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Charmed Meson Scattering from Lattice QCD

G. Moir, on behalf of the Hadron Spectrum Collaboration

in VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics

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State-of-the-art lattice QCD calculations of scattering amplitudes in coupled-channel $D\pi$, $D\eta$ and $D_{s}\bar{K}$ scattering, as well elastic $DK$ scattering are discussed. The methodology employed allows a determination of the relevant poles in the scattering matrix, while also providing a measure of the coupling of each channel to a given pole. By investigating $S$, $P$ and $D$ wave interactions, the nature of states with $J^{P} = 0^{+}$, relevant for the $D^{*}_{0}(2400)$ and $D^{*}_{s0}(2317)$, as well as states with $J^{P} = 1^{-}, 2^{+}$ are discussed.