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Properties of J/psi in light quark matter

M. Cleven, V. Magas, A. Ramos

in VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics

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With various experiments studying heavy-ion collisions a demand exists in the hadron physics community for theoretical predictions of hadronic properties at temperatures and densities far from equilibrium.
In this work we will study the $J/\psi$ vector meson at finite temperatures surrounded by light quark matter.
We will apply a chiral unitary approach to account for coupled channels, most importantly channels with open charm.
The in-medium solution accounts for the change in self-energy that the $J/\psi$ acquires from interacting with the surrounding light quark matter, most notably pions and rho mesons.
The results are preliminary and clearly show the importance of using dressed charmed mesons.
Ultimately, the solutions to the corresponding Lippmann-Schwinger Equations are used to calculate observables such as the spectral function of the $J/\psi$.