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13th International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research

ACAT2010 - (other acat conferences)
February 22-27, 2010
Jaipur, India
published February 24, 2011
"Beyond the Cutting edge in Computing"

Fundamental research is dealing, by definition, with the two extremes: the extremely small and the extremely large. The LHC and Astroparticle physics experiments will soon offer new glimpses beyond the current frontiers. And the computing infrastructure to support such physics research needs to look beyond the cutting edge.

Once more it seems that we are on the edge of a computing revolution. But perhaps what we are seeing now is a even more epochal change where not only the pace of the revolution is changing, but also its very nature. Change is not any more an "event" meant to open new possibilities that have to be understood first and exploited then to prepare the ground for a new leap. Change is becoming the very essence of the computing reality, sustained by a continuous flow of technical and paradigmatic innovation.

The hardware is definitely moving toward more massive parallelism, in a breathtaking synthesis of all the past techniques of concurrent computation. New many-core machines offer opportunities for all sorts of Single/Multiple Instructions, Single/Multiple Data and Vector computations that in the past required specialised hardware.

At the same time, all levels of virtualisation imagined till now seem to be possible via Clouds, and possibly many more. Information Technology has been the working backbone of the Global Village, and now, in more than one sense, it is becoming itself the Global Village. Between these two, the gap between the need for adapting applications to exploit the new hardware possibilities and the push toward virtualisation of resources is widening, creating more challenges as technical and intellectual progress continues. ACAT 2010 proposes to explore and confront the different boundaries of the evolution of computing, and its possible consequences on our scientific activity.

What do these new technologies entail for physics research? How will physics research benefit from this revolution in data taking and analysis, experiment monitoring and complex simulations? What physics research seizing these new technologies may bring forward innovations that would benefit the society at large?

Editorial board: T. Speer (chairman), F. Boudjema, J. Lauret, A. Naumann, L. Teodorescu, P. Uwer

Conference web-site: http://acat2010.cern.ch/
Programme and presentations: http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=59397

