PoS - Proceedings of Science

XXth Hadron Collider Physics Symposium

November 16-20, 2009
Evian, France
published July 02, 2010
In 2009, the Hadron Collider Physics Symposium took place in Evian (France), on the shore of the Geneva Lake, from 16-20 November. It was jointly organised by CERN and the French HEP community (CNRS-IN2P3 and CEA-IRFU). This year's symposium come at an important time for both the Tevatron and LHC communities. It stimulated the completion of analyses for a significant Tevatron data sample, and it allowed an in-depth review of the readiness of the LHC and its detectors just before first collisions. The programme includes sessions on top-quark and electro-weak physics, QCD, B physics, new phenomena, electro-weak symmetry breaking, heavy ions, and the status and commissioning of the LHC machine and its experiments. Conference website : http://hcp2009.in2p3.fr/
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Opening Session
Session "QCD and Electro-Weak Physics"
Session "B Physics"
Session "Inclusive Physics" & "Top Quark Physics"
Session new Phenomena
Session Heavy Ions
Session "Higgs"
Session Computing and Evolution
Session Outlook and Visions
Poster session
Opening Session
Foreword to the XXth Hadron Collider Physics Symposium
PoS(HCP2009)001 pdf E. Auge and S. Bertolucci
LHC machine
PoS(HCP2009)002 file missing S. Myers
CMS detector global status
PoS(HCP2009)003 pdf W. Smith
Tevatron, CDF and D0 status
PoS(HCP2009)004 file missing S. Soldner-Rembold
ATLAS detector global status
PoS(HCP2009)005 file missing X. Wu
Session "QCD and Electro-Weak Physics"
e, mu, tau commissioning/cosmics CMS
PoS(HCP2009)006 pdf R. Bellan
Early EW signals at the LHC
PoS(HCP2009)007 pdf M. Boonekamp
Theory (jet and W/Z production Tevatron and LHC)
PoS(HCP2009)008 pdf F. Febres Cordero
e, mu, tau commissioning/cosmics ATLAS
PoS(HCP2009)009 pdf O. Kortner
W/Z+jets and W/Z+heavy flavours at Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)010 pdf S. Lammers
W/Z properties (incl. mW) from Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)011 pdf A. Melnitchouk
Diboson production at the Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)012 file missing S. Pranko
QCD Tevatron results
PoS(HCP2009)013 pdf A. Warburton
Parton distributions: Hera-Tevatron-LHC
PoS(HCP2009)014 pdf G. Watt
Session "B Physics"
LHCb tracking commissioning
PoS(HCP2009)015 file missing S. Hansmann-Menzemer
Tevatron spectroscopy and lifetime measurements
PoS(HCP2009)016 pdf P. Kasper
LHCb detector global status
PoS(HCP2009)017 pdf B. Schmidt
Theory and B-factory results
PoS(HCP2009)018 pdf L. Silvestrini
ATLAS b-tagging and tracking commissioning/cosmics
PoS(HCP2009)019 pdf L. Vacavant
Flavour physics ATLAS/CMS
PoS(HCP2009)020 pdf N. Leonardo
CMS b-tagging and tracking commissioning/cosmics
PoS(HCP2009)021 pdf J.r. Vlimant
Session "Inclusive Physics" & "Top Quark Physics"
Diffraction, total cross section, forward physics LHC
PoS(HCP2009)023 pdf F. Ferro
Preparing ALICE for first Proton-Proton Minimum-Bias Physics
PoS(HCP2009)024 pdf J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus
Tevatron and HERA forward physics, implications for LHC
PoS(HCP2009)025 pdf P. Laycock
Minimum bias and early QCD physics at LHC
PoS(HCP2009)026 pdf S. Tapprogge
PoS(HCP2009)028 pdf P. Uwer
Top production at the Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)027 file missing K. Tollefson
