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International Workshop on new Photon-Detectors

PD07 - (other pd conferences)
June 27-29 2007
Kobe, Japan
published March 18, 2008

The International Workshop on new Photon-Detectors (PD07) was held at Kobe University in Kobe, Japan, from 2007 June 27-29. Recently, we have seen an evolution of photon-detection technology with new devices applicable to many fields: high energy physics, nuclear physics, cosmic-ray physics, astronomy, cosmology and medical sciences. The workshop focused on recent development of new photon-sensors and the applications. The PPD (Pixel Photon Detector) was one of the main targets at this workshop. We also covered Hybrid-PMT, APD, MPC-PMT and other new photon-sensors.

In one of the most famous and beautiful port towns in Japan, Kobe, the workshop got more than 100 participants and had many nice oral and poster contributions as well as quite fruitful discussions. It was a great success with a great pleasure.

The workshop was sponsored by the Detector Technology Project, IPNS, KEK and Faculty of Science, Kobe University. The workshop was also supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research, Research and Development of a Novel Detector System for the International Linear Collider, and MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas New Development of Flavor Physics.

Session June 27th
Session June 28th
Session June 29th
Poster session
Session June 27th
Photodetectors in high energy physics
PoS(PD07)001 pdf D. Renker
Applications of Geiger-mode APDs in Astroparticle Physics Research
PoS(PD07)002 pdf E. Lorenz
MGPDs for calorimeter and muons systems: requirements and first experiemce in the CALICE test beam
PoS(PD07)003 pdf F. Sefkow
Newly developed semiconductor detectors by Hamamatsu
PoS(PD07)004 pdf K. Yamamoto
Development of backside illuminated silicon photomultipliers at the MPI semiconductor laboratory
PoS(PD07)005 pdf H.G. Moser
Novel silicon-based photo-detectors and their applications
PoS(PD07)006 pdf N. D'Ascenzo
Study of MPPC at liquid nitrogen temperature
PoS(PD07)007 pdf H. Otono
Study of afterpulsing of MPPC with waveform analysis
PoS(PD07)008 pdf H. Oide
Scintillator/WLS fiberr readout with PSiPs
PoS(PD07)010 pdf R. Wilson
Session June 28th
Tests and performance of multipixel Geiger mode APD's and APD's for the CMS ECAL
PoS(PD07)012 pdf Y. Musienko
Selection of silicon photomultipliersfor hadron calorimeter prototype
PoS(PD07)013 pdf E. Tarkovsky
IRST SiPM characterizations and application studies
PoS(PD07)014 pdf G. Pauletta
R&D of MPPC for T2K experiment
PoS(PD07)015 pdf S. Gomi
Study of MRS photodiodes for T2K experiment
PoS(PD07)016 pdf Y. Kudenko
Using MPPCs for T2K fine grain detector
PoS(PD07)017 pdf F. Retiere
Latest status of PMTs and related sensors
PoS(PD07)018 pdf M. Suyama
The LHCb pixel hybrid photon detectors
PoS(PD07)019 pdf R. Lambert
Timing properties of MCP-PMT
PoS(PD07)020 pdf K. Inami
Timing and cross-talk properties of BURLE multi-channel MCP PMTs
PoS(PD07)021 pdf S. Korpar
Study and development of multi pixel photon counter for the GLD calorimeter readout
PoS(PD07)022 pdf S. Uozumi
Geiger-mode APD as a RICH photodetector
PoS(PD07)024 pdf T. Iijima
Session June 29th
Integrated electronic for SIPM and MPPC
PoS(PD07)025 pdf J. Fleury
Compact low-power and precision timing photodetector readout
PoS(PD07)026 pdf G. Varner
First results of the Trip-t based T2K front end electronics performance with GM-APDs
PoS(PD07)027 pdf A. Vacheret
Development of a large area gas photomultiplier with GEM/uPIC
PoS(PD07)028 pdf attachments H. Sekiya
Performance of the gamma-ray camera based on scintillator array and PSPMT with an ASIC readout system
PoS(PD07)029 pdf K. Ueno
Unusual PMT behaviour in KamLAND
PoS(PD07)030 pdf A. Kozlov
10inch PMT detector for IceCube
PoS(PD07)031 pdf M. Inaba
Radiation damage of MPPC by gamma-ray irradiation with Co 60
PoS(PD07)032 pdf T. Matsubara
Radiation damage to MPPCs by irradiation with protons
PoS(PD07)033 pdf T. Matsumura
Poster session
Study on optics for directional measurement of anti-neutrinos
PoS(PD07)047 pdf S. Abe
Development of 144 multi-anode HPD for Belle aerogel RICH photon detector
PoS(PD07)035 pdf I. Adachi
Development and evaluation of BGO fiber scintillator
PoS(PD07)036 pdf T. Yanagida
Development of transparent ceramic as scintillators
PoS(PD07)037 pdf T. Yanagida
Gamma-ray responce properties of Pr:Lu3Al5O12(LuAG) scintillating crystal with avalanche photodiode
PoS(PD07)040 pdf K. Kamada
Favorable properties of HPD R9792U-40 for the MAGIC telescope project
PoS(PD07)041 pdf T. Saito
Requirement for photon-detectors at directional measurement of anti-nutrinos with KamLAND
PoS(PD07)042 pdf M. Nakamura
Fiber Connector for MPPC
PoS(PD07)043 pdf H. Kawamuko
Radiation damage test of MPPC by a 290 MeV/u C beam at HIMAC
PoS(PD07)045 pdf T. Tanaka
Development of readout electronics for MPPC
PoS(PD07)046 pdf T. Murakami