PoS - Proceedings of Science

From Planets to Dark Energy: the Modern Radio Universe

October 1-5 2007
The University of Manchester, UK
published October 14, 2008

This meeting will focus on the current state of knowledge, as revealed by observations and theory, of the key science themes to be addressed by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

The SKA will have of the order of a million square metres of collecting area and will achieve a spatial resolution better than 0.1 arcsecond at 1.4 GHz. With such a telescope, some of the major questions of our time can be addressed.
What are dark energy and dark matter? What is the origin of the observed structure in the Universe? How did planets like the Earth form?

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Session 1: Instrumental
Session 2: Probing the Dark Ages
Session 3: Strong Field tests of Gravity using Pulsars & Black Holes
Session 4: Galaxy Evolution, AGN, Cosmology & Dark Energy - I
Session 5: The Transient Radio Universe
Session 6: Galaxy Evolution, AGN, Cosmology & Dark Energy - II
Session 7: The Cradle of Life
Session 7: The Origin & Evolution of Cosmic Magnetism
Session 9: Discovery Space
Session 10: Posters
Session 1: Instrumental
Modern Radio Universe
PoS(MRU)001 pdf P. Diamond
The Square Kilometre Array
PoS(MRU)002 pdf R. Schilizzi
Extremely Large Telescopes
PoS(MRU)003 pdf J. Spyromilio
The Atacama Large Millimeter Array: Overview & Status
PoS(MRU)004 pdf A. Beasley and A.B. Peck
The James Webb Space Telescope
PoS(MRU)005 pdf J. Gardner
Science with the Australian SKA pathfinder
PoS(MRU)006 pdf S. Johnston
MeerKAT science and technology
PoS(MRU)007 pdf J. Jonas
The EVLA as a scientific and technical pathfinder for the SKA
PoS(MRU)008 file missing J. Ulvestad
PoS(MRU)009 file missing S.T. Garrington
Science with the MWA
PoS(MRU)146 file missing C. Lonsdale
HI absorption studies of galaxies and the SKA Molonglo Prototype (SKAMP) Project
PoS(MRU)011 pdf A. Green
Ionosperic limits for LOFAR and SKA
PoS(MRU)012 pdf I. van Bemmel
Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy
PoS(MRU)013 pdf D. Bock
Session 2: Probing the Dark Ages
Probing cosmic reionization and the first galaxies
PoS(MRU)014 pdf C. Carilli
The dazzling epoch of first galaxies
PoS(MRU)015 file missing A. Ferrara
Probing the epoch of reionization with 21CMA: status and prospects
PoS(MRU)017 file missing X. Wu
Character and detectability of the dark ages and the epoch of reionization: the view from the simulations
PoS(MRU)018 pdf I. Iliev, G. Mellema and P.R. Shapiro
Challenges in detecting the EoR with LOFAR
PoS(MRU)019 file missing L. Koopmans
Session 3: Strong Field tests of Gravity using Pulsars & Black Holes
Strong-field tests of gravity using pulsars & black holes
PoS(MRU)020 pdf M. Kramer
Pulsar timing and gravitational wave detection
PoS(MRU)021 file missing F. Jenet
Gravitational Waves
PoS(MRU)022 file missing B. Schutz
More and more radio pulsars: status of recent surveys and perspectives
PoS(MRU)023 pdf A. Possenti
Session 4: Galaxy Evolution, AGN, Cosmology & Dark Energy - I
Galaxy formation in the cosmological paradigm
PoS(MRU)024 file missing C. Frenk
The cosmic evolution of massive galaxies and radio-loud AGN
PoS(MRU)025 file missing E.M. Sadler
Fascinating THINGS
PoS(MRU)026 file missing E. Brinks
The Arecibo galaxy environment survey - a sensitive survey for neutral hydrogen in the local Universe
PoS(MRU)027 pdf R. Minchin, R. Auld, L. Cortese, J. Davies, E. Momjian, R. Taylor, B. Catinella, P.A. Henning, S. Linder, E. Muller, K. O'Neil, J. Rosenberg, S. Sabatini, S. Schneider, M. Stage and W. Van Driel
Accretion of cold gas in galaxies
PoS(MRU)028 file missing T.M. van der Hulst
Evolution of gas in galaxies
PoS(MRU)029 pdf L. Staveley-Smith
Large-scale HI and the evolution of radio galaxies: a study at the sensitivity limit of current-day telescopes
PoS(MRU)030 pdf B. Emonts, R. Morganti, T. Oosterloo and J.H. van Gorkom
Evolution of gas content of galaxy groups
PoS(MRU)031 pdf E. Wilcots
Episodic activity in radio galaxies or atomic gas in the central regions of galaxies
PoS(MRU)032 file missing D.J. Saikia
