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The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects V

GOLDEN2019 - (other golden conferences)
2-7 September 2019
Palermo, Italy
published February 25, 2021
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In 2011 we organized the first workshop about "The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects" because we were under the impression that the time for a comprehensive view had arrived.

We were right and surprised, mainly by the ongoing vigorous research and future coming prospects. Thus we reached the conclusion that the state of the field, namely high activity and many observational results, calls for organizing follow-up workshops in a series of "The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects".

This is the fiftth edition of such series. One of the main field drivers were the results from the INTEGRAL experiment: detections of hard X-ray emission from a large sample of CVs, mainly intermediate polars. Undoubtedly, non-magnetic CVs, intermediate polars and polars constitute the most powerful probe to test our theories of the various modes of accretion. The long term evolution of CV systems accreting at a prohibitive rate has become a hot topic both in terms of the fate of such systems (all sorts of supernovae) and the microphysics of Eddington and super Eddington mass accretion and mass loss flows. In particular we stress one of the hottest topics in present day astrophysics, namely the progenitors of SN-Ia. This problem is connected with fundamental issues in cosmology. Novae and recurrent novae are the most promising progenitor candidates but so far could not be nailed down. Our goal is to discuss what is missing in our knowledge of CVs that will allow a unique determination and observational confirmation. Indeed the sub-class of CVs, named Classical Novae, which are the third most powerful stellar explosions in a galaxy, have been observed as close as a kpc and as far as galaxies in the Fornax cluster. The time to report on the recent renaissance in CNe studies thanks to observations with 8-10m class telescopes, high resolution spectroscopy, in synergy with observations from space carried out with Swift, XMM, Chandra, HST, and Spitzer, coupled with recent advances in the theory of the outburst, seems now in order. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together about *60 invited researchers* from world wide to discuss the experimental updated panorama and theories of CVs and Related Objects.

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Opening Remarks (the Importance of Multifrequency Observations)
  2. Cataclysmic Variables (non-magnetic, intermediate polars, polars)
    • Fundamental parameters
    • Accretion physics
    • Outburst physics
    • Magnetic phenomena
    • Interconnection among classes
    • Long term secular evolution
    • The fate of CVs
  3. Classical and Recurrent Novae
  4. Nova-like Stars
  5. Symbiotic stars
  6. The Astrophysics of CVs and related Objects with the Ongoing and Future Space-Based and Ground-Based Experiments.