Top properties at the Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)029 pdf M. Wang
Early top physics prospects at the LHC
PoS(HCP2009)022 pdf D. Bloch
Session new Phenomena
Other BSM searches at the LHC
PoS(HCP2009)030 pdf K. Benslama
Other BSM searches at the Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)031 pdf M.C. Cousinou
CMS jet and Etmiss commissioning
PoS(HCP2009)032 pdf V.D. Elvira
Rare decays / Bs CPV measurements at Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)033 pdf H. Miyake
ATLAS jet and Etmiss commissioning
PoS(HCP2009)034 pdf S. Resconi
Indirect searches in B physics
PoS(HCP2009)035 file missing O. Schneider
Beyond SM theory
PoS(HCP2009)036 file missing P. Slavich
SUSY searches at Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)037 pdf S. Somalwar
Early SUSY searches at LHC
PoS(HCP2009)038 pdf A. Tapper
Session Heavy Ions
HI physics at RHIC and theory
PoS(HCP2009)039 file missing A. Drees
First HI at LHC - Inclusive production, correlations and heavy flavours
PoS(HCP2009)041 pdf L. Ramello
ALICE detector global status
PoS(HCP2009)042 pdf W. Riegler
Heavy Ion Physics at LHC (Hard probes)
PoS(HCP2009)102 pdf O. Kodolova
Session "Higgs"
PoS(HCP2009)043 file missing C. Anastasiou
SM Higgs at LHC
PoS(HCP2009)044 pdf F. Cerutti
EWSB beyond SM theory
PoS(HCP2009)045 pdf R. Contino
BSM Higgs Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)046 pdf G. Davies
Low mass Higgs at Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)047 pdf S. Desai
PoS(HCP2009)048 pdf M. Felcini
Photon commissioning CMS
PoS(HCP2009)049 file missing S. Gascon-Shotkin
High mass Higgs at Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)050 pdf S. Jindariani
Photon commissioning ATLAS
PoS(HCP2009)051 pdf T. Koffas
Session Computing and Evolution
Experience with distributed analysis
PoS(HCP2009)052 pdf U. Egede
Evolutions of the LHC detectors
PoS(HCP2009)053 file missing F. Lanni
DAQ and computing visions
PoS(HCP2009)054 file missing P. Mato
Plans in Europe
PoS(HCP2009)055 file missing T. Nakada
Plans in Asias
PoS(HCP2009)056 file missing A. Suzuki
Plans in America
PoS(HCP2009)057 file missing W. Trischuk
Session Outlook and Visions
Expected LHC machine evolution
PoS(HCP2009)058 file missing R. Bailey
Physics outlook and vision
PoS(HCP2009)059 file missing G. Dvali
Outlook for the Tevatron
PoS(HCP2009)060 file missing J. Konigsberg
Poster session
Combined WH\rightarrow lvbb search at CDF with Neural Network and Matrix Element techniques
PoS(HCP2009)061 pdf T. Aaltonen
Implementation and Performance of the ATLAS Jet Trigger
PoS(HCP2009)062 pdf N.M. Goncalves dos Anjos
Search for Invisible Higgs in CMS
PoS(HCP2009)063 pdf S. Bansal
Prospects for the measurement of the single-top tchannel cross section in the muon channel with 200/pb of CMS data at 10 TeV
PoS(HCP2009)064 pdf J. Bauer
Search for Extra-dimensions in a single-jet and missing energy channel
PoS(HCP2009)065 pdf L. Benucci
Discovery potential of SUSY and UED in ATLAS
PoS(HCP2009)066 pdf R. Bianchi
Search for the SM Higgs Boson produced in Vector Boson Fusion and decaying into tau pair in CMS with 1/fb
PoS(HCP2009)067 pdf M. Bluj
- High Energy Nuclear Collisions: Constituent Participants Scaling and Suppression in Forward Production
PoS(HCP2009)068 pdf B. Boimska
- Search for Long Lived Particles that Stop in CMS
PoS(HCP2009)069 pdf J. Brooke
- Online physics analysis with the ATLAS tau trigger and plans for commissioning
