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The Extreme sky: Sampling the Universe above 10 keV

extremesky2009 - (other extremesky conferences)
October 13-17 2009
Otranto (Lecce) Italy
published June 11, 2010
All-sky surveys form the foundation of observational astronomy as they provide * statistics on the types and distribution of celestial objects which populate the Galaxy and the Universe * the ability to discover new classes of sources * a means of selecting specific types of objects for further studies/observations With respect to other surveys, those at high energies (above 10 keV) are particularly interesting as they probe the energy domain where fundamental changes from thermal to non-thermal sources/phenomena are expected, where the effects of absorption are drastically reduced, and a clearer picture of the Universe is possible. This is also the energy range where most of the extreme astrophysical behaviour is taking place, e.g. cosmic acceleration, explosions and accretion onto black holes and neutron stars. Recently a number of surveys have been performed in the keV to TeV energy range. The objective of this workshop is to gather all the knowledge collected so far above 10 keV, to compare and contrast the results obtained in the various bands in the light of physical models and ultimately provide indications for future progress. The meeting is aimed at bringing together scientists active across the high energy range in order to focus on the opportunities offered by this new window both from the observational and theoretical viewpoints, while a dedicated section will also be devoted to discuss future mission ideas. The meeting will consist of invited talks and contributions which are welcome as either posters or as short interventions. There will be time for open discussions throughout. Finally, this meeting is a perfect way in which to celebrate with friends and colleagues INTEGRAL's 7th birthday and 7 years of success in gamma-ray astronomy.
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Low Energy Surveys - Chairmen: B. McBreen, F. Lebrun and P. Giommi
High Energy Surveys - Chairman: C. Winkler
Very High Energy Surveys - Chairmen: I. Grenier and G. Kanbach
Extra-galactic Astrophysics - Chairmen: R. Mushotzky and E. Churazov
Gamma-Ray Bursts and Jets - Chairman: G. Tosti
Galactic Astrophysics - Chairman: J.P. Roques
Cosmic Positron Annihilation - Chairman: R. Diehl
Future Missions & Instrumentation: Chairmen: L. Piro and A. Parmar
Low Energy Surveys - Chairmen: B. McBreen, F. Lebrun and P. Giommi
The 4th INTEGRAL/IBIS Catalogue
PoS(extremesky2009)001 file missing T. Bird
What have we learned about X-Ray Binaries from the INTEGRAL All-Sky Survey?
PoS(extremesky2009)002 file missing M. Revnivtsev
The INTEGRAL Galactic bulge monitoring program: an update
PoS(extremesky2009)003 file missing E. Kuulkers
INTEGRAL All-Sky Survey: Deep inside Galaxy and beyond
PoS(extremesky2009)004 pdf R. Krivonos, M. Revnivtsev, S. Tsygankov, S. Sazonov, A. Vikhlinin, M. Pavlinsky, E.M. Churazov and R. Sunyaev
The SPI High-Energy Sky
PoS(extremesky2009)005 pdf J.P. Roques
On the Apparent Lack of Be X-ray Binaries with Black Holes
PoS(extremesky2009)006 pdf J. Ziolkowski
Deconvolving the Galactic centre with IBIS
PoS(extremesky2009)007 pdf V. McBride, T. Bird, A. Hill and D.J. Clark
The Bat All Sky Survey
PoS(extremesky2009)008 file missing R. Mushotzky
The Suzaku Hard X-ray Survey on the Galactic Center Region
PoS(extremesky2009)009 pdf T. Tsuru
Survey of X-ray pulsars in hard X-rays