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Opening Remarks
Cataclysmic Variables
Classical Novae, Recurrent Novae and Nova-Like Stars
Gravitational Waves
Ongoing Experiments
Special Night Session
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects (some critical comments)
PoS(GOLDEN2019)001 pdf F. Giovannelli
From CVs to X-ray Binaries
PoS(GOLDEN2019)002 pdf J.M. Corral-Santana
The origin of EL CVn stars: A crucial test for close compact binary formation theories
PoS(GOLDEN2019)003 file missing F. Lagos
Thin, slim and thick accretion disks: classic analytic results and most recent GRRMHD simulations
PoS(GOLDEN2019)005 file missing M. Abramowicz
Accretion disk winds in cataclysmic variables
PoS(GOLDEN2019)006 file missing N. Castro Segura
Cataclysmic Variables
Fundamental properties of Cataclysmic Variables from Gaia DR2
PoS(GOLDEN2019)007 file missing A.F. Pala
Identification, Classification and Evolution of CVs with GAIA DR2
PoS(GOLDEN2019)008 file missing J. Abril
CV evolution and the White Dwarf mass problem
PoS(GOLDEN2019)009 file missing M. Zorotovic
Photometric study of eclipsing dwarf nova EX Dra
PoS(GOLDEN2019)010 pdf I. Voloshina, T. Khruzina and V. Metlov
X-ray Views of the Dwarf Nova GK Persei
PoS(GOLDEN2019)011 file missing Y. Wada
Finding CVs in the Zwicky Transient Facility (First Year Results)
PoS(GOLDEN2019)012 file missing P. Szkody
Properties of Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters
PoS(GOLDEN2019)013 pdf D. Belloni and L. Rivera
Accretion onto magnetic CVs – Evidence for Complex Fields
PoS(GOLDEN2019)014 file missing P.A. Mason
The White Dwarf Pulsar AR Scorpii: Latest News
PoS(GOLDEN2019)015 file missing D. Buckley
X-ray reflection from WDs in mCVs – Model versus observations
PoS(GOLDEN2019)016 file missing T. Hayashi
Masses and accretion rate for polars and intermediate polars with XMM-Newton data
PoS(GOLDEN2019)017 file missing C. Rodrigues
The Intermediate Polar FO Aqr - A Short Review
PoS(GOLDEN2019)018 file missing M. Kennedy
Multi-wavelength study of the eclipsing polar UZ Fornacis
PoS(GOLDEN2019)019 pdf Z.N. Khangale, S. B. Potter and P. A. Woudt
SW Sextantis stars - A link between Polars and Intermediate Polars?
PoS(GOLDEN2019)020 file missing L. Schmidtobreick
The warm DQ white dwarf OW J175358.85-310728.9 - A Short Review
PoS(GOLDEN2019)021 file missing K. Paterson
A Tilted Disk Instability Model for Dwarf Nova Outbursts
PoS(GOLDEN2019)022 file missing M. Kimura
Photometric (UBVRI) study of selected CVs: Flickering source parameters
PoS(GOLDEN2019)023 file missing G. Latev
CVs light curves interpretation using 3D hydrodynamical simulation: V1239Her and PHL1445 experience
PoS(GOLDEN2019)024 file missing V. Lukin
Classical Novae, Recurrent Novae and Nova-Like Stars
Classical Novae as Cataclysmic Variables
PoS(GOLDEN2019)025 pdf A. Ederoclite
Galactic and Extragalactic Novae – A Multiwavelenght Review
PoS(GOLDEN2019)026 pdf R. Poggiani
Spectral Evolution of Novae in the Near-Infrared
PoS(GOLDEN2019)027 file missing A. Arai
Optical flickering of KR Aur in different states
PoS(GOLDEN2019)028 pdf S. Boeva, G. Latev, R. Zamanov, S. Tsvetkova, P. Nikolov, B. Petrov, B. Spassov and Z. Cvetković
Classical Nova Persei 2018 outburst from the dwarf nova V392 Per
PoS(GOLDEN2019)029 pdf D. Chochol, S. Shugarov, Ľ. Hambálek, A. Skopal, Š. Parimucha and P. Dubovský
Hydrodynamic simulations of classical novae outbursts and their evolution to supernova Ia explosions
PoS(GOLDEN2019)030 pdf S. Starrfield, M. Bose, C. Iliadis, W. Raphael Hix, C.E. Woodward and R.M. Wagner
The orbital periods of old novae
PoS(GOLDEN2019)031 file missing I. Fuentes Morales
Hibernation and the Orbital Period Change of QZ Aur
PoS(GOLDEN2019)032 file missing M. Shara