Galaxy accretion and feedback at z=0
PoS(MRU)034 file missing R. Braun
Session 5: The Transient Radio Universe
Axes of discovery: The time variable Universe
PoS(MRU)035 pdf J.M. Cordes
Detection of Ultra-High energy cosmic rays and neutrinos with radio telescopes
PoS(MRU)036 file missing H. Falcke
The bursting and transient radio Unverse
PoS(MRU)037 file missing R. Fender
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays, entering a new era of astroparticle physics and detection techniques
PoS(MRU)038 pdf O. Scholten
RRATs and intermittent pulsars
PoS(MRU)039 file missing A. Lyne
Statistics of the MASIV 5GHz VLA scintillation survey
PoS(MRU)040 pdf D.L. Jauncey
UHE particle astrophysics with the SKA
PoS(MRU)041 pdf C. James, R.J. Protheroe, R.D. Ekers and R. McFadden
VLBI supernova imaging in the present and with the SKA
PoS(MRU)042 pdf attachments M. Bietenholz
Session 6: Galaxy Evolution, AGN, Cosmology & Dark Energy - II
Cosmology and galaxy evolution: prospects for transformational science
PoS(MRU)043 file missing S. Rawlings
Radio properties of the young supernovae/SNR in Arp220
PoS(MRU)045 pdf J.E. Conway, R. Hurley, R. Parra, P. Diamond, C. Lonsdale and C.J. Lonsdale
Cosmological decrease in brightness and angular broadening in the ionized inter-galactic medium detected in the MASIV quasar survey
PoS(MRU)046 pdf B. Rickett
AT20G: an all sky blind survey at 20GHz
PoS(MRU)047 pdf R.D. Ekers, M. Massardi and E.M. Sadler
Exploring the microJy and nanoJy sky: From the VLA to the SKA
PoS(MRU)048 pdf K.I. Kellermann, E. Fomalont and N. Miller
The properties of the very weak radio sources population in the GOODS North field
PoS(MRU)049 pdf T.W.B. Muxlow
The evolving starburst-AGN connection
PoS(MRU)050 pdf R.P. Norris
Measuring the cosmic star-formation rate using deep radio studies
PoS(MRU)051 pdf T. Dwelly
Radio studies of gravitational lensing and future telescopes
PoS(MRU)052 pdf N. Jackson
A view of the sub-mJy populations, modelling and perspectives for future deep surveys
PoS(MRU)053 pdf I. Prandoni, R.D. Ekers, H.R. de Ruiter, L. Gregorini, G. Vettolani and M. Wieringa
A deep survey of the low-surface-brightness radio sky
PoS(MRU)055 pdf R. Subrahmanyan, R.D. Ekers, L. Saripalli and E.M. Sadler
An evolution of the IR-Radio correlation?
PoS(MRU)056 pdf R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow, A. Richards, H. Thrall and S.T. Garrington
Multi-wavelength surveys towards the SKA-pathfinders
PoS(MRU)057 pdf M. Jarvis
Session 7: The Cradle of Life
Star and planet formation
PoS(MRU)058 pdf G. Garay
mm/sub-mm observations of massive star forming regions
PoS(MRU)059 pdf F. Wyrowski
Star formation and radio astronomy
PoS(MRU)060 file missing F. Shu
Super-grains: seeds of planet formation
PoS(MRU)061 pdf J. Greaves
A 5GHz survey of the Galactic plane
PoS(MRU)062 pdf C. Purcell
SETI observations with the SKA
PoS(MRU)063 file missing J. Tarter
Session 7: The Origin & Evolution of Cosmic Magnetism
Revealing cosmic magnetism with radio polarimetry
PoS(MRU)066 pdf B. Gaensler
Magnetic fields in the Universe and prospects for future probes
PoS(MRU)067 pdf P. Kronberg
Probing the evolution of magnetic fields in clusters and galaxies
PoS(MRU)068 pdf P. Alexander
Polarisation of mJy radio sources
PoS(MRU)069 pdf J. Stil
Magnetic fields around evolved stars
PoS(MRU)070 pdf W.H.T. Vlemmings
Magnetizing the universe
PoS(MRU)071 pdf K. Subramanian
Faraday tomography for magnetic fields in our Galaxy and nearby Universe
PoS(MRU)072 pdf J. Han
Magnetic fields in star-forming galaxies at high and low redshift
PoS(MRU)073 pdf T. Garn, D. Ford, P. Alexander, D.A. Green and J. Riley
Evidence for the generation of helical magnetic fields in active galactic nuclei
PoS(MRU)074 pdf M. Mahmud and D. Gabuzda
The magnetic field models of galaxies with the SKA
PoS(MRU)075 pdf T. Arshakian, R. Stepanov, R. Beck, P. Frick and M. Krause
Session 9: Discovery Space
Space horizons of radio astronomy in the SKA era
PoS(MRU)143 file missing L. Gurvits
Exploration of the unknown
PoS(MRU)144 pdf P. Wilkinson
Session 10: Posters
Minkowski's footprint: an ejected common envelope?