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Session: Plenary contributions
Session: Track 1: Computing Technology for Physics Research
Session: Track 2: Data Analysis - Algorithms and Tools
Session: Track 3: Methodology of Computations in Theoretical Physics
Session: Plenary contributions
Computing Outside the Box: On Demand Computing & its Impact on Scientific Discovery
PoS(ACAT2010)001 file missing I. Foster
History of the ROOT system: conception, evolution and experience
PoS(ACAT2010)002 pdf R. Brun, P. Canal and F. Rademakers
Pattern recognition and estimation methods for track and vertex reconstruction
PoS(ACAT2010)003 pdf R. Fruehwirth and A. Strandlie
LHC Cloud Computing with CernVM
PoS(ACAT2010)004 pdf B. Segal, P. Buncic, C. Aguado Sanchez, J. Blomer, D. Garcia Quintas, A. Harutyunyan, P. Mato, J. Rantala, D. Weir and Y. Yao
Analysis of medical images: the MAGIC-5 Project
PoS(ACAT2010)005 pdf P. Cerello
Data access in the High Energy Physics community
PoS(ACAT2010)006 pdf F. Furano
Statistics challenges in HEP
PoS(ACAT2010)007 pdf E. Gross and O. Vitells
Automation of multi-leg one-loop virtual amplitudes
PoS(ACAT2010)008 pdf D. Maitre
Data Transfer Optimization - Going Beyond Heuristics
PoS(ACAT2010)009 pdf R. Bartak
How to Navigate Next Generation Programming Models for Next Generation Computer Architecture
PoS(ACAT2010)010 file missing A. Ghuloum
Tools for Dark Matter in Particle Physics and Astrophysics
PoS(ACAT2010)011 pdf A. Pukhov
Lattice QCD simulations
PoS(ACAT2010)012 pdf K. Jansen
Scientific Computing with Amazon Web Services
PoS(ACAT2010)013 file missing S. Deepak
Applying CUDA Computing Model To Event Reconstruction Software
PoS(ACAT2010)014 pdf M. Al-Turany and F. Uhlig
Application of Many-core Accelerators for Problems in Astronomy and Physics
PoS(ACAT2010)015 pdf N. Nakasato
Numerical approach to Feynman diagram calculations: Benefits from new computational capabilities
PoS(ACAT2010)016 file missing F. Yuasa
Summary of Track 1: Computing Technology for Physics Research
PoS(ACAT2010)017 file missing A. Neumann
Summary of Track 2: Data Analysis - Algorithms and Tools
PoS(ACAT2010)018 file missing L. Teodorescu
Summary of Track 3: Methodology of Computations in Theoretical Physics
PoS(ACAT2010)019 file missing P. Uwer
Session: Track 1: Computing Technology for Physics Research
EU-IndiaGrid2 - Sustainable e-infrastructures across Europe and India
PoS(ACAT2010)020 pdf A. Masoni
Teaching a Compiler your Coding Rules
PoS(ACAT2010)021 pdf A. Neumann
Computing at Belle II
PoS(ACAT2010)022 pdf T. Hara
BNL Batch and DataCarousel systems at BNL: A tool and UI for efficient access to data on tape with faireshare policies capabilities
PoS(ACAT2010)023 pdf J. Lauret and D. Yu
The ALICE Online Data Quality Monitoring
PoS(ACAT2010)024 pdf B. von Haller, A. Telesca, S. Chapeland, F. Carena, W. Carena, V. Chibante Barroso, F. Costa, R. Divia, U. Fuchs, I. Makhlyueva, O. Rademakers-di Rosa, G. Simonetti, C. Soos and P. Vande Vyvre
Building Efficient Data Planner for Peta-scale Science
PoS(ACAT2010)025 pdf M. Zerola, R. Bartak, J. Lauret and M. Sumbera
Distributed parallel processing analysis framework for Belle II and Hyper Suprime-Cam
PoS(ACAT2010)026 pdf S. Mineo, N. Katayama, S. Lee and R. Itoh
Contextualization in Practice: The Clemson Experience
PoS(ACAT2010)027 pdf M. Fenn, S. Goasguen and J. Lauret
Implementation of new WLCG services into the AliEn Computing model of the ALICE experiment before the data taking
PoS(ACAT2010)028 file missing P. Mendez Lorenzo, S. Bagnasco, L. Betev, F. Carminati, O. Datskova, F. Furano, C. Grigoras, A. Grigoras, J.A. Peters, P. Saiz and S. Schreiner