A 9 Monthlong HST Survey for Novae in M87
PoS(GOLDEN2019)033 file missing M. Shara
Spatial Distribution of Nova Ejecta during the Early Phase of Explosion of V339 Del from its high-resolution optical spectropolarimetry
PoS(GOLDEN2019)034 file missing Y. Shinnaka
The long-term behaviour of nova shell Luminosities
PoS(GOLDEN2019)035 file missing C. Tappert
Discovery of Explosive Li Production in Classical Novae
PoS(GOLDEN2019)036 file missing A. Tajitsu
Long-Term Observations of the Classical Nova X Ser and the Activity of Post-novae
PoS(GOLDEN2019)037 pdf V. Simon
An Updated Review of Symbiotic Systems
PoS(GOLDEN2019)038 file missing J. Mikolajewska
Extragalactic Symbiotic Stars in the RAMSES II Era - A Review
PoS(GOLDEN2019)039 file missing D.R. Gonçalves
Balmer Decrement and Outburst of Symbiotic Stars
PoS(GOLDEN2019)040 file missing K. Tanabe, K. Ando and N. Fukuda
Nebulosities of the Symbiotic Binary R Aquarii - A Short Review
PoS(GOLDEN2019)041 pdf T. Liimets, R.M.L. Corradi, D. Jones, I. Kolka, M. Santander-Garcia, M. Sidonio and K. Verro
The symbiotic stellar system R Aqr: mm-waveimaging of the WD – AGB wind interaction
PoS(GOLDEN2019)042 pdf V. Bujarrabal, J. Alcolea, J. Mikolajewska and A. Castro-Carrizo
Yellow symbiotic star AG Draconis in the scope of the New Online Database of Symbiotic Variables
PoS(GOLDEN2019)043 pdf J. Merc, R. Galis, L. Leedjärv and M. Wolf
Accrete, Accrete, Accrete… Bang! (and repeat): The remarkable Recurrent Novae
PoS(GOLDEN2019)044 pdf M.J. Darnley
When white dwarfs collide
PoS(GOLDEN2019)045 file missing J. Isern
Progenitor and explosion models of type Ia supernovae
PoS(GOLDEN2019)046 pdf A. Tanikawa
The Passage of the baton to the new generations
PoS(GOLDEN2019)047 pdf F. Giovannelli
Searching for SN Ia progenitors among white dwarf with early type secondary stars
PoS(GOLDEN2019)048 file missing S. Hernandez
Wind Roche Lobe Overflow - A mechanism for producing SN Ia from Symbiotic systems
PoS(GOLDEN2019)049 file missing K. Ilkiewicz
Partly burned white dwarf survivors from peculiar thermonuclear supernovae
PoS(GOLDEN2019)050 pdf R. Raddi
Gravitational Waves
Spinar model for the fast-rotating collapsing objects
PoS(GOLDEN2019)051 pdf A. Chasovnikov, V.M. Lipunov, E.S. Gorbovskoy and G.V. Lipunova
Gravitational wave astronomy with compact binary mergers
PoS(GOLDEN2019)052 pdf R. Poggiani and  on behalf of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration
Searches After Gravitational-waves Using ARizona Observatories (SAGUARO)
PoS(GOLDEN2019)053 file missing K. Paterson
Cataclysmic variables as multimessenger sources: the gravitational wave emission
PoS(GOLDEN2019)054 pdf R. Poggiani
Ongoing Experiments
Lobster Eye X Ray Monitors: Recent Status
PoS(GOLDEN2019)055 pdf R. Hudec and V. Simon
ESA THESEUS and cataclysmic variables
PoS(GOLDEN2019)056 pdf R. Hudec, V. Simon, L. Amati, F. Frontera, E. Bozzo, P. O’Brien and D. Goetz
A Machine Learning approach for the pulsar classification
PoS(GOLDEN2019)057 file missing B.L. Martino
SPARC4 - Simultaneous Polarimeter and Rapid Camera in 4 bands
PoS(GOLDEN2019)058 file missing C. Rodrigues
Special Night Session
Challenges for Life in the Local Universe
PoS(GOLDEN2019)059 pdf B. Peter L. and P.A. Mason
Concluding Remarks
CV Research in a Golden Age: Concluding Remarks - I
PoS(GOLDEN2019)060 pdf P.A. Mason
Concluding Remarks - II
PoS(GOLDEN2019)061 pdf D. Buckley
Concluding Remarks - III
PoS(GOLDEN2019)062 file missing J. Mikolajewska
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables andRelated Objects V Concluding Remarks IV
PoS(GOLDEN2019)063 pdf R. Hudec
Concluding Address
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects - V: Concluding Address
PoS(GOLDEN2019)064 pdf F. Giovannelli