PoS(MRU)080 pdf J. Alcolea, R. Neri and V. Bujarrabal
Radio searches for supernovae in nearby starburst galaxies
PoS(MRU)082 pdf M. Argo
Where are the large compact-symmetric objects?
PoS(MRU)083 pdf attachments P. Augusto
The nature of gamma ray Blazar candidate PMN J1326-5256
PoS(MRU)084 pdf H.E. Bignall
An alidade for the SKA
PoS(MRU)086 pdf B. Burke
A massive and dense core in an early stage of evolution
PoS(MRU)087 pdf Y. Contreras
Multiwavelength study of Barnard 1: A young star-forming region
PoS(MRU)088 pdf S. Datta
Cosmic rays and the magnetic field of the nearby starburst galaxy NGC253
PoS(MRU)089 pdf R.J. Dettmar
The $^{14}$N VII 5.6-mm line for studies of WHIM, QSO and hot ISM
PoS(MRU)090 pdf D. Docenko and R. Sunyaev
Galaxy redshift survey in neutral hydrogen with FAST
PoS(MRU)091 pdf A.R. Duffy, R. Battye, R.D. Davies, A. Moss and P. Wilkinson
Searching for a pulsar black-hole binary
PoS(MRU)092 pdf R. Eatough
The effect of interstellar medium on radio beams emiting from radio pulsars
PoS(MRU)093 pdf M. Ebadinejad and M. Krämer
Sensitive high resolution radio imaging of supernova remnants in the M82 starburst
PoS(MRU)094 pdf D.M. Fenech
Constraining cosmology with SZ cluster surveys
PoS(MRU)095 pdf J. Geisbuesch
Inferring intrinsic position angles of radio sources from SKA observations
PoS(MRU)096 pdf J. Geisbuesch
Space densities and unified models of AGN
PoS(MRU)097 pdf M. Gendre and J. Wall
Radio emission from exoplanets
PoS(MRU)098 pdf attachments S. George and I. Stevens
MERLIN polarisation observations of OH masers in W75S and K3-50
PoS(MRU)100 pdf B. Hutawarakorn Kramer
Ionospheric calibration for low frequency arrays using the peeling scheme
PoS(MRU)101 pdf H. Intema
Diffuse large-scale radio structures
PoS(MRU)102 pdf M. Jamrozy, M. Wezgowiec and K.H. Mack
High-precision astrometry of the S5 polar-cap radio sources: Measurements of the frequency dependence of the VLBI cores
PoS(MRU)103 pdf S. Jimenez- Monferrer, J.M. Marcaide, J.C. Guirado and I. Marti-Vidal
A search for aligned radio polarisations
PoS(MRU)104 pdf S. Joshi
New pulsar discoveries from re-analysis of Parkes multibeam survey candidates
PoS(MRU)105 pdf M. Keith, A. Lyne and M. Kramer
CU Virginis - A unique stellar pulsar?