PoS(extremesky2009)010 pdf A. Lutovinov and S. Tsygankov
The First Light from MAXI
PoS(extremesky2009)011 pdf S. Ueno
Re-evaluating the Local Compton-thick AGN Fraction
PoS(extremesky2009)012 pdf A. Malizia
Correlating the WFC and the IBIS hard X-ray surveys
PoS(extremesky2009)013 pdf F. Capitanio, T. Bird, A. Bazzano and P. Ubertini
INTEGRAL hard X-ray spectra of the cosmic X-ray background and the Galactic ridge
PoS(extremesky2009)014 pdf M. Turler, M. Chernyakova, T.J.L. Courvoisier, P. Lubinski, A. Neronov, N. Produit and R. Walter
Faint objects on INTEGRAL/IBIS mosaics in 15 - 80 keV energy range
PoS(extremesky2009)015 pdf M. Blazek and R. Hudec
A complete all-sky survey with INTEGRAL/SPI: sources census, hard X-ray diffuse emission and annihilation line
PoS(extremesky2009)016 pdf L. Bouchet
Identification of IGR Sources on astronomical archival
PoS(extremesky2009)017 pdf R. Hudec, V. Simon and L. Hudec
Swift/XRT observations of unidentified INTEGRAL/IBIS sources
PoS(extremesky2009)018 pdf R. Landi
Accurate identification of Swift/BAT hard X-ray sources
PoS(extremesky2009)019 pdf P. Parisi
A JEM-X catalog of X-ray sources
PoS(extremesky2009)020 pdf attachments N.J. Westergaard
Integral Status Overview
PoS(extremesky2009)101 pdf C. Winkler
CHANDRA/ACIS localizations and spectra of INTEGRAL/IBIS sources sample
PoS(extremesky2009)102 pdf M.T. Fiocchi
High Energy Surveys - Chairman: C. Winkler
The AGILE high-energy Sky
PoS(extremesky2009)021 pdf M. Tavani
Fermi – Galactic Sources
PoS(extremesky2009)023 pdf A. Hill
The Fermi Extra-Galactic View
PoS(extremesky2009)024 file missing G. Tosti
A multiwavelength investigation of INTEGRAL Blazars
PoS(extremesky2009)025 pdf A. De Rosa, L. Bassani, T. Bird, A. Malizia and P. Ubertini
Microwave to gamma-ray properties of Fermi-LAT detected AGNs
PoS(extremesky2009)026 pdf E. Cavazzuti, D. Gasparrini, P. Giommi, C. Pittori and S. Colafrancesco
Gamma-ray variability of Fermi LAT blazars
PoS(extremesky2009)027 pdf S. Ciprini
Revealing the nature of unidentified INTEGRAL sources
PoS(extremesky2009)028 pdf P. Parisi
INTEGRAL results on blazars
PoS(extremesky2009)029 pdf R. Hudec, M. Blazek, M. Kocka and E. Pian
X/gamma-ray emission from hot accretion flows in AGNs
PoS(extremesky2009)030 pdf A. Niedzwiecki, F.G. Xie and A. Zdziarski
AGN variability at hard X-rays
PoS(extremesky2009)031 pdf S. Soldi, G. Ponti, V. Beckmann and P. Lubinski
Very High Energy Surveys - Chairmen: I. Grenier and G. Kanbach
The high energy sky seen by VERITAS
PoS(extremesky2009)032 file missing J. Buckley
HESS as a Multi-functional astronomical tool
PoS(extremesky2009)033 file missing M. Renaud
Deciphering Pulsar Physics from HE Gamma-rays
PoS(extremesky2009)034 file missing G. Kanbach
Recent results from MAGIC
PoS(extremesky2009)035 pdf A. De Angelis
Observation of the TeV sky with the ARGO-YBJ high-altitude detector
PoS(extremesky2009)036 file missing C. Bleve
Extra-galactic Astrophysics - Chairmen: R. Mushotzky and E. Churazov
Testing the AGN unified Model with multi-band Observations
PoS(extremesky2009)037 file missing S. Sazonov
Lessons learnt from INTEGRAL AGN
PoS(extremesky2009)038 pdf V. Beckmann
The giant X-ray flares of Mrk 421
PoS(extremesky2009)039 pdf A. Tramacere
The multi-frequency behaviour of Blazars
PoS(extremesky2009)040 pdf E. Cavazzuti, P. Giommi, S. Cutini, A. Tramacere and S. Raino'
The INTEGRAL Complete Sample of Type 1 AGN
PoS(extremesky2009)041 pdf M. Molina
New XMM-Newton observations of type 1 INTEGRAL AGN
PoS(extremesky2009)042 pdf F. Panessa, A. Bazzano, A. De Rosa, P. Ubertini, L. Bassani, A. Malizia, M. Molina, T. Bird and A.J. Dean
