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High-pT Physics at LHC - Tokaj'08

HIGH-pTLHC - (other highpt conferences)
16-19 March 2008
Tokaj, Hungary
published October 20, 2009
The purpose of this workshop is to offer an opportunity for experimentalists and theorists to get together and discuss the analysis of the data taken within the first year of LHC in p+p (s^1/2=14 TeV) and in Pb+Pb (s^1/2 =5.5 A TeV) runs, and to overview previous p+p and heavy ion data from RHIC and TEVATRON experiments. The main emphasis is given to : * Nuclear modifications of the parton distribution functions; * High-pT jet production in pp, pA and AA; * High-pT jet propagation in matter; * Nuclear modifications of the fragmentation functions; * Correlations of leading particles; * Direct photon and heavy flavor tagging;
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Table of contents
Capabilities of the CMS detector for studies of hard probes in heavy ion collisions at the LHC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)001 pdf I. Lokhtin
Recent developments on HYDJET/PYQUEN event generators and novel jet quenching observables at LHC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)002 pdf I. Lokhtin
Isolation of high-pT direct photons and hadrons and correlation with jets in ALICE
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)003 pdf G.C. Balbastre
Nuclear modification on particle production and isospin effect
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)005 file missing G.G. Barnaföldi
Open heavy flavour at RHIC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)006 file missing J. Bielcikova
Analysis of the direct photon associated spectra from RHIC to LHC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)008 pdf D. Kim
Open charm and bottom and nonphotonic electrons
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)009 pdf M. Luszczak
Kinematical correlations: from RHIC to LHC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)010 pdf A. Szczurek
Towards the measurement of charged hadron spectra in CMS
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)011 pdf F. Siklér
Experimental probes of jet quenching from RHIC to the LHC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)012 file missing B. Cole
QCD kT-smearing and Drell-Yan dilepton production
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)013 pdf G. Slipek
Unitarity cutting rules for hard processes on nuclei
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)014 pdf W. Schafer
Pion and photon production in heavy ion collisions
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)015 pdf G. David
Expected nuclear modification factors and pseudorapidity asymmetries in p(d)Pb collisions at the LHC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)016 pdf G. Fai
Correlations with a high-pT trigger over a broad eta range
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)017 pdf G. Veres
Elliptic flow without using hydrodynamics
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)018 pdf attachments C. Yang
Elliptic Flow and Shear Viscosity in a Parton Cascade Approach
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)019 pdf G. Ferini, M. Colonna, M. Di Toro and V. Greco
The contribution of hard processes to elliptic flow
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)020 pdf B. Tomasik
Improved Cherenkov Threshold detectors for heavy-ions experiment
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)021 file missing P. Martinengo
The VHMPID detector
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)022 pdf G. Volpe
The high-pT trigger detector of VHMPID
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)023 file missing L. Boldizsár
Angular dependence of jet energy loss
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)024 file missing A.G. Agócs
Measuring nuclear modification factors at high pT using jet triggers
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)025 pdf K. Krajczar
Transverse momentum dependence of charmonium production in heavy ion collisions
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)026 pdf N. Topilskaya
Correlation Probes of a QCD Critical Point
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)027 pdf T. Csorgo
High-pT physics in the NA61/SHINE experiment at SPS
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)028 file missing Z. Fodor
Energy dependence of transverse particle production from SPS to RHIC
PoS(HIGH-pTLHC)029 pdf A. Laszlo