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High Time Resolution Astrophysics (HTRA) IV - The Era of Extremely Large Telescopes

May 5 - 7, 2010
Agios Nikolaos, Crete Greece
published May 18, 2011
This workshop is organised as part of the OPTICON-funded European Network for High Time Resolution Astrophysics with the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). The goal of the HTRA-IV workshop is to explore the current and future state of observations of all different types of astronomical sources featuring variability at the second and/or sub-second time scales. The three day workshop has been planned to offer the community the opportunity to present contributions in different thematic areas covering science, instrumentation and future observing facilities. Selected science topics include: - isolated neutron stars - X-ray binaries - white dwarfs and ultra compact binary systems - stellar oscillations - flare stars - extra-galactic transients (GRBs) - planet transits/occultations although contributions in other science topics related to the field of HTRA are equally welcome. The focus of the HTRA-IV workshop is on optical studies in all of the above areas. In particular, the major emphasis will be on optical observations and on the potential of HTRA with the next generation of Extremely Large Telescopes (like the E-ELT, the Thirty Meter Telescope and the Giant Magellan Telescope) to make discoveries beyond our current state of knowledge and expectations. However, the workshop will also focus on HTRA studies at multi-wavelengths (radio, X-rays, gamma-rays) both with present (XMM, CHANDRA, FERMI) and future (e.g. IKO and SKA) observing facilities. The HTRA-IV workshop is timed to be just before, and in the same venue as, the meeting: Astronomy with Megastructures - Joint science with the E-ELT and SKA http://www.physics.ox.ac.uk/users/Karastergiou/Greece2010/home.html. so that attendance at both meetings is encouraged. The purpose is to create a unique opportunity for interaction between the HTRA community and the wider astronomical community. This will stimulate discussions on the exploitation of the scientific potential of future facilities, on the development of their instrumentation, and on a number of technical and engineering aspects related to their design and operation.
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Session 1: Object Reviews (I) - Isolated Neutron Stars and X-ray Binaries
Session 2: Object Reviews (II) - Compact Binaries and Transients
Session 3: Object Reviews (III) - Stars, Transits, Occultations
Session 4: Future Science Goals
Session 5: Optical HTRA with Current and Future Instruments
Session 6: Multi-wavelength HTRA with Current and Future Instruments
Session 7: Poster Session
Session 1: Object Reviews (I) - Isolated Neutron Stars and X-ray Binaries
Isolated Neutron Stars (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)001 file missing J. Trumper
Magnetars and their Extreme Variability (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)002 file missing L. Stella
High time resolution observations of millisecond pulsars with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
PoS(HTRA-IV)003 pdf L. Guillemot
Optical timing studies of neutron stars: Current Status
PoS(HTRA-IV)004 pdf attachments R. Mignani
Fast variability from X-ray binaries (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)005 pdf T. Belloni
Fast multiwavelength variability from jets in X-ray binaries
PoS(HTRA-IV)006 pdf P. Casella, T. Maccarone and K. O'Brien
The Role of Jets in Black-hole X-ray Binaries
PoS(HTRA-IV)007 file missing N.D. Kylafis
Mapping LMXBs with reprocessed X-ray bursts
PoS(HTRA-IV)008 pdf T. Munoz-Darias
Rapid variations of polarization in low-mass X-ray binaries
PoS(HTRA-IV)009 pdf D.M. Russell, P. Casella, R. Fender, P. Soleri, M. Pretorius, F. Lewis and M. van der Klis
Session 2: Object Reviews (II) - Compact Binaries and Transients
White Dwarfs and Ultra Compact Binaries (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)010 file missing D. Steeghs
High speed spectroscopy of intermediate polars
PoS(HTRA-IV)011 pdf S. Bloemen, D. Steeghs and T. Marsh
Very fast photometric observations of the intermediate polar V2069 Cyg
PoS(HTRA-IV)012 pdf I. Nasiroglu, A. Slowikowska and G. Kanbach
Discovery of the Eclipsing Detached Double White Dwarf Binary
PoS(HTRA-IV)013 pdf D. Kaplan, J.D.R. Steinfadt, A. Shporer, L. Bildsten and S.B. Howell
Extra-Galactic Transients (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)014 file missing N. Tanvir
Transient Radio Neutron Stars
PoS(HTRA-IV)015 pdf E. Keane
Probing magnetar physics through high time-resolved spectroscopy of X-ray flashes
PoS(HTRA-IV)016 pdf G. Israel
OPTIMA observations of the first optical magnetar SWIFT J1955+26: an update
PoS(HTRA-IV)017 file missing G. Kanbach
Session 3: Object Reviews (III) - Stars, Transits, Occultations
Stellar Oscillations and Occultations (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)018 pdf A. Richichi
