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Radiative origin of the Standard Model from trinification

J. Wessen, J.E. Camargo-Molina, R. Pasechnik, A. Morais

in Fourth Annual Large Hadron Collider Physics

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We present a trinification-based grand unified theory incorporating a global $SU{3}{F}$ family symmetry, that after spontaneous symmetry breaking leads to a left-right symmetric model. In addition to unification of gauge couplings, the model unifies Yukawa interactions and contains equivalent representations in the scalar and fermion sectors at high energy scales. Considering the minimal low-energy scenario with the least amount of light states, we show that the resulting effective theory enables dynamical breaking of its gauge group to that of the Standard Model by means of radiative corrections accounted for by the renormalisation group evolution at leading order. This result paves the way for a possible explanation of the SM breaking scale and fermion mass hierarchies.