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VII Microquasar Workshop: Microquasars and Beyond

MQW7 - (other mqw conferences)
September 1 - 5, 2008
Foca, Izmir, Turkey
published April 15, 2009

This workshop is the seventh of the series of conferences mainly devoted to Galactic black holes. The conference will cover all topics related to relativistic jet sources in the universe including microquasars, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei, and gamma-ray bursts. The results of the analysis of data from high energy missions (RXTE, Chandra, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, Swift, Suzaku, Agile) as well as from ground based observatories in the optical, infrared and radio bands will be presented. The emphasis will be on the formation and evolution of jets, and their relation to other accretion components. The broad context of the workshop will also allow researchers to present their results on the comparisons between microquasars, neutron stars, ultraluminous X-ray sources, active galactic nuclei and gamma-ray bursts.

The workshop also intends to include presentations on recent missions (e.g. GLAST, ASTROSAT) and missions in preparation e.g. IXO concentrating on the prospects of black hole research with those missions. The program will be organized in sessions centered around a limited number of invited reviews, with contributed presentations and ample time for discussion. Young researchers will be encouraged to contribute.

conference main image
Accretion Geometry and Spectral States I
Multiwavelength view of Microquasars I
Timing I
Neutron stars as jet sources
Very high energy view – MeV – TeV
Jets on all scales
Multi wavelength observations II
Understanding Disks and Jets through Hydrodynamical Simulations
SS 443 and the ULX connection
Spectral and timing analysis of jet sources
Accretion Geometry and Spectral States I
Hard (State) Problems
PoS(MQW7)004 pdf J. Tomsick
X-ray spectral states of microquasars
PoS(MQW7)007 pdf J. Malzac and R. Belmont
A global study of X-ray binaries
PoS(MQW7)008 pdf R. Dunn, R. Fender, E. Körding, C. Cabanac and T. Belloni
Evolution of the disc radii during outburst of X-ray binaries as infered from thermal emission.
PoS(MQW7)009 pdf C. Cabanac, R. Fender, E. Koerding and R. Dunn
Soft X-ray components in the hard state of accreting black holes
PoS(MQW7)010 pdf C. D'Angelo, D. Giannios, H. Spruit and C. Dullemond
Multiwavelength view of Microquasars I
Unifying disc-jet behaviour in X-ray binaries: an optical/IR approach
PoS(MQW7)002 pdf D.M. Russell, D. Maitra, R. Fender and F. Lewis
Two fascinating X-ray to optical cross-correlation functions
PoS(MQW7)003 pdf M. Durant and P. Gandhi
Timing I
PoS(MQW7)012 pdf P. Varniere
Probing the disc-corona connection in accreting black holes
PoS(MQW7)013 pdf T. Wilkinson and P. Uttley
Neutron stars as jet sources
Jet formation in the Z-track sources based on RXTE observations
PoS(MQW7)016 pdf M. Church
The disk-jet coupling in Aql X-1
PoS(MQW7)017 pdf V.M. Tudose
Very high energy view – MeV – TeV
High and Very High Energy Gamma-ray Emission from Binaries
PoS(MQW7)018 pdf G. Dubus
GLAST: Launched and Being Commissioned - Status and Prospects for Microquasars
PoS(MQW7)019 pdf R. Dubois
Hadronic models of high-energy radiation from microquasars: recent developments
PoS(MQW7)020 pdf G.E. Romero
The nature of LS 5039 under the scrutiny of gamma-rays
PoS(MQW7)021 pdf D.F. Torres
Exploring the powering source of the TeV X-ray binary LS 5039
PoS(MQW7)022 pdf J. Moldón, M. Ribó, J.M. Paredes, J. Martí and M. Massi
Jets on all scales
Connections from supermassive black holes to white dwarfs
PoS(MQW7)023 pdf E. Körding
Disk-jet theoretical spectral energy distributions of microquasars
PoS(MQW7)024 pdf C. Foellmi, P.O. Petrucci, J. Ferreira and G. Henri
Steadily becoming unsteady: Towards a time-dependent jet model for X-ray binaries
PoS(MQW7)025 pdf D. Maitra and S. Markoff
Internal Shocks Model for Microquasar Jets
PoS(MQW7)026 pdf O. Jamil, R. Fender and C.R. Kaiser
Multi-Satellite Observations of Cygnus X-1
PoS(MQW7)029 pdf M. Hanke, J. Wilms, M.A. Nowak, N.S. Schulz, K. Pottschmidt, J. Lee and M. Boeck
Suzaku Observations of Cyg X-1
PoS(MQW7)030 pdf M.A. Nowak
Multi wavelength observations II
Longterm multi-frequency monitoring of microquasars
PoS(MQW7)032 pdf S.A. Trushkin
Nearinfrared observation of GRS 1915+105 in the soft state
PoS(MQW7)034 pdf A. Akira
Multi-wavelength monitoring of the microquasar GRS 1915+105
PoS(MQW7)036 pdf F. Rahoui, S. Chaty, J. Rodriguez, Y. Fuchs and I.F. Mirabel
Broad-band parallel studies of Cygnus X-1 and GRS 1915+105
PoS(MQW7)037 pdf M. Cadolle Bel, J. Rodriguez, D. Hannikainen, S. Shaw, J. Malzac, M. Tagger, P. Varniere and B. Lehnert
The puzzling source SWIFT J1955+2604
PoS(MQW7)038 pdf A.J. Castro-Tirado
Understanding Disks and Jets through Hydrodynamical Simulations
Jet Formation in MHD Simulations
PoS(MQW7)039 pdf C. Fragile
Simulating the role of acceleration and radiation processes in X-ray binaries.