PoS(HCP2009)070 pdf E.S. Ptacek
- Searching for Supersymmetry with two same-sign leptons, multi-jets plus missing transverse energy in ATLAS at \sqrt s = 10 TeV
PoS(HCP2009)071 pdf A.M. Castaneda Hernandez
- Higgs search in H\rightarrow ZZ decay channels with the CMS detector
PoS(HCP2009)072 pdf N. Dr De Filippis
- Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking (GMSB) searches in ATLAS
PoS(HCP2009)073 pdf D. Ludwig
- Search for Standard Model Higgs Boson in ZH to nunubb decay at D0
PoS(HCP2009)074 pdf A. Dubey
- Z' boson: LEP results as a guide for the LHC
PoS(HCP2009)075 pdf A. Gulov
- Triggering on long lived particles in the ATLAS detector in early data
PoS(HCP2009)076 pdf O. Harris
- Higgs search in H\rightarrow WW channel with the CMS detector
PoS(HCP2009)077 pdf M. Hashemi
- High mass SM Higgs boson searches at CDF
PoS(HCP2009)078 pdf D.A. Hidas
- Multiple Coherent Components in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
PoS(HCP2009)079 pdf E. Ikonen
- Recent underlying event studies at CDF
PoS(HCP2009)080 pdf D. Kar
- First observation of electrons in the ATLAS detector
PoS(HCP2009)081 pdf J. Kraus
- Hot and dense nuclear matter in high energy heavy ion collisions
PoS(HCP2009)082 pdf A. Lavagno
- Observation of Electroweak Single Top-Quark Production with the CDF Experiment
PoS(HCP2009)083 pdf J. Lueck
- Results with diffractive parton distributions for HERA, Tevatron and the LHC
PoS(HCP2009)084 pdf A. Luszczak
- Unintegrated Parton Distributions Functions - From Heavy Quarks to Nonphotonic Electrons.
PoS(HCP2009)085 pdf M. Luszczak
- Study of Dibosons at the LHC using the CMS detector
PoS(HCP2009)086 pdf D. Majumder
- Commissioning of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter
PoS(HCP2009)087 pdf J. Maneira
- Reaction Zone as a Tool in Studying of the Space-Time Structure of the Fireball
PoS(HCP2009)088 pdf A. Muskeyev
- Visualizing and Understanding the ATLAS Calorimeters with Atlantis
PoS(HCP2009)089 pdf A. Nepomuceno
- Search for the Neutral Current Top Quark Decay t→Zc Using the Ratio of Z -Boson + 4 Jets to W -Boson + 4 Jets Production
PoS(HCP2009)090 pdf A. Paramonov
- One-particle inclusive distribution in the unitarized pomeron models
PoS(HCP2009)091 pdf V. Pauk
- Measurement of the Bs mixing phase beta_s at CDF
PoS(HCP2009)092 pdf E. Pueschel
- Search for a Low Mass Standard Model Higgs Boson at D0 in ppbar Collisions at \sqrt s = 1.96 TeV
PoS(HCP2009)093 pdf M. Rangel
- Projected exclusion limits on the SM Higgs boson cross sections obtained by combining the H to WW and ZZ decay channels.
PoS(HCP2009)094 pdf K. Ranjan
- A strategy for a Precision Measurement of the W-boson Mass and Width at the LHC
PoS(HCP2009)095 pdf K. Rejzner
- W+jets and Z+jets studies with the CMS detector at the CERN LHC
PoS(HCP2009)096 pdf C. Rogan
- Prospects for the Discovery of a SM Higgs Boson Produced via Vector Boson Fusion and Decaying to $b \bar{b}$ in Association with a Central Photon
PoS(HCP2009)097 pdf C.S. Rios
- CMS: Cosmic muons in simulation and measured data- Drift velocity monitoring of the CMS muon drift chambers
PoS(HCP2009)098 pdf L. Sonnenschein
- Early top-pair cross-section measurements at ATLAS
PoS(HCP2009)099 pdf D. Urbaniec
- CMS Electromagnetic Trigger commissioning and performance towards the start of operation
PoS(HCP2009)100 pdf A. Zabi
Drift velocity monitoring of the CMS muon drift chambers
PoS(HCP2009)101 pdf L. Sonnenschein