Tools to use heterogeneous Grid schedulers and storage system
PoS(ACAT2010)029 pdf M. Cinquilli, G. Codispoti, A. Fanfani, F. Fanzago, F. Farina, J. Hernandez, S. Lacaprara, H. Riahi, D. Spiga, E. Vaandering and S. Wakefield
PROOF - Best Practices
PoS(ACAT2010)030 file missing F. Rademakers and G. Ganis
Optimizing CMS software to the CPU
PoS(ACAT2010)031 file missing P. Elmer
Optimization of Grid Resources Utilization: QoS-aware client to storage connection in AliEn
PoS(ACAT2010)032 pdf C. Grigoras, L. Betev, P. Saiz and S. Schreiner
NoSQL databases in CMS Data and Workflow Management
PoS(ACAT2010)033 file missing S. Metson, D. Evans, S. Foulkes, V. Kuznetsov and A. Melo
PROOF on Demand
PoS(ACAT2010)034 file missing A. Manafov
Debbie: an innovative approach for the CMS Pixel Tracker web-based configuration DB
PoS(ACAT2010)036 pdf M. Rovere and D. Menasce
PROOF - Status and New Developments
PoS(ACAT2010)038 file missing G. Ganis and F. Rademakers
A T3 non-grid end-user analysis model based on prior installed Grid Infrastructure.
PoS(ACAT2010)039 pdf R. Santinelli, V. Bucard De Castro, F. Furano, A. Maier and R. Santana
AliEn2 and beyond
PoS(ACAT2010)040 file missing P. Saiz, S. Bagnasco, L. Betev, F. Carminati, O. Datskova, F. Furano, A. Grigoras, C. Grigoras, S. Lee, P. Mendez Lorenzo, A. Peters and S. Schreiner
Studies of the performances of an open source batch system / scheduler (TORQUE / MAUI) implemented on a middle sized GRID site.
PoS(ACAT2010)042 pdf L. Servoli, F. Cantini, M. Cinquilli, M. Mariotti and C. Tanci
Monitoring the software quality in FairRoot
PoS(ACAT2010)043 pdf F. Uhlig and M. Al-Turany
An improvement in LVCT cache replacement policy for data grid
PoS(ACAT2010)044 pdf J.P. Achara, A. Rathore, V.K. Gupta and A. Kashyap
How computing centres of Alice connect? A social network analysis of cooperative ties
PoS(ACAT2010)045 pdf E. Widmer, F. Carminati, C. Grigoras and G. Galli Carminati
Interoperating AliEn and ARC for a distributed Tier1 in the Nordic countries.
PoS(ACAT2010)087 pdf P. Gros, A.R. Gregersen, A. Zarochentsev, P. Saiz, J. Lindemann and C. Grigoras
Session: Track 2: Data Analysis - Algorithms and Tools
Likelihood-based Particle Flow Algorithm at CDF for Accurate Energy Measurement and Identification of Hadronically Decaying Tau Leptons
PoS(ACAT2010)046 pdf A. Elagin and A. Safonov
Classifying extremely imbalanced data sets
PoS(ACAT2010)047 pdf M. Britsch, N. Gagunashvili and M. Schmelling
SFrame - A high-performance ROOT-based framework for HEP analysis
PoS(ACAT2010)048 pdf A. Krasznahorkay, D. Berge and J. Haller
Online Filtering for Radar Detection of Meteors
PoS(ACAT2010)049 pdf J. Seixas, E. Leite, G. Alves, F. Marroquim, H. Takai and C. Vianna
Absorbing systematic effects to obtain a better background model in a search for new physics
PoS(ACAT2010)050 pdf S. Caron, G. Cowan, E. Gross, S. Horner and J.E. Sundermann
Analysis of Photoluminescence measurement data from interdiffused Quantum Wells by Real coded Quantum inspired Evolutionary Algorithm
PoS(ACAT2010)051 pdf A. Mani and C. Patvardhan
ATLAS Second-Level Electron/Jet Neural Discriminator based on Nonlinear Independent Components
PoS(ACAT2010)052 pdf J. Seixas, L. Caloba and E. Simas
High Volume data monitoring with RootSpy
PoS(ACAT2010)053 file missing D. Lawrence and J. Codega
mc4qcd: web based analysis and visualization tool for Lattice QCD
PoS(ACAT2010)054 pdf M. Dipierro
TMVA - Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis
PoS(ACAT2010)055 file missing J. Stelzer, A. Hoecker, P. Speckmayer, J. Therhaag, E. von Toerne and H. Voss