NGC 4151 with INTEGRAL: reflection on IC emission
PoS(extremesky2009)043 pdf R. Walter and P. Lubinski
Gamma-Ray Bursts and Jets - Chairman: G. Tosti
GRB Overview
PoS(extremesky2009)044 pdf B. McBreen
GRB emission models and jet properties
PoS(extremesky2009)045 pdf G. Ghisellini and G. Ghirlanda
The jet and X-ray corona of Cygnus X-1
PoS(extremesky2009)046 pdf J. Malzac and R. Belmont
Search for late post-GRB emission with IBIS
PoS(extremesky2009)048 pdf M. Topinka
Short Gamma Ray Bursts Detected by INTEGRAL
PoS(extremesky2009)047 pdf S. Meehan
Observations of Gamma-ray Bursts with the INTEGRAL SPI Anti Coincidence
PoS(extremesky2009)049 pdf D. Vigano' and S. Mereghetti
Galactic Astrophysics - Chairman: J.P. Roques
New source classes and their theoretical
PoS(extremesky2009)050 pdf J.M. Paredes
INTEGRAL results on cataclysmic variables and related objects
PoS(extremesky2009)051 pdf R. Hudec, M. Blazek, M. Kocka and R. Galis
A new young and composite Galactic supernova remnant : multi-wavelength observations of IGR J14003-6326
PoS(extremesky2009)052 file missing M. Renaud
GX 339-4: spectral variability of the hard X-ray emission
PoS(extremesky2009)053 pdf R. Droulans
Monitoring of pulse period in Her X-1 with Swift/BAT: evidence of mass ejection
PoS(extremesky2009)054 pdf D. Klochkov
Absolute timing and phase resolved spectroscopy of the Crab pulsar
PoS(extremesky2009)055 file missing S. Molkov
INTEGRAL results on the January 2009 activity from the Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 1E1547.0-5408
PoS(extremesky2009)056 pdf S. Mereghetti
High energy behaviour of Neutron Star Low Mass X-ray binary systems seen by INTEGRAL
PoS(extremesky2009)057 pdf A. Tarana
Understanding Cosmic Nucleosynthesis
PoS(extremesky2009)058 pdf A. Chieffi and M. Limongi
New results with Swift on Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients
PoS(extremesky2009)059 pdf L. Sidoli
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients observed by INTEGRAL
PoS(extremesky2009)060 pdf S. Grebenev
The role of structured OB supergiant winds in producing the X-ray flaring emission from High Mass X-ray Binaries
PoS(extremesky2009)061 pdf L. Ducci
Gamma-rays and neutrinos from accreating pulsars
PoS(extremesky2009)062 pdf W. Bednarek
New outburst of A0535+26 observed with INTEGRAL, RXTE and Suzaku
PoS(extremesky2009)063 pdf I. Caballero
Accretion disc geometry evolution accross states in black hole binaries
PoS(extremesky2009)064 file missing C. Cabanac
Variability in black hole binaries by an oscillating corona
PoS(extremesky2009)065 file missing C. Cabanac
Results of INTEGRAL TOO observation of the transient X-ray burster XTE J1810-189
PoS(extremesky2009)066 pdf I. Chelovekov and S. Grebenev
Looking for Very Faint X-ray Binaries
PoS(extremesky2009)067 pdf M. Delsanto
PoS(extremesky2009)068 pdf S. Ozdemir
Spectral evolution of bright NS LMXBs
PoS(extremesky2009)069 pdf A. Paizis, R. Farinelli, L.I. Mainardi and L. Titarchuk
Iron line emission from X-ray Pulsars: physical conditions and geometry of the system
PoS(extremesky2009)070 pdf S. Tsygankov and A. Lutovinov
Mass Estimation of White Dwarfs in Intermediate Polar systems using the Suzaku satellite
PoS(extremesky2009)071 pdf T. Yuasa
The study of the nature of sources AXJ1749.1-2733 and AX J1749.2-2725
PoS(extremesky2009)103 pdf D. Karasev, A. Lutovinov and S. Tsygankov
Cosmic Positron Annihilation - Chairman: R. Diehl
Overview of the 511keV diffuse emission
PoS(extremesky2009)072 pdf P. Jean
