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Resolving The Sky - Radio Interferometry: Past, Present and Future

April 17-20,2012
Manchester, UK
published December 19, 2012
For more than half a century, radio interferometry has revolutionised our view of the Universe. New phenomena, such as relativistic motion in AGN have been discovered, and a wealth of detail has been revealed about a wide variety of astronomical sources, from nearby stars to the most distant galaxies. These discoveries have been enabled by radio interferometry's routine capability to deliver images with sub-milliarcsecond resolution and micro-arcsecond precision astrometry. Major new advances in both the interferometric technique and the science it delivers are expected over the coming decade. This conference will take a look at the past, present and future of radio interferometry, as the astronomical community prepares for the next big step forward, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The meeting coincides with the retirement of Prof. Richard T. Schilizzi, Director of the SKA Project Development Office (SPDO) and past director of the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE). We celebrate the major contribution Richard has made to the field with a scientific programme that will address the following topics: key historical developments in interferometry, the study of micro-quasars and AGN, the development of advanced interferometry techniques and new calibration algorithms, future interferometers (incl. ALMA, SKA and the SKA pathfinders & precursors), mm and sub-mm interferometry, precision spacecraft navigation, geodetic VLBI and Space VLBI.
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Session 1-1
Resolving The Sky (RTS 2012) - Radio Interferometry: Past, Present and Future
PoS(RTS2012)050 pdf M.A. Garrett and C. Greenwood
First Interferometry in Radio Astronomy- Ruby Payne-Scott - Type I Solar Bursts Observed on Australia Day, 26 January 1946
PoS(RTS2012)001 pdf attachments M. Goss
The structure of radio sources - the Molonglo papers
PoS(RTS2012)002 pdf B. McAdam
Breaking the Milliarcsecond Barrier
PoS(RTS2012)003 pdf K.I. Kellermann
Early VLBI in the USSR
PoS(RTS2012)004 pdf L. Matveenko
Session 1-2
The beginnings of the EVN, JIVE and early space VLBI in Europe
PoS(RTS2012)005 pdf R. Booth
Highlights of the expansion of SN1993J
PoS(RTS2012)006 pdf J.M. Marcaide and I. Marti-Vidal
The History of the SKA - born global
PoS(RTS2012)007 pdf R.D. Ekers
The start of SKA: What really happened
PoS(RTS2012)008 pdf J.E. Noordam
Connecting Early VLBI to SKA capabilities
PoS(RTS2012)009 pdf A. van Ardenne
Session 1-3
A short history of space VLBI
PoS(RTS2012)010 pdf R. Schilizzi
Space-VLBI as seen from Japan
PoS(RTS2012)011 pdf H. Hirabayashi
The developement of VLBI in China and its related to EVN
PoS(RTS2012)012 pdf X.Y. Hong
Beyond VLBI - Microarcsecond resolution with Inter-Stellar Scintillation
PoS(RTS2012)013 pdf D.L. Jauncey
Session 2-1
Recent WSRT Results on Two Prototypical Compact AGN
PoS(RTS2012)014 pdf G.A.G. de Bruyn
Combining VLBI and MASIV - how intrinsic properties influence interstellar scintillation of AGN
PoS(RTS2012)015 pdf H.E. Bignall, J.Y. Koay, J. Lovell, D.L. Jauncey, J.P. Macquart, T. Pursimo, R. Ojha, B. Rickett, L. Kedziora-Chudczer and C. Reynolds
The evolution of compact radio sources
PoS(RTS2012)016 pdf P. Alexander
Cold gas in the life of radio sources
PoS(RTS2012)017 pdf R. Morganti
Submm VLBI toward shadow image of Super Massive Black Hole
PoS(RTS2012)018 pdf M. Inoue
Survey Science with the SKA Molongo Pathfinder
PoS(RTS2012)019 pdf A. Green
Flux density variations of radio sources in M82
PoS(RTS2012)020 pdf M.A. Gendre, D.M. Fenech, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow and M. Argo
WSRT and LOFAR observations of the Lockman Hole
PoS(RTS2012)022 pdf G. Guglielmino
Session 2-2
The High Frequency Flares in the Broad Absorption Line QSO, Mrk 231.
PoS(RTS2012)023 pdf C. Reynolds
X-shaped radio sources as partent population of core-dominated triple blazars
PoS(RTS2012)024 pdf A. Marecki
FR dichotomy, accretion modes and environmental factors in the local Universe
PoS(RTS2012)025 pdf M.A. Gendre, P.N. Best and J. Wall
Session 2-3
SS433, microquasars, and other transients
PoS(RTS2012)028 pdf Z. Paragi, R.C. Vermeulen and R.E. Spencer
VERA and East Asian VLBI network
PoS(RTS2012)029 pdf H. Kobayashi
High angular radio observations of (U-)LIRGs
PoS(RTS2012)030 pdf A. Alberdi
Session 3-1
CMB interferometry
PoS(RTS2012)034 pdf C. Dickinson
Resolving The Sky with LOFAR - Status and Results
PoS(RTS2012)035 pdf R.C. Vermeulen
Realisation of a low frequency SKA Precursor: The Murchison Widefield Array
PoS(RTS2012)036 pdf S. Tingay
Mid-frequency aperture arrays: the future of radio astronomy
PoS(RTS2012)037 pdf I. van Bemmel
Session 3-2
Implementing a high performance AA-mid in SKA2
PoS(RTS2012)038 pdf A.J. Faulkner
Long March with SKA
PoS(RTS2012)039 pdf B. Peng
Space VLBI mission RadioAstron: current status and early science program
PoS(RTS2012)040 pdf Y.Y. Kovalev
Redshift, Time, Spectrum - the most distant radio quasars with VLBI
PoS(RTS2012)041 pdf S. Frey, L. Gurvits, Z. Paragi and K. Gabanyi
SKA Studies of the Radio Transient Universe
PoS(RTS2012)042 pdf P. Hall, T. Colegate, J.P. Macquart, N. Clarke, S. Tingay, R. Wayth and C. Trott
Session 3-3
Fundamental limits of radio interferometers: calibration and source parameter estimation
PoS(RTS2012)043 pdf C. Trott, R. Wayth and S. Tingay
HI research in the era of SKA pathfinders
PoS(RTS2012)044 pdf T.M. van der Hulst
Space radio astronomy in the next 1000001 (binary) years
PoS(RTS2012)045 pdf L. Gurvits
VLBI Astrometry of Planetary Orbiters
PoS(RTS2012)046 pdf D. Jones
Success drivers for large high-technology projects: implications for the SKA
PoS(RTS2012)047 pdf P. Crosby and P.J. Hall
Session 3-4
Future of VLBI
PoS(RTS2012)048 pdf H.J. van Langevelde
After the SKA - Radio Astronomy in 2049
PoS(RTS2012)049 pdf L. Harvey-Smith