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International Workshop on Cosmic Structure and Evolution

September 23-25, 2009
Bielefeld , Germany
published April 20, 2010


The International Workshop on Cosmic Structure and Evolution took place in Bielefeld, Germany from September 23 - 25, 2009, and was organized by Kari Enqvist, Aravind Natarajan, Patrick Peter, and Dominik Schwarz. The workshop was supported by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), and by the International Graduate School, GRK 881, Bielefeld - Paris,
"Quantum Fields and Strongly Interacting Matter".

The primary focus of the workshop was on discussing new advances in large scale structure and the cosmic microwave background, and consisted of invited lectures by leading researchers, contributed talks, as well as discussion sessions.

Invited speakers were:

Julio Fabris, Vittoria was so kind to jump in on a rather short notice, as Bob Nichol could not make it due to an emergency.

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions in talks and discussions. We thank Florian Kühnel and the Center Service Media of Bielefeld University for producing video streams of all talks and discussion sessions, which are available at


We thank Gudrun Eickmeyer for the perfect organisation of practical things, including the fantastic conference dinner at the "Glück und Seligkeit".

Aravind Natarajan
Dominik J. Schwarz

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Table of contents
Large Scale Structure with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
PoS(Cosmology2009)001 file missing B. Nichol
Cosmological Constraints Estimations in Unification Models
PoS(Cosmology2009)026 file missing J. Fabris
The Large Scale Inhomogeneity of the Distribution of Galaxies
PoS(Cosmology2009)002 pdf F. Sylos Labini
Observing Alternatives to Inflation
PoS(Cosmology2009)003 pdf P. Peter
Gravitational Backreaction in Cosmological Spaces
PoS(Cosmology2009)004 file missing T. Prokopec
Dark Matter as an Active Component
PoS(Cosmology2009)005 pdf F. Iocco
The Virtues of Frugality - Why Cosmological Observers should Release their Data Slowly
PoS(Cosmology2009)006 pdf P.M. Vaudrevange, G. Starkman and R. Trotta
Cosmological first-order phase transitions beyond the standard inflationary scenario
PoS(Cosmology2009)007 pdf A. Rakic, D. Simon, J. Adamek and J. Niemeyer
Power Spectra from an Inflaton Coupled to the Gauss-Bonnet Term
PoS(Cosmology2009)008 pdf Z.K. Guo and D.J. Schwarz
The Peculiar Velocity Anomaly as a Hint for Recent Growth?
PoS(Cosmology2009)009 pdf Y. Ayaita and M. Weber
The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation - A Unique Window on the Early Universe
PoS(Cosmology2009)010 file missing G. Hinshaw
Is the Large Angle CMB Inconsistent with Concordance Cosmology?
PoS(Cosmology2009)011 pdf G. Starkman, C.J. Copi, D. Huterer and D.J. Schwarz
Growths of Dark Matter Halos and Galaxies in a Lambda-CDM Universe
PoS(Cosmology2009)012 pdf C.P. Ma
Non-Gaussian Probability Distribution of the CMB Angular Power Spectra
PoS(Cosmology2009)013 pdf A. Golovnev
Anomalous Spot Abundances in the CMB
PoS(Cosmology2009)014 pdf M. Weber
The Axis of Evil - A Polarization Perspective
PoS(Cosmology2009)015 pdf M. Frommert and T.A. Ensslin
Preparation to the Planck Analysis: 3D Modelisation of the Polarized Galactic Emissions
PoS(Cosmology2009)016 pdf attachments L. Fauvet and J.F. Macias-Pérez
Contribution from Annihilating Dark Matter to the CMB Anisotropy and Polarization
PoS(Cosmology2009)017 file missing P. Naselsky
How much Microwave Emission can we See from Interplanetary Dust?
PoS(Cosmology2009)018 file missing V. Dikarev
Differences at low l in Planck's first light sky map from WMAP's and COBE's
PoS(Cosmology2009)019 pdf K.S. Cover
SNLS 3rd Year Cosmological Results
PoS(Cosmology2009)021 pdf J. Guy
The Cosmic Microwave Background and the Topology of the Universe
PoS(Cosmology2009)020 file missing F. Steiner
IGM Reionization and 21cm Observations
PoS(Cosmology2009)022 pdf B. Ciardi
Higher Order Dilaton Gravity: Effective Equations at the Brane
PoS(Cosmology2009)027 pdf D. Konikowska
Probing Backreaction Effects with Supernova Data
PoS(Cosmology2009)024 pdf M. Seikel and D.J. Schwarz
Dark Matter Annihilation and Hydrogen 21cm Cosmology
PoS(Cosmology2009)025 pdf A. Natarajan and D.J. Schwarz