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International Workshop on Top Quark Physics

TOP2006 - (other top conferences)
January 12-15, 2006
Coimbra, Portugal
published January 04, 2007
The aim of this workshop is to discuss recent and expected results on the physics of the top quark. In particular we hope to foster current and future research in this area from both the experimental and the theoretical point of view.

Editorial Board
Bernreuther Werner, Cobal Marina, Juste Aurelio, Mangano Michelangelo, Maruyama Takasumi, Mnich Joachim, Oliveira Orlando, Onofre Antonio (chairman), Orr Lynne, Pallin Dominique, Slabospitsky Sergey, Tully Chris, Yuan P. C.

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Top Quark Current Theoretical Status
Top Quark Current Experimental Status
Generators, Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Methods
At the Up-Coming Colliders
Final Remarks
Top Quark Current Theoretical Status
Physics of top
PoS(TOP2006)001 pdf C.P. Yuan
tW associated production: definition and measurement at the LHC
PoS(TOP2006)002 file missing F. Maltoni
New signals in pair production of heavy Q=2/3 singlets at LHC
PoS(TOP2006)003 pdf J.A. Aguilar-Saavedra
Contributions from flavour changing effective operators to the physics of the top quark at LHC
PoS(TOP2006)004 pdf P. Ferreira and R. Santos
Top spin correlations in theories with large extra-dimensions at the LHC
PoS(TOP2006)005 pdf K. Smolek, M. Arai, N. Okada and V. Simak
Matching top-bottom processes in charged higgs production
PoS(TOP2006)006 pdf J. Alwall
Top Quark Current Experimental Status
Current experimental status
PoS(TOP2006)007 pdf A. Juste
Measurements of top quark pair production cross section & search for resonances
PoS(TOP2006)008 pdf R. Rossin
Measurements of top quark decay properties
PoS(TOP2006)009 pdf E. Varnes
Precision measurement of top quark mass in lepton+jets channel
PoS(TOP2006)010 pdf J. Cammin
Precision measurement of top quark mass in dilepton channel
PoS(TOP2006)011 pdf B. Jayatilaka
Search for single top quark production
PoS(TOP2006)012 pdf M. Begel
Generators, Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Methods
Experimental methods
PoS(TOP2006)013 file missing E. Thomson
How to calibrate jet energy scale?
PoS(TOP2006)014 pdf K. Hatakeyama
How to estimate b-tag efficiency and false positive rate?
PoS(TOP2006)015 pdf C. Neu
Uses of multivariate analysis methods
PoS(TOP2006)016 pdf Y. Coadou
Top quark reconstruction in ATLAS
PoS(TOP2006)017 pdf V. Kostyukhin
Spin effects in hadronic top quark pair production
PoS(TOP2006)018 pdf W. Bernreuther, M. Fucker and Z.G. Si
Event generators for top quark production and decays
PoS(TOP2006)019 pdf S. Slabospitsky
ttbar production at ATLAS and ttbar monte carlos
PoS(TOP2006)020 pdf B.P. Kersevan
ttbar production at CMS
PoS(TOP2006)021 pdf R. Chierici
At the Up-Coming Colliders
Top at the LHC
PoS(TOP2006)022 pdf D. Pallin
Top mass measurement at LHC
PoS(TOP2006)023 pdf A.I. Etienvre
Kinematic fit in CMS & the use of top quarks for calibration
PoS(TOP2006)024 pdf J. Heyninck
Single top production at the LHC
PoS(TOP2006)025 pdf A. Giammanco
Top properties within the SM
PoS(TOP2006)026 pdf B. Resende
Top background to $H\rightarrow WW\rightarrow \ell\nu\ell\bar\nu$ at CMS
PoS(TOP2006)027 pdf M. Zanetti
Top properties beyond the SM
PoS(TOP2006)028 pdf N. Castro
Top quark as the main background for stop search at CMS
PoS(TOP2006)029 pdf S. Paktinat Mehdiabadi
Search for single top production in ep collisions at HERA
PoS(TOP2006)030 pdf S. Xella
Top at future colliders
PoS(TOP2006)031 pdf L. Orr
Top threshold physics
PoS(TOP2006)032 pdf A. Hoang
A theoretical update on ttbar pair production near threshold
PoS(TOP2006)033 pdf A. Signer
Current status of the Internacional Linear Collider
PoS(TOP2006)034 file missing B. Foster
Final Remarks
B-hadron production in top quark decay
PoS(TOP2006)035 pdf G. Corcella and V. Drollinger
On the electroweak corrections to $t\rightarrow b\ell \nu$ decay
PoS(TOP2006)036 pdf R. Sadykov, A. Arbuzov, D. Bardin, S. Bondarenko, P. Christova, L. Kalinovskaya and G. Nanava
Algebraic approach to solve ttbar dilepton equations
PoS(TOP2006)037 pdf L. Sonnenschein
Conference resume talk
PoS(TOP2006)038 pdf J. Womersley