PoS(MQW7)040 pdf R. Belmont, J. Malzac and A. Marcowith
Hydrodynamic simulations of outburst events in accretion discs in close binaries
PoS(MQW7)041 pdf G. Lanzafame
Jet environments
PoS(MQW7)043 pdf J.C.A. Miller-Jones
Microquasar's interaction with the surrounding medium
PoS(MQW7)044 pdf P. Bordas, V. Bosh-Ramon, J.M. Paredes and M. Perucho
X-ray jets from the X-ray binary Cir X-1
PoS(MQW7)048 pdf P. Soleri, S. Heinz, R. Fender, R. Wijnands, V.M. Tudose, D. Altamirano, P.G. Jonker, M. van der Klis, L. Kuiper, C.R. Kaiser and P. Casella
Cygnus X-3's "Little" Friend
PoS(MQW7)050 pdf attachments M. McCollough
SS 443 and the ULX connection
SS433 as ultraluminous UV source. Comparison with ULXs
PoS(MQW7)052 pdf S.N. Fabrika and O. Sholukhova
Spectral and timing analysis of jet sources
Next generation radio facilities
PoS(MQW7)055 pdf R. Fender
Looking to the future: using IR interferometry to study microquasars
PoS(MQW7)056 pdf S. Markoff
Variations in the dip properties of the LMXB XB 1254-69 observed with XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL
PoS(MQW7)058 pdf M. Diaz Trigo, A. Parmar, L. Boirin, C. Motch, A. Talavera and S. Balman
The X-ray and radio states of Cyg X-3 - classification and long-term correlations
PoS(MQW7)059 pdf A. Szostek, A. Zdziarski and M. McCollough
Low/hard state at the lowest luminosities
PoS(MQW7)061 pdf T. Dincer, E. Kalemci, J. Tomsick and M. Buxton
The hard X-ray spectral evolution in X-ray binaries and ULXs
PoS(MQW7)064 pdf Q. Wu and M. Gu
AML by magnetic breaking and gravitational radiation in relativistic binaries
PoS(MQW7)065 pdf K. Yakut, B. Kalomeni and C.A. Tout
cosmological evolution of the FRII source population
PoS(MQW7)068 pdf Y. Wang
Monitoring LMXBs with the Faulkes Telescope
PoS(MQW7)069 pdf F. Lewis, D.M. Russell, R. Fender, P. Roche and J.S. Clark
Interactions between jets and massive stars in microquasars
PoS(MQW7)070 pdf V. Bosh-Ramon
Simulations of SS433 jets at super-Eddington luminosities
PoS(MQW7)072 pdf attachments T. Okuda
The Missing Population of Be+Black Hole X-Ray Binaries
PoS(MQW7)073 pdf J. Ziolkowski
Dynamics of the twisted magnetic flux-tube in the astrophysical jets
PoS(MQW7)074 pdf E. Devlen
Evidences of the funnel radiation in X-ray spectra of SS433
PoS(MQW7)077 pdf attachments A. Medvedev and S.N. Fabrika
Young Black Holes Accreting From Fallback Disks
PoS(MQW7)078 pdf Y.K. Ekşi
Adjustment of Pointing & Tracking System of ERT-5 and Results of Some Bright Source Observations
PoS(MQW7)079 pdf I. Yusifov and I. Kucuk
Long term multi-wave length observations campaign of IGR J17091-3624 and IGR J17098-3628, two transient black hole candidate discovered by INTEGRAL.
