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Production of pentaquarks in pA-collisions

M. Siddikov, I. Schmidt

in VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics

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We suggest a novel mechanism of production of hidden-charm pentaquarks in proton-nuclear collisions. We estimate the production cross-section and find that, due to lack
of electroweak intermediaries, it considerably exceeds the total cross-section via weak decays of $\Lambda_{b}$, where pentaquarks were discovered. Additionally, the suggested process allows to check the existence of a neutral pentaquark $P_{c}^{0}$ (an isospin partner of $P_{c}^{+}$), as well as bottom sector analogs predicted in several models. The rapidity and transverse momentum distributions of pentaquarks could provide comprehensive information about the $\bar{c}c$ component of this exotic baryon.