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4th international workshop High-pT physics at LHC 09

High-pT physics09 - (other highpt conferences)
February 4-7, 2009
Prague, Czech Republic
published February 16, 2010
The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the latest developments in the field of high-pT physics in nucleon-nucleon and Heavy-Ion collisions. Topics: - Jet physics – RHIC and LHC - High-pT correlations - Direct photons and heavy flavors - Nuclear modifications of the parton distribution and fragmentation functions - Partonic interactions with cold (p+A) and excited (A+A) nuclear matter
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Thursday Feb. 5th
Friday Feb. 6th
Wednesday Feb. 4th
Saturday Feb 7th
Thursday Feb. 5th
Novel Aspects of QCD in High Transverse Momentum Production Processes at RHIC and the LHC
PoS(High-pT physics09)013 pdf S.J. Brodsky
Light neutral mesons in ALICE PHOS
PoS(High-pT physics09)014 pdf Y. Kharlov
Measuring photon fragmentation in p+p collisions at \sqrt s_{NN}=200 GeV with the PHENIX experiment
PoS(High-pT physics09)015 file missing A. Hanks
High-pT results from STAR - what did we learn
PoS(High-pT physics09)016 pdf J. Bielcikova
Jet broadening in a medium-modified parton shower approach
PoS(High-pT physics09)017 pdf N. Borghini
The ridge laboratory
PoS(High-pT physics09)018 pdf T. Peitzmann
EPS09 - Global NLO analysis of nuclear PDFs and their uncertainties
PoS(High-pT physics09)019 pdf H. Paukkunen, K. Eskola and C. Salgado
PoS(High-pT physics09)020 file missing L.C. Mendez
Multi-hadron correlations at RHIC and LHC
PoS(High-pT physics09)021 file missing O. Barannikova
JEWEL - a Monte Carlo for Jet Quenching
PoS(High-pT physics09)022 pdf K.C. Zapp, J. Stachel and U. Wiedemann
Recent developements on HYDJET++
PoS(High-pT physics09)023 pdf I. Lokhtin
System size and energy dependence of the near-side of high-pT triggered correlations in STAR
PoS(High-pT physics09)024 pdf attachments C. Nattrass
Jet Properties for at LHC Energies
PoS(High-pT physics09)025 file missing G.G. Barnaföldi
Measurements of $\pi^0$ and direct photon spectra in ALICE
PoS(High-pT physics09)026 pdf D. Peressounko
Friday Feb. 6th
Surprises at RHIC: The Perfect Liquid and Beyond
PoS(High-pT physics09)027 file missing B. Jacak
Trigger Particle Correlations in ALICE
PoS(High-pT physics09)028 file missing J. Ulery
Details of Jet Reconstruction and Their Impact on Jet Quenching Measurements
PoS(High-pT physics09)029 file missing N. Grau
The Quark Gluon Plasma produced in RHIC collisions is strongly coupled!
PoS(High-pT physics09)030 file missing R. Lacey
Interplay between jet and v2
PoS(High-pT physics09)031 pdf S. Esumi
Evolution of minimum-bias parton fragmentation in nuclear
PoS(High-pT physics09)032 pdf T.A. Trainor
Direct gamma-charged hadron correlations in STAR
PoS(High-pT physics09)033 pdf A. Hamed
Forward physics at RHIC
PoS(High-pT physics09)034 file missing D. Röhrich
Photons at PHENIX
PoS(High-pT physics09)035 pdf B. Sahlmueller
Triggering on Jets and D0 in HLT at ALICE
PoS(High-pT physics09)036 pdf G. Ovrebekk
Feasibility Study of Direct Photon Measurement via Internal Conversion in ALICE
PoS(High-pT physics09)037 file missing T. Horaguchi
Wednesday Feb. 4th
Preparation for the first physics with ALICE, in pp and PbPb
PoS(High-pT physics09)001 file missing K. Safarik
Comparing energy loss phenomenogy
PoS(High-pT physics09)002 pdf M. Van Leeuwen
First results from full jet-reconstruction in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC
PoS(High-pT physics09)003 file missing J. Putschke
Hard and Soft Physics at RHIC with implications for LHC
PoS(High-pT physics09)004 pdf M. Tannenbaum
Jet properties from dihadron correlation in PHENIX
PoS(High-pT physics09)005 pdf D. Kim
Medium-modified jets in heavy-ion collisions
PoS(High-pT physics09)006 pdf T. Renk
Event shapes in pp collisions, and jet observables
PoS(High-pT physics09)007 pdf G. Paic
Jet structure as a probe of jet quenching
PoS(High-pT physics09)008 file missing L. Molnar
The transport coefficient $\hat{q}$ in an anisotropic medium
PoS(High-pT physics09)009 pdf Y. Mehtar-Tani
General characteristics of pp-collisions at LHC
PoS(High-pT physics09)010 pdf L. Bravina
Measurements of jet quenching using the ATLAS detecto
PoS(High-pT physics09)011 pdf M. Spousta
Triggering on jets in heavy ions at the ATLAS experiment
PoS(High-pT physics09)012 pdf M. Rybar
Saturday Feb 7th
Non-flow and what flow to subtract in jet-correlation
PoS(High-pT physics09)038 pdf F. Wang
Large parton densities and high-pT physics
PoS(High-pT physics09)039 pdf C. Marquet
High Momentum Probes of Nuclear Matter
PoS(High-pT physics09)041 pdf R. Fries
Correlation and multiplicity measurements from RHIC to the LHC
PoS(High-pT physics09)040 pdf G. Veres
Nuclear Suppresion at Large x
PoS(High-pT physics09)042 pdf M. Sumbera
Testing AdS/CFT at LHC
PoS(High-pT physics09)043 pdf W. Horowitz
Jets in pp and PbPb collisions at LHC energies simulated within PYTHIA, HIJING and HYDJET++ models
PoS(High-pT physics09)044 pdf J. Milosevic and O. Djordjic
Study of quark and gluon jet properties in three-jet events in ALICE
PoS(High-pT physics09)045 pdf S. Pochybova
PoS(High-pT physics09)046 pdf I. Zborovsky and M.V. Tokarev
HYDJET ++ simulations and reconstruction of the anisotropic flow in Pb+Pb collisions
PoS(High-pT physics09)047 pdf attachments G. Eyyubova
Underlying event in p+p collisions at LHC energies - interaction between jets and the underlying event at high multiplicities
PoS(High-pT physics09)048 file missing A.G. Agócs
High-energy dileptons from an anisotropic quark-gluon plasma
PoS(High-pT physics09)049 pdf M. Martinez