PoS(MQW7)080 pdf F. Capitanio
Self-Gravitating Warped Disks Around Black Holes
PoS(MQW7)084 pdf A. Ulubay-Siddiki
The comparison of the relativistic iron line models
PoS(MQW7)085 pdf J. Svoboda
On the nature of discrete radio ejection events in microquasars
PoS(MQW7)087 pdf L. Prat and J. Rodriguez
PoS(MQW7)088 pdf P. Luque-Escamilla, J. Martí, J.A. Combi, J.F. Albacete-Colombo, J. Sanchez-Sutil and A. Munoz- Arjonilla
Catching up on state transitions in Cygnus X-1
PoS(MQW7)089 pdf J. Wilms, M. Boeck, S. Markoff, K. Pottschmidt, M.A. Nowak, G.G. Pooley, S. Pirner, V. Grinberg and M. Hanke
Modelling a simultaneous radio/X-ray flare from Cyg X-1
PoS(MQW7)090 pdf K. Leventis, S. Markoff, J. Wilms, M.A. Nowak, D. Maitra, K. Pottschmidt, G.G. Pooley, I. Kreykenbohm and R.E. Rothschild
Spectral state transitions in GX 339-4
PoS(MQW7)091 pdf M. Delsanto
How does the GRS1915+105 plateau state compare to the canonical hard state?
PoS(MQW7)092 pdf P. van Oers
Hydrodynamic Simulations of the SS433-W50 Complex
PoS(MQW7)093 pdf attachments P. Goodall, F. Alouani Bibi and K.M. Blundell
UKIRT Near-IR Spectroscopy of SS433
PoS(MQW7)094 pdf S. Perez
Black hole spin estimation
PoS(MQW7)095 pdf O. Straub
Timing analysis of 10-day long BeppoSAX observation of GRS 1915+105 in its $\rho$ class
PoS(MQW7)096 pdf E. Massaro, G. Ventura, F. Massa, T. Mineo, G. Cusumano, P. Casella, T. Belloni and M. Feroci
3D numerical simulations of the Rossby wave instability
PoS(MQW7)097 pdf H. Meheut, F. Casse, P. Varniere and M. Tagger
Soft X-ray emission from the Low Mass X-ray Binary Cyg X-2
PoS(MQW7)098 pdf H. Shirai
Low/Hard State Spectra of Neutron Star X-ray Binary 4U 1700+24 Observed with Suzaku
PoS(MQW7)102 pdf O. Nagae
Circumbinary Disks
PoS(MQW7)103 pdf S. Doolin and K.M. Blundell
Spectral characteristics during dip in Cyg X-1
PoS(MQW7)104 pdf K. Sudoh
The compact radio counterpart of IGR J20187+4041 near the flaring source AGL 2021+4029 and 3EG J2020+4017
PoS(MQW7)105 pdf Z. Paragi, A. Trejo Cruz, E. Giacani, G. Dubner, A. Bykov and H.J. van Langevelde
Suzaku observations of SS 433 in the 2006 April multi-wavelength campaign
PoS(MQW7)106 pdf K. Kubota, Y. Ueda, T. Kotani, N. Kawai, M. Namiki, K. Kinugasa, S. Ozaki, I. Takashi and S.N. Fabrika
LOBSTER – X-ray astrophysical facility
PoS(MQW7)107 pdf R. Hudec
Long-term activity and outburst of the microquasar CI Cam (XTE J0421+560)
PoS(MQW7)108 pdf V. Simon
Multi frequency radio observations of Cygnus X-3 during the giant flare of May-June 2006
PoS(MQW7)109 pdf S. Pal, C.H. Ishwara-Chandra and A. Pramesh Rao
Mass and Velocity Dispersion Relations for Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Bulges
PoS(MQW7)110 pdf attachments Y.Q. Lou
Long-term optical activity of the microquasar V4641 Sgr
PoS(MQW7)111 pdf V. Simon
Indirect detection of GRBs by ionospheric response
PoS(MQW7)112 pdf R. Hudec
ESA Gaia and microquasars
PoS(MQW7)113 pdf R. Hudec
Astronomical plate archives as astrophysical facility and tool to study microquasars
PoS(MQW7)114 pdf R. Hudec
Optical polarisation of the black hole candidate AO620-00: clues on the geometry in quiescence
PoS(MQW7)115 pdf G. Dubus, B.D. Kern, S. Chaty and C. Foellmi
Influence of the stellar-mass-ratio and local thermodynamics on accretion disc in close binaries
PoS(MQW7)116 pdf G. Lanzafame
A Variability Based Classification for Microquasars
PoS(MQW7)117 pdf P. Varniere
A possible origin for the type of LFQPO in microquasars
PoS(MQW7)119 pdf P. Varniere