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14th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines

Beauty 2013 - (other beauty conferences)
April 8-12, 2013
Bologna, Italy
published October 01, 2013
The purpose of the Beauty 2013 conference is to review results in the field of B-physics and CP-violation, as well as to explore the physics potential of existing and upcoming B-physics experiments, with a focus on hadron machines.
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Hot Topics from LHC
CP Violation
Heavy Flavour Production
Lepton Flavour Violation and Tau Physics
Rare B Decays
Charm Physics
CKM Elements and Sides of the Unitarity Triangle / Non-perturbative QCD methods
Aspects of LHC Data Taking
Kaon and Top Physics
Bs mixing and lifetimes
Future Projects and Outlook
PoS(Beauty 2013)072 pdf V. Vagnoni
Hot Topics from LHC
Higgs Search in bbar Signatures at ATLAS and CMS
PoS(Beauty 2013)001 pdf Y. Nagai
Constraints on new physics from the LHC
PoS(Beauty 2013)002 pdf S. Krutelyov
Higgs couplings and Electroweak Precision data
PoS(Beauty 2013)003 pdf L. Wang
CP Violation
Charge Asymmetries in Semi-Leptonic B Decays
PoS(Beauty 2013)004 pdf I. Bertram
LHCb Semileptonic Asymmetry
PoS(Beauty 2013)005 pdf M. Vesterinen
CP & T Violation at BaBar and BELLE
PoS(Beauty 2013)006 pdf C. Cartaro
CP Violation Theory
PoS(Beauty 2013)007 pdf L. Silvestrini
An improved measurement of direct CP violation parameters in B± \rightarrow J/\psi K± and B± \rightarrow J/\psi \pi ± Decays
PoS(Beauty 2013)009 pdf I. Bertram
Hadronic B decays to open charm and time-independent gamma results at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)010 pdf S. Haines
LHCb gamma results: time-dependent and combination
PoS(Beauty 2013)011 pdf M. Schiller
Charmless B \rightarrow VV decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)012 pdf P. Alvarez-Cartelle
Time integrated and time dependent asymmetries in B\rightarrow hh’ (h=K,\pi ,p) decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)013 pdf A. Martens
Charmless B± \rightarrow h±h+h- decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)014 pdf A. Gomes
Searching for New Physics through correlations of Flavour Observables
PoS(Beauty 2013)015 pdf J. Girrbach
Heavy Flavour Production
\Upsilon (nS) Polarization Results: Summary from CMS and CDF
PoS(Beauty 2013)017 pdf I. Kratschmer
LHCb results on production, polarization and production asymmetries
PoS(Beauty 2013)019 pdf G. Sabatino
ALICE/ATLAS/CMS Production and quenching of heavy flavours: pp, pA, AA comparisons
PoS(Beauty 2013)020 pdf E. Bruna
\Upsilon suppression in PbPb collisions at the LHC
PoS(Beauty 2013)021 pdf T. Dahms
Lepton Flavour Violation and Tau Physics
Lepton flavor violation including Tau\rightarrow mumumu
PoS(Beauty 2013)023 pdf P. Lukin
Rare B Decays
Theory Review of Bs,d \rightarrow mu+mu- Decays
PoS(Beauty 2013)024 pdf W. Altmannshofer
Search for the rare decays B0\rightarrow mu+mu- and Bs\rightarrow mu+mu- with the CMS detector
PoS(Beauty 2013)025 pdf M. De Mattia
ATLAS Bs\rightarrow \mu \mu
PoS(Beauty 2013)026 pdf T. Nobe
Very rare decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)027 pdf F. Dettori
Phenomenology of exclusive rare semileptonic decays
PoS(Beauty 2013)028 pdf D. Van Dyk
Angular analysis and branching ratio measurement of the decay B0 \rightarrow K*0 \mu + \mu -
PoS(Beauty 2013)029 pdf M. Dinardo
Bd \rightarrow K*\mu \mu with ATLAS
PoS(Beauty 2013)030 pdf A. Usanova
Electroweak penguins with di-leptons
