS(8thEVN)077 pdf J.C. Guirado, J.M. Marcaide, I. Marti-Vidal and S. Jimenez
Living life on the edge - wide-field VLBI at 90 cm!
PoS(8thEVN)079 pdf E. Lenc, M.A. Garrett, O. Wucknitz, J. Anderson and S. Tingay
VLBI observations of blazar 0716+714 during the outburst in spring 2004
PoS(8thEVN)080 pdf E. Rastorgueva-Foi and K. Wiik
Results from e-EVN observations of GRS 1915+105
PoS(8thEVN)081 pdf A. Rushton, R.E. Spencer, M. Strong, R.M. Campbell, S. Casey, R. Fender, M.A. Garrett, J.C.A. Miller-Jones, G.G. Pooley, C. Reynolds, A. Szomoru, V. Tudose and Z. Paragi
Description of moving plasma blob
PoS(8thEVN)082 pdf S. Rys
VSOP and VLBA Observations of EGRET-Identified Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(8thEVN)085 pdf K. Wajima
Dual-frequency VSOP imaging of a high-redshift radio quasar PKS 1402+044
PoS(8thEVN)086 pdf J. Yang, L. Gurvits, A. Lobanov, S. Frey and X.Y. Hong