Spectroscopic Confirmation of the 5.4min Orbital Period in HM Cnc
PoS(HTRA-IV)019 file missing A. Rau
Probing the nature of the shortest period binary HM Cnc through time-resolved multiwavelength studies
PoS(HTRA-IV)020 file missing S. Dall'Osso
Flare star observations with OPTIMA
PoS(HTRA-IV)021 file missing J. Schmitt
Fast and transient phenomena in stellar magnetospheres / flare stars
PoS(HTRA-IV)022 file missing J. Schmitt
ULTRACAM observations of SDSS J0926+3624: The first known eclipsing AM CVn star
PoS(HTRA-IV)023 pdf C. Copperwheat, T. Marsh, S. Littlefair, V. Dhillon, G. Ramsay, A. Drake, B. Gaensicke, P. Groot, P. Hakala, D. Koester, G. Nelemans, G. Roelofs, J. Southworth, D. Steeghs and S. Tulloch
Detecting a small Kuiper Belt object using archival data of HST's Fine Guidance Sensor
PoS(HTRA-IV)024 pdf S. Zucker, H. Schlichting, E.O. Ofek, M. Wenz, R.e. Sari, A. Gal-Yam, M. Livio and E. Nelan
Session 4: Future Science Goals
HTRA Discovery Potentials (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)025 pdf V. Trimble
Optical timing studies of neutron stars: Future Goals
PoS(HTRA-IV)026 file missing A. Shearer
Partially Screened Gap - general approach and observational consequences
PoS(HTRA-IV)027 pdf A. Szary, G.I. Melikidze and J. Gil
Searching Sub-Millisecond Pulsars in Accreting Neutron Stars
PoS(HTRA-IV)028 pdf A. Patruno
Fermi pulsar revolution (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)029 pdf P. Caraveo
Session 5: Optical HTRA with Current and Future Instruments
Optical HTRA Instruments (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)030 file missing V. Dhillon
Solid State Photon-Counters for High Time Resolution Astrophysics (HTRA)
PoS(HTRA-IV)031 pdf G. Bonanno
Results of Iqueye at the NTT in 2009
PoS(HTRA-IV)032 pdf C. Barbieri, E. Verroi, P. Zoccarato, C. Germanà, G. Naletto, O. Tommaso, I. Capraro, M. Barbieri, L. Zampieri and S. Gradari
Spatial decomposition of polarization components of the Crab pulsar and its nebula
PoS(HTRA-IV)033 file missing A. Slowikowska
The European Extremely Large Telescope : science case and project status (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)034 pdf I. Hook
The optical pulsar B0540-69
PoS(HTRA-IV)035 pdf S. Gradari, M. Barbieri, C. Barbieri, G. Naletto, E. Verroi, T. Occhipinti, P. Zoccarato, C. Germanà, A. Possenti and L. Zampieri
OCTOCAM: A multi-channel imager and spectrograph to explore the transient Universe
PoS(HTRA-IV)036 pdf A.d. Ugarte Postigo
Fast photometry at the Paris observatory: portable cameras and multi-fibre instruments
PoS(HTRA-IV)037 pdf F. Roques
Session 6: Multi-wavelength HTRA with Current and Future Instruments
The HTRA potential of the SKA and its relation to observations with large optical telescopes (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)038 file missing M. Kramer
The HTRA Potential of IXO (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)039 file missing W. Becker
The Chirpolator: A new method for detecting fast transients with radio interferometers
PoS(HTRA-IV)040 file missing K. Bannister
HTRA potential of future space-based X- and gamma-ray facilities (Invited Review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)041 file missing R. Remillard
HTRA with Cerenkov Telescopes (Invited review)
PoS(HTRA-IV)042 file missing F. Aharonian
High resolution X-ray Timing from a LOFT
PoS(HTRA-IV)043 pdf I. Donnarumma and R. Campana
High Time Resolution Astrophysics in the Extremely Large Telescope Era : White Paper
PoS(HTRA-IV)054 pdf A. Shearer
Session 7: Poster Session
Timing X-ray Pulsars with Application to Spacecraft Navigation
PoS(HTRA-IV)050 pdf M.G. Bernhardt, T. Prinz, W. Becker and U. Walter
MIOSOTYS, a multi-object high-rate photometer designed for TNO serendipitous occultations
PoS(HTRA-IV)044 pdf Y. Boissel, I.C. Shih, H.K. Chang, A. Doressoundiram, F. Roques, F. Dauny, P. Felenbok, A. Fernandez, J. Guerin and C.Y. Liu
Physical properties of IP Pegasi: an eclipsing dwarf nova with an unusually cool white dwarf
PoS(HTRA-IV)045 pdf C. Copperwheat, T. Marsh, V. Dhillon, S. Littlefair, R. Hickman, B. Gaensicke and J. Southworth
X-ray thermal radiation from hot polar cap in pulsars
PoS(HTRA-IV)046 file missing J. Gil
The OPTIMA photo-polarimeter: updated configuration and calibration
PoS(HTRA-IV)047 file missing G. Kanbach
The orbital ephemeris and emission states of HU Aqr observed with OPTIMA
PoS(HTRA-IV)048 pdf A. Slowikowska, I. Nasiroglu, G. Kanbach, R. Schwarz and A. Schwope
Period Variations in Eclipsing Post Common Envelope Binaries
PoS(HTRA-IV)049 file missing S. Parsons
Fast-time variability in high-mass X-ray binaries: SAX J2103.5+4545
PoS(HTRA-IV)055 pdf P. Reig, A. Slowikowska and G. Kanbach
Detectors for High-Speed Polarimetric Observations Using GASP
PoS(HTRA-IV)053 pdf B. Sheehan
OPTIMA-Burst photon-counting observations of GRB 090726
PoS(HTRA-IV)051 file missing A. Stefanescu
A Model of High Energy Activity of Millisecond Pulsars in Globular Clusters
PoS(HTRA-IV)052 pdf A. Zajczyk, B. Rudak and J. Dyks