PoS(Beauty 2013)031 pdf M. Kreps
Rare B Decays at BaBar and Belle
PoS(Beauty 2013)032 pdf D. Lindemann
B\rightarrow \tau \nu and B\rightarrow D(*)\tau \nu at Belle and BaBar
PoS(Beauty 2013)033 pdf Y. Horii
Charm Physics
Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)034 pdf A. Ukleja
Observation of charm mixing at CDF
PoS(Beauty 2013)035 pdf P. Maestro
Highlights from BESIII
PoS(Beauty 2013)036 pdf Y. Wang
Rare charm decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)037 pdf C. Thomas
Theory of D-meson decays
PoS(Beauty 2013)038 pdf J. Brod
CKM Elements and Sides of the Unitarity Triangle / Non-perturbative QCD methods
Non-perturbative (Lattice) QCD in B Physics
PoS(Beauty 2013)039 pdf E. Gamiz
Magnitudes of Vxb CKM matrix elements
PoS(Beauty 2013)040 pdf G. Ricciardi
Aspects of LHC Data Taking
Vertex and track reconstruction in ATLAS and CMS
PoS(Beauty 2013)041 pdf J. Masik
ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Trigger/DAQ systems for flavour physics
PoS(Beauty 2013)042 pdf L. Guiducci
Particle identification at LHC: Alice and LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)043 pdf F. Machefert
Exotic Heavy Quark Spectroscopy – Theory Interpretation vs Data
PoS(Beauty 2013)044 pdf C. Hambrock
Heavy Flavor Spectroscopy and Production in CMS
PoS(Beauty 2013)045 pdf S. Fiorendi
Spectroscopy of excited states at ATLAS
PoS(Beauty 2013)046 pdf C. Cuthbert
Spectroscopy at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)047 pdf M. Needham
BABAR /Belle Heavy hadron production and decays, including Y(4260), Y(4350) and Y(4660) states
PoS(Beauty 2013)048 pdf E. Fioravanti
Semileptonic Bs decays and Spectroscopy from the Y(5S)
PoS(Beauty 2013)049 pdf C. Oswald
Kaon and Top Physics
Top Quark Physics at LHC. Results on CP violation and FCNC in top quark decays
PoS(Beauty 2013)051 pdf C. Ferro
The "wrong flavour": topics on Kaon physics
PoS(Beauty 2013)052 pdf B. Sciascia
Bs mixing and lifetimes
Phenomenology with a non-zero Bs lifetime difference
PoS(Beauty 2013)053 pdf R. Knegjens
Measurement of \phi s, \Delta \Gamma s and Lifetime in Bs \rightarrow J/\psi \Phi at ATLAS and CMS
PoS(Beauty 2013)055 pdf C. Heller
B and \Lambda b lifetimes at ATLAS and CMS
PoS(Beauty 2013)056 pdf C. Schiavi
Future Projects and Outlook
The LHCb Upgrade
PoS(Beauty 2013)058 pdf M. Martinelli
ATLAS and CMS Upgrade Plans
PoS(Beauty 2013)059 pdf U. Parzefal
Beauty 2013 – summary and outlook
PoS(Beauty 2013)060 pdf G. Wilkinson
Radiative Decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty 2013)061 pdf M.C. Orlandea
Time-dependent CP Violation in Bd\rightarrow eta'Ks at Belle
PoS(Beauty 2013)062 pdf L. Santelj
Optimization and calibration of flavour tagging algorithms from the LHCb experiment
PoS(Beauty 2013)063 pdf A. Falabella
LHCb Muon System: performance at high luminosity
PoS(Beauty 2013)064 pdf D. Pinci
Measurement of the X(3872) production cross section via decays to J/Psipipi
PoS(Beauty 2013)066 pdf M. Dall'Osso
Muon reconstruction and preformances with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Beauty 2013)067 pdf F. Sforza
Charm production cross section at CDF II
PoS(Beauty 2013)068 pdf M. Mussini and E. Gramellini
Inner tracking performance in ATLAS: vertex and mass resolution
PoS(Beauty 2013)069 pdf I. Chalupkova
Flavour tagging and systematics for Bs\rightarrow J/PsiPhi measurement in ATLAS
PoS(Beauty 2013)070 pdf T. Agatonovic-Jovin
Fixing the parameters of Lattice HQET including 1/mB terms
PoS(Beauty 2013)071 pdf P. Korcyl