PoS(MRU)106 pdf B. Kellett
The starburst-AGN connection: A case study of SMMJ04135+10277 using MERLIN and HSA
PoS(MRU)107 pdf K.K. Knudsen, E. Momjian, F. Walter, C. Carilli and M.S. Yun
Depolarisation and the study of galaxy cluster magnetic fields with the SKA
PoS(MRU)109 pdf M. Krause, P. Alexander and R. Bolton
Array configuration studies for the SKA - Implementation of figures of merit based on SDR
PoS(MRU)110 pdf D.V. Lal
GMRT study of X-shaped radio sources
PoS(MRU)111 pdf D.V. Lal
Radio-optical study of double-peaked AGNs
PoS(MRU)112 pdf J. Leon-Tavares, A. Lobanov, V. Chavushyan and T. Arshakian
Supermassive black holes and the nuclear activity in galaxies
PoS(MRU)113 pdf A. Lobanov
Innovative SETI by KLT
PoS(MRU)114 pdf C. Maccone
The AT20G first data release: the bright source sample
PoS(MRU)115 pdf M. Massardi
The observability of early stages of galaxy formation with radio arrays
PoS(MRU)116 pdf M. Massardi
Starburst/AGN discrimination from combined MERLIN and VLA imaging of the 13hr deep survey
PoS(MRU)117 pdf I. McHardy
Arecibo discovery of the pre-biotic molecule methanimine in Arp220 and new cm-wavelength transitions of other molecules
PoS(MRU)118 pdf E. Momjian, C.J. Salter, T. Ghosh, M.S. Lerner, R. Minchin, B. Catinella and M. Lebron
A deep VLA map of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61303 and its environment
PoS(MRU)119 pdf A. Munoz- Arjonilla, V. Zabalza, J. Martí, J.M. Paredes, J. Sanchez-Sutil, J.A. Combi and P. Luque-Escamilla
The results of Waseda Radio Transient survey
PoS(MRU)120 pdf K. Niinuma
Methanol multibeam pulsar survey
PoS(MRU)121 pdf J. O'Brien
CHARA and e-VLBI observations of Algol
PoS(MRU)122 pdf Z. Paragi, S. Csizmadia, T. Borkovits, L. Mosoni, L. Sturmann, P. Abraham and M.A. Garrett
Evidence for a population of high-redshift submillimeter galaxies from interferometric imaging
PoS(MRU)123 pdf A.B. Peck, J.D. Younger and G. Fazio
High-resolution radio observations of nuclear and circumnuclear regions of LIRGs
PoS(MRU)124 pdf M. Perez-Torres and A. Alberdi
The European Pulsar Timing Array
PoS(MRU)125 pdf M. Purver
Jets, discs or planetismals
PoS(MRU)126 pdf A. Richards, J. Greaves, W.K.M. Rice and T.W.B. Muxlow
The clustering of merging star-forming haloes: dust emission high frequency CMB foreground
PoS(MRU)127 pdf M. Righi, C. Hernandez-Monteagudo and R. Sunyaev
A search of arc-minute extended radio emission in the Cygnus X-3 vicinity
PoS(MRU)129 pdf J. Sanchez-Sutil, J. Martí, P. Luque-Escamilla, J.A. Combi, A. Munoz- Arjonilla and J.M. Paredes
Restarting engine in an X-shaped radio galaxy
PoS(MRU)130 pdf L. Saripalli
Probing microarcsecond structure in AGN using continuous 6.7GHz interstellar scintillation monitoring with the Ceduna radio telescope
PoS(MRU)131 pdf C. Senkbail
Pulsar science with the SKA
PoS(MRU)133 pdf R.J.M. Smits, M. Krämer and B. Stappers
A Faraday rotation study of parsec-scale jet of BL Lac
PoS(MRU)134 pdf A. Sokolov, T.V. Cawthorne and S. O'Sullivan
The circumnuclear structure and excitation effects around the massive protostar Cepheus A HW2
PoS(MRU)136 file missing J.M. Torrelles
VLBI observations of magnetic fields during high-mass star-formation
PoS(MRU)137 pdf W.H.T. Vlemmings
CL0024+1654 as gravitational lens of radio galaxies
PoS(MRU)138 pdf F. Volino
Calibration and Imaging with eigenbeams
PoS(MRU)139 pdf M. Voronkov and T. Cornwell
The radio source population at frequencies of 15 to 70GHz: some deductions from 9C follow-up observations
PoS(MRU)140 pdf E. Waldram, R. Bolton, G.G. Pooley and J. Riley
The related space densities of sub-mm galaxies and radio QSOs
PoS(MRU)141 pdf J. Wall
Gravitational lens surveys with LOFAR
PoS(MRU)142 pdf attachments O. Wucknitz and M.A. Garrett