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$D_s^+$ physics at BESIII

G. Zhao

in VIII International Workshop On Charm Physics

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In the year of 2011, the BESIII experiment accumulated 482 pb$^{-1}$ $e^+e^-$ annihilation data taken at 4.009 GeV.
We report four analyses based on this sample, including (a) $D_s^+ \to \mu^+\nu$ and $D_s^+\to \tau^+\nu (\tau^+ \to \pi^+\bar{\nu})$, (b) $D_s^+ \to \eta' X$ and $D_s^+ \to \eta'\rho^+$,
(c) $D_{s}^{+}\rightarrow\eta e^{+}\nu_{e}$ and $D_{s}^{+}\rightarrow\eta^{\prime} e^{+}\nu_{e}$ and (d) $D^{*0}$ decay branching fractions.