PoS - Proceedings of Science

Physics at LHC 2008

29 September - October 4, 2008
Split, Croatia
published February 16, 2010

This is the fourth conference in the series started in Prague in 2003 and held in Wiena (2004) and Cracow (2006).
The conference is dedicated to the physics at LHC. Topics: Higgs Boson, Supersymmetry, Standard Model and Beyond, Beauty and Heavy-Ion Physic

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Monday Morning Plenary Session: "Higgs Boson"
Monda Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "Higgs Boson"
Monda Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "SUSY and BSM"
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session: "SUSY and BSM"
Tuesday Afternoon Working Session: "Detector performance and early physics expectations"
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session: "QCD"
Thursday Morning Plenary Session: "Electroweak Physics / First Data"
Thursday Afternoon Working Session: "Electroweak Physics / First Data"
Friday Morning Plenary Session: "B Physics / Heavy Ions"
Friday Afternoon Plenary Session: "B Physics / Heavy Ions"
Friday Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "B Physics"
Friday Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "Heavy Ions"
Saturday Morning Plenary Session: "Upgrades and Future Visions"
Poster session
Monday Morning Plenary Session: "Higgs Boson"
Status of LHC
PoS(2008LHC)001 file missing J. Engelen
Status of ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)002 pdf P. Jenni
Status of CMS
PoS(2008LHC)003 file missing T. Virdee
Understanding EW symmetry breaking at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)004 file missing C. Grojean
Tevatron Higgs boson results
PoS(2008LHC)005 pdf J. Qian
Higgs boson at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)006 file missing L. Fayard
Monda Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "Higgs Boson"
Higgs production at the LHC: selected results
PoS(2008LHC)017 file missing M. Grazzini
Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)018 pdf F. Sannino
Search for the SM Higgs Boson in the $H\rightarrow ZZ^*$ in 4 leptons at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)019 pdf D. Trocino
SM $H \rightarrow \gamma \gamma$ discovery potential with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)020 pdf Y. Fang
Discovery potential for the SM Higgs Boson in the $H\rightarrow WW^*\rightarrow 2\ell 2\nu$ channel at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)021 file missing F. Stoeckli
VBF SM Higgs boson search with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)022 pdf S. Xella
Vector Boson Fusion Production of the SM Higgs Boson at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)023 pdf M. Vazquez Acosta
Associated SM Higgs boson search with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)024 pdf I. Ludwig
Low mass Higgs boson at the Tevatron
PoS(2008LHC)025 pdf A. Mehta
Higgs boson at 160 GeV at the Tevatron
PoS(2008LHC)026 pdf M. Buehler
Monda Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "SUSY and BSM"
Doubly charged higgsinos at LHC
PoS(2008LHC)007 pdf K. Huitu, D.A. Demir, M. Frank, S.K. Rai and I. Turan
The BESS model revisited as an Higgsless Linear Moose @ LHC
PoS(2008LHC)008 pdf S. De Curtis
See-saw signals at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)009 pdf B. Bajc
Searches for SUSY with lepton, jets, and missing ET
PoS(2008LHC)010 pdf C. Hof
Measurement of SUSY parameters in events using dileptons in ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)011 pdf U. De Sanctis
Search for heavy stable charged particles in CMS
PoS(2008LHC)012 pdf K. Nawrocki
Vector Boson Scattering at high mass
PoS(2008LHC)013 pdf P. Sherwood
The discovery reach for mini-black holes with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)014 pdf M. Kaneda
Prospects for discoveries of final states with dileptons, jets and no missing energy with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)015 pdf S.S. Wendler
D0 SUSY/BSM searches
PoS(2008LHC)016 pdf attachments S. Muanza
Tuesday Morning Plenary Session: "SUSY and BSM"
LHC Commissioning
PoS(2008LHC)027 file missing L. Evans
ATLAS Commissioning
PoS(2008LHC)028 pdf M. Vincter
CMS Commissioning
PoS(2008LHC)029 pdf I. Mikulec
Search for new physics at HERA
PoS(2008LHC)030 file missing P. Schleper
Tevatron SUSY+BSM Results
PoS(2008LHC)031 file missing D. Toback
SUSY at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)032 pdf G. Lungu
LHC and the origin of neutrino mass
PoS(2008LHC)033 file missing G. Senjanovic
Tuesday Afternoon Working Session: "Detector performance and early physics expectations"
Triggers for early physics at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)034 file missing P. Bargassa
Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector tracking system
PoS(2008LHC)035 pdf R. Moles Valls
CMS Tracker Alignment and Implications on Physics Performance
PoS(2008LHC)036 pdf N.V. Tran
First physics with hadrons and the Underlying Event at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)037 pdf F. Siklér
Jet reconstruction with first data in ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)038 pdf D. Lelas
Jets and Missing Transverse Energy Reconstruction with CMS
PoS(2008LHC)039 pdf D. Dobur
Electron and Photon Reconstruction and Identification with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(2008LHC)040 pdf E. Turlay
Inclusive W and Z production at LHC startup
PoS(2008LHC)041 pdf G. Daskalakis
ATLAS Electroweak Measurements with early data
PoS(2008LHC)042 pdf K. Lohwasser
Measurement of diboson production in early LHC data
PoS(2008LHC)043 pdf V. Brigljevic
Wednesday Morning Plenary Session: "QCD"
HERA structure functions
PoS(2008LHC)044 pdf C. Vallee
Tevatron QCD physics
PoS(2008LHC)045 pdf B. Hirosky
Tevatron top physics
PoS(2008LHC)046 pdf J. Wagner-Kuhr
QCD and top at LHC
PoS(2008LHC)047 pdf F.P. Schilling
Monte Carlo ME/PS matching (theory)
PoS(2008LHC)048 file missing F. Krauss
Monte Carlo ME/PS matching (comparison with data)
PoS(2008LHC)049 file missing S. Lammers
Higher order corrections in view of LHC
PoS(2008LHC)050 file missing K.R. Ellis
Thursday Morning Plenary Session: "Electroweak Physics / First Data"
Tevatron EWK physics
PoS(2008LHC)051 pdf T. Nunnemann
Electroweak physics at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)052 pdf L. di Ciaccio
First physics with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)053 pdf D. Zerwas
First physics with CMS
PoS(2008LHC)054 pdf M. Mulders
First physics with ALICE
PoS(2008LHC)055 pdf J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus
First physics with LHCb
PoS(2008LHC)056 file missing A. Schopper
Diffractive Physics at the LHC: a theoretical overview
PoS(2008LHC)057 pdf A. Martin
Open issues in diffractive physics: what answers do we expect from the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)058 file missing M. Deile
Thursday Afternoon Working Session: "Electroweak Physics / First Data"
TOTEM status
PoS(2008LHC)059 file missing K. Eggert
Status of the LHCf experiment
PoS(2008LHC)060 pdf A. Tricomi
Neutrinoless double beta decays of the top quark and other effects of heavy Majorana neutrinos.
PoS(2008LHC)061 pdf G. Eilam
Single top production and Vtb determination at LHC: a complete one-loop MSSM calculation
PoS(2008LHC)062 pdf C. Verzegnassi
Forward physics with CMS
PoS(2008LHC)063 pdf M. Grothe
b-tagging algorithm and performance in ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)064 pdf L. Vacavant
Measurement of the Z boson plus two b-jets cross section in CMS with 100 pb^{1}
PoS(2008LHC)065 pdf A.K. Nayak
Top quark pair cross-section measurement at ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)066 file missing W. Verkerke
Top quark mass measurement with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)067 pdf P.G. Cavalleri
Single top cross section measurements in ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)068 file missing B.E. Clément
Friday Morning Plenary Session: "B Physics / Heavy Ions"
B Factory Results
PoS(2008LHC)069 file missing T. Gershon
Tevatron B Physics Results
PoS(2008LHC)070 pdf K. Gibson
Status and Potential of LHCb
PoS(2008LHC)071 file missing A. Golutvin
LHCb Commissioning
PoS(2008LHC)072 pdf O. Callot
RHIC overview
PoS(2008LHC)073 file missing J. Velkovska
Heavy Ions Physics (Theory)
PoS(2008LHC)074 file missing U. Wiedemann
ALICE Status and Potential
PoS(2008LHC)075 pdf J. Schukraft
ALICE Commissioning
PoS(2008LHC)076 pdf S. Chapeland
Friday Afternoon Plenary Session: "B Physics / Heavy Ions"
Heavy ions with ATLAS and CMS
PoS(2008LHC)077 pdf O. Kodolova
B physics with ATLAS and CMS
PoS(2008LHC)078 pdf B. Epp
Friday Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "B Physics"
Measurement of B_s mixing phase beta_s
PoS(2008LHC)079 pdf G. Giurgiu
Implications of beta_s measurements
PoS(2008LHC)080 pdf L. Silvestrini
Prospects for beta_s measurement
PoS(2008LHC)081 pdf A. Satta
Measurement of CKM angle gamma/phi_3
PoS(2008LHC)082 pdf A. Poluektov
Prospects for gamma/phi_3 measurement
PoS(2008LHC)083 file missing V. Gibson
Recent developments in charm physics
PoS(2008LHC)084 pdf J. Yelton
Prospects for $B_s\rightarrow \mu\mu$ at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)085 pdf B. Caponeri
Prospects for K*mumu
PoS(2008LHC)086 pdf W.R. Reece
Friday Afternoon Working Session (Parallel): "Heavy Ions"
First physics with ALICE: from pp to heavy ions
PoS(2008LHC)087 pdf D. Elia
Heavy flavour in ALICE
PoS(2008LHC)088 pdf P. Pillot
Physics with photons in ALICE
PoS(2008LHC)089 pdf Y. Kharlov, L. Benhabib and R. Wan
Diffractive and ultraperipheral physics with ALICE
PoS(2008LHC)090 pdf R. Schicker
Jet physics in Pb-Pb collisions with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)091 pdf M. Spousta
Jet quenching in heavy-ion collisions with CMS
PoS(2008LHC)092 pdf Y.J. Lee
Performance of CMS Tracker in Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(2008LHC)093 file missing V. Chetluru
Saturday Morning Plenary Session: "Upgrades and Future Visions"
Scenarios beyond standard LHC physics
PoS(2008LHC)094 file missing G. Giudice
Super LHC
PoS(2008LHC)095 file missing W. Scandale
Detector upgrades for SLHC
PoS(2008LHC)096 file missing N. Hessey
Results From Astroparticle Physics
PoS(2008LHC)097 pdf N. Palanque-Delabrouille
Thoughts about LHC physics
PoS(2008LHC)098 pdf E. Witten
Future perspectives in particle physics
PoS(2008LHC)099 file missing C. Rubbia
Poster session
Production of jets accompanied by W and Z bosons at LHC startup with CMS
PoS(2008LHC)100 pdf D. Dobur
Constraining parton distribution functions using the W charge asymmetry at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)101 pdf J. Duarte Campderrós
Jet Shapes at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)102 pdf P. Kurt
High-pt Jet Studies at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)103 pdf J. Weng
Jet Finding and Reconstruction in CMS using Charged Tracks only
PoS(2008LHC)104 pdf P. Azzurri
Search for di-lepton resonances and Wprimes with CMS
PoS(2008LHC)105 pdf D. Evans
Inclusive search for the SM Higgs Boson in the channel $H\rightarrow \gamma \gamma$ at CMS
PoS(2008LHC)106 pdf F. Ferri
SM Higgs search in the 4-lepton final state with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)107 pdf A. D'orazio
SM Higgs properties measurement with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)108 file missing W. Murray
MC free calibration of LHCb RICH detectors using the $\Lambda \to p \pi$
PoS(2008LHC)109 file missing B.P. Popovici
SUSY search with b jets at ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)110 pdf M. Milosavljevic
Challenges in the detection of long lived particles with ATLAS: the Hidden valley scenario
PoS(2008LHC)111 file missing D. Ventura
Diboson production with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)112 pdf L. Simic
The reach of the ATLAS experiment in SUSY parameter space
PoS(2008LHC)113 pdf D. Lumb
Searching for new physics in events with three leptons with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)114 pdf K. Pajchel
QCD with Weak Bosons and Jets with ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)115 pdf K. Lohwasser
Direct photons at ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)116 pdf F. Bucci
Minimum Bias Triggers at ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)117 pdf R. Kwee
Sensitivity to photon polarization in $B_s\rightarrow \phi \gamma$ decays at LHCb
PoS(2008LHC)118 file missing L. Shchutska
Transverse momentum spectra of D-and B-mesons in hadron collisons at very high energies
PoS(2008LHC)119 pdf G. Lykasov
Hadronic Calibration for the ATLAS Jet Trigger
PoS(2008LHC)120 pdf N.M. Goncalves dos Anjos
Search for W' in Lepton+Missing ET Final State with Early Data at ATLAS
PoS(2008LHC)121 pdf N. Vranjes
Prospects for early dicoveries of high mass resonances with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC
PoS(2008LHC)122 pdf C. Helsens
Atlas trigger for first physics and beyond
PoS(2008LHC)123 pdf
T. Fonseca-Martin, M. Abolins, R. Achenbach, C. Adorisio, P. Adragna, M. Aharrouche, G. Aielli, A. Al-Shabibi, I. Aleksandrov, G. Alexandre, A. Aloisio, M.G. Alviggi, A. Amorim, N. Amram, K. Anderson, V. Andrei, X. Anduaga, S. Antonelli, F. Anulli, I. Aracena, S. Ask, G. Avolio, S. Backlund, E. Badescu, J. Baines, S. Banerjee, B.M. Barnett, R. Bartoldus, S. Batraneanu, A. Battaglia, B. Bauss, P. Bacon, H.P. Beck, C. Bee, P.K. Behera, P. Bell, W.H. Bell, L. Bellagamba, M. Bellomo, S. Ben Ami, M. Bendel, Y. Benhammou, K. Benslama, D. Berge, N. Berger, C. Bernius, T. Berry, M. Bianco, M. Biglietti, I. Bizjak, R.E. Blair, A. Bogaerts, C. Bohm, V. Boisvert, T. Bold, M. Bondioli, J.R.A. Booth, C. Borer, D. Boscherini, M. Bosman, J. Boyd, I.P. Brawn, B. Brelier, S. Bressler, R. Brock, W. Brooks, S. Brunet, A. Bruni, G. Bruni, C. Bucci, S. Buda, D. Burckhart-Chromek, C. Buttar, P. Camarri, M. Campanelli, V. Canale, L. Capasso, M. Caprini, D. Caracinha, C. Caramarcu, R. Cardarelli, G. Carlino, 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