Recent SPI results on 511 keV line
PoS(extremesky2009)073 file missing E.M. Churazov
Searching for 511 keV annihilation line from galactic compact objects with IBIS
PoS(extremesky2009)074 pdf G. De Cesare
Restrictions on the injection energy of positrons annihilating near the Galactic center
PoS(extremesky2009)075 pdf D. Chernyshov, K.S. Cheng, V.A. Dogiel, C.M. Ko and W.H. Ip
De-Excitation Gamma-ray Line Emission from the Galactic Center
PoS(extremesky2009)076 pdf D. Chernyshov, V.A. Dogiel, V. Tatischeff, K.S. Cheng, C.M. Ko and W.H. Ip
Future Missions & Instrumentation: Chairmen: L. Piro and A. Parmar
IXO - The International X-ray Observatory
PoS(extremesky2009)077 file missing A. Parmar
The Italian New Hard X-ray Imaging and Polarimetric Satellite Mission
PoS(extremesky2009)078 pdf G. Tagliaferri
The NuSTAR Mission: Implementation and Science Prospects
PoS(extremesky2009)079 file missing W.W. Zhang
ASTROSAT prospects for a hard X-ray Survey
PoS(extremesky2009)080 file missing B. Paul
Scientific Prospects for ASTRO-H
PoS(extremesky2009)081 file missing M. Kokubun
Surveying the Extreme Sky with EXIST
PoS(extremesky2009)082 pdf L. Natalucci
The Wide Field X–ray Telescope
PoS(extremesky2009)083 pdf P. Tozzi
The Xenia mission
PoS(extremesky2009)084 file missing L. Piro
Recent Trends in Development of CdTe and CdZnTe
PoS(extremesky2009)085 pdf S. Del Sordo, L. Abbene, E. Caroli, N. Auricchio, J.B. Stephen, E. Quadrini, A. Zappettini, R.M. Curado da Silva, O. Limousin, A. Meuris and P. Ubertini
IXO TES Microcalorimeters: from Focal Plane instruments to Anticoincidence Detectors
PoS(extremesky2009)086 pdf
C. Macculi, L. Colasanti, S. Lotti, L. Natalucci, L. Piro, A. Rubini, D. Bagliani, L. Ferrari, F. Gatti, G. Torrioli, P. Bastia, A. Bonati, M. Barbera, G. La Rosa, T. Mineo, E. Perinati, E. Morelli, M. Mastropietro, J.W. den Herder, P. de Korte, K. Mitsuda, R. Kelley, C. Kilbourne, S. Porter and K. Irwin
Concluding Remarks
PoS(extremesky2009)087 pdf R. Diehl
The Soft X-ray Imager on Board EXIST
PoS(extremesky2009)088 pdf L. Natalucci
PIF method and Fourier Analysis with INTEGRAL main instruments.
PoS(extremesky2009)089 file missing C. Cabanac
A 3D CZT prototype for Laue lens telescope
PoS(extremesky2009)090 pdf E. Caroli, S. Del Sordo and N. Auricchio
The EXIST view of Supermassive Black Holes in the Universe
PoS(extremesky2009)091 pdf R. Della Ceca, G. Ghisellini, G. Tagliaferri, L. Foschini, G. Pareschi, F. Tavecchio, P. Coppi, J.E. Grindlay, M.T. Fiocchi, L. Natalucci, F. Panessa and P. Ubertini
AVES: Cluster Computer system for INTEGRAL Scientific Analysis
PoS(extremesky2009)092 pdf M. Federici
Astronomical X-ray Telescopes and Monitors of Lobster Eye Type
PoS(extremesky2009)094 pdf R. Hudec, L. Pina, V. Marsikova, A. Inneman, L. Sveda and V. Simon
The High Energy Telescope on EXIST: Hunting High Redshift GRBs and other Exotic Transients
PoS(extremesky2009)093 pdf S.J. Hong, J.E. Grindlay, B. Allen, G.K. Skinner, P. Ubertini and N. Lorenzo
3d CZT Photon Parallel Field (PPF) detectors. Current results
PoS(extremesky2009)096 file missing E. Quadrini
SVOM, a future Mission for Gamma-Ray Burst Studies
PoS(extremesky2009)097 pdf S. Schanne
EXIST perspective for Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients
PoS(extremesky2009)098 pdf L. Sidoli
Improving the angular resolution of coded aperture instruments using a modified
PoS(extremesky2009)099 pdf J.B. Stephen, L. Sambo, S. Bonettini, G. Zanghirati and F. Frontera
Integral IBIS Onboard Software Patches @ ESOC
PoS(extremesky2009)100 file missing N. von Krusenstiern