PoS(ACAT2010)056 file missing A. Lebedev, C. Hoehne, I. Kisel and G. Ososkov
The RooStats project
PoS(ACAT2010)057 pdf L. Moneta, K. Cranmer, G. Schott and W. Verkerke
Fourier Transforms as a tool for Analysis of Hadron-Hadron Collisions.
PoS(ACAT2010)059 pdf J.W. Monk and M. Campanelli
Fast Parallel Ring Recognition Algorithm in the RICH Detector of the CBM Experiment at FAIR
PoS(ACAT2010)060 pdf S. Lebedev, C. Hoehne, I. Kisel and G. Ososkov
WatchMan Project - Computer Aided Software Engineering applied to HEP Analysis Code Building for LHC
PoS(ACAT2010)061 pdf R.M. Bianchi, R. Bruneliere and S. Caron
Parallel approach to online event reconstruction in the CBM experiment
PoS(ACAT2010)062 file missing I. Kisel
FATRAS — A Novel Fast Track Simulation Engine for the ATLAS Experiment
PoS(ACAT2010)063 pdf S. Fleischmann
Visual Physics Analysis - Applications in High-Energy- and Astroparticle-Physics
PoS(ACAT2010)064 pdf M. Brodski, M. Erdmann, R. Fischer, A. Hinzmann, T. Klimkovich, D. Klingebiel, M. Komm, G. Mueller, T. Muenzer, J. Steggemann and T. Winchen
ATLAS Physics Analysis Tools
PoS(ACAT2010)065 file missing J.W. Monk
The SHUTTLE: the ALICE Framework for the extraction of the conditions Data
PoS(ACAT2010)066 pdf C. Zampolli, F. Carminati and A. Colla
HepData - the HEP data archive reloaded
PoS(ACAT2010)067 pdf A. Buckley, M. Whalley and J.W. Monk
Using TurboSim for Fast Detector Simulation
PoS(ACAT2010)068 file missing A. Singh, S.B. Beri, H.B. Prosper and L.K. Saini
Automating CMS Calibrations using the WMAgent framework
PoS(ACAT2010)069 pdf H. Riahi
Parallelization of events generation for data analysis techniques
PoS(ACAT2010)070 pdf A. Lazzaro
Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector
PoS(ACAT2010)086 pdf M. Ahsan and S. Fleischmann
Parallelization of Neutron Transport Code ATES3 on BARC's Parallel System
PoS(ACAT2010)037 pdf K. Bhatt, V. Duggal, R. Kalmady and A. Gupta
Session: Track 3: Methodology of Computations in Theoretical Physics
Status of the FORM project
PoS(ACAT2010)071 pdf attachments I. Pushkina
Parallel versions of the symbolic manipulation system FORM
PoS(ACAT2010)072 pdf M. Tentyukov, J.A.M. Vermaseren and J. Vollinga
Deterministic numerical box and vertex integrations for one-loop hexagon reductions
PoS(ACAT2010)073 pdf E. de Doncker, J. Fujimoto, N. Hamaguchi, T. Ishikawa, Y. Kurihara, Y. Shimizu and F. Yuasa
Recursive reduction of tensorial one-loop Feynman integrals
PoS(ACAT2010)074 pdf J. Fleischer and T. Riemann
Automated Computation of One-loop Scattering Amplitudes
PoS(ACAT2010)075 pdf G. Ossola
Calculating one loop multileg processes. A program for the case of $gg\rightarrow t \bar{t}+gg$
PoS(ACAT2010)076 pdf T. Diakonidis and B. Tausk
The automation of subtraction schemes for next-to-leading order calculations in QCD
PoS(ACAT2010)077 pdf R. Frederix
FeynHiggs 2.7
PoS(ACAT2010)078 pdf T. Hahn
New developments in event generator tuning techniques
PoS(ACAT2010)079 pdf H. Schulz, A. Buckley, H. Hoeth, H. Lacker, J.W. Monk and J.E. von Seggern
IR subtraction schemes
PoS(ACAT2010)080 pdf P. Bolzoni and G. Somogyi
Applications of FIESTA
PoS(ACAT2010)081 pdf M. Tentyukov and A. Smirnov
Sector decomposition via computational geometry
PoS(ACAT2010)082 pdf T. Kaneko and T. Ueda
Multiple Polylogarithms and Loop Integrals
PoS(ACAT2010)083 file missing Y. Kurihara
Two-Loop Fermionic Integrals in Perturbation Theory on a Lattice
PoS(ACAT2010)084 pdf R. Rogalyov
Unstable-particles pair production in modified perturbation theory in NNLO
PoS(ACAT2010)085 pdf M. Nekrasov