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CP Violation, Mixing and nonleptonic decays at BESIII

M.G. Zhao, On behalf of the BESIII collaboration

in VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics

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The BESIII detector at Beijing Electron-Positron Collider has collected the world's largest charm threshold data (2.93 fb$^{-1}$),
which provide a good laboratory for quantum correlation measurement as well as testing QCD in charm meson decays.
This work focuses on the recent measurement of $CP$ asymmetry, mixing parameter, strong phase difference and branching fractions of $D^0\to K^-\pi^+\pi^+\pi^-$, $D^0\to K^0_SK^+K^-$, $D^{0,\pm}\to PP^{\prime}$ ($P=Pseudoscalar$), $D^{0,\pm}\to\omega\pi^{0,\pm}$, $D^+_S\to\eta^{\prime}\rho$ and $D^+_S\to\eta^{\prime}+anything$ at